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IMDB: 0 / 10

Not as bad as you thought it would be

Seriously this is a much better movie than I thought it was going to be. By the end you are rooting for Fire Saga like crazy. This is such a stupid feel good movie and I loved it.

Made a burly old icelander weep and laugh!

This is one of the very few times I have felt such emotions while watching a movie. Me and my gf cried a few times and laughed a lot. Many people "not Icelanders" criticise this movie saying that it's embarrassing for Icelanders and make us look stupid. Well to tell you the truth they got us in my mind pretty accurately. Made a frickin account just to write this. Thanks from iceland and have a good one.

Just the distraction I needed during a pandemic

I had my doubts about this movie, but decided to watch it based on the cast. So glad I did. It made me smile, tap my foot and just escape a little to a happy place during a terrible time in the world.

Is it the most deftly acted, written and produced, no Oscar nominations, I'm pretty sure. But that's not the point.

What it does offer to the audience is a bit of fun and escapism, and a bunch of good laughs and cringe-worthy moments. It also left me a little lighter in spirit, and It reminded me to take the world less seriously. This was just what I needed during a pandemic, rampant racism, a horrible government and climate change out of control. There's so much that is wrong, that a little right is helpful. While I can't control the crazy world, I can control what I watch and how it impacts me. I choose to enjoy it for what it is and smile.

Loved It

What a great film to be released at this time - underdog to hero story, funny and uplifting, great performances from Adams and Ferrell who hams is up just enough without going overboard. A simple feel good movie with enough laughs to make it a comedy and enough story around the the Eurovision process. Why not? A film for a cozy Saturday night. The music performances are not over long and the supporting cast hit the points needed. I enjoyed it - so there.

Not really a comedy...but well worth seeing.

Although this IS a Will Ferrell film, do not watch "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" thinking it will be anything like "Talladega Nights" or "Anchorman". In fact, I would go so far as to say I wouldn't even consider it a comedy...though it has some comedic portions. Instead, it's a strange tribute to Eurovision from some folks who seem to understand and love it.

Now this MIGHT mean that the best audience for this movie are Europeans and folks from a few other countries that also compete in the competition (such as Israel, Turkey and Australia). After all, few Americans (apart from me and a few other strange folks) watch Eurovision or even know what it is or how it's conducted! But, if you don't know about it, you might still enjoy it...who knows?

As far as the movie goes, it is the fictional story about Lars and Sigrit (Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams)...a singing duo who, frankly, don't seem very good. But through an odd set of circumstances, they find themselves the Icelandic entry into Eurovision!! Do they stand a prayer? Probably not...but the film is about them and how they manage to salvage some dignity out of this!

What really helps this story is that so many Eurovision winners and famous competitors appear in the film. Additionally, they must have gotten permission to use the name, bumper music and more...making the film look and sound exactly like Eurovision!

Overall, a wonderful and enjoyable film for anyone who loves Eurovision...and a mildly enjoyable movie for anyone else.

Amazing film, a great way to showcase the beauty of Eurovision

Let me just start off by saying, I hate Will Ferrell but I am a huge fan of Eurovision. The movie was so great, Ferrell didnt even bother me like he normally does haha.I was very worried hearing about this movie because I thought it would mock Eurovision and not showcase what it's really about. However, it did the opposite!!

It was so fun! Many funny moments and great cast. Also, there are many cameos by Eurovision stars so if you're a fan, it'll make the movie even better!!

Not sure if Americans who are unaware of Eurovision will fully understand the film but it'll certainly peak their interest!

Funny , Clever ..... a great watch

Will Ferrell at his best, ....... probably one of his best productions. A cool story, and so cool to be able to watch a recent release that isn't full of expletives.

Ya ya ! Ding dong!

That song will forever be stuck in my head. Well done everyone, very entertaining.

"Blades of Glory" meets "Pitch Perfect"

Full of laughs, love, music, and happiness; this is a wonderfully entertaining movie! With Rom-Com styling, the movie is a ton of fun. It's an enjoyable satire, drawing awareness to a production that most North Americans are unfamiliar with. If you're like me, it may even bring a tear to your eye! Based on the lesser reviews, I guess some people expected an experience similar to "Schindler's list." This isn't that, nor is it trying to be. For those who simply want to kill two hours, this is definitely worth your time. Great job, Netflix!

For Eurovision fans

I will be short

For anyone not familiar with Eurovision this will be a very average movie

For anyone loving Eurovision this is a must see

ya ya ding dong

I'm not giving it a perfect score. The film is a bit too long.

I can easily picture Will Ferrel's comedy brain sitting through a Eurovision Song Contest finale with his swedish in laws. Suddenly a light bulb appeares over his head... Let's get to work!

I'm pleasently surprised about how good this movie was. It nailes the craziness perfectly. And the balance between drama and comedy was spot on.Perfect execution. There's great insight here in how that highly entertaining song contest montrosity works. And it's done with respect.

I love it when I laugh out loud while watching a movie. There's an ufortunate boat incident here that i should have seen coming. But I didn't. I had to press pause after that one...

Watch it! Funny comedies doesn't come along very often.

True to Eurovision

I went into this with low expectations, I'm not normally a Will Ferrel fan. But I have to say it was a fantastic film! Lots of European humour, some great cameos from some of our best Eurovision hero's and lots of surprisingly catchy tunes! 2020 may not have had Eurovision But instead we had Eurovision: The story of Fire Saga

My Lovely Horse ??

Loved it. Laughed and cried all the way through. Best film I have seen this year.Reminded me a little of the Father Ted Eurovision episode.Yes it follows the typical Rom Com sentimental format but this really clicked with me and cheered me up no end

Europe gives 12 points to Netflix!

Well done Netflix. We Europeans love our silly Songcontest and we are not ashamed to admit of it.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible this year because an idiot with small hands wasn't able to take a global leadership role and shut down the world for a couple of weeks.

Therefore this movie is a nice gesture from Netflix.

Amazing are you kidding me?

This is a movie the whole world needs right now. Of course its a comedy its Will F but its also an amzingly well produced feel good movie with F#@!#ing amazing song at the end. Top performances from everyone involved.

The essence has been retained

At just over 2 hours, this runs about half the length of the Eurovision Grand Final these days, but it is a complete joy to watch.Will Ferrell has certainly captured the glam, glitz and splendour of it all.A little fan service has been provided half way through which should get the Eurovision fans buzzing even if they loathe this movie.To me, this makes up for losing the contest in 2020 and roll on 2021 where hopefully Fire Saga will be special guests at the Grand Final.

Big shout out to Glasgow Airport, Glasgow's SEC Hydro and the city of Edinburgh for looking so beautiful alongside Iceland in this worthy flick.

Nailed The Eurovision Vibe

Those who hate The Eurovision song contest (this film might not be for you)Those who love watching it will love it, they have cracked the humour if it, the somewhat campness of the show and the diversity of acts.Will a mild Will Ferrell has reigned his natural go to performance in a bit so that he hasn't over performed the role, and McAdams is just cute and wonderful in it.

You can tell alot of work went in to making it authentic, well done!


Its a goofy movie offcorse what do you expect its Will Ferrell, if you love Eurovision you are going to love this movie its funny and goofy, i liked it but it got its flose, but the ending omg so amazing

You would know if you know what Eurovision is all about! Brilliant!

As someone who has been watching Eurovision every year, witnessing the enormous effort and money every country put to shine out as 'original', which is sooo unbelievable and can more often than not seem quite foolish, yet somehow charming and exciting, I would say this movie was spot on in terms of representing this exact spirit of the contest. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it - laughed and cried. Also, having the opportunity to live in Iceland for a bit, I know most people there take this contest with quite an excitement, which makes the movie even better for choosing exactly Iceland as the main focus. Absolutely loved it!! And on top of that, since the actual Eurovision contest sadly got cancelled this year, this movie really made it up for that, at least to me.

overly long, but won with heart.

Lots of boring parts that can be easily shorten, but little bits of comedy gold once in a while made it worth watching. the great song, special appearances & meaningful ending saved the movie.