Reviews for The Queen of Sin ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 4.2 / 10

More risible than thrilling

Production and technical features are above average for a TV movie. There's a moderately engaging story surrounding the heroine Posey (Christa B Allan) but it really falls apart as a thriller. It's clumsy and hackneyed with formulaic bad guys and big plot stretches. The actors ( some of whom are worthy of better things) must have been laughing up their sleeves in the more preposterous scenes.

Don't read the bad reviews

Fortunately, I'm not the type to listen to the bad reviews because I gave this movie a chance and it wasn't pretty good. Give it a chance. Always watch movies with little to no expectations ??

Decent production values conceal a Z-grade thriller

I should have known better. The basic plot summary alone indicated that this wasn't going to go well, but yet I watched this. Initially it went well: a fair amount of intrigue and a slick production made me think this might actually be worth watching.

However, it quickly became apparent that this was your average Z-grade thriller, just dressed up as something better. Plot becomes nonsensical, performances are poor: there's nothing going for this.


Stop complaining and know a good movie when you see it.

This is a great movie. Do not lesson to the hater reviews this movie has a great story line. It is very scary. It has great acting. Even the people do the ratting. I mean 5 out of 10. Come on. Stop underrating this movie. I give it 9 out of 10.

Worst film ever

One of the worst films I've ever come across. Extremely bad acting and gruesome plot. I only could stand the first half hour. Definitely not worth watching.

Terrible story - sleazy and boring

Some ridiculous scheme where a strange pair kidnap women for the pleasure of a high end client.

The story is meaningless and unconvincing.

It's a shame Christa B Allen has to act in something like this - she was a prime time actress in Revenge.

Don't watch this one.


Worst acting and movie I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Thank god I fell asleep.