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IMDB: 6.8 / 10

It's OK for what it is

This has the look and feel of something put together by the numbers. There's a comedy British CEO megalomaniac villain (minus the comedy), a tough-as-nails lead harbouring secrets, PTSD etc, and a newbie who has to learn the ropes and save the day.

It's competently put together. The performances are acceptable rather than outstanding. The action sequences are OK. Chiwetel Ejiofor does the best he can with a subpar script and Charlize Theron's sharp haircut distracts.

Probably a film for a quiet weekend when you've something else to do and need some background noise you can dip in and out of.

It's okkkk

Worth a watch I guess's.....

The action is fine it's just very choppy at times.

The film does struggle with character development, makes it difficult to care about what you are watching sometimes.

But by far the biggest problem is this film has one of the worst villains in film history... It's just god awful.He is like a cross between a scientist and someone from the social network hybrid.Just makes me cringe watching him.....

Kept me interested.

I have a tendency to get antsy watching movies. I stayed seated through the when movie. I'm ready for a sequel.

Pretty good for a movie I've never heard of

Unique concept and execution was decent. Didn't really expect to like it but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Theron makes this watchable

In this time, where new cinematic experiences are limited to home viewing, it is fun to take a break from watching (or re-watching) classic films to check out a new movie.

And this one, THE OLD GUARD, is a fun enough and well worth checking out.

Starring Charlize Theron and based on a limited-run comics series from 2017, THE OLD GUARD tells the tale of a group if immortals (beings who cannot die) who bond together to serve the greater good of humanity.

While the plot is rather "by-the-book": young, hip, ego-maniacal mega-industrialist uses nefarious methods to capture the immortals to use for his own (money making) purposes, the star power of Theron holds this piece together in interesting ways.

Make no mistake - this is Theron's film (as the oldest of the immortals) and she is terrific. She demands attention anytime she is on the screen and when she shares the scene with strong actors like Chewitel Ejiofor(12 YEARS A SLAVE) and young Kiki Lane (IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK), it makes for an interesting film, indeed. Unfortunately, the rest of the Immortals (Luca Marinelli, Marwan Kenzari and - especially - Matthias Schoenaerts) are rather bland and the "big bad" (played by Dudley Dursley himself, Harry Melling) and his generic henchmen just aren't interesting enough.

The Direction, by Gina-Prince Bythewood, and the fight choreography is professional, but nothing special, which adds to the "meh" I was feeling whenever Theron was not on the screen.

But there is enough going right in this film that in this day where there is a dearth of new entertainment available, THE OLD GUARD fills the void quite well.

Letter Grade: B

7 Stars (out of 10) and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)

Army of immortals !

Good action thriller. Starting with hostage drama rescue operation preparation but when in action it is a twist that takes you another twist that the army is immortal. We think the story is kind of different till first half ends. Some jolts you never expect in first half but later half is going very usual. Charlie Theron is perfect in her 'Andy's role. Here she looks like Ruby Rose in John Wick 2 and perhaps second time with black hair after firstly in ' Eion Flux'. Later half is less interested and predictable not any twist except last scene. I wish more sequels. Overall movie is enjoyable for action lovers especially who likes kick ass fights.

One Of the

Loved the idea of the whole movie, execution is a 10/10 , music ain't bad but could be enhanced in the middle and nice end.well done ?


Liked it and the immortal thing was presented in a not so comic bookie way. As you can see I don't always need some deep inner meaning to every movie by my review as well.

Nice script

Looking forward for more parts, and I suggest better come wid a series..It's going to be a blockbuster, and be more specific about past life's as well,Then u can create a wonderful series easily,.Look like a trial based idea, that's why u miss tht past thing.

Don't Listen to these Bad Reviews!

I've seen a lot of reviewers complaining about the music and "wokeness" of this movie.First of all, the music is fitting. God forbid something be different!Secondly, why do so many men find movies with strong female protagonists bad? That's a shame. Seems like the perfect movie in their eyes only involves a macho man who saves a fragile lady in need.

Movie is action packed, good messages, beautiful love story, and fantastic acting.If you're a woke millennial, POC, LGBTQ, or part of Gen Z, you'll enjoy this film!

People are Misinformed

I never write reviews, but I had to speak up on behalf of this film.

Others have written about the highlights and issues of the movie. The good parts are obvious: fighting scenes, redemption, etc. I want to address the common complaints though, because I feel the people who focus on them are being unfair.

People have pointed out that the antagonist is a cartoon-like evil character, that there are cliché betrayal and feel-good moments, and that there's a lot of cinematic fighting. I'm pretty sure these people are unaware of a critical piece of information, or at least they're forgetting it when complaining about these aspects: this is an adaptation of a GRAPHIC NOVEL!

Of course there's going to be a villainous character and extensive fighting scenes. When you keep the origins of the film in mind, those aspects should neither surprise you nor bother you. If they bother you, you just don't like graphic novel-to-film adaptations and should move on without being offended that it didn't live up to some expectations it was never created to meet. Let people who like this kind of movie enjoy it; I don't go criticizing genres I don't like for not conforming to my standards.

Thoroughly enjoyable - except the soundtrack

Really loved the action, the acting and the melancholy feel to it all, much better than just an average action flick, except unfortunately for the incredibly stupid and jarring popsongs which ruin some scenes. Please please please just a decent score for (hopefully) part two. Other than that, really no complaints.

Best film from Netflix

Listen it's not the best film ever made obviously but for Netflix original it's easily the best produced and well-made film that they've done In terms of action! It's definitely worth a watch

Not a masterpiece, fun to watch.

You know, this movie is no masterpiece and that's one thing we can all agree on. The amount of cliché, cringe, dumb dialogue and the absurd level of P.C. are abundant. Nonetheless is this movie fun to watch and I will sure watch the sequel when it releases.

Love it needs a sequel or series...

Completely in love with the movie, it's going to be one of those types of movies that I rewatch time and time again.

Great movie! Hope for sequels.

I loved it. I hadn't read the comics. So went in with a clear mind. I loved it. Well done to the cast and crew.

Another WOKE, SJW film that makes you laugh at its absurdity!

I have already written one review and it has vanished! think its a lot like the RT Reviews where most where negative but they want to skew it to their own agenda! this film is boring, full of gaping plot holes the action is laughable the acting is worse. the fact that they seem more bothered about ticking all the boxes rather than actually making a decent movie really says it all... I suppose its our own faults we pay for Netflix and now they have our money the PC lot can create what ever they want to Brainwash those that might find this pile of trash enjoyable.

Tediously explores social issues, while shortchanging plot and character development

That an action film should be exciting seems axiomatic -- so trite as to hardly bear mentioning. However, The Old Guard is more often an exercise in tedium interrupted by mindless action scenes we've seen done before and better.

The plot is a mash-up of elements from Highlander and Coronet Blue, a television series from the 1960s, with a dash of shared dreams from Inception. However, as with many current films, the filmmakers seem more interested in exploring social issues than character and plot development.

Much of the screen time is devoted to the dramatic question of whether a black female can be a superhero. Of course, this can't be somebody who is just black enough to seem exotically ethnic, with the manners, sophistication, education, and polish of an upper-middleclass suburbanite; but a tough, streetwise, dark-complexioned, cornrow-coifed war veteran who's a bit rough around the edges.

So much time and attention is devoted to the training and inculcation of this new recruit, that potentially more interesting elements in the script are given short shrift. One character has an existential dilemma, which is never resolved. An intriguing element concerning the fate of a former member of the team is never resolved, despite the team's paranormal ability to share dreams, but is inexplicably revisited in a postscript scene during the credits.

There is no B-story to give the movie emotional depth. The only romance is a homosexual relationship between two of the team members which may offend some, but will leave most viewers disinterested. There are several pitched gunfights with evil minions dressed in full tactical gear with helmets and balaclavas, who are dispatched with surfeit of bullets but minimal bloodshed, and about as much emotional impact as decommissioning robots.

Charlize Theron was quoted recently criticizing Steven Seagal's fight sequences and suggesting that her own were more realistic and intense. For action-film fans, one criterion for evaluating action scenes is the length of the shots. In JCVD, Jean-Claude Van Damme does a three-minute scene involving numerous weapons and opponents, shot in one take. That's impressive. TOG employs a lot of quick cuts which only require the performers to master one move. The fights are fairly good, but Pale compared to movies like The Raid and Banlieue 13 (District B13), or the films of Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan and Jason Stratham.

The filmmakers seem so concerned with being woke, that they neglect to make the film exciting, rewarding, intriguing or cathartic.

Concept depth was a little light

As hero flicks go, this was pretty good. It was watchable, it had several nice plot twists. The ending scene ...OK i wont mention the ending scene, but suffice to sayS E Q U E L

The Old Guard

4 immortal soldiers lead by Theron are pursued by Ejifor who wants them for baddie Melling who is looking to create drugs and in turn lots of money, to help people live longer.

An intriguing and fun idea with a number of enjoyable action sequences and a fair few plot twists. The main reason for watching this though is the presence of Theron who is the real star here. The downside here for such a superhero type project is the low budget - it looks a bit cheap sometimes like an episode of an action tv series from the seventies. There are also a few script problems with some of the monologues a bit crass and corny plus the flashbacks into history aren't of the quality needed - looked like them were filmed in a back garden. Fun film though and worth it for Theron.

Set up for a sequel which probably won't happen.