Reviews for The Kissing Booth 2 ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Any contact with female is the dystopian road to babies guys.Be careful of the Subliminal man-woman msg and thank goodness for animal kingdom to annihilate the latter.

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Firstly why was this 2 hours long??? Secondly why was it that bad, but ended on such a cliff hanger??

My advise would be give this one a miss...

Still bad

I didn't like the first one very much, but watched the second one anyway (my fault I guess!) I hoped it would be better but is dumb, too long (over 2 hours!) and very predictable. There was also possibly the cringiest sentence ever uttered in a romcom EVER! I'll probably still watch the 3rd one when it comes out, but only because I really hope Elle and Lee will FINAL realise how PERFECT they together as they have the best chemistry by far.


I basically predicted the entire movie after 10 Minutes.

Did your feelings got hurt Beliebers?Hmm walk it of

I mean look the reviews...I am not even jocking all the bad reviews is about one sentence.They put 1 in this good(JUST GOOD)movie for one bad taste joke...RI-DI-CU-LOUS...For the movie now is easy to watch and you enjoy it and it is far better than the first one

Disgusting for them to mock about someone's appearance when he was dealing with depression, anxiety and a freakin disease!

Mocking about Justin Bieber's appearance shouldn't be someone to put into a freaking movie. He IS dealing with a disease that unfortunately made him appear like that just a year ago. But apart from a disease, he was dealing with depression and anxiety and another illness which is mono and makes you really tired. Disgusting. This is a movie for teenagers. You don't even think about what you teach to those. (It cannot be a movie for young adult because lol, it is THAT BAD). Disgusting.


This movie it's just as cringy as the first one. The stoyline was awful and the script was just pitiful. It made many "jokes" that were just extremely distasteful not to mention insensitive.

TRASH if i could i would give 0/10

Making fun of Bieber's depression and health isn't gonna make your trash movie any better! I won't watch it

Bad movie

Making fun of Justin Bieber's appearance while he was sick and diagnosed with Lyme Disease!! This is the worst thing

Definitely Worth a watch

Well, To be honest both the parts are nice. But, The second part will give you a emotional rollercoaster ride (be ready to take the ride while watching the movie :) ). It's way better in all perspectives. You'll definitely love the movie. Expecting for third part soon!

Watched it ironically with friends to make fun of it. We are traumatised.

Full of cliches, devoid of plot or character development, and absolutely no message for teens! This movie has nothing to offer unless you want to take a shot every time someone says something cringey or does something cringeworthy.


Is heartbreaking to watch people mocking u because of ur disease Justin bieber doesn't choose to be Lyme disease victim that line on the movie is sooo unnecessary I'm so disappointed

Insensitive comment about Bieber's Lyme

In one scene, the characters made fun of Justin Bieber's appearance. That was ridiculously insensitive considering that he his all ears CD was resultant of treatment for Lyme.

It's Still Bad

But it's better than first. It's not as annoying. I still hate Elle Evans as a character though. The screenplay is bad and incredibly predictable. The main conflict is uninteresting. The gay subpolt is nice because it involves characters that aren't Elle, but they didn't really find a way to make it work so it felt really unnecessary. It was like Netflix's usual thing for including random gay characters just to prove that they're inclusive too guys. Also why does this movie have a Good Vibrations cover play at the end, that song is way too good for this trash.

Good movie

Those who love romantic movies it's the best choice for them and a must watch movie.Best to watch at quarantine.


How disrespectful of them to mock a disease! Using Justin's illness for clout, they should be ashamed!

Better than the first one, but far from perfect

I'll be honest; I went into The Kissing Booth 2 expecting it to be terrible. Instead, I got a movie that was better than the original, although that isn't saying much. It is the rare sequel that is stronger than the original, and I was pretty interested in it throughout. Elle makes some smart decisions in this movie, and each one of them is really satisfying to watch (especially tricking Marco into playing that dance game). The Elle in the original Kissing Booth wouldn't have done that, and it's nice to see how she's grown as a character. Additionally, it was hard to see where the plot was going. I never really could predict what would happen between Elle and Marco, or Elle and Noah for that matter. These are some of the things for this movie that I liked.

My biggest problem with the film is that it has a terrible message for young women. Basically, Elle learns to... live for others instead of herself. Excuse me? Are you really trying to posit that a women should not' be herself, and be whatever other people want from her? It was honestly kind of disgusting. Secondly, the fact that pretty much all the people of color in this movie are disliked by the main character throughout most of the movie is also worrisome. Like yeah, eventually she warms up to them, but we still have to sit through two hours of her being suspicious of Chloe, and being annoyed with Marco. Thirdly, the characters did make some pretty stupid decisions often. For example. there's a really tiny subplot involving a guy who secretly likes another guy, but he doesn't know how to tell him. I knew from the first moment I saw them that he was romantically interested in him. However, it takes Elle way too long to figure this out, even though it was extremely obvious. These aren't all my problems with the movie, but these are just some of my biggest ones.

Overall, I enjoyed the Kissing Booth 2. It was really, really flawed, but at the end of the day it's still fun. If you are feeling down, watch this movie to bring you back up.


The movie is what it's suppose to be. I wasn't disappointed by it. I had a good time while watching. Might feel a bit unreal, but it's a teenager movie and it's amusing and shows that sometimes people have a hard time communicate but in the end they manage to solve their issues by doing it. Think it was a bit better than the first, and the fact it add other people and stories in between, wasn't at all a problem to me, it was better that way. There was more to see, instead of just focusing on Lee, Elle and Noah.I really think people shouldn't be bashing the movie over a bad line in it.It wasn't their brightest moment, but don't think it was on purpose, people are just taking it way too serious. Nowadays everyone mocks with everything and do a lot worse, so I really don't think there is a reason to be bashing the movie this way.


This movie mocks Lyme disease, as you can see when he mentions Justin Bieber. Awful movie, very disappointed

Trash bc joking a disease.

Justin Bieber was dealing with depression and the effects of his disease... why this trash movie need to joking about it?