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IMDB: 4 / 10

Want your expectations lowered? Artemis Fowl the movie

As an enthusiastic reader, I devoured the book of Artemis Fowl. I loved the detail, the dramatic plot and the criminal storyline. I was so excited to hear there was a film version of it and had high hopes. I was very very very disappointed. Not only did they seem to disregard most of the detail and story from the book, they took everything about what makes the storyline so clever, and dumbed it down to the very simple basics. I forgot it was based on the book until they mentioned one of the characters names. It honestly felt like they had robbed the author of the title, the characters, and left the rest. I feel so sorry for the author of the book.

I didn't read the books, my wife did, we were both lost

This movie succeeds in being bad for those who haven't read the books, like me, and especially for those who have, like my wife. We crawled to the finish line of this movie, which we couldn't wait to be over. I was so lost. And why is everyone talking like their throat itches? And what does Artemis Fowl ACTUALLY do?!

So much story crammed into one sloppy movie

Watching Artemis Fowl is like listening to someone read a complicated instruction manual at a very quick pace, without pausing to allow for questions or reflection. I get that they had to cram a lot of story into one 90-minute movie, but it just doesn't make any sense. Artemis is unlikeable, Mulch Diggums is annoying, I felt embarrassed for Dame Judi Dench, and the rest of the cast is forgettable. If you're interested in this story, skip the movie and read the books.

Utter Disappointment

This movie was absolutely awful. After loving the books for so long and waiting over a decade for a movie, I think I'm still going to be waiting. This is going to be another book to movie adaption that I pretend doesn't exist. They took the names of our beloved characters and threw their personalities and any thoughts of character development out of the window. The movie doesn't explain why Holly is suddenly friends with Artemis or the Butlers, Artemis is less of an evil genius and more of a angsty 12 year old. Did they add Artemis Sr so much just to include Colin Farrell? Poor decisions. Honestly, if you loved or even slightly liked the books, don't waste your time. Save yourself from this utter disappointment.

Thought it was going to be bad and was still disappointed

This movie is bad. I went into this expecting a bad movie with good CGI. The CGI, while competent never felt beautiful nor worth the price of watching this movie. I can even excuse the bad acting seeing as how this was made for kids but the writing of this show is downright terrible. They could have followed the plot of the book and wound up with a decent movie that may not have translated perfectly but would still probably been worth watching. Instead they took a cliffnotes version of the plot and got rid of any intelligence or wit or feeling and changed every character for the worse, no personality, no logic, just change so the screen writer can make it their own (or maybe they just wanted revenge on the original writer, who can tell). Don't even watch this for the CGI, it's not worth it.

Literally the worst thing I've seen in over 20 years of life

Movie makes no sense and the plot moves like a bullet train on a circular track, it moves fast but doesn't actually go anywhere.

Persistant Up voting to raise the grade

I left a review on the first day of release and gave it a 1.

This movie failed in acting, directing, CGI music and pretty much anything else I could think of but thought in the cold light of day to leave an update now that the dust has settled.

In my original appraisal I may have given it more stars then it deserved, but there is no lower level than 1 so that limits things a bit.

There is quite a bit of activity by misguided individuals who seek to raise the movie's grade to absurd levels of 10 stars simply because they want to raise it to 10 stars. This makes a mockery of the grading system in truth.

Granted I am not the target age group for a Movie of this type but having so little respect for younger viewers causes its own problems down the line.

Quite simple IMHO it was the worst pile that has ever come out of Disney in quite a time and signifies the deeply cynical nature of young adult entertainment today. It bore no relation to the trailers that preceded it and appeared to be glued together in a rush.

Finally to those who are trying to raise the grade of this movie for whatever reason, possible inspired by money or the Disney corporation , just stop, it won't work. This movie was judged and found wanting by a huge number of people, we can't all be wrong now come on.

Oh dear...

Dame Judy and Sean Connery now have one thing in common, they have both acted in truly dreadful leprechaun movies.

The lead fairy isn't bad, Farrell is okay (poor bloke), but the other acting is grim. In fact the whole movie is one Grimm fairy tale. Avoid.

Disney managed to make something worse than Wrinkle in Time

If Disney put half the effort into the movie as they did into making a trailer and promotion, Artemis Fowl might have been only horrible instead of nauseatingly unwatchable. Thanks to the other 1 star reviews I will be reading the books so I can understand exactly how badly they dropped the ball. My kids and I haven't been this disappointed since the Last Airbender movie M. Night butchered.

Ruined a beloved story

Disney has truely outdone themselves with this one. What a rubbish film. There isn't much that redemes this strange movie. It's nothing like the book. The characters are flattened and nothing like they should be, the plot is so confusing and has literally nothing to do with the books plot. I cried after 10 minutes and turned it off. I'd rather read the book again than watch this insipid movie ruin my favourite story. Not worth watching. If you love the books you will be outraged, if you have never read them it will just be a confusing and stupid movie.

This Film Fell Apart As It Was Being Made

This has been a strange year for new movies. From studios releasing some of their anticipated films early on-demand to straight-up selling the rights to streaming services, Disney must not have had faith in Artemis Fowl, but nobody thought twice about it going to their streaming service, due to theatres being closed anyways. Well, they have officially dropped their newest original film and I'll admit that I was mildly curious about seeing it since the first trailer. There's no beating around the bush here though, because this film is just really bad, all around. I'm not one to rip a movie apart, seeing how much work really goes into making them, but sometimes the end result is just too much of a mess to praise.

With all the confidence in the world, young Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw) makes it his mission to hunt down the magical fairies that kidnapped his father. I mean, that's the set-up of the film and all, but this movie takes far too many detours to really get a grasp on what's unfolding. The most annoying aspect of this movie is present for a lot of the duration as well. Mulch Diggums (Josh Gad) is a character that is front and center from the very beginning, even though he's very far from the main character. They choose to have him narrate at least a good 30 minutes of the film and it's not just to provide context. His narration is pretty much there to describe every detail of the characters and the plot they are in so that nobody misses anything. This movie treats the audience like very little children. On top of that, this movie gets so bogged down in other side plots that the narration becomes useless anyway.

After watching Artemis Fowl, I had to do a double-take when I remembered that Kenneth Branagh had directed it. Although I wasn't a huge fan of his rendition of Murder on the Orient Express a couple of years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed his work on movies like Thor and the live-action remake of Cinderella. His direction has always been strong to me, and I could be wrong here, but there's no way that he had the final say on a lot of this final cut. Over a year ago there was a trailer for this movie and a lot of the footage seen in that trailer was clearly from a different movie. This is yet another movie that has fallen victim to the studio pushing the filmmakers in many of the wrong directions.

For the most part, the visual effects are definitely worthy of a mainstream theatrical release, but they made the movie also feel more childish than the story really was. In addition to that, I'm really not sure who this film is supposed to be aimed at. Obviously it was made for kids in hopes to start a franchise for them, but I don't see many kids being able to follow this film from start to finish. They will have many questions for their parents and I fear that the movie will be so uninteresting for them, that they won't even know how to explain it. This is a complete mess of a story that was taken apart and pieced together multiple times in the editing room, so I'm not even sure who's most at fault for this one. I don't want to single out a particular department here, but I would be fascinated to see a behind-the-scenes documentary for this movie.

Overall, Artemis Fowl is a film that starts out as a Spy Kids rip-off but very quickly becomes this overdone film, which reminded me of how I felt about Jupiter Ascending, but honestly even more of a mess. I could see some solid elements of family trying to jump out of this movie, but anything worth noting is buried too deep to notice. I've never seen young Ferdia Shaw act before, but I hope he is given some smaller roles after this to improve himself because I believe his acting abilities were not to the calibre that a movie of this size requires. Even some of the musical cues in some of the more dramatic moments felt like epic pieces that belonged in an adventure or action sequence. Everything about Artemis Fowl just feels off and I was both uninterested and frustrated pretty early on. Even though it's available to stream if you have Disney+, I still can't recommend it.

Worst Disney film ever

Please don't waste your time on this garbage. The kid does horrendous acting and delivers line like a robot. The story feels incomplete there are alot of inconsistemcues in the film. It's just plain awful movie.

Very good film

I think the film is really goodVery good film and I think they should make another film


Predictable, slightly off art direction. But enjoyable and qiute fun. Worth a watch, but dont expect Tolkien.

The books are better.

I had high hopes for this film as I loved the books. Book adaptations are always tricky and rarely hit the expectations of readers. This movie does not follow the book but does pick essential bits out and the bits I did notice made me smile, Mulches bum flap for one. There is so much in the books to get across that they could never have achieved it in one film especially if you've built up a specific image for the characters from reading. I did enjoy the film and it has been set up for a sequel should they decide to make one, which I hope they do. If you want a perfect rendition of the books you will be disappointed but if you want a nice film based on characters from the book then it's ok. The best way of describing it for me would be that it's more like The Hobbits adaption for film than Lord of the Rings was.

straight to DVD film

If you remember the movie planes from disney as well then you could compare it to this movies as it is predictable and boring it's good for littler kids like ages 1-11 but even then they mite get bored DID NOT DO THE BOOKS JUSTICE AT.ALL AND IS A WASTE OF TIME DONT WATCH UNLESS YOUR FORCED !!

You don't even want to know how bad this movie is

Fans of the books will be immensely disappointed as this movie changes everything, and not in a good way (think a wrinkle in time, percy jackson, or mortal engines). If you're going to rewrite the plot, it should at least be entertaining and make sense.

However, not only is this a bad adaptation, it is also a bad movie in general. You're not going to attract any new fans by pumping 90% of your budget into CGI, and then glossing over your characters and screenplay. Absolutely no one is going to say "I liked this movie, now let me check out the books."

It used to mean something when you saw the disney castle at the beginning of a movie. Now it just means the movie you are about to see is going to be a disaster.

Expected so much more...

The story is just boring.. Expected so much more from the trailer!


I have no words to the describe the story of this movie, actually doesn't exist.No Comment!

Unforgivably bad adaptation

"If it looks like a dwarf, and smells like a dwarf, then it's probably a dwarf", or the ArtemisFowl movie flushing itself down the toilet. ??????