Reviews for Coma ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.5 / 10

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Great sci-fi movie.

This movie is better than any Hollywood sci-fi movie iv'e seen in a long time. The CGI is very good, and they created a really Amazing and convincing world. The acting is also pretty good. I was Surprised how well this Russian Sci-fi worked. A must see for sci-fi fans.

Surprisingly good!!

Watch this movie you wont regret it .. the graphics and the story is very compelling and very inceptionesque ..

Weirdly watchable......

"Koma (Coma)" is a weirdly watchable sci fi horror from Russia.

This is a strangely disconcerting watch. Its presentation of a reality bending dream world, is a little hard on the synapses, until you become accustomed to its quirky nuances.

That said, its convincing back story, decent characterisations and sustained action, mark this film out, as a worthwhile watch. It has a very subtle "hint" rather than twist in the end too, that adds a further note of reality questioning discordance, that's quite effective.

Definitely one to consider, if you want a departure from conventional sci fi fare.


So Boring

This is snooze fest. So boring. Only for teenagers.

An universe that we've never been to before!

Before I say anything, watch this movie. If you are someone who is impressed by the world that a movie built around than this movie is a great one. My only issue with it is they didn't take advantage of this unprecedented world. If Marvel had any hand in this movie, I could see them making a huge franchise out of it. Still, watch it. It is something you have never seen before.

A Visual Treat

I like the concept behind the movie. I remember watching it's trailers about 3/4 years ago and was eagerly waiting for it's release. To be honest, the VFX isn't always up to the point with other similar Hollywood blockbusters but when it's good, it's really good. It definitely deserves a watch if you are sci-fi fan.

It was good

Walking up in a different world than the one you know...Everything seems glorious but not completely realNice Sci fi pictures, nice plot... Worth to watch

Very enjoyable film with super effects

Considering this film was made on a not-so-high budget, this was a remarkable and excellent film.

The story line was very good, the special effects weren't special, they were superb!

Nothing like Inception by the way. More like a fantasy sci-fi film that was action from start to finish.

Recommend this film highly.

Better than 90% of what hollywood makes these days...

Everything was impressive... Except that the voice-over was a little bit cheesy... But guess watching this movie in it's original language would be superb..

Between The Matrix and Inception but with his own ideas

I was not a big fan of STALKER or SOLARIS both considered Tarkovsky masterpieces; but considering Asimov was one of the greatest sci fi writers I give now and then a chance to Russin SciFi

I saw Attraction few years ago and recently The Blackout and the second part of Attraction (Invasion). I had to admit; Russian FX and digital imagery have a very good quality; however stories are not that good in terms of intrigue and resolution but are able to take some old ideas and rework them very good.Koma (COMA) is another example.

Taking some imagery and concepts from Inception and The Matrix; this movie is able to be different in itself and quite interesting if you are able to go beyond the first part; which does not seems to make a lot of sense; some events seem absurd or unnecessary. After a while; when ideas are clarified the logic kicks in.

Not much can be said about the story; because it will spoil part of the suspense; but let's only explain that the main character gets in a coma because of an accident and wakes up in a oniric universe with strange laws of physics and meets a group of people trying to survive there; things start twisting after a while.

Sadly the last part of the movie seems quickly resolved and lazy written; but the whole package is still interesting

Really enjoyable movie, wow

Living in the UK I always assumed only Hollywood made movies of this quality, and SFX. And any review saying it's like inception, so what? It's like saying all heist, spy or slasher movies aren't worth watching if you've seen one movie! This film was entertaining, great story and ideas. I would recommend. I hope Netflix releases it with dubbing. I want to find other Russian movies now, I've almost run out oh Hollywood films!

Saving u guys from watching this garbage

Don't waste ur time or ur money unless u have insomnia then go watch this movie to have a good sleep.

Cheap inception spinoff

I can't believe there are so many good reviews about this movie. The story is weak, the characters boring and the visuals just lame.

Fine First Film

How original are today's films? Hard to say. With Netflix already corrupted, its offer lost much of its novelty and originality (even its production model is a "remake"). Many people fled to Instagram and left Facebook, which took over Instagram and now it's all the same. So the names of stars and dinosaur directors do not guarantee nada... n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Last night, I was watching ?Koma? and I thought, "Well, these Russian filmmakers are doing quit original and engaging things," and it didn't take long before someone said, "Nolan already did that." In truth, I never cared to watch moren than 10 minutes of ?Inception?, but so what if Nolan did something similar before? In any case, I do not know what he did, and I do not care. I am reluctant to devalue any science-fiction movie different that improves the repetitive and chauvinistic Anglo-Saxon products, the more so if they are better, as formulaic as they all are.

Somewhere I wrote that if you want to force a high rating and compare the Russian science-ficion movies with ?Solaris? or ?Stalker?, you'd better open your Tarkovskian Bibles and watch another channel, because ?Koma? is a lively commercial adventure show, with good visual effects and unknown faces, at least for to me, except for the leading actor, Rinal Mukhametov, who stood out as the alien in the awesome ?Attraction? (2017).

First film by a visual effects creator Nikita Argunov, this time Mukhametov is an architect who, after a grim job interview with the suspicious New Life Foundation, suffers an accident (induced, perhaps) and, in a coma, enters a world where several comatose persons' memories coincide and cohabit. Soon he is rescued by a group of guerrillas, whose leader needs him to design a paradisiacal island for all those who have entered this universe, without the threat of the fearsome Reapers. There is only one prohibition: to penetrate the realm of dreams (for a reason that I will not reveal so as not to spoil the journey).

Complain about the music, it is justified, because it sounds like Hollywood pastiche, but otherwise enjoy this quest, with a good dose of melodrama and a melancholic vision of human nature.

Unlike some opinions, this is unrelated to Inception!

I really don't get why some people think this movie was made after Inception! I would say this is much better as a concept!The movie is absolutely brilliant It's got everyhting for a straight 10!

WOW. Very impressed.

No graphic violence, no gore, no sex scenes, political bias, etc. Very good movie. Actually million times better of any scifi made in the last couple of years. 10/10

Just fantastic!

I hardly ever write a movie review, but this time I have to because if Inception scores above 8 on IMDB (after all, one of the best movies ever), Koma should right be there sitting on the throne next to it! From other reviews I knew I could expect something similar, but the story is yet so different, yet so fantastic. It grabs you from the start and doesn't let go till the very end. A must-see for every Inception-fan.

Spiritual successor to The Matrix (idea and groundbreaking visuals wise)

If this was a Hollywood production it would be a blockbuster. Not to pump up your expectations too much but it's an original idea (rare thing lately) with flawless execution.

Story is great, acting is good (excellent from some, moderate from others), pace picks up quickly with some time jumps that become clear later on, and the effects, they are on a different level. One can see that the director has huge experience in VFX as there are some pretty trippy visuals throughout.

Note to anyone on the crew or a native russian speaker - the english subtitles need some improvement. I did understand the movie but some lines are translated exactly as in russian and make little to no sense.

Note to everyone else - go and watch this movie. You will not regret it.

"Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark"

At the very beginning of the movie, I felt the urge to remind myself of this famous line from Shakespeare's Hamlet, as I know Shakespeare does not actually talk about Denmark, but England. I thought that Koma would present a political metaphor of what is being localized within its narrative as it documents Russia. I have seen some symbols, the famous hammer and sickle, even the Russian flag at some point in the story as one of the characters seem to have forgotten what country the flag he sees represents, but as the story has evolved with different connotations, I convinced myself that Denmark within the movie is more like the universe and the ways in which we conceptualize it with religious, historical, and cultural reminiscences.

By presenting a universe close to that of Matrix's, Koma puts forward its arguments about the reality and the conception of what is seen as real as opposed to the world we live in, and it uses a very suitable central character in its narrative components, an architect. Science fiction films' relation to architectural designs and constructions within different spatial dimensions can be always seen through the use of different structures. The movie, like many other science fiction films, does create both a visual and a conceptual dimension with the spatial designs it presents. The architect in the movie endeavors to create his own version of architectural designs remonstrating against modernist structures with their concerns about sufficiency and efficiency, without any inclination to the aesthetic codes of design. His creation turns out to be someone else's heaven in mind, namely Yan, who captures people who are in a coma, and presents a model town for them to live apart from the real-life they have.

Yan's projection reminds many other narratives as he poses as someone who defies reality and creates a place of his own. His disposition to discover and recreate what is unknown to people's perception comes from his belief that reality is something hard to overcome and handle, and it does not offer a serene place to live in. At that point, the apprehension observed in many other science fiction films also makes itself prominent here with the feeling that interfering in reality, and predestination connected to that, by reshaping a time conception which projects a heaven-like place to live in might cause some problems for people. This uneasiness derives from an understanding of the world which can be closely associated with religion and faith.

So, my commentary on the movie which, at first I thought to be more political with localized concerns about a country, has turned out to be something more common and universal with a timeless discussion. Then, I remembered Christopher Marlowe's famous play, Doctor Faustus. Both Hamlet and Doctor Faustus are the titles and the main characters in the plays as they follow a tragic flaw about their characters by putting forward what they stand for. Koma, similarly, follows what humans try to recapture with a reconceptualization of their world. Just like Doctor Faustus, the reality that is projected within the movie is presented with a presentiment that there is something eerie about creating another dimension of reality. Faustus signs the contract with the devil, which gives him all the pleasures he looks for, but in the end, it leads him to his eternal damnation. That tragic flaw as presented with characters like Yan in the movie is also about the conceptions like free will and predestination as the narrative contrasts the world projection it presents with a religious tone. The religion Yan uses for his own ambition is like the reminder of the second commandment, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."

With this highly religious frame behind its narrative, Koma may well be evaluated as a reproduction of a threatening and alarming future that is visible in many other science fiction films. The idea of using architecture as the center of the narrative with a more prominent presentation can be called inventive in the sense that the protagonist, as an architect, is the subject of another self-validated tyrannical figure, but the ways the movie creates the story with a very average tension and rhythm, not reinvigorating a cinematic taste or philosophical questioning with the ways in which the ideas are presented, vitiate the possibility of an exceptional film.