Reviews for Mortal ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.7 / 10

A real good surprise with a marvelous soundtrack

I didn't expect more than a "well... ok" movie but this one going slow but crescendo for a terrific end. Good and realistics specials effect (specifically thehelicopter scene) . Good acting and a real nice job for the soundtrack give me goosebumps

Very nice film. Underrated here by a lot.

All I will say is that there better be a sequel. Norse Mythology in the modern age. Its a real travesty the rating is so low. 5.8??? Really? I really thought this was pretty darn good. I would have rated it a 9 if the story was a bit more complete at the end.

I'm really surprised that I finished this movie

Looks like some low budget amateur movie with a silly plot but some how you want to know where all this is going even though it was obvious.. very fast forward romance.. insane plot holes and illogical decisions.. Very Mediocre acting.I gave this movie 4 stars just to avoid offending the Norwegians

Just watch it.

Don't worry about the reviews being too low or too high. This is a decent movie, a little slower at times, but its not meant to be a non-stop action flick. Its more of a story.I wish my version had subtitles as there is a decent amount of Norwegian in the movie.

Loved it

Absolutely loved it! Hopefully they make a part 2!

Dumb mambo jumbo bubblegum chewers

Yes, this not a perfect movie, yet is something different.Yes it is slow paced superhero movie, but we stand with characters and believe their choices.Yes it's predictable, but it's also got more-less real characters reaction to the situation, nevertheless bad or good characters.Yes it's quite modest, but it has it's emotional impact, and real lifew settings.

And finally why the Thor had 7,0 imdb score and this one has 5,8? It should be quite opposite.

For all the movie crew, keep up the good work, and don't be upset about moderate opinions.

Rebirth of Thor

Loved it hope there's another one coming. The cinematic photography is beautiful.I'm glad it wasn't just like any other DC movie or Marvel

Just watch it

Please, do your self a favour and watch this Movie. Ignore the knockers (I think they were expecting Marvel?), yes okay it was a bit slow at first, but stick with it, and please, please IT'S NOT MARVEL STUDIOS, ignore the fact that it is not a multi million dollar budget, and that it's Norwegian (With English subtitles, and as a bonus they SPEAK English too). I don't normally go for foreign films, but I really did like this one. Please remember it's a FANTASY, and watch it with that in mind.I, like a lot of others are desperately hoping for at least one sequel, if not several (PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE).I am trying very, very hard not to include spoilers. I have scrolled through some pretty horrendous reviews (Even from a Norwegian), really I have no idea what exactly they were expecting (As for Azrafiq, I'd love to know exactly which movie he was watching, as it wasn't the one were talking about) and as for people saying it was a naff ending (Get a life), it was a cliff hanger, for a sequel. I for one will definitely be watching the sequel. Bring it on!

Loved it. Favourite movie of 2020 so far!

Wow - how has this movie scored less than 6? I would expect an average of maybe 7.5 if I looked at IMDB after watching it.

Honestly, probably my favourite movie of 2020.

People saying it was slow or poorly done? I was hooked the entire time and it felt fast paced to me. It was honest, simple, engaging, very rarely self-indulgent like many movies today. A journey of discovery, brilliantly portrayed.

If there isn't a sequel planned, I would be bitterly disappointed.

Left wanting more

This movie has more intensity and storyline than some of the bigger movies of the superpowers genre.It takes you on a deep and intriguing journey, with decent acting and great scenery.Well produced, I found it more believable, although still touching on myths and legends but as ancient, rather than modern day.Building and culminating in a riveting and exciting ending that leaves you wanting more.

Omg Amazing

Bad reviews are a sign that the review system is flawed. I did not know what this movie was about but Wow I'm floored.

It really did shine light on how my country the US is actually responsible for how the World sees Us. It is a duality similar to what the main character will experience after these events.

I'm telling everyone about this movie

Not perfect, but loved it.

Initially a bit slow and the miscast of a Indian woman as a American government official. Though no huge budget the special effects were still effective and well done. After slow start it really captivated me till the end and hope they will make a Torden 2. A fresh and nice change from all the Hollywood big budget cinematic this and that crap.

Raw, Subtle and Gorgeous

Nat Wollf is a great actor. The Thor premise is done very well. Build up and execution is perfect. I had vibes of Akira and Chronicle throughtout watching this film.

Entertaining and unique.

Better than most US sh... lately

This movie is very different from the usual high rated ones. Actually a story about something we heard or have seen before, transformed into the present. Not big actions but very good scenes,beautiful places and super camera angles. One to watch more than ones.

I Enjoyed It

The low ratings are probably from those that expect an action filled superhero movie. This is a bit of a slow burner, but it's different and quite refreshing. Provided you're aware of that, then you'll likely enjoy it.

Damn its so good....

Just skip the bad reviews and go watch this movie these people have no taste and don't know what great movie is .Loved this movie from start to end and left me wanting more its so good .

Much Better Than The Current IMDB Rating Suggests

This film is much better than the current IMDB rating suggests.

If it had a Hollywood blockbuster budget, I imagine, this film would be imminence, but, considering the budget will of been a fraction of that, the special effects hold up & the film is still thoroughly enjoyable.

Nat Wolff puts in a solid performance, as does the Norwegian Jennifer Lawrence, in fact, all the performances are solid.

The writing is good & the story unfolds in an interesting manner.

6.5 Worth the watch if you have seen Trolls

I like this Directors way of story telling, he does a very good job of this Norse tale.I enjoyed watching it I hope you do as well.USA CA.

Best film of 2020 so far

Absolutely amazing.A very captivating movie with a brilliantly written script, directed to the highest level and executed to perfection by a mostly unknown cast. Nat Wolff has a very bright future ahead based on the talent showcased here.Whilst Torden (Mortal) is somewhat reminiscent of Brightburn it manages to carve out a sense of realism and has an air of being entirely believable. This is helped along by both the very periodic subtitles for the Norwegian as well as the incorporation of ancient runes and understated special effects. Nothing over the top here Marvel.My only gripe is how short the movie was.Maybe i'm grasping because I feel like I need more but there is definitely room for a sequel and, if done correctly, a possible franchise could easily ensue.

In short, a definite must see.9.5/10


I am not surprised to see all these negative reviews. The World is really deteriorating if garbage like "Money Heist" gets 8 stars and movies like Mortal get below 6. The Audience by far is getting tasteless and is being impressed by Over Dramatic, cheap and instant gratifying special effect filled SH** creations.

This movie is not perfect. But it is such a beautiful attempt to tell a wonderful tale. The cinematography is top notch. The locations are breath taking. The story, although slow and imperfect is satisfying.

Yes it isn't a 9 Star movie but definitely a 7.5 star