Reviews for Fast and Fierce: Death Race ( ) 720p

IMDB: 2.7 / 10

Worst movie

Bogus direction stupid story , third grade movie,worst acting

If you don't like straight to video films don't watch them.

The other reviews that gave a 1 aren't worth listening to. When you watch a straight to video film you can't judge them by films with big budget films.This film was half way decent. I see a lot of movies both big budget and low.I gave it a 5 based on that criteria. I guess some people don't have the intelligent to make that type of assessment.

Questioning my life choices and regretting watching this

This is the worst movie I have ever seen, it makes Movie 43 look like Citizen Cane! If you're expecting cool cars and great driving sequences, forget it, looking for a captivating story.. Forget it. Judging DMX for even considering being in this disaster! Over a 100 years of cinema and this is where we're at?!

20 years ago DMX worked with Jet Li, now.....

What a way to fall, DMX had 2 number 1 CDs in the very same year, worked with Jet Li on two big blockbuster films, and seem like things were going good for him. Unfortunately I think he didn't take care of his money or whatever, and did some dog fighting and now his career is kinda ruined. Why do stuff like that when you are already rich? Get out the hood man, don't go back into that lifestyle. You HAVE Money, you don't need to try to keep acting thuggish anymore.

Anyways this is basically Fast and Furious with a lower budget. They even took some lines straight out of the films "I live my life a quarter mile at a time."

Not bad

Not a bad film a bit different from fast n furious movies but the ending was crap.


I don't know why but a movie with fast cars, hot women, still needs a plot and half an acting job to be qualified as a starter and a finisher, I couldn't finish this movie, I barely made it to the start of the film. I made it to the 1st check point and said, BAH!!! If you looking for fast cars and such, go watch Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift or wait for Too Fast and Too Fierce which hopefully will be better!! SEE YA AT THE STARTING LINE!!!!!


Honestly I only watched it because DMX is in it. This would be a great movie if it was on a big budget production. The storyline wasn't bad and the actors did a good job. But it badly lacked research into cars especially from the main actor. Nos at the start of a 1000 mile race by one one actor. A muscle car that clearly has a truck gear box and driving at 180mph with the windows half up while casually moving the steering wheel side to side. I feel it is a B movie and if that was the intention then its good for a b movie. I feel it's the type of movie on late at night on film4 or on scyfy with the likes of sharknado. The best part about this movie was seeing DMX look healthy I would gladly watch movies like this if it meant he was in a good space. RR

OMG I'll never get that time back

1 star because I couldn't give it less. Crap film crap ending cheap cgi. Using lines from fast and furious. Poor, really poor

waste of time

Honest review.....! This is the worst movie i've seen this year. Not worth even one star!!!!

Storyline meaningless,but great Nate Walker

Amazing acting done by Nate Walker although the storyline is baseless and uninteresting

One of the worse movies i have ever watched.

This movie does not even deserve a star. Waste of time. I strongly recommend not to watch it :)

Really really bad

Turned the movie off after 20min... Acting is bad and the camera footage form the "racing" is terrible.. looks like they race in 20Mph

Where's the story in this movie?

We are in 2020,,,, I thought it's ganna be more excited or even close to Fast & Furious !!!!

Decent up to the rushed unclimactic ending.

Firstly, the name is a selling point, but nothing like the Fast and Furious, nor the Death Race franchises.

The plot is that a millionaire puts on an illegal race from Mexico to L.A. with people betting on the race. It's not a comedy tho, just that same betting poll seen in Rat Race. However no one who places any bets is seen and it can become very confusing to pick up on this.Three drivers have been selected and for some reason some supposedly legendary drivers brother has been reeled in to owe a lot of money to the guy who puts on this race so he can get him to enter his race and make some bigger money. With a bunch of kidnapping and blackmail going on, the main guy enters the race and ends up meeting his Frog along the way who is the millionaires ex girlfriend and needs to get to L.A. with a flash-drive containing evidence to take the millionaire down. Now the main driver has everyone trying to kill him to get the girl, except for those at checkpoints. Will they get to L.A alive?

The film has a lot of stupid plot points to get this guy to drive, and the motive is explained, but blink and you'll miss it. I can see why other reviewers are saying "where's the plot?"What's most likely happened here is the film ran over budget, and they edited together what they had, with key ex machina scenes not filmed, and the climax completely ruined and rushed with what they could film quickly to just have something to end on.

Had this film explained itself better and had a decent ending, it would be pretty good. But what it is is a film that was ok up till the very end with a god awful way to end the film.

Overall, I wouldn't bother. It will just leave you disappointed like you wasted your time watching something half decent only to feel in the end like the movie took a dump on you and ran away.


If there is a rating in minus this thing deserves it hands down