Reviews for Mortal ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.7 / 10

Better than most US sh... lately

This movie is very different from the usual high rated ones. Actually a story about something we heard or have seen before, transformed into the present. Not big actions but very good scenes,beautiful places and super camera angles. One to watch more than ones.

6.5 Worth the watch if you have seen Trolls

I like this Directors way of story telling, he does a very good job of this Norse tale.I enjoyed watching it I hope you do as well.USA CA.

Best film of 2020 so far

Absolutely amazing.A very captivating movie with a brilliantly written script, directed to the highest level and executed to perfection by a mostly unknown cast. Nat Wolff has a very bright future ahead based on the talent showcased here.Whilst Torden (Mortal) is somewhat reminiscent of Brightburn it manages to carve out a sense of realism and has an air of being entirely believable. This is helped along by both the very periodic subtitles for the Norwegian as well as the incorporation of ancient runes and understated special effects. Nothing over the top here Marvel.My only gripe is how short the movie was.Maybe i'm grasping because I feel like I need more but there is definitely room for a sequel and, if done correctly, a possible franchise could easily ensue.

In short, a definite must see.9.5/10


I am not surprised to see all these negative reviews. The World is really deteriorating if garbage like "Money Heist" gets 8 stars and movies like Mortal get below 6. The Audience by far is getting tasteless and is being impressed by Over Dramatic, cheap and instant gratifying special effect filled SH** creations.

This movie is not perfect. But it is such a beautiful attempt to tell a wonderful tale. The cinematography is top notch. The locations are breath taking. The story, although slow and imperfect is satisfying.

Yes it isn't a 9 Star movie but definitely a 7.5 star

The Reason for low rating

When you'll watch the movie then you will be clear who all have given it a low rating and why. It's a good movie rather a sci-fi drama but the culprits remain culprits as in the real world and in the movie.

It's alive!

Fun watch. One stupid decision in the whole movie. You'll enjoy it.

Good movie

Interesting movie good some slow some goosebumps etc but def makes up for a no2. Wintvsay why but I dint like ending

Just incredible!

I have to say they did more with less in this movie than quite a number of big budget films I could name! It's mostly story and scenery which was done incredibly well. It definitely could be predictable at times but overall was very nicely done. As usual america is painted in the unflattering light we project. I'm glad "Thor" took some vengeance but I won't say how or why! Highly recommended for sci-fi/fantasy lovers and movie watchers that prefer a bit more story over crazy amounts of CGI.Damon


The birth of modern thor, fantastic! Predictable at times, but they really make you care about the characters, I thought it was great !

A nice darker refreshing take on the norse mythology

I quite enjoyed this movie even though it was kind of slow going in the first half or so of the movie. I really like the darker take on the Norse mythology and I really hope there's another or more movies to continue this story.

On the off side this felt like the first chapter in a book that's meant to be the first in a long series of books. There's just so much more to explore and so much more left unanswered which I hope is indication that there will be a sequel.

The movie reminds a little of Ragnarok the Norwegian tv show on Netflix which I also quite enjoyed.

I really hope they make another to follow up on this!

Norwegian dweeb Thor

We've seen the Mighty Thor, Fat Thor, now meet the Norwegian dweeby confused Thor. Any effort to create a grounded Norse mythology based superhero is run aground in this turgid, boring, badly acted and unintentionally hilarious update on the Thor legend. 4 out of 10 simply for some excellent shots of Norwegian countryside, but this movie is quite close to being headsmackingly awful. Director Ovredal is clearly shooting for a sequel here, but here's hoping it's the last we see of Eric and his tiny hammer. Although ludicrously silly at the climax, the makers of this movie clearly took it seriously.

Stick with Marvel's Thor.

This movie needs to have a sequel

The movie still needs work but i think netflix has a gem right here if they decide to take it. many superhero movie fans would love to see this through me included but with better dialogue and less cringe moments.

Norr?n Mythology...????

No matter how you look at this film, it is entertaining. Being Norwegian I watch it as that - Norwegian. What I saw was an honorable effort to make a countable film. It did not reach all the way. To me, it failed at all the references to christianity, and the prolonged slow pace. Also - it stressed the religious part too much. But I did appreciate the mountains, fjords and waterfalls. So - you made Trolls, now this - not so good - good luck with your next film.

I like how somone has some bal_s to come with something like this , and not a Haliwood , Marvel production

The story is a bit sloppy , also I wish it was something to follow like a good damn story not necessary the Thor one , just invent something ! , the actors are ok but as the main char . I think you need a more powerful character( I doesn't even act like a normal person is allays this low self as steam char ) ,the guy has some good acting skills but not the right fit for this role in my opinion ! - AMAZING EFFECTS , you can compete with some top Marvel FX , overall I will give it a 6-7 , but that low just because of the story ! , but I appreciate and encourage other production studios to do movies like this , bcz it's possible to be in the top no matter the country or language is made of !

Too bad it ends with a cliffhanger

Well, for a start, this is not your typical marvel movie. If you're watching this with Marvel's Thor in mind, you'll be disappointed.

Still, I like this rendition of Thor better than Marvel's.

Not really good, not really bad, but it needs a sequel, that will never happen.

If this film gets a sequel and the sequel is good, I will increase my rating to 9/10, because then it's an intro, and thus actually good. But this being a Norwegian movie (I'm from Norway myself), there won't be any sequel, sadly, because that's the way Norwegian filmmakers think, they see this as a self supporting movie, even though there isn't an ending.

Best origin film ever

Never written a review on a movie, this one deserves it. Forget every other origin film this one wins by far. Realistic, raw and takes it to a whole other level. I really enjoyed the way it built up to the end, making the pace of the overall film, a little slow at times, worth watching. If you enjoy films that are unique and don't stick to the same ol style of every other mainstream movie you'll love this one. A must see.

It was ok

Nothing very spectacular about this film. Had a few good scenes here and there, but mostly dragged. I wouldn't say it was terrible, I wouldn't say it was great. Just ok. I guess if you can't find anything to watch, give it a shot.

Crazy fun

If storm and Thor had a son with mental health issues...

If Jesus returns, who would fear him?

Imagine, Jesus would be reborn today, not knowing who he is, but with all the power to heal and the holy rage to chase the money changers out of the temple. But this isn't Hollywood mainstream. The "hero" may also discover the beauty of his powers, because a woman feels compassion for him and stands by him. Then there are those infected by fear, who feel responsible for the current structure of global society. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus (perhaps in the Indian version) are known and predictable. Unknown, new powers? Dangerous Super-Spreader!Apart from the courageously cast leading roles, the Mortal-makers will amaze you with its close-to-nature special effects, lulling you with common clichés in between, only to have you see Jane Bond's getaway car, a red Beetle, in...but take a look for yourself. Anyone who gives this film the little finger is sucked in with skin and hair, spat out in between and sworn in to Valhalla. Enjoy the ride on the elk.Ragnarok? When was that again?