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Irresistible has a bold and clever idea, but only fifteen minutes before its end.

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If someone asks me what I would entirely remove from the world to make it a better place, my answer would either be politics or religion. Both are necessary in their own way, but all I see is lies, corruption, racism, war, death, and so on. Therefore, I'm not a fan of political movies, even when these are meant to be satires or just a light-hearted flick for families to enjoy. That said, I really liked Jon Stewart's talk show, and Steve Carell is one of those actors who's always able to make me laugh no matter what. So, I decided to give this one a go...

I have very mixed feelings, but probably not the ones most people will share with one another. Being from Portugal (an European country with a wholly different process of election) and having close to zero interest in politics, I struggled with completely understanding America's way of campaigning and voting, which is kind of one of the points the film eventually makes: the system isn't the best one. Ironically, one of the best parts is somewhat connected to one of my major issues. The last fifteen to twenty minutes play out a genuinely smart idea, even if it's logically ludicrous, but it made me want the entire film to explore it.

From the very beginning until the start of these last few minutes, it's a pretty straightforward political-comedy with nothing being remotely unique or groundbreaking. I didn't even chuckle at most of the jokes, and when I did, it was more due to the actor's performance than the joke on itself. Irresistible follows a formulaic cycle of events, where Democrats and Republicans constantly get the upper hand on each other with an extra move after the other. Honestly, it gets tiresome and dull at a certain point.

This is how those last minutes that I addressed above relate to this issue: I wish that the movie had explored that final idea instead of saving it for a plot twist that was far from mind-blowing. Yes, it's an entirely unrealistic idea in the sense that it's impossible for it to actually happen without someone screwing it up. However, I rather have a film with a bold yet nonsensical concept boasting a really impactful message than saving this portion to be the ending of a cheesy, cliche, unfunny, and not that entertaining political satire.

Honestly, without the extraordinary cast, Irresistible would have been a total disaster. Steve Carell, as expected, carries the whole thing to safe harbor. I always loved his mannerisms and expressions, even when some people find them over-the-top or unnecessary. I just can't not like one of his performances. He perfectly captures the "man from the capital" persona, someone who doesn't know how to deal with the hospitality of Rural America or how to talk to Deerlaken's people or even what to order at a bar.

Chris Cooper delivers a phenomenal display as Jack Hastings, the Democrat's candidate. His will to save his town and his love for everyone who lives in it takes him through the crooked path of politics, but without ever giving up on what he truly believes in. He doesn't want to lie, he doesn't want to play like everyone else plays, he just wants to be himself. Mackenzie Davis returns to her good performances (loved in Terminator: Dark Fate, but The Turning was a terrible mistake in her career), by playing the not-that-innocent daughter, Diana Hastings.

Finally, I like Rose Byrne, but her character's relationship with Gary Zimmer is also one of my biggest problems with the movie. They're the most annoying part of it all. Extremely cliche, not funny at all, and the dialogues become so exaggeratedly improvised. Their banter continuously unbalances the tone. This type of toxic yet sexy relationship has been seen so many times now that it genuinely becomes incredibly irritating. Jon Stewart clearly needs some notes so that next time, he knows how to distinguish a feature film from a talk show's sketch.

Irresistible owns a bold, intelligent idea that despite being unrealistically absurd, it carries an impactful message that I'd love to have seen explored in a deeper level, and not just in the last fifteen minutes. Jon Stewart's movie is at its best when making subtle little jokes about important real-life themes like racism, immigration, gun violence, political corruption, and more, showing the audience how some people foolishly react in certain situations. However, if it weren't for an outstanding Steve Carell and an exceptional cast, this film would have been a trainwreck. With a formulaic narrative lacking effective humor and unique characterization, Irresistible struggles to be remotely entertaining. It also features such a cliche, annoying relationship between two characters that made me roll my eyes and sigh way too often. A comedy that barely makes me chuckle about an activity I sincerely hate... It didn't work for me, but if you enjoy this subgenre, go for it. It's still far from being an awful movie.

Rating: C

Really funny smart movie ... can't understand how it has low votes here

Steve Carrel has this "office" vibe , the movie will make you laugh alot , it is very smart to address how politics is affected by money.beautiful acting , really enjoyable movie , but to be honest it is not a 10 stars like i gave it , but i don't understand how it is at 6 now .

it should be at least 7

Sweet, Funny, & Sad

This movie is exceptionally well paced, written, and acted. It's a charming, funny, and entertaining story while bringing in scary facts about our election system and placing the blame squarely on both party's shoulders. If you're concerned about the movie having a left lean b/c of John Stewart you shouldn't be too worried. He is more concerned w/ pointing out the ridiculousness of the entire election system and how both parties capitalize off of it then "pushing a liberal agenda". Very entertaining and educational!

The end justifies the movie

A very slow burn with a story you feel you've seen 100 times before, but when it finally gets where it's going it has a refreshing twist and decent commentary on elections.

Good idea but I wish you didn't have to wait an hour for the movie to pick up.

Enjoyable fun, feel-good film

Enjoyable, fun, feel good film. Full of Quirky fun small town characters. Well crafted. So refreshing to see a film about politics that takes no left or right Political side. Thank you!

Excellent political comedy with a back edge

Wonderful film that pokes at both sides of the America political system while properly skewering the real problems with the election system in our country. Mackenzie Davis and Chris Cooper are perfect; Rose Byrne is sharp in her role as lead antagonist, and Carrell embodies the misguided persona of opportunistic politics.

Surprisingly good and very middle of the ground, politically speaking

First, I don't particularly like Steve Carell as an actor so I was reluctant to watch this film, but on a boring Friday night I decided, after a few drinks, to give it a shot. The acting is well done, the story is surprisingly original (from what I've seen), and overall just a good flow of a movie that never felt boring despite what reviewers say and my personal feelings towards Steve.

If I had to sum it up in one thought it would be this: politicians (nationally, e.g. governors, senators, et al.(also, note that I did not pick a side)) are disconnected from the the Americans that don't live in metropolises. This film exposes that, in my opinion, in a very unbiased way while making fun of both sides of the aisle.

A good film to watch that has some cringe-worthy moments, but for the most part is a good story and lets us laugh a little bit at the calamity of politics prior to the most important election year in this countries history.

Don't listen to the critics

Stewart didn't set to do a vapid comedy on the cynicism of politics. We have VEEP for that. Instead, he made a thoughtful movie, well-acted, well-written, with strong character development, each strength attempting to convey to the audience two things: that we as a country can be better than we are right now, and that it's up to us, not career political hacks in DC and/or deep pocketed troglodytes, to make that happen.

Watch this movie. Appreciate who we can be when we work together.


I'm glad that I didn't fall for the low rate and the 5 stars ppl gave this movie, It would've been a loss not to see this grear movie


The story was well written and conceived. The acting was mediocre too good at best. What I really liked about this movie is that it showed how screwed up our elections and everything to do with them is manipulated by the media, individuals, and politicians. The idea of super PACs there's a giant black hole that could be manipulated at will. We need a better election system in this country in this movie access point that out in a dramatic comedical manner

shows the problem with USAs polytical system

Great plot twist at the end, with good subtle smart humour throughout.

Rose Byrne is Hilarious.

Very entertaining and funny. There's a really great cast here and a pretty clever story. Political comedies are tricky, but of course Stewart delivers a movie for both sides of the aisle. Really enjoyed Carell's performance in this one. This is a charming and smart political satire. Watched it twice, thought it was funnier the second time.

Not my go to movie type, BUT

Really enjoyed this movie. The humour and realness was great to watch. NATASHA LYONNE fabulous as always and as usual a joy to have pop up in any movie! Didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did. I commend the writing and acting and honestly cannot fault it. Great!


Just plodded along "somewhat"nicely. Last 20 mins it perked up with a twist.

Jon Stewart nailed the insanity of elections

FabulousThis movie is very much like a documentary about money and elections.

Great movie, really well written, directed and performed

People saying "enough with the politics" need to get their head out of the sand and start educating themselves about the world rather than moan about it! The world is political. That's life. This movie was so well written. The performances were near perfect. Such a witty and well informed view of life...just shows how educated and well rounded Jon Stewart really is. I laughed out loud many times and often because of extremely subtle lines. Loved it.

Bad jokes and pushing points over writing a good story with good jokes.

This was another direct attack on America's Conservative base. Stop making up these narratives about a group of proud Americans that want the best for everyone. So tired of this being pushed on us and don't waste your time even if you applaud people attacking other Americans. It's just not good.

An entertaining harsh reality which we choose to ignore

Genuine honest review: Jon Stewart is always going to deliver a harsh reality. An entertaining film with enough giggles in. A lovely cast of very fine actors. Well written and well directed.

This was always going to be a left leaning film until you then realise it isn't. Hard for either side of the stale debate to shout unfair.

I enjoyed the ride but felt like I could have done with more of a rollercoaster. I felt it remained a little safe. It didn't spoil the film but prevented a higher rating.

The final act was an interesting take on the story. You could call it a twist. And the message did hit home. But I am sick to death of knowing this message and yet still NOTHING gets done to fix things. But back to the film...

This is an enjoyable film with laughs and a serious message. Worth watching just for the scene near the end where the cake is eaten on the bed. Made me laugh. I recommend this film. I recommend it to the LEFT and the RIGHT. To people who still Want to care...

Thank you Jon Stewart!!!!

Thank you Jon Stewart!!!Wonderful insight and laughs 8))