Reviews for Deadly Mile High Club ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 4.5 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time Watching

Awful! Every person in this movie was horrible at acting, like stunningly horrible. Diane Robin was so dumb I was shocked that they even included her in the cast. Her performance was embarrassing, she behaved like a FOOL from the first her makeup is way to pale for her face...Normally I love lifetime movies; but this was pathetic.

Actor lessons needed.

The entire cast are the worst actors I have ever seen.

The title should be Stupid Mile High Club

I'll admit: Lifetime movies are fun to watch because of the sexy actresses. It's a guilty pleasure to watch how nonsensical these films are, because much of what's on TV now is pure crap. Lifetime used to make movies with better narrative storytelling, but now it's as if all the network cares about is whatever can get the most views.So, on to the review of this film. Allison McAtee is definitely the main reason I watched this so-called "movie". She's beautiful, sexy, and seemingly smart, but her facial expressions when she's showing certain emotions are....Weird. She's treating this role as if it's the role of a lifetime, and it's not. Long story, this film is just another wannabe Fatal Attraction that Lifetime reworks over and over again, which is what Robert McKee was alluding to about Hollywood leftovers. Anyways, take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean-that's if you don't watch Lifetime movies.


One of the dumbest films LMN put out. Not one sympathetic character in the film. .I thought there might be some redeemable values, so watched to the end. Sorry, no spoilers. You have to find out for yourself. The acting was not that good. Handsome male lead was flat and colorless. Leading lady over the hill. She really was that annoying in her behavior and often ludicrous. Then the ingenue seemed to have a button loose and was the dullest one in the film. I couldn't help but laugh at her acting in the end. You'll see what I mean if you watch. The mother-in-law a laughable performance you couldn't wait till she was gone. I give this one star just for the courage LMN had in producing this.


Terrible plot, terrible choice acting! Waste of 2 hours!

Pure delight and laughter

Wow. This one was one for the history books. As a longtime Lifetime lover, this hit all the right notes. If you are looking for an hour and a half of jaw dropping laughs, settle in and enjoy the ride.

I don't know how people could give this bad ratings because in doing so meant they watched it as a serious drama. That is a little mind boggling to me, but ok. Anyone watching it for a laugh, though, buckle up.


I NEVER write reviews but I made an account just so I can write a review on this movie. I feel like when you watch a lifetime movie you know going into it that it's going to be cheesy, but this was on another level. Worst acting I've ever seen, terrible story line and scenes. And the filming of the planes like come on... you literally attached a camera to an RC car. Like I can't believe I sat through it. Don't watch it unless you want to laugh at it and waste 2 hours

Who writes this rubbish? ??????

Its possibly the worst load of nonsense I have ever seen in my life, it is horrifically bad. Do not watch this film unless you find humour in awful acting and writing. If I could give it a negative score I would. ??????

The lamest movie I've seen in months...

Too obvious. All the anticipation of what's about to happen, is too obvious. The flying scenes not realistic enough even for my 10yo nephew. Acting is really bad, the script it horrible, the story is so stupid... What a waste of money and time.

Predictable. Lame. Below average acting

The beginning is okay. The sound and camera work is what can be expected and is also working out okay. Storyline is descent, and easy to follow.

The rest is hovering between bearable and horrific.

The last 5-10 minutes had the credibility of "sharknado"

Meh, ok

Psycho flight instructor loses bf named Jake in an accident and along comes another Jake that she wants to replace him with. Trouble is there's some family in the way of her plans. Cheap thrills and some bad acting couldn't save this movie, however. Would not watch again

Funny, light-hearted movie with a suspenseful edge to it!

Lifetime movies are great for a Saturday night when you can hunker down with some friends or family, make some popcorn and sit back and have some fun for a few hours. The outstanding performance in this movie is Diane Robin. I think she stole the show. Allison McAtee also has a great range of emotions. Those two women made the movie!

Definitely worth two hours of your time!!!

Just switch off for a while

A decent Lifetime movie, over the top unbelievable situations , unremarkable actors with perfect physic's and a straight forward psycho crush story.

You kinda know what you are going to get with a Lifetime offering, only this one has that tongue in cheek a little further back than usual and one scene that actually made me laugh intentionally so!

Yes, it is "another one", but I found it enjoyable and not boring at all.

What a waste

Quite possibly one of the worst movies ever seen...even by Lifetime movie standards. Terrible, predictable acting...2 hours I'll never get back. Please, please don't waste your time on this stupid idiotic movie!

Salacious title, stupid movie!

If you love pink fedoras this movie is for you... AKA for no one.

Despite the title this movie as not sexy at all. Almost felt like a porno with out the sex. The women were written as one dimensional and stereotypes. The leading man was hot and maybe playing dumb but came off uncharismatic and boring.

Fast-paced Lifetime movie!

Watching Diane Robin and Allison McAtee on screen together was a delight.

The best Lifetime movie of 2020 (so far)

"Deadly Mile High Club" was everything I want in a Lifetime movie. A story played very well by a very attractive cast. This movie had one dreamy actress after another (that was balanced out by a constantly shirtless Marc Herrmann). The cast also delivers the goods acting-wise. They all give very strong performances, especially Diane Robin. Robin is terrific in this movie. There are thrills, including the cheap ones, galore in this movie. Sometimes a Lifetime movie feels rushed towards the end. This one didn't. The story develops in a very satisfying way. The story is different and very well told. "Deadly Mile High Club" is a top-notch movie, Lifetime or not.

Unlikable Lead

While it has a lot of cliche LifeTime tropes, the concept is at least cool. I wanted to enjoy this movie, but they writers made the lead such an unlikable guy who seems to have never heard of self-accountability, or know what rational thinking is. Hard to like the movie when you constantly want something back to happen to the main character. Overall, movie's okay.


This quick synopsis of Deadly Mile High Club is an actual repeat of a text I sent my friend first thing this morning. The text went as follows:

"My life took one more step towards being complete. Last night I saw and witnessed the worst Lifetime Movie ever made. There are no actual words to describe it. I actually have to see it again as soon as possible to make sure that it was as bad as I say and also to make certain that I was not dreaming."

For some reason I get a pretty strange kick watching most of these sub par efforts. And they are sub par efforts. Even the ones that hold my attention never disappoint because they always make sure to run out of their 2 hour time allotment with the worst endings ever. When there is about 4-5 minutes left I begin to laugh because there is no way in hell that it is going to be wrapped up to my satisfaction. I guess this is part of the eerie charm these productions have.

So make no mistake. When I tell you that this Deadly Mile High Club movie is the WORST LIFETIME MOVIE I EVER SAW. Please believe me or, better yet, see for yourself ! lol!!!!

Stupidest movie EVER

The acting is horrible (I guess that's what you can expect from a Lifetime movie). The Annie character is so unlike able and extremely annoying. The movie is so predictable and boring.