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IMDB: 8.2 / 10

Honest review

Couldn't watch a more stupid movie than this in 2020

Have these people lost their minds?

This was the worst movie since that Predators abortion. How does something like this even make it past a table read. Save your time and take up knitting instead, at least you can make a nice scarf for winter!

Bill & Ted's WOKE Experience.

Awful movie. Terrible story and even worse CGI.Unless your a hardcore fan (be prepared to be disappointed), skip this movie.

Some great comedians in this movie. But their just props.


Dumb. bad acting. Came 20 years late. Daughters are cringe. Supporting actors suck. bill and ted suck. Kid kudi sucks. bad editing. bad effects. It forces some laughs but most jokes fail completely. writing in the middle of the movie. not sure if I can make it through this.

Sums up our current movie industry...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: Original, fresh, clever, cool and really funny. A classic.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey: Not a patch on the original, but decent. Still creative and some laughs. Also, made well before PC agenda's destroyed the film industry.

Bill and Ted Face the Music: JUST PRETEND IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Falls flat despite the nostalgia

Like many my age range I loved the original two movies as a kid so when I saw this movie was out I was instantly keen to see it.

The problem is as soon as the movie starts I was reminded that the lead actors are noticeably old. The rad, goofy teenagers we knew and loved are now fifty year old but they've not matured at all. This detracts from a lot of the scenes and humour so they decide to cast two daughters who basically act just like the lead actors and play a supporting role. That's all well and good but this is a Bill and Ted movie, and I have no interest in their daughters to the point they become annoying. I also wonder if they are cast for gender balance but then if so let them have character traits at least, sadly that whole sub plot degraded the film.

I don't want to focus on the negatives as there are positives the lead actors have fun, they bring back a lot of the original cast, some pleasing cameos and a lot of nostalgia.

In the end the movie didn't need to be made and doesn't hit the highs of the originals but it's not terrible either.

Bill and Ted - Go Woke and will Go Broke

This was awful. I have been looking forward to this for years but on just watching it. It was awful. Its just woke nonsens.

First of all, in the future, all the worlds leaders are all women.Ted has a non binary trans daughter/son. Who played it as the most annoying character in film history.

The plan to bring back the best musicians from all of history. All of them, bar Mozart are Black.

We have a camp/hyper homosexual stereotype killer robot. Which is just offensive

And I don't want to spoil the ending, but think of the worst woke feminist retcon possible and you've got it here.

I wanted to love this movie. I thought even if it was ok I will love it but typical Hollywood ruined it. If this had of been made just a few years earlier it could have been great. Where is the phonebox to send me back 5 years so this can be good.

Watch the end credits 2 stars for that.

The rest is pretty crap. I found it painful to watch.

The only highlight was watching the end montage - that was cool.


The only reason I gave it 3 stars was out of nostalgia. It worked brilliantly when they were in their 20's, but now it looks stale and at times cringe worthy. The Godfather Part III was a better ending to a trilogy than this.

Trying to recreate the franchise?

I'm sorry but apart from the opening scene this film was just awful. The two daughters basically imitating bill and ted from the first two films was just cringey and made it unbearable for me to watch. I am a massive fan of the first two films but they should have left it there. I suppose you have to try these things but it was truly awful.

Some things better to be left in the past

I was worried it's going to be bad and yes it is bad. Cringefest!Not funny at all. No jokes. Keanu's face looks like he's made of wax, there's no life in them.And seriously did you really need everyone to be a woman, their children, people in the future?? The daughters were cringe to watch too.I only gave it 2 stars as I like Keanu Reeves as a person.

Non non non heinous

They changed the formula. Dave Grohl was the only rocker.

Very Dull Bill and Ted Movie

I really enjoyed the first two movies but this one was very boring. It lacked of the former edge of the series; it was way too sanitized and politically correct. The result is a soulless Bill and Ted with no charm and fun.

Panful To Watch

We paid $27.44 to buy this since it was only $5.00 more than the rental fee. It is not even worth watching for fee.Movie is horribly cut together looking like they just want to make money off of it for streaming and not bother to make a decent movie because people will buy it based on the earlier movies.I know it is 2020 but come on make a movie that is worth watching or do not do it at all.If this had been released in theaters this way I think most people would have walked out of the theater and wanted there money back. Everyone involved with this release should be embarrassed to be associated with the finished product. Or should I say not so finished product. Do not waste your time or money on this one.

Bogus! Kinda worthless

Loved the first one (so long ago), second one had its moments. This one was just a rehash of the same stuff from the first two, but is painful to watch. Seeing Bill and Keanu act like they're perpetually 18 was just offsetting. It doesn't really add anything to the overall story, it's just a very long end-credit scene to Bogus Journey.

I think I laughed about 4 times through the whole movie. I had a bad feeling about this when I saw the trailer and it lived up to that.

My life is poorer for having seen this.

Watched this in stunned silence except for one brief, lonely titter.

Given what an abomination 2020 has been, this film perfectly sums up the year - crap, lifeless and leaving you in desperate need of a hug.

Dude! This is so, Non, Non Heinous

So dude!, Yea, well, so first off I did laugh here and there so it wasn't a total loser.

On the other hand it certainly wasn't "Excellent!" and they didn't "Party On!"

In fact it was mostly bad writing with a touch of nostalgia dashed in. Bill and Ted never have a clear goal in this movie like they did in the previous two so there isn't much to root for. The goal they do have is super bogus and very non, non-non, Bill and Ted like. They were basically trying to cheat their way forward which isn't in the spirit of the previous movies where they are mostly dummies with hearts of gold.

The playfulness and creativity of the first two movies is totally missing dude! None of the new characters do anything remotely memorable or bodacious. Go back to 1 and each character from the past brings something interesting to the the movie. In 2 Death and Station both bring a ton as does the Chuck, the bad guy. In this movie the extra characters bring nothing whatsoever.

The ending came out of nowhere as in "and then a miracle happens" so there is no pay off for their hard work like the previous movies. The final song was totally anti-climatic which they even acknowledge in the movie itself.

As a huge fan of the first (I've watched them both way too many times), I did have a few laughs, but sadly this movie kind of sucked and it's unlikely I'll ever watch it again where as I will still totally watch the originals.

I REALLY wanted to like this

I loved Bill & Ted! I watched the movies, cartoon, started saying 'dude' and bogus because of it, and hoped that this would be a nostalgic look back to my early teens. And it kind of was, in a way. And there was a sweetness in watching Bill&Ted again fumble their way to saving the world/universe/reality.

But the problems with B&T are the usual problems with most remarks and sequels coming out of Hollywood.

* I'm definitely for equality, but the males (with backstory) in the film are either dysfunctional or complete idiots while the women come to save the day because they're portrayed as smarter and more resourceful. Spread the cluelessness around, and spread the resourcefulness around.

* (Future) Bill&Ted were even painted as being manipulative and nasty in some parts, which is not who they were in the original films.

* the daughters bring everyone together in the end and are credited with creating THE SONG. But neither plays an instrument and just offer some feedback on what each musician was attempting to do. So they don't really have any talent other than telling seasoned and talented musicians what to do (cause the daughters listened to lots of music and therefore know better then them I suppose). If they are to be the heroes then they really should have had stronger parts written for them.Hollywood, if you're going for strong female leads in a film then give the female lead a backstory, with skills that justify them being in that role. No-one deserves a leading role just because they fit a particular demographic.

* the music. What can I say other than there was soooo much more they could have done with this. The music in B&T was build around the time period they were in. Metal & rock were cool at the time so the original films can be placed in a time period. This one however... it's almost like they didn't have a clear idea of what they wanted to portray.

* I have to say I like Bill's daughter and how she tried to go full Bill/Keanu. She nailed a lot of his idiosyncratic movements and facial expression. Ted's daughter though could have been played by anyone. So this missed the beat for me. Either make sure the daughters are girl versions of the Dads, give them their own personalities&mannerisms, or even swap them (Ted's daughter behaves like Bill and vice versa). Unfortunately we got half of one of these.

There are more, but other reviewers have covered these points.

Finally, I just want to say that it's sad that the film missed the point of Bill&Ted - it was never about saving the world, or their marriages. They were just 2 sweet dudes, a little clueless, trying to do what they thought was right in their own way. And we like seeing their positivity come through even when times were rough. And because they were always positive things worked out in the end, sometimes with a little help from Rufus.

There was a glimmer of that here, but not enough.

Female reboot

It's not about Bill & Ted, but more about all the female characters. Looks like it was supposed to be a female reboot all along, but some producer changed his mind after looking at the female Ghostbusters revenue. This movie is embarrassing.

Atrocious, needed to be made 15-20 years ago

Biggest fault of this movie is taking the main characters and changing NOTHING about them. They're dads, they raised kids. They just wouldn't be the same guys they were 30 years ago. The daughters are exactly like them. That's just weird and it isn't funny. There was an opportunity for drama that just wasn't exploited, considering how much music tastes have changed since then.

Rufus's replacement is also his daughter and she's absolutely brutal to watch. The actress is terrible, very millennial, just uninspired.

Alex Winter is terrible to watch. He could pull off this act thirty years ago easily. Today, it doesn't work. You know it's the same guy, but it's like some movie where an alien takes over someone's body. The actor is uncomfortable playing the role. He doesn't get it anymore. It's hard to watch him struggle through it. Same kind of applies to Keanu. He really shows his age here, hard to believe he was 24 or 25 in the first movie and he was playing a teenager? Now he's 55 and still trying to act like one. How has he not changed, mentally?

Most ridiculous is Hal Jordan, Keanu's dad, still working as a cop at almost 80 years old? The police scenes with him are just unbelievable. What was the point of this?

The whole film was just a train wreck. By the time I decided to check the time and see if I could finish it, I realized I had an HOUR left to go. No way. I was done. Thank you pandemic for saving me some money I would have wasted in theaters. Ugh. Might rewatch the first so I can forget this.