Reviews for Deep Blue Sea 3 ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

stomach churningly bad!

Acting 0/10CGI 0/10story 0/10realism 0/10cast 0/10

oh wow, this isnt just bad, its M&S bad!so we initially see woman in the sea with a great white shark , hitting it on the nose as you would do a puppy for wetting your carpet! then the shark pushes her into a coral, she bleeds and nothing happens!there is a sea station, like a floating village, the roofs are made from palm leaves, never have i known palm trees growing up out of the ocean thousands of miles from land, fresh veg and food aplenty on this man made plot, runnig fresh water the lot! it is just so unreal and unbelievable!

oh then the casting, wow wow wow wow, the famous 5 are all here, white jock, white grumpy woman, black guy with a vest on, the intelligent asian and the camp vegan! im all for diversity but why do we HAVE to have the stereotypical 5 in every movie? these people wouldnt cross paths!!!

so we move on to diving in wet suits amongst massive big sharks who are obviously not hungry!oh dont bother with it , its pathetically awful!this is the a lame effort, the worst movie of 2020 by a long way! AWFUL!

Silly and full of propaganda.

A very silly movie full of feminism propaganda. Don't watch it.

Really really hard to watch.....

When people say that there is good acting in this movie, they must be trolling right? After trying to watch this for an hour I just want all the actors to be eaten by the terrible cgi sharks. THe actors look ok, but when they open their mouths I don't care what they say as they have no emotion in them at all. Probably one of the most boring movies I've even seen.


When will Hollywood learn that just because you have every color in the rainbow of people does not make it a good movie...What happened to choosing actors based on their talent, instead of other things, such as skin....I mean they even have a main character thatdoes not speak English well...AT ALL...


A sad decline

Deep Blue Sea (1) was superb. But sadly it's fallen by the wayside since then and this third installment underscores that entirely.

I desperately wanted this to be good, I really did, and watched with fingers crossed, but it's just poor. Weak story, awful acting, despite sharks looking good. It's not worth it, and a sad decline. It's a pity as lots of people are crying out for top quality shark movies.

we have another sharknado in our hands

Yes it is that wondering if the writers read what they wrote at the end. the story showed us bad guys were actually good guys because well i cant spoil it.i kindly suggests the actors to have another career because this one isnt for them, besides Bren Foster, some how i found his acting was the best in the movie. would like to see him in another movie as a villain again. and my +1 star is for himif you like predictable ending and no excitement and fun it is for you. and there are many good low budget movies out there.

why didnt they let the 98 version as it is

Did Greta Thunburgh Write This Movie??

I kept trying to get into this movie and all the climate change preaching is intolerable. Everyone in this movie was unlikeable. I gave up after about 20 minutes and I fast forwarded through most of that.

Not a bad movie

Sharks and more sharks oh my. This movie gave you plenty of sharks and action. If you're a Deep Blue Sea fan ; this movie is for you.

Better than the second but fails with sloppy acting, writing, and terrible direction.

Deep Blue Sea 3 (2 out of 5 stars).

Deep Blue Sea 3 is a sequel that is an improvement over the second movie. But still not better than the original. The plot follows a group of engineered bullsharks that are wrecking the ecosystem in a underwater haven which they have to stop.

The plot is terribly put together. The script and direction is cheesy. The humor feels forced with its stereotypical characters. The direction is horrible. The cast ensemble is good but the performances are sloppy. The visual effects is cheap. It does have some entertaining action. But fails with its script and direction.

Not quite watchable

Glaring technical flaws come hard and fast. I went in expecting technical inaccuracies , but it was really bad. Bad swimming, bad boats, bad diving, bad robots. None of which could actually work as depicted. Especially the nerf guns that blow stuff up.

Add to that some low B grade actors, bad cgi, and bad camera work.

I won't pick on the bad plot, its a killer shark movie. Bad plot is expected.

Do your self a favour and re-watch the original. Or if you want b grade. Try Sharktopus. I wouldn't even torrent this rubish.

Definitely for Deep Blue Fans

We've got a whole cast out of the C list. Mostly unknowns, but that's not a bad thing. Especially the lead "Doctor" who looks quite exotic and must be known for some of her popular series', like Lost. I'd never seen her before. Across the board, most of the acting is a bit wooden, and we didn't always remember our lines, did we. Nevertheless, the photography was great, including the underwater portions. Not quite as sharkcentric as the iconic 'Deep Blue Sea' (1), and certainly not the budget, but just enough tie-in to keep it legit, and a lot of similar set-ups (see: formulaic). I liked it, and it deserves better than the 4.6 is currently has. I'm guessing too many DBS 1 purists and maybe some non-sharkaholics contributing. You know - for the life of me - I can't remember DBS 2. Must have been very unmemorable. I may have to revisit.

Just watch Sharknado instead... you'll thank me later.

And that's from someone who dislikes discount Star-Lord (Ian Ziering) and loathes nearly all things made by The Asylum. Or better yet, just watch the first Deep Blue Sea and pretend that none of the others exist. This movie is just so incredibly boring. The pacing is stilted with long stretches of underwater scenes as the main protagonist tries to deliver her environmental messaging. I wasn't expecting high cinema, but this is a complete dud. None of the characters are likable, the dialog isn't engaging, the CGI is only passable, and you don't even have a mascot to provide a distraction. Not even the tough-talking, shark-punching, self-empowered, and environmentally-aware female researcher running around in her swimsuit adds anything to this opus. And yes, identity politics are in play here since none of the men or women know how to relate to each other -- either as co-workers or antagonists. There's no playful banter, no real scientific exploration, no suspense -- just tired social media tropes and cliched characters. And when you see who survives to the end, it will make you cringe.

Not the worse shark movie out there!

Although it did have an interesting approach, the cast just made it insufferable to watch. I have no idea where they found these cardboard actors but they are so unlikable that it makes you wish the shark ate them all!

Considering the B rated quality of all other shark movies out there plus how lame Deep Blue Sea 2 was, this one is decent in terms of visual quality and plot, but it's a movie you will forget you ever watched by the next day

Fun watch

Now this was a breath of fresh air I needed ! Good actors, some outstanding fight scene and those smarty sharks! I'm surprised at some of these reviews ... did they not know what they where sitting down to watch ? It's a shark film- you can find the negative in anything if you're that way included. All and all I enjoyed my ride with Deep Blue sea 3


If you pay to watch this, at least you should get the popcorn for free.

Better then the last !

I love shark films and under water adventures.If you like shark films you will like this, if you want to watch a drama and get all critical of a movie don't watch Summer Fun flicks. Turn the brain off and Dive. The Sharks are smarter then ever and the action is excellent. It's everything you need in a summer film

Top shark film

Fun flick full of killer smart sharks, along with a welcomed surprise of an action fight above water that I wanted more of, not sure if I loved the sharks more or the fights between characters. Under water scenes are tops and great to see climate change being spoken about, save our ocean one step at a time

F$&k YES!

Ticked all my boxes.... sharks, action done ?Credit to this franchise for getting a stellar teamClassic lines and classic shark killer scene!

Just as bad has you might expect

Bad actors, uninspired story.What could you expect from a straight to video sequel of a bad sequel? Nothing really. CFI looks good and that's as much positive comments I can make.

I feel robbed of my not very precious time

Trust me it's terrible, you literary can predict every thing before it happens..