Reviews for Project Power ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.1 / 10

2 Good actors dumb movie

How did Joseph and Jamie get talked in to doing this rediculous movie.

Feels like a bunch of scenes put together with no substance

No substanceI'm giving this review more substance than it had

Just Nope

The typical Netflix recipe for a movie/show: pro production (cam, setting etc.), some known actors, and an average script (not talking about the idea or concept but about the execution). Target: produce something to fill screen-time and to feed the money-making machine. I would not say that Project Power is a total fail or wreck, but it is one of those meaningless, mediocre movies, you will forget quickly. Sometimes I ask myself - why did I again waste around 2 hours of my lifetime? At least we should get a few bucks watching such kind of movies or shows...

So bad it's annoying me a day later.

What could go wrong even a generic film staring Jamie Foxx? Add in Joseph Gorden-Levitt, and some up and coming stars and even generic script should be a 6-7.

Well it all goes wrong, and it is insulting to black people.

The premise is simple, take a tablet and get a super power for the next 5 mins. The power can be anything or the tablet might even kill you. This idea is very simple, but they spend a lot of time in the film explaining how some of the feats might genetically be possible. It would be like x-men pausing every time they introduce a new power to show us how technically such a power might be possible. Just suspend our disbelief and tell us its magic, it wont stop our enjoyment of the film, but stopping to pander to us that its all possible is tiresome. The pacing is off, the story starts to fall apart, the acting is just about passable most of the time. Its basically a garbage script done very badly.

But the worst part about the film is how insulting it is.

If youre a black drug dealing child, dont worry, you can drop out of school and become a rapper and maybe be as successful as Cardi-b.. This kind of message is just so insulting. Black people listen to more than just rap, they can do well at school, they dont have to drop out to do sports or rap or drug deal. They can do something more than that. It's just so bad.

It seems obvious to me that Jamie Foxx got involved to try help a black film, then JGL got involved, and neither of them had any interest in the script but it was a project for them to do a "Black movie", its just a shame they all think that they need to make a young black person cool by making them a rapping drug dealing drop out.

Anyway avoid, if you want a "Black" super hero film go watch Blade, its still one of the best films made from a marvel comic. Not cause the actor is black but because the film is awesome from start to finish.

So very, very Generic!

I should have trusted the other reviews and not wasted 2 hours on this cliched, generic, bland and cringe movie.

I was waiting for a twist, an interesting reveal or just something different - but nothing came.

The characters are all boring, have zero chemistry and anything resembling a relationship is forced and unbelievable.

Netflix need to take a page from their TV Shows. So far all their movies have been terrible.

Lit for about 20 mins, tops.

Imagine if Limitless and Universal Soldier made love to Marvel. Then imagine it's terribly (emphasis terrible) fascinating offspring: a recycled sci-fi, action crime buster starring Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known as Batman's Robin.

Expectations were high. A hollow plot overshadows the glimpses of visual entertainment, the grit of New Orleans, or the punctuated stream of poetic beats. Then there's a guy that turns into fire which is kind of cool, right? The best parts could be summarized into a 20 minute feature.

Thumbs down, unless you're on the prowl for a late night sci-fi flix to pass out on.

Truly bad

Like some bad 80's B moviePlease to the originators don't make another

Within 20 minutes the viewer is left not caring what actually happens

It tried really hard to be cool

You know when someone not cool tries really hard to be? Well, that's the movie version of it. Not cartoony enough to be funny, not dark enough to be thrilling. 3 incredibly cliché main characters: The ex-army guy trying to save his daughter, the cop with the heart of gold willing to do shady stuff for the greater good, the poor teen girl forced to turn to crime to take care of her sick mother. I mean come on, we've seen this how many times already?! Ridiculous acting from talented actors. Incredibly bad creative design choices. Underwhelming special effects, laughable "powers", plot holes as big as a 747. And the dialogue man, excruciating! Bad directing choices and editing tricks trying way too hard to be edgy. Don't get me started on the music and Casey Neistat is an actor now? Really? Finally, a great lesson for all black people brought to you by this unfortunate combination of deficiencies, apparently there is only 3 career paths available for you: the army, criminal or rapper!!! WTF indeed! No doubt, 2020 keeps on failing.

hard to explain

So bad, nonsense. I like bad movies, really I did, but this one is too much.

Below Average.

This film has a cool idea and plot. Unfortunately executed badly. Bad script , you never really felt any reao emotional connection between the characters. School girl in the film seemed to have a skillset of MI6 agent. Story is fairly disjointed, things dont connect as way as they should do. B list movie. If your bored and got nothing to watch, give it a go. But dont expect much from it.

Another good idea ruined by political correctness.

Don't waste your time.They lost me when he said "You're black...and a woman. The system is built against you." Let's just continue driving that victim mentality into the world. Total garbage.

Average at its finest

Nothing really stands out here. Average story, average performance by actors, weak world building, average action scenes.Just average film.

Worst Netflix movie again

Amazingly bad and I think I have got it how Netflix thinks about movies if you can't struggle to make top ten movies be the number one of the worst movies

What happened Netflix?

A complete pile of garbage. The movie could be edited down to about 45 minutes if they cut out all of the needles filler. Having to listen to the girl rap throughout this movie made me wish I could have the power to be deaf.

What a turn off

Watched it for 15 minutes, appalling acting screwed up a good story line.

They have to stop giving good action movies bad review scores

A good action movie. Easy 8/10. Compelling story, good acting, great CGI for a streaming movie

New Orleans X Men

Very much x men type movie. Jamiie Foxx is good and special effects are awesome. Action packed. Lots of Rapp music. Liked the recognition of Gleason for New Orleans Saints shirt

A film for young teens

Judging by the trailer, i thought this was going to be a friday night action/scifi movie. It turns out to be a teen movie about a fat girl who rhymes words. Avoid if you're over 16 and male

Too Much Waffle

Started off good. Film has style and initially keeps you engaged. But getting half way in, there's too much subplot, too much meaningless waffle - the movie just needs to cut that junk out. Got a little boring around halfway through and a little confusing in places.


The lead actors were great..But..the film, plot and logic were skewered...It had a great concept but lacked depth and nonsensical plot holes and contradictory characters.