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IMDB: 6.2 / 10

unconvincing at first? i know

First of all, Great performance !! Josh Harnett was delivered a really good performance. So do the rest of the actor.

i loved the story, its gonna pump you chess up. i'm going to say that not everybody gonna like this story, but for me its pretty good. They way they executed all of it was brilliant. you can tell that this not that movie with a 'budget'. But the fact that they still doing a good job was a PLUS.

Great detail for me for making that 80' vibes

Well researched, surprisingly accurate for a relatively low budget Canadian movie.

Well worth a watch! A credible account that was well depicted.

I can't speak for 80's Canada but it got 80's Thailand spot on. DEA and British customs were very active in Thailand at that time. They pressured the Thai police which vigorously targeted foreigners, escalating the severity of relatively minor drug offences, and if they didn't have the funds to buy their way out of trouble, in they went. To divert attention from the real ( protected) players, to satisfy visable Thai compliance, to deter chancers and predominantly to bolster publicity for Reagan and daddy Bush's, well funded and highly lucrative "just say no! " "war on drugs."

There from 84 to 92. The film brought back a lot of memories, not least those shackles that Justin Jackson mentions. I'd forgotten that peeling blue/green paint was everywhere. Apart from a lack locked up foreigners (among other nationalities lots of Nigerian mules were convicted around that time) the film depicts the situation and era very well.

Don't recommend

During the film the camera was shaking. Music was very loud. Acting is poor even though the plot is interesting except Josh Hartnett. Very disappointing!

Most Wanted/Target Number One (2020) tt1656177

Good story, lil' under mediocre x-cution

(It also waaaay 2 american then it should be, especially Ukrainian reporter who got what he wanted 2 b, it's also '89 - this should be more raw then it is but whatever, i'm already surprised that some censorship was given some slack)

Always-on-Canadian-police-side twitter nerds r triggered now XD


Do not watch this movie. I'd say this review contains spoilers, but considering I still don't know what the movie was about after watching it, I'll say there are no spoilers.I rarely review bad movies because its just too easy to rag on them sometimes. This is some low hanging fruit to criticize. An hour into the movie, my wife looked to me and asked me what this movie was about and I couldn't answer her. I finished the movie and I still can't answer the question.Josh Hartnett (Hollywood just won't give up on this guy for some reason) doesn't seem interested in this role. He's swollen (from booze?) and even though this movie takes place in Montreal at times (where I'm from) it just wasn't enough to recommend.

Having been there this is 95% right - never seen any film more spot on

Worth a watch - got the Bombad stuff 100% right - almost wish i hadnt watched it - the clothes the conditions - the chains we wore and that constant tinkle in the back ground of chains As for the story - met so many guys in Bombad and Klong prem that got set up that way - I actually worked with a guy in the E thing that we found out later was also feeding the DEA set up busts - Bradley was his name - someone gave him a hotshot in a patpong cafe - guessing he got susseed out - but yes this kind of BS was still going on Mid 90s and am guessing it still is

Amazing true story - not so great movie

I remember reading the actual news from this incident back when I was in my late teens, early twenties. Victor Malarek did an incredibly good job at showing how incompetent Canadian officials who couldn't cause a significant dent in the drug trade coming from Asia into north america decided to use a straw man to create a fictitious incident in order to improve their image.The incident in itself and how it was covered back then by journalist Malarek was plain riveting. Unfortunately, the movie the was made about it is clearly not a top quality product and misuses the talent of great actors. Still worth watching just to learn about what happened.

Insjustice beem served.

Very good and entertaining movie! (sure, it could be 20 or 30 minutes shorter) but it don't take away the outstanding acting delivered by Josh Hartnett and the rest of the cast, to be fear.Great production. Nothing fancy, but put you in the 80's mood within no problem!It deserve the 8 I gave or more!!

great to see Josh Hartnett back - well made Canadian film

Great to see Josh Hartnett back - well made Canadian film, fine acting and good base on true events story

Extremely disappointing

This film was completely overcooked and half baked at the same time. While the lead actor who played Daniel Legey was solid and Jim gaffigan's character was enjoyable on screen, the rest of the supporting cast were a drain... Especially all of the police officer roles. Halfway through the film, we knew it was a dud but somehow felt committed - yet we were simply watching actors play out their roles instead of being immersed in the story itself... Hoping it would miraculously turn around in the third act: spoiler alert, it doesn't. There's absolutely no reason this story required 135 minutes to tell and certainly does not deserve two plus hours of anyone's time.

Had to stop watching!

The music is too loud and I got motion sickness with the shacking of the camera

Really great story!

So pleased to see a well written, well filmed, well acted story, and set in Canada no less. The thing with Canada is that it has such a clean image on the world stage, you'd never think they'd throw their own under the bus. So, in that sense too, the story was original. It was edited very well, and kept the story line interesting. Such a pleasure to see the talented Hartnett do his thing too. Very good actor for this film based on a true story. Refreshingly great.

Absolute Garbled Junk & MANY False Good Reviews

Amazing that all the positive reviews were msde either1 day before release or a day after. Within 8 mins I gave up as the music was so loud it completely blocked out what the actos were saying.Movies usually never work out well when the writer also directs them. This was the case for this one

confusing, and hard to know what to believe

Its supposedly made over a true story , where names and plot are changed to such a degree that it feels like fiction. the story goes back and forth between canada and thailand, where everybody, even the copper seems to be snorting their own deals undercover. the little but noteworthy important timeline info that are usually used to tell the viewer where and when things happen are totally missed out. that is a cathastropic failiure even in quasi biographical movies.

the journalist thing was the only part of the show i could hardly find the true purpose of, for the rest its just a tuktuk thai french froglike canadian english heroin blur, made on a undynamic and low budget. the actors does not impress much on a plot and story directed in a way i cant comply with

the grumpy old man gives no more than a max of 5 for this show, have seen a few worse and a whole lot of far better flicks than this. just a weak recommend

Underrated film!

May not have the grip of a massive Hollywood thriller but it isn't far off. Engaging and well worth a watch. A solid 8 out 10.

An engaging and frustrating film.

"Target Number One" is a well directed, well acted and compelling Canadian film that everyone should see..In this drama based on a true story, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail..Well crafted and unafraid of telling the true story; "Target Number One" dives deep into a frustratingly un-Canadian crime story and really delivers. This is the first Canadian film to be released since Covid-19 hit and it truly is a really good film to kick it off. Josh Hartnett gives probably the performance of his career and Antoine Olivier Pilon is exceptional. The film is never boring nor does it lag, it's the perfect length and pace and I really enjoyed it..

I Tonya

This movie is like new version of "I Tonya" in I Tonya the movie showed the whole world as evil so they present the real time villain as if she is a good person or a this movie a convicted drug dealer is hero, so his family, friend, Canadian police, Thailand police and literally everyone around this dude is that makes sense?if yes, you gonna love this movie