Reviews for The Babysitter: Killer Queen ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Well, expected

You knew what you were getting into after the first one. The first one is so bad that its actually decent, but the second part is just meh. If you like popcorn flicks that dont even take themselves serious you will enjoy it, at least a little bit, but if you dont, just skip this movie.

no GO

I guess its good amongst the teen audience.. and is not meant for gramps like me.

What happened?

Why does this feel so different from the first? It's like they did a "Scary Movie" version... It's just full on nonsense.

Unnecessary and just bad

Nobody asked for this movie. And what a mess!It has nothing to do with the original, it looks like a mix of Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton, and not in a good way. It is unbelievable to see that the director of the two films is the same. Because the first is a good film, well shot and fun. This film, however, is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Well, I say I saw it, but the truth is that I skipped several parts, watched halfway and then I couldn't take it: I skipped to the finale to end my torment.I will simply pretend that this film does not exist from now on. Because the first one was really good.

"Man, he sure says 'bitch' a lot!"

Where the first one succeeded, the sequel failed. Babysitter 1 had paid genuine homage to pop culture and 80s movie nostalgia and fandom, and a intelligent script; Killer Queen leaned way too heavily on recycled jokes, references to 80s horror/movie references, cross-generational rivalry between zoomers and millenials, and using of the word "bitch" as often as your uncle steps outside for a smoke break at the family Christmas party. Judah Lewis stood out as a young actor with great potential in Babysitter 1, but in this one he seemed outperformed by both his awkward laugh over the delivery of his lines and busy cast list. Jenna Ortega's character seems injected for no reason other than to drive the sequal's plot, and cannot justify its existence, and not much more than a back door to connect Samara Weaving to the sequel. Pair this with her breathy speaking and melodramatic acting, and it becomes angsty and tired. Practical effects are used sparingly, but when they are they make the visuals look great...until the CGI ruins it. Overall, it's a true-to-the-first sequel, but does the first a disservice.

"I'm not even mad Cole" haha

This is a great follow up, this film like the first is full of great one liners, and the murders are just as amusing. The characters/cast are fun and enjoyable. You really get the feeling everyone is having a great time on set. Would recommend people to check it out if your looking for a bit of fun and nothing serious.

It's ok.

Not as good as the first one, but fun enough and enjoyable. The ending saved the movie from being a disappointing sequel.I was surprised about the cast. But I don't want to spoil yet.

Good pace!

Ok so this was #4 trending movie in India on Netflix. The pace is good but is purely made pf adolescents as some scenes are meh! The slasher parts are really good, cinematography is awesome but the movie has no plot. Its one of those movies you can just binge watch! Just remember : Dont use your brain :D

Better storyline in this sequel. Better than 2 yrs ago.

Better storyline in this sequel. Better than 2 years ago. The movie is a comedy- horror. I love the mixture of genres. It's more lovable. And Cole has now grown up. Bee is braver now. Love it!

Someone Really Thought This Was A Good Idea

I enjoyed The Babysitter, however, The Babysitter: Killer Queen had very little in common with the first film. The issues come down to Brian Duffield not being retained as the screenwriter. The team of McG (also Director of both films), Dan Lagana, Jimmy Warden, and Brad Morris cobbled together a film full of unrelated film references and teenage sex jokes.

The Babysitter wasn't a masterpiece when it came to dialogue, yet in comparison to its sequel, it looks Oscar worthy. The Babysitter: Killer Queen doesn't have anything clever, wastes money on needless graphics, and fails to deliver on narratives in the original.

It's shocking the script used for the film wasn't a rough draft for a potential plot sequence. The Babysitter: Killer Queen took the worst possible narrative and turned it into a barely coherent sequel.

If you are going to produce a sequel, at least keep it true to the source material. It may also be helpful to retain the individual who drafted the first screenplay.

Real Score: 3.6

Very Disappointed

I liked The Babysitter (2017) but this sequel I even could not finish - it is not funny, it is not creepy, and all in all the humor (just those scenes in the school. feel like the copy of a copy of a copy and than some copy more...) felt very shallow, stale and forced - but maybe I am not the right audience for The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and all those kids born after 2k will like it more. Anyway, more and more Netflix is for me a synonym or label for mass-products and bad "entertainment".

Let's get a third movie!

I know it will get a lot of negative reviews but very few sequels capture the essence of the original. That being said, this is a fun movie. I laughed and smiled alot as well as jumped a few times. Just kick back, relax and enjoy a fun movie.

Another amazing movie

I loved the original movie and this one is just as good. May have leaned into the comedy a little harder but that was not a bad thing. There were a lot of characters so not everyone got their time to shine but I think they knew who we wanted to see and they carried the show. If the series ends here its on a great high note otherwise I would jump at the chance to see a sequel this is a great series.

It is what it is

I mean, if you are watching this then you know what to expect with this film. It's a silly, slasher flick.

Did I enjoy the first one? Meh, I found it alright. So the question is did I enjoy this one? Also it's a huge meh. The last one I was slightly taken back because I didn't expect it to be a silly kind of film, so watching this I knew (which helped) what to expect. To sum it up, I think it's a worthy sequel. It gave me a few giggles here and there, plot is ok and characters are likeable enough. To be honest there's nothing that the film excels in, it's just an easy "brainless" watch.

What I will say is that you need to watch the first instalment, because you won't have a clue about what's going on in this one. But just don't expect a serious film, make sure you are watching this expecting a silly movie. And you will be fine. 6/10


Don't get me wrong, the babysitter is one of my favorite movies of all time, but this was... incredibly hard to watch. it just sucked so bad. from the incessant 2019-2020 pop culture throwaway lines to the horrendous expansion in world, i truly disliked this film. about 20 minutes in, i knew that a tiger king reference was bound to happen at some point. still, my soul was incredibly hurt when it happened. all of the first movie's wit is replaced with cheap and honestly confusing lines like "he's the channing tatum of killing people". wtf does that mean? everything that made the babysitter great is now done in excess, making a sad parody of what was a really great film. funny bits from the original are played out and the overall reliance on such callbacks is tiring and cringeworthy to watch. all of the new characters are uninteresting and under-developed and all of the original interesting side characters (cole's parents, melanie's dad, etc) have an unwarranted amount of screen-time in which they fail to become more likeable or funny. the unnessesary amount of new characters is alienating to fans and the decision to move cole outside of his life/microcosm and into the "real world" is unnerving. it's so clear that without bee, the story falls apart. her charm is completely absent and the lack of a complex and lovable central relationship (bee and cole) is painstakingly apparent. even the font change (a very bold choice) is completely wrong for the film. the 80s slasher aesthetic of the first movie is symbolically reduced to that of a cheap 2000s sequel. i honestly really wish i hadn't watched this movie. if you like the original babysitter, please BEWARE!!! truly just so disappointing. +1 star for cool deaths

Not that cool!

The first film is an amazing dark humor horror film full of blood, this sequel is weak about the script, there is some good scenes and funny pop culture references but the dark humor is really stupid. The acting is good, especially Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving and Bella Thorne performances. The music score is fine but the cinematography is not wonderful. A weak sequel.

Just Mehhh

The Babysitter: Killer Queen - B- (Fair but not Better)

The first one worked because the stakes were higher, a young kid followed by adults and then he takes them out HomeAlone style. This one was just Meh, eventhough I really like Samara Weaving and Judah Lewis. All deads are back, just to die again with more gore is not thinking out of the box. Also no stakes here, zombie or vampire or whatever they were didn't work.

I thought, I was watching an episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Bit of a let down from original but will pass the time.

Man, I was disappointed by this movie.

I loved the first one and was ecstatic to see the sequel. Unfortunately, this movie lost nearly all the charm that made the first one so good; was riddled with plot holes; and most of all, suffered from a severe lack of Samara Weaving.

LACK OF CHARMThe first film was filled with cute, gimmicky scenes (think video game style scenes). As a grown man in his late 20s, I would think it would be nearly impossible to be intrigued by a movie starring a little boy. But the charm made it happen. There was a slight sense of humor in many of the scenes and it kept the viewer interested.

In this movie, however, nearly all charm was gone. Some scenes tried too hard to be charming, specifically the fight scene between the two love interests (boring). I also cringed at Phoebe's introduction scene as it felt overly forced. I can only imagine how awkward it was rehearsing that scene over and over. The entire movie was just too one-dimensional and didn't feel special like the first.

PLOT HOLESFirst off, the entire premise of the movie is that nobody believes Cole that the events of the first movie happened, since Bee did such a stupendous job cleaning up everything. Was everyone there ignoring the fact that Bee just disappeared? Did that not raise any flags? What about the fact that four other teenagers were gone as well as two cops? I could go on about this but it was immediately apparent that the viewer just had to accept this major flaw in order to get the sequel, I guess.

Secondly, Mel going evil made no sense. Literally zero. I understand that it was supposed to be a dramatic twist, but come on. She says that she joined the cult because she "wants to be an influencer." Wow, how creative. We are soon after shown a scene where Bee is egging on Mel to want more and more followers, which suggests that Bee is the mastermind behind all of the cast's resurgences. Okay, that make sense. But later, it is revealed that Bee cleverly set all those people up in order to protect Cole and Phoebe. So, Bee turned Mel evil in order to save Cole and Phoebe from Mel? Makes no sense. The same applies for all the other evil characters. Bee was the instigator and also their undoing.

SAMARA WEAVINGOkay, here it is. Nearly all of the reasons that the first movie was great was based on Samara Weaving playing Bee. She was this cool, slick, sexy in-charge chick. She made the first movie what it was. But in this one, she didn't really make an appearance until the final fifteen minutes and even then it was only a shell of her former self. She seemed emotionless, timid, and downright uncomfortable. It was incredibly disappointing to see such wasted potential. Perhaps most curious was how Bee was Mel's babysitter. On the one hand, it was neat how there was some explanation toward how Bee became the evil person she was, but it also felt like a giant cop out of a storyline.

There are several other things wrong with this movie that I didn't get to, but the disappointment is currently overtaking me from writing anymore. Overall, there are so many other directions a sequel could have taken based on the first's ending. This movie was a C+ at best and I'd caution fans of the first to take heed when watching this, and perhaps avoid it altogether in order to maintain the integrity of the first movie.

Complete & total dreck

This sequel's a vacuous disservice to the original. Unfunny drivel.

The premise is nothing more than copycat, ripoff, stealing of superior, actually fun 1980's-90's movies & then-network USA Up All Night movies. With a dash of mid-late 1990's Joss Whedon efforts. Ya know, when he still cared?

DK, Tangerine Dream & The Cramps selling out & giving this flick permission to play their music is equally sinful.

You'll love it for the same reasons critics hate it

As far as sequels go, they don't get much better than this. If you liked the first instalment, you're going to consider this to be a great treat. Critics hate the film (as they do most films of its style and genre) for the same reasons fans love it. It's packed with crude and vulgar comedy, unfiltered gore, racial and sexist stereotypes and does a great job of following up on the storyline while leaving an open book to a third instalment.

Don't let critics and the occasional scathing user review deter you. This type of comedy has a job which is to establish the line of what is acceptable humour, get right up to the line, walk it and barely teeter of the edge. To a critic who prefers the oscar nominated material and to a sensitive viewer, the comedy and themes will be to much and downright offensive. To the rest of us (who are the majority) this is about as satisfying as a sequel could possibly be.

I'll be eagerly awaiting more from the whole production crew and crossing my fingers that they make this into a trilogy!