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IMDB: 3.0 / 10

Good film

I thought it was a good film and good acting who stared in it from start to finish they have also left it open if they make a follow up movie to this one .

It's Okay, but lacked tension

Mikey (Francesco Filice) is a young car thief who specializes in stealing hi-end cars and gets caught by the police and is forced to work with them, but the police are not interested in the car thief ring run by Charlie (Sean Ray) and his partner Sammy (Alex Loubert). They are after the drugs they believe are being made and sold.

Mikey steals Charlie's car and is so impressed how it was done, Charlie offers Mikey a job, which was the point of stealing the car the police say. All works good for a while until Sammy makes a drug deal with Koflex (Sam Asante).

So we see Mikey doing a balancing act between the police and Charlie and now Sammy and the drugs; and also not getting caught with Ava (Hannah Gordon), Charlie's girlfriend.

It is really nice to see many hi-end cars and see them revved up often. Very nice. Vvvvvroooom!!

There are some twists along the way and the final twist you will not see coming.

Notables: Vivica A. Fox as Detective Reid who Mikey reports to; Nathan Hibbert as an African Drug Dealer.

Production, photography, pacing and acting all around are very good, but this did lack serious tension and that could have made this a stronger contender. (5/10)

Violence: Yes.Sez: No.Nudity: No.Humor: No.Language: Yes.

Rating: C

Learn tricks how to steal high end cars...

Movie focuses on tricks how to steal various cars, then high end cars and eventually how to turn drugs into cars! Wow things look tips for car thives. A perfect car thief caught by police after stealing car and let him go only terms that he will be undercover in a car stealing mafia. Later things going smooth and positive but expected end after very average climax. Actors are just okay only Hannah Gordon reminds you to notice her for her lusty role.

One of the better B-films I've seen in a while!

I wasn't expecting much going into this B-grade film with actors I've never heard of, and also noticed it was a Toronto Canada B-grade production by newb writers and director Reza Sholeh and Ant Horasanli.

Yes it was a mishmash of a lot of films we've seen before, and it was a little cliched, but to be able to take the fun and decent parts of those films, and use the cliches as humor, it ends up being a decent, fun and entertaining story.

The 91 min runtime and pacing were spot on. The score was decent, especially for a B-grade film, and the music awesome for the most part, although not necessary in so many scenes. The acting was surprisingly good for novice actors I've never seen or heard of, especially Sean Rey, Francesco Filice and Hannah Gordon, who were very convincing in their roles. I wasn't that impressed with Alex Loubert as Sammy - not sure if it was his character and/or his acting. The directing, cinematography and editing seemed very professional - you'd think seasoned filmmakers were involved.

Rev is a fun and mature film with cool ngst-ngst Techno music, decent pacing, cool and chic Toronto locales, and a showcase of some fine exotic cars. I thoroughly and surprisingly enjoyed it.

I feel this film is undeservingly rated too low, considering it's a novice B-grade film that's better than most I've seen, even better than some Hollywood productions that have come out lately. It's a solid 8/10 from me. To see how I professionally review and rate my 900+ reviews and 1000+ ratings, click on my username. Also, user burlesonjesse5 should really stop plagiarizing critics reviews and write his own content smh.

Kinda seen this before

Ok it's not badly acted or anything but it is kinda not amazing either . I try's hard and the narrative is well weakBut I've seen this film somewhere before or at least big bits of it other moviesOne that stands out is No Mans Land . With Charlie sheen ... even the main bad guy is called Charlie ... well it's ok but if you want a better car film try No mans land for pure action and fun .


Poorly constructed mishmash of other movies. Nothing original here. We've seen it all done before. Had potential with doorways set up earlier on that weren't used. Last 15mins made little sense and felt like they just wanted it over and done with. I can't even recommend it as an afternoon time waster. Look for something else.


Entertaining. Great acting. Action-packed. Lots of bright futures in this cast!

So you wanna know if it's just a Fast and Furious knock-off?

A young man quits his job in computer repairs to steal cars for money and finds himself stealing the wrong car. Once caught he is given a choice to go to jail for life or become an undercover agent and infiltrate a group that are stealing luxury sports vehicles for export. The young man finds himself not only deep under cover, but finds himself in deeper water as drugs, blackmail, love triangles and his own life halt his way out.

So... is it F&F? As far as an undercover cop infultrating a gang of car thieves goes, it's simmilar, but it's not really about the cars or a heist, it's a different tone where the main guy just gets in too deep and its a bit of a thrill ride as to will he get out of this alive?

So no, it's not a F&F wanna-be. The movie dies have a few annoying filler scenes as terrible rap music plays and goes into a bad montage of drifts or speeding around the city. Scenes that fail to add any excitment ti the film and could've been done away all together with for a better pace.

With that said, it's good for one watch, but not really anything you would wanna see again. Watch it only if it sounds like something you might be interested in. But it's no 'must see' flick.

About what one would expect

This film is a succession of loosely connected scenes .

Each scene is an unimaginative copy of what you have seen before in movies of that genre , but on a tiny budget, with awful acting, and a lack of skill that makes George Lucas look like a genius .

One extra star because it could have been even worse .

well ...

The movie is not that great ... the story is good ... i've felt like watching Gone in 60 seconds ... Charlie looks like Jonny Deep :D !