Reviews for Palm Springs ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.2 / 10

Enjoyable but no Groundhog Day

A good movie to watch if you want to kill a couple hours. The two leads are pleasant and I liked their chemistry but the movie was just not as well crafted as Groundhog Day which includes the attention to detail. Admittedly GD is one of my all time favorites so it's a high bar. The lead often doesn't act like a guy stuck in a loop for a long time. Also they didn't tell Roy what they discovered near the end which is a big loose end. They could have don't without the cheesy effects used to demonstrate traveling through dimensions or whatever.

Immortality, yea or nay?

New twist on living each day over again. Made me think "Would I really want to be immortal?" I really liked this movie. It's all about the mood your in. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Peace.

Delightful, sweet, and charming

Ha! This movie is bold, sweet, and funny!

I'm 65 years old and generally a prude when it comes to sex and violence. But this was a charmingly-delightful experience into a clever time-loop snafu, so I got over the cartoon sex and cartoon violence.

Andy Samberg captures some of Bill Murray's frustration in Groundhog Day but then makes it charmingly his own. Andy is exhausted but then added into the mix is the captivating Cristin Milioti. And then things just take off in a bizarre way.

The bar dance was mesmerizing and hilarious. Bonus points for the great J.K Simmons who stole every scene he was in. Bonus points for the amazing chemistry of Samberg and Milioti.

I'll let the rest of the reviewers discuss direction, set design, editing, and cinematography - but all were perfect.

In a normal year, this film would've garnered many academy award nominations. Maybe Best Picture would've gone to such a unique comedy. Who knows how the 2020 AA will shake out but this movie is just charming and delightful. Watch and enjoy! It's laugh-out-loud fun and just so sweet.

Enormous and exhilarating fun

While the basic thread is borrowed from films such as 'Groundhog Day' (Harold Ramis, 1993) and the recent 'Happy Death Day' (Christopher Landon, 2017), 'Palm Springs' benefits from the clever treatment of its core concept, the quirky writings, energetic and infectious chemistry between Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, a solid supporting act from J.K. Simmons, and a brisk runtime of 90 minutes. Enormous and exhilarating fun.

Simply terrific

I'm impressed that people are still able to find new, original spins on the classic Groundhog Day premise of repeating the same day over and over. Palm Springs is a unique and compelling film that blends so many genres together into a dazzling package. It's slightly absurd at times, but that just adds to the charm of it. Andy Samberg is hilariously goofy and Cristin Milioti does a lot of the dramatic heavy lifting. This is just a really enjoyable, wonderful film that deserves to be seen and will undoubtedly make you happy.

Stop, Repeat and Rinse! Repeat Again!

For a time looping movie, Palm Springs came out tops! Fun, funny, smart and a fresh take on the tired worn out start your day over and over again concept.

Some very decent writing, acting and directing takes this film to a high level that lately many other films fail to reach.

A must watch - a good laugh and an ending that works!

This film scores a very well deserved looping 8 out of 10.

A refreshing take!

We do get a lot of these time loop movies now a days but trust me, this one does have a unique approach.

I was actually really surprised with this one. Great chemistry/performances from both Andy Sandberg and Cristin Millotti, plus its always good seeing J.K. Simmons whenever he shows up in a movie. Funny dialog and does keep things engaging throughout. It is not an average RomCom and rewards those who are giving their full attention. The pacing does slow down a little bit compared to the first act but still keeps things pretty interesting. Dont let it slide under your radar and check it out!My actual rating is an 8.2/10

They did it!

Somebody finally reinvented Groundhog Day. I sat through Edge of Tomorrow, Love, Wedcing, and Repeat and Before I Fall only to realize it was for the Lonely Island to master. Milotti and Samberg play off another beautifully while the amazing JK Simmons is great as usual. Also this screenplay was ridiculously clever.

A lively time loop film.

* There is 1 mid-end credit scene *

Max Barbakow in his feature directional debut and crew brought a lively time loop film. The story is about two strangers who meet at a wedding and they are stuck on a time loop. There are many genres with that concept, some of them are good and some of them aren't and this one was an interesting comedy-romantic version. It wasn't hilarious like I thought it would be but I still enjoyed it. The narrative was fun, odd and it all clicked fantastically. I loved the scene where the lead male character did a calculated dance at the wedding to impress her, sadly there weren't enough scenes like that. The ending felt cliché and it could have been better. They should have left it open to interpret and have the mid-end credit scene its only ending making an exciting interpretation.

The composer Matthew Compton brought great music but I preferred he stuck with a pattern. His main music was basic in this kind of genre and it did fit with the film. He also had a few of them that were like in a synthwave tone and those were magnificent. How I wish the whole movie would have that same pattern instead of having a mixed one.

The cast was fantastic, Andy Samberg's vibe was so electric and exhilarating. Cristin Milioti was more centered and loved her solo mission scene. Both of them had undeniable chemistry and never a dull moment.

A New Take On Groundhog Day

Palm Springs is "One of those infinite time-loop situations you might have heard about". Palm Springs is a Rom-Com about Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) two wedding guests stuck in a time-loop forced to relive the same day over and over again. Samberg and Milioti are great together as Nyles and Sarah. The CGI may not have been great, but that didn't take away from the many laughs I had during the movie. Palm Springs is a great movie, and if you haven't yet watched it, watch it.

A simple concept executed beautifully

The time loop shtick has been done a number of times but this new film takes it and puts a great romantic comedy spin on it. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are great and their chemistry is off the walls. Watch it for a great time.

Totally made me LOL a few times!

Cute story. Obviously, like 95% of the movies, you already know what's going to happen and how it's going to end. It's the journey that matters and all the jokes along the way. This movie made me seriously laugh out loud a few times at least (which doesn't happen that often these days) and I really enjoyed watching these two characters go through the story. Definitely recommend this but if you are going into this expecting something new or a masterpiece then... well, you need help.

Watch on Loop

I'll keep this;dr: Its great. Its funny, its relatable, easy to watch but still packs a punch in the message department.


Palm Springs is an incredibly funny and human movie. The main characters are two broken down and flawed individuals who click through cynicism. Essentially, these appear to be actual people and not idealized lovers. What follows is an interesting take on the age-old question of the meaning of life.

The creators' answer is not delivered in some ultra-cheesy and in-your-face package as per usual. Instead, what is realized is that little else matters outside of the relationship of the characters.

The only Groundhog Day reboot

Great twist on the OG Groundhog. The chemistry between the 2 is real. The range of the acting and witty humor makes it a refreshing watch. Grinned for most of the movie.

I Must've Watched a Different Movie than Everyone Else

I turned on Palm Springs last night since everyone is talking about it, and it has gotten rave reviews from both audiences and critics, which is kind of a rarity these days, and it also has Andy Samberg in it. It really sounds like it can't go wrong... but, it does.

Throughout its run-time, I don't think I laughed even one time. Its trailer advertises it as a comedy, and everyone on here calls it hilarious, but seriously I didn't even laugh once. It starts off as almost like a sci-fi horror movie ala You're Next meets Happy Death Day, but after those first 15 minutes, it becomes to drab and mundane.

I really don't think I've seen more people cry in a supposed comedy. Every 5 minutes someone is either crying or teary-eyed. And there is no comedy at all to be found. It's not darkly funny, it's not silly funny, it's just overall not funny. At all. But it's also not sad either.

It's not a total waste because it is beautifully shot and well acted, but those are about the only two good things I can say about this. I just don't get it. Not sure what all the hype and ranting and raving is about.

Samberg v Sandler

Call me an old fashioned bore, but they really suck at making movies these days. How on Earth is this a 84/100 on Metacritic is beyond me, even by their laughable standards. This is absolute pedestrian drivel. Out of the many recurring day themes in movies and TV (Groundhog Day, 50 First dates, Supernatural), this is definitely the worst. This made an 85 minute runtime seem unwatchable and never ending. Probably because Samberg is such a third rate version of Sandler, with none of likeability of the latter. Even my girl who can consume modern BS with more tolerance than me, was found fast forwarding this annoyance multiple times.

A happy little accident

I watched this because I love Andy Samberg, and I genuinely thought it would be a mindless rom com that was must meh, but boy was I wrong! This is such a fun modern day take on the Groundhog Day, time warp plot. I was actually on the edge of the couch most of the movie. Full of laughs, plot twists and genuine moments. So glad I found this gem.

Pleasantly predictable movie based on "Groundhog Day" formula

As many of us have been stuck in quarantine over the past three months, reliving the same boring day over and over, "Palm Springs" couldn't come at a better time. What makes film work so well is it's a blend of the familiar and the new. Basically, movie is just another "Groundhog Day", but tonally, the comedy here is much more in line with a more Millennial, crass brand of humor than the Boomer-produced "Groundhog Day". But for me, "Palm Springs" was just something to watch, especially if you have nothing better to do, because it's not the best time loop movie ever made, but it's entertaining enough that some slower moments aside won't really bother you.

It is worth a watch

This is not a movie that will change the world, but it was a very pleasant diversion. It has some great performances and a watchable, if not recognizable, plot line. It was a very nice way to kill part of a morning.

Perfectly Captured

What will happen if two wedding guests get stuck inside a time loop?! Hulu's Palm Springs delivers that answer perfectly in it's beautifully written and thoroughly engaging rom com that shows you how endless the possibilities can be along with the powerful performance from both the actors and the director.