Reviews for Lost Bullet ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6 / 10

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French cinematography hits new low...

I true insult for viewers intelligence. 17min it's all what takes to realize how low is the new low. It's an unsuccessful comic parody of Jason Bourne who meets Fast&Furious inspired by Donald Duck.

Not worth

Absolutely not interesting. Lot of absurdic scenes and it feels like the movie was made back in '90s. Taxi movies were way better

A silly movie that takes itself way too seriously

So apparently drug dealers in France race around in fast cars. French police have no other choice than to assemble a death race/mad max unit that rams bad guys off the road Need for speed-style.This actually sounds like an awesome premise.Sadly, they only had the budget for two car chases, so the middle of the film is just a filler, with our uncharismatic protagonist running from crooked cops trying to clear his name.If you've ever seen an episode of German TV show "Cobra 11" - well, this is similar, only dragged out.Car chase in the end is fun, with good stuntwork and no crappy CGI.If only the filmmakers understood the ridiculousness of it all and threw in some humour - it could have been a lot more fun.

Awesome action thriller!

From the first minute of the movie till the last minute it is a gripping non stop(but no nonsense!) action thriller. Great storyline and Brilliantly executed. Totally enjoyable!

ITS REALLY GOOD. Don't believe de bad reviews

I don't understand the bad score. The truth is that it is a fairly realistic movie, good plot, the performances quite well and keeps you attention at all times. I really enjoyed watching it, totally recommended!

starts great, looses steam quickly

The movie starts with great action scenes, but after 30 min looses steam and becomes a boring action movie.Not much car action sequences.Main character seems totally invincible.Leila is an awesome character, but she is reduced to whining girl, she could have made the movie much better.

Anyway, ok to watch, but no wow feeling at the end.

Did someone say Taxi 1,23 and 4?

This rocks. You don't need hollywood nor bollywood to make an great action flick. It's European to the core. Everything works in this little French action movie that punches above its weight.

Convoluted Mess

The movie started off well then writing/direction/editing went off the rails.

I can see giving this movie 5 stars for the nice fight scene alone but rest of it has misplaced high school dialogue, dumb criminals and dumber cops and movie is devoid of any emotions(I just realized now why movie is so un-relatable, no one displays any emotion outside of manufactured fake anger).

Où est Jason Statham?

Yikes, but Guillaume Pierret needs us to strap ourselves in for this... Sure, there are plot holes a-plenty in this action adventure film with Alban Lenoir ("Lino") who must be made of Kevlar, as a small time crook who gets caught up in a frame-up involving a heist, a murdered boss and some dirty cops... It's a fast-action film, with plenty of car chaos, shotgun battles and some really good stunt work. No, the writing is not Pulitzer winning, nor is it quite to the standard of a Hollywood contemporary, but it is every bit as enjoyable as many of the F&F franchise and that little red car packs quite a punch! Don't expect a sophisticated, subtle, nuanced, complex crime thriller and you ought not to be disappointed!

An Average fast paced action film

This film hit Netflix over the last few days and I have now had the chance to watch the French film Lost Bullet and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a criminal have to go on the run when his mentor is killed.Main CharacterFrench actor Alban Lenoir plays the main character here and he does a fine job here. He is really good in the action scenes and looks like a legit action here. But his character isn't particularly interesting, we don't learn much about him and the film skips over really any character development here.Supporting CharactersThe one supporting character who was interesting was Areska who was a villain, he isn't the most interesting character but he gives a strong performance and I enjoy his ending in this film. But the rest of the cast didn't have much about them, there is your generic action characters and the ones they try to give depth to it just doesn't work or make you care.StoryThe biggest positive of the story is that is moves very quickly, it is pretty relentless and always keep you on your toes with some great action scenes. But as mentioned the relationships are not well developed and it really made it hard to care about pretty much all of the characters.ScriptThe script here isn't particularly good, there is not one bit of memorable dialogue here whether it is dramatic or humourous. If the script had been better then there was potential for the characters to be enhanced and made more interesting.StyleThe style has some really great action scenes whether they be hand to hand or in cars. They feel violent and very brutal and really raise this above average action scenes. It also doesn't go on too long, it knows exactly what it is and keeps it's pacing moving on throughout.OverallOverall, this is an average action film, it has great action scenes but lacks depth to rise it to a high standard of action film. If you want to watch a film where things crash and blow up then this might be worth having on in the background.

Anti-hero gearhead gets woke !!!

Short review submitted for your approval.Brutal violence, High speed, death and survival on the lawless streets of notch all the way around.That is all.

Good enough even for a cinema movie

This is a nice action involving cars, but in a different way than craps like Fast and Furious (that goes to cinema with every worsen part), combined with a police corruption plot. Scenes, acting, camera, effects (no CGI crap) - it's all professional and has just enough dose of tension while watching. I enjoyed watching it.


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It's musical

The saxaphone at the end made the entire movie worth watching. And discount Jason Statham was great!

Better intrigue then Fast and Furious!

Good intrigue and realistic car chase. Logical story board and action scenes, compared to USA big budget sequels... keep it up!!!

Honest Review: Bad Writing and Full of Plot Holes

The movie could have been a fair attempt of an action car-chase based movie. However, it unfortunately fails miserably in most aspects.Apart from the weird rhythm of French editing (which one easily gets used to), the film is full of cliché plot twists and not believable scenes --- from a perfect shot the travels from behind a car that crosses window and seat and hits the driver perfect on the heart, to an absurd escape from a police station.The acting is on a whole other level. Duvauchelle is always convincing, but the main character, as he falls on his knees in a half-committed scream of angst, makes you laugh more than suffer.All in all, simply not worth the time. For better options, go for Banlieue 13 or Polisse.

Don't believe bad reviews

Those who made negative reviews are stupid and don't know how review.

No, its not a Fast and Furious type movie, neither ia Mad Max one. So don't come expecting this.

Nice story. Not original, but nicely built, intriguing and makes sense.Acting is good and helps story's development.

It not a Hollywood movie, but as a French action thriller is much better than Earth and Blood, and as I mentioned before, at least this movie has a story and is not just stupid action just because...

The action is awesome, not ridiculous as FnF would be, it feels ls more realistic. Yes, it has some sorts of MaD Max elements for his modified cars, but it doesn't feel like that. Its action is unique.

Effects, both practical and cgi, are outstanding for not being Hollywood.Wounds, bruises, makeup is amazing. Together with the action, seem credible, something close to what could really happen.

So in summary :Don't come expecting what critics want you to compare the movie with.Watch it as a unique movie, and enjoy it.You'll see that it deserves appreciation.

The main character is just so dumb and stupid

The movie itself is not thar bad, but main character is jst so dumb and stupid like he has no brain at all. The story becomes so stupid.

Barely a shallow replica of muscle car streamline

So lame that you feel like you are watching a low budget short movie project. Mediocre acting, predictable scenario, undeveloped characters.. all sponsored by Renault.

Just writing this review as an answer to most probably Renault sponsored over rated other reviews.