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IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Self Digging Holes & Vanishing Shovels...

Failing to consult Kidnapping for Dummies, Rescuing for Dummies, Escaping for Dummies and, more importantly, Filmmaking for Dummies leaves you hoping for an audience of Dummies, good luck!

Stupidity at it's best

Its astonishing that this movie has an avg rating of 6.2. Dumb characters, making extremely stupid things for the sake of the plot

I give it 2/10 just for the sake of the beautiful forest where this movie wad mostly shot in

Realistic story of survival that holds to the end

I enjoy survival movies because I like to put myself in the situation - how would I react? What would I do? This movie is very believable, especially from a female perspective. The heroine, Jessica, is not a "superhero" nor is she a victim. She isn't "blond, buff & twenty" like most of victims portrayed these days. Instead, she is your sister, daughter, friend - just a regular youngish (30?) woman, moving from one place to another, pulling a U-haul behind her much used car. Same for the "man." Average looking, even a little common looking - exactly the kind of guy you see everyday at the store or gas station. Their "meeting", too, is an event that occurs a million times a day all over the world. As I watched this, I found myself thinking, "I've done that..." Don't get me wrong, this isn't a feminist film at all. The movie keeps your interest simply because it is so believably realistic - Jessica and the man act and react like one would expect - not like a character in a script. And the ending, though violent, dirty and degrading, was not how I expected this particular story to end. Definitely worth watching.

Leave this Movie ALONE!

I am embarrassed to say that I actually watched this movie to the end. Trust me, you've seen this movie A MILLION TIMES. The script was lazy, totally predictable and common place. Do yourself a favor. Leave this movie ... alone.

Believe the low-rated reviews

Before i decided to watch this movie i skimmed over the reviews and the reviews made me believe i was going to watch a typical "cat-and-mouse" movie but a little bit better. I was terribly disappointed. This movie was not good. It just wasn't. It was very typical for its genre, like any of these types of movies (bad guy catches girl, girl escapes, bad guy hunts down girl, and then the typical "girl power" happens). It brings nothing new to the table, and the worst thing for me was that it was terribly predictable and all the clichés one could ask for are in this movie which means the whole runtime the characters make idiotic decisions. It wasn't believable in the slightest.

The only reason that i gave it a 3 was the cinematography was ok and the actors weren't too bad either.

this does stand out from the other films of this genre


Not another!


We have seen so many of these films recently where a female gets either kidnapped or chased by a nutter what could possibly make this stand out from all of the rest to make this your choice to watch?

Well actually it was rather good with the suspense building nicely throughput the film, yes predictable in places and slow in others but what made this for me was 2 very simple things.

1st, It's set in the real wild so rather than having an actor pretend to be in a forest in the middle of the sun shine this was actually filmed during one of the biggest rain storms so added that realistic element.

2nd, as we see in so many films the complete back story of every character is told just rushing what could have been a great film, answering every question by the end of the film but this film doesn't, you don't know why he is doing what he is doing, you don't know his back story and you are only briefly told the main female characters back story which is relevant to what is happening in the film so this film could concentrate on the story without rushing or explaining everything, keeping you guessing as to his motive or not.

So yes this does stand out from the other films of this genre and is one to see if you get the opportunity.

Rating 7 out of 10

Dumber than a Bag of Rocks

I hated this movie... I hated her character, I hated the plot.. I was ready for her to die within the first 20 minutes. Any woman being stalked like she is would have called the police IMMEDIATELY... not after multiple encounters with some psychopath. The only thing that made me hate this movie more was her surviving (like we all knew she would)

Solidly Entertaining

This is a very well done movie that delivers on the premise presented in the synopsis. The characters could have been developed more. However, I believe that the actual development leaves the characters just ambiguous enough to allow the viewer the ability to "imagine" the motivations and background for each. ALONE will not be added to any of my favorite movie lists, but when I come across it again in a few years I will rewatch it. Ultimately, I truly enjoyed watching this film.

Fresh But Familiar Genre Filmmaking

Alone Micro Review -

Alone is masterful genre filmmaking harking back to the classic psychological thrillers of Spielberg's Duel (1971) and Kurt Russel's Breakdown (1997). With a 98 minute run time the film is self aware of what it is and fully succeeded in accomplishing that result. Alone is fantastic at rollercoasting the tension while presenting stunning cinematography and superb performances.

While Alone features many creative takes on the genre there are two specific clishies that occur for the sake of progressing the story. These will be self-apparent but are very brief moments that understandably serve as story shortcuts given the budget. The film features a fight scene that is better chrographed than most studio films due to its proper editing and use of longer takes.

Marc Menchaca as the disturbed antagonist is a standout. His body language oozes dred and tension. The choice of Menchaca to just be disturbed amplifies the tension in that you never know who you could actually bump into. Alone is a memorable film that walks the line of what genre needs to be but adds just enough new to feel fresh.

Boring and extremely predictable

You've seen countless movies like this, it offers nothing new, don't waste your evening.

Seriously tense

Usually when I don't know any of the cast for a film, and I've heard nothing about it before seeing it, the film doesn't turn out to be all that great. So for those reasons alone my hopes weren't particularly high for 'Alone'. Boy, was I wrong. This film was a blast from start to finish. I kept thinking to myself, there has to be a weak segment of this movie coming up - surely? Nope, it never came. This is a hidden gem of a film.

I loved the lead character 'Jessica'. She was likeable, smart, never did dumb things, had great instincts and was easy to root for. A perfect lead for a horror/thriller film. Marc Menchaca as 'Man' was also brilliant in this film. He never overdid anything, but was extremely watchable when he was on screen. He and Jules Willcox are a large part of making this film as good as it is.

This is also a very well directed film. A lot of the action sequences are perfectly filmed to create maximum suspense. I was on the edge of my seat from go to whoa in this one. The film finds a perfect balance between keeping the action going, and never making things unbelievable or far-fetched. I had a great time with 'Alone' and would highly recommend people check it out.

Good Film That Was Much Better Than Expected

Abduction of a lone female traveler.

So, it's been done before. The acting was ok and it was filmed well but it was a bit slow. It's forgettable because it didn't bring anything new to viewers but it worked at maintaining a tense atmosphere. I thought it was a decent thriller.

Great film.

Woman traveling alone minding her own business what could go wrong. Scary movie. Worth watching.

Excellent thriller.... Don't need a huge budget for something brilliant

Just fantastic, pleasantly surprised, thrilling, raw and gripping screenplay, amazing performances from the two leads. This movie deserves a lot of praise, needs to be seen. Highly recommended.


This one seriously kept me on the edge on my seat, which doesn't happen that often. It's a pretty 'simple' movie, in theory, but extremely well done. Anyone giving this a rating under 6 is just being jerk for no reason. Solid movie.


Dumb weak main character making dumb weak decisions.

Great for what it is

LOL I saw a rating where the dummy who rated it said it was bad acting..??!?!.. the main bad guy is a regular on Ozark and the main girl is a great actress. The acting overall was really good. This person doesn't know what "bad acting" actually is and probably think Transformers was a "masterpiece" Hahahaha.

I was convinced and that kept me watching it. Is it original? Nope.. was it good? Yup!

Not Too Good

I wish she would have escaped the serial killer, and then the movie just became a nature survival movie like the synopsis said. Instead, it was just stupid.

The serial killer and escape part was watchable. The rest was just stupid, though I guess worth watching.

Not that good

Watch it, ehh whatever

6 stars

Kinda LIKE Disaster.

I'd not say tht this was the amazin', but let me just drop this in here....All of tht doesn't matter. The thing tht matter is; The story or a plot is not tht much appropriate or kinda grt but when you're wathchin tht movie u can feel the every single scene at your minor gut tht suspense, the feelin of amazement tht was what makin' me give this review about it...The men and women both did a pretty well nd sesquipedalian job....#wasgrt...

Enoying as hell (no spoiler)

The woman is followd by a dangerous man. She must have braindamage making such stupid decisions it makes me to ennoy. Tippical 90ees thriller.Wen you love these movies I think you will enjoy it after all, I can't watch it anymore due the stupidety from the chased woman.