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IMDB: 7.2 / 10

Too much animated onesided storytelling.

I've started to watch with an open mind, but being a seaman and ex navy it's hard to 'not' notice the flaws in this movie. It is a onesided storytelling. First and and formost i hate the computer animation, it is so 'Disney-like', second it is obvious that the seaman and military character is not present in the actors, third, never throughout the war did a u-boat surface at those short distances at all, let alone to commence a surfacebattle with a destroyer, and last, it is not raw enough, that's what made 'Das Boot' such a great movie... Pity... i had great expectations for this movie.

Good reenactment of a WWII sea battle, but nothing else really

Good production, quite intense, very interesting reenactment of a battle at sea, although I am not sure how realistic and accurate it is (those submarines liked to fight a lot in plain sight over the water, right?).

My main issue? It was like a documentary, lots of battle time but no much human drama. No time given to develop any characters or even make us feel something about these people.Ships were sinking in the middle of the Atlantic and we never had a look in the horror of trying to survive this. Even Hank's character felt flat. The few scenes with his love interest were rather awkward and didn't contribute much. At one point we were wondering if the captain was in the spectrum or something..

Still, if you are a fan of WWII movies I suggest to watch it for the unique perspective of a battle at sea.

Intense but falls short

It's based on real life events, so I realize you can't really embellish it like an entirely fictional film. But you see some attempts at character-building, but in the end, no character really stands out or has any depth. Characters are just discarded--the wife (played by Elizabeth Shue for all of one scene and a flashback), the first officer, crew members, etc. It just becomes a series of naval combat action scenes. As many reviewers have commented, the movie feels like it's too short and missing something.

There is a hint of something there--the frustration, dread, and the conflicting emotions of having to make difficult decisions of protecting a large convoy with limited resources. But Hanks plays a captain who supposedly is an inexperienced commander on his first command, having to face the full onslaught of an experienced German Wolf Pack--the problem is, he is so calm, collected, precise and intuitively makes all decisions correctly, it's not believable. Again, it's entirely feasible that the real life captain was exactly that and this was an extraordinary accomplishment, but as a movie, he just comes across as any commander with exceptional anti-submarine warfare experience, with none of the vulnerability, fear and doubt. The "cat and mouse" hunter vs. hunted tension that one would come to expect from a movie involving sub combat feels somewhat lacking.

The action sequences are very good and seem realistic. But in the end, there's not a lot of substance, and you won't feel very emotionally invested in any of the characters, the way we've all felt watching movies like Saving Private Ryan, Das Boot, Fury, or any number of excellent WWII movies out there. It's certainly not a bad movie and enjoyable to watch, but understand that it's very limited in what it portrays.

Short story

It is ok movie, but it is like a short story. There is no convincing character building, there is no back story. A the end you see it as ok short story that could be seen in 30 minutes and not 90 minutes.

I wanted to love Greyhound, but it won't let me

The movie is technically just borderline ok. It's all studio filmed and therefore lacks authenticity of people being on a ship, at sea. It felt too much that I was on set watching the actors as the shots are almost always too close to give wider "sea" context. The CGI is PS4 quality. Soundtrack and sound effects are underwhelming.

The dialogue is navy technical and sometimes you have no understanding of what they are expressing. 40% of the film is sailors repeating orders. The movie is certainly a golden gem for Navy veterans who understand what it's about.

Zero character bond or development. Very difficult to be empathic/care for them. One sided movie with less than 1% German presence in the film.

It's 90 minutes wasted, yet it feels like if it was longer, it could have been better developed.

This movie is not worthy of being a major theatrical movie nor a premium Apple TV+ movie. A disappointment.

Greyhound review

Actually there is not much good things to say it, the film is kind of immersive, they try to make you feel like you are in the same environment of the characters, but even some good scenes, especially the first chase scene which have some suspense and the score is good in that part but also kinda look like a copy from Dunkirk original score, the whole film don't actually doesn't work very well.

Tom Hanks can't give a bad performance, is nice that his character is a religious person and of course as a capitan noboby is going to make fun of that in front of him, and is good to see him in a war movie, but i also would like to see more the inside of the ship, the oher characters preparing to launch the bombs, kinda like that scene in Titanic that shows the people working in the underground of the ship.

Also the CGI doesn't work very well, the film looks too clean and the editing is not good, for example in the begining of the film they cut to a scene of someone drawing a swastika, and the way they did looks like it was in the american ship, is very strange.

waste of time

A typical US movie boring would a German u-boat contact a us war ship ???and all the rest again private ( hanks) movie not worth a second to watch ok maybe now with the virus nothing better on

Bland and empty

Lacking a back story for the main characters, any meaningful establishment of the broader WW2 situation, and being totally filled with fake looking CGI, Greyhound is a total dud.

The entire film is one single battle that felt bland and empty. It lacks any depth what so ever. Thrown in is some commentary about the limited role African Americans played in the US navy that felt shallow and was dimly implemented. Tom Hanks does his Saving Private Ryan mark 2 performance, but it lacks anything new and certainly doesn't save this 'ship-wreck'.

The CG looked so fake and is so over-used that I thought I was watching Polar Express a few times. With a budget this big they should have gone to sea and captured imagery that doesn't look like it came from a PS4 on steroids.

The run time of the film is less than 90 minutes showing how little there is in terms of story. All there is is the battle, nothing more.You will probably get more emotion from watching a documentary.

With the great cast and big budget the film makers could have made a memorable war epic about a critical aspect of WW2, but instead we have this uninteresting pile of rubble. Avoid.


IMO it just didn't to turn out to be the movie they thought it was going to be. Acting was good, special effects were good but it was boring movie.


.. and doesn't come close to the other great navy war movies, it's a waste of time and only positive thing about this movie that it's short.


The whole film is naval war and a ship called Greyhound fighting other attacking ships at sea. The backgroound music is annoying. All over the film. Didn't like it one bit.

A Very Dull, Grey Hound

It's a bottled movie, shot on basically one green screen soundstage and later dollied up with digital waves and ships. For a war movie there is a surprising lack of blood and gore, which makes this an oddly toothless film. There is also a weird religious subtext that remains unexplored and doesn't add anything to the story. It's just there... much like Elizabeth Shue. She appears and disappears without adding interest or making an impact. It's not her fault, there is just nothing for her to do.

There are some tense moments of naval cat and mouse but the overused CGI never allows the film to ever really build on that suspense.

Hanks is dependable as always, but all by himself he can't keep this one from sinking.

Disappointing performance and movie

This movie is only for the die-hard marine fans, as it all about a captain yelling coordinates to his staff to turn the ship from left to right or from right to left. Boring after a while


Greyhound starring and written by Tom Hanks was meant to had been released in 2019. It got delayed to 2020. The Covid pandemic meant that it was bought by Apple for its streaming service.

It does indicate that Sony Pictures did not have complete faith in the film.

The movie is a stripped down version of C. S. Forester's novel The Good Shepherd. Forester knew how to write naval stories. Some of the tactical cat and mouse displayed here really does have a Forester feel about it.

Hanks is not new to the World War 2 genre. This shares its DNA with Band of Brothers but there is a clear lack of character development and story here.

Captain Ernest Krause (Hanks) is the commander of the US destroyer guiding the Allied convoy crossing the north Atlantic.

They are attacked by a fleet of German U-boats and Krause has to evade them, protect the ships and sink the U Boats.

It turns out that Krause is actually new to the job, but his inexperience is not much of a factor here. Krause knows his naval jargon and he has tactical nous.

It is a small scale film with loud bombastic music. There is a lot of CGI here.

The ocean is rough and grey with waves crashing into the ship. It was enough to make me feel seasick. However I have been on enough boats to know that when you are in rough seas, you certainly know it. Here everyone is remaining static when they should be bobbing up and down and sideways.

Frankly there is something static and flat about Greyhound. It lacks the claustrophobia and tension of Das Boot. It is too much of a boy's own naval adventure, which is why you get a few glimpses of the sole female in the film.

My uncle had 2 navy cross ...

As a sub commander in world war 2, yet Hollywood keeps pumping this fictional story stuff out and drama without actually representing the people who served. Soo many stories they couldve used, and chose a 1:30 min chopped version of a fictional Captain to represent the Navy in WW2?? Garbage.

Just a step away from being a good war drama

Greyhound looks great, sounds great, it is well-acted and has some dramatic moments, but it just makes me feel worse about the film since it was so close to becoming a good war drama, but it never reached that point. The film feels like it has that one detail missing - character development. There are characters and they are distinguishable and memorable, but there's so little to each one of them it almost doesn't matter.

This film handles war much better than that comic book abomination 'Midway', but in the end, it just feels empty since it ends just so fast and without reaching the high note. There's basically no 3rd act. I wish it was more dramatic and character-driven with all the good looks it has and I wish I could see it in a theater.

I rate this film 7, but it's much closer to 8 than a 7. If only it had more substance to support those visuals...

Very entertaining

A lot of nautical talk and directions/distances, but very thrilling and one of the better war movies made I'd say. I'd rank Dunkirk, saving private Ryan , and hacksaw ridge ahead of this. But then this is right behind those.

Let Me Save You From 90 Wasted Minutes Of Your Life

It's Tom Hanks on a boat, shooting at other boats. The entire movie. It is SO BORING!!

Dull Thud...

One of my most anticipated 2020 films lands with a dull thud. Excluding credits, this movie is 78 minutes long... and 75 of those minutes are spent listening to Hanks scream orders like, "Left Full Rudder! Bearing Two Niner Zero! Hard to Starboard!" There is zero character development... and Elisabeth Shue (who gets second billing) has exactly 15 seconds of screen-time. What a disappointment.

It was beautiful... but the plot was just meh

No Character development.... I didn't find myself caring for anyone and in these kind of movies I usually find one or two I connect with.... there were nice battles but... there was no plot around it at all..I surprised Tom starred in this... It seemed destined for the B Bin...