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IMDB: 9 / 10

perfect for a lighthearted, family movie night

Jungle Beat is the perfect pick for a lighthearted family movie night. Featuring fun characters and an engaging plot for kids, the film has some funny scenes with various safari creatures and hit on good themes (love, kindness, etc). It especially hits on theme of friendship which I thought was well woven in as the characters journeyed across the Jungle to help their newfound friend.

One of the best kids movies for this year!

Absolutely beautiful. And shows how little money you can spend to make a beautiful quality product. Fun for all ages. Recommend.

Superb writing and graphics

Although an animated movie originally made for infants/ children their is no denying that the older age brackets can enjoy the charm and clever writing this title has to offer too. Fun characters and a lovely message, well worth the hour and a half watch. Hoping we see a sequel in the near future too.

Perfect for the Family

This is such a perfect and lighthearted film for a family movie night. Full of friendship, family and love this is a perfect film for children. I loved this movie and so did my younger siblings! The music is lively and the story is so so sweet! This is definitely a movie that we will re-watch in our house.

great kids movie

Loved watching this movie with the family, great for younger kids but also very funny and will keep the parents laughing throughout. Wonderful job

GREAT For the Family

Absalutely loved this movie. The characters, the plot, the humor, all of it together worked so well making this such a great fun watch for the family. Highly recommend for kids as well

A Warm Hug Can Save The World in This Family Adventure

In "Jungle Beat," a mild-mannered alien on a mission of conquest brings the power of speech to a group of friendly jungle animals, forming a friendship that will have cosmic consequences. Ed Kear voices Fneep, the uncommitted conqueror, with an emotive sincerity, lending heart and soul to a stand-out character design, wholly original amongst the storied history of cartoon aliens. A purple lump of ooze with arms and a face, Fneep seems to sparkle with cosmic dust, a distinct look that stands out as the star, though the other character designs are certainly not slacking. When joined by his eccentric ensemble of zany animal friends, this team of unwitting heroes will have you rooting for them with ease. Endearing animation, memorable characters and exciting action makes for a family romp that will give kids a new favorite without becoming a chore for the parents to sit through.

Really Spectacular

Given this film was made on a $8m dollar budget it's amazing how it's the same quality as a $100m animated movie which says something about the people involved in the project.

The voice acting is on point, especially that of the alien. The story is wholesome and enjoyable and most children from 3-9 will probably love this movie which is the target audience.

The animation quality is flawless throughout and at a really high standard. With the delivery of the film all round been noting less than a masterpiece.

The power of hugs!

This is a great animation to watch with kids. The unique combination of jungle animals and aliens makes for a fun and humorous film! And we gain a secret weapon-hugs!


I like it. It is a good movie. It is not too long. It has lots of characters to make you laugh and sing. It made me have fun and my grandson Jacob liked it too although I don't think he really understood it, he is only 10. I would like to tell who ever made this movie good job. Good job everyone. And good job you for watching this movie with me (although later haha ;). Anyway it is a good movie. Goodnight!


Great family movie!

We watched this with our 3 year old, 5 year olds and our parents - we all loved it! Sweet, innocent, happy movie.


Sweet movie with strong positive family values. My younger brother really enjoyed watching Fneep's journey into the jungle and following his friendships as they developed. The movie includes adventure, friendship, challenging harmful systems, adorable characters that learn to stand up for themselves and each other, familial love and highlights the power of second chances. All of the characters present undergo some sort of change whether it be that they find their strength or find their identity.

Together in This!!

Make time in your week to watch this film! It is so worth it, and they have free resources on their website to make your family movie night even more memorable and fun! Family friendly, great for kids, lots of funny & sweet moments throughout this movie!

Jungle Beat The Movie - breath of fresh air

Although the movie appears fairly simple in characters, the poignant and important life's lessons are not lost on young kids or old folks. It takes a simple theme of assisting a lost 'alien' to not feel lonely and return him safely to his home (like good friends should do). The simple metaphor of a "warm, fuzzy but pounding intuitive emotion" is clearly explored and will be absorbed from young kids all the way through. This feeling being more important then pleasing a larger peer pressure group, inherited expectations or old fashioned values of the world. When trust is gained, support and love felt, and the feeling that' you are not alone nor the odd one out, magic happens within. The breaking barrier of generational habits, herd mentality and fear is explored in a comedic journey of some simple African animals who know no better or nothing else then to hug, stick together, adventure and have each other's backs. The idea of friendship value systems being true compared to accomplishing pointless quests for the senseless reason of 'it was done this way before' makes this a rather wonderful timed juxtaposition of many kids and adults alike in the 21t century. Head over Heart. Breaking unreasonable tradition for more honest relationships. Mostly that kids have always taught the older generation and times are changing so be open to new leadership and new traditions.

Wholesome kids' film

This movie is pretty adorable, not gonna lie. If I was eight and not twenty-five, I reckon this would've been a firm favorite and staple in my weekly cinematic rotation.

Fabulous, feel-good fun

Jungle Beat is a perfect mix of action and humour that appeals to young and old. It's a great movie for some lighthearted, feel-good family fun. Loved it.


I love everything about this movie. The plot was overwhelmingly joyful and the characters were delightful!! This movie is one that I am proud to watch with the kids!