Reviews for Sonic the Hedgehog ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.8 / 10

Charming and Nostalgic

I think they did a good job with this. The design of Sonic so so much better than the one featured in the trailer. It baffles me how they thought the original design was ok. It looked like a child's drawing of something they had seen in a nightmare.

The relationship between Sonic and James Marsden is super cute too and you'd do become invested in it.

It is very much a kids movie but it's nice for older people to see as it's filled with nostalgia from the Sonic games. There are plenty of little Easter eggs that people who have played the game will notice.

This movie is also really charming. It has lines that are funny too.

So I would watch it especially if you have any interest in Sonic I don't think you will be disappointed or frustrated at what they have done with the property.

Soooo much better then expected!

Definitely fun to watch, and with the new redesign it works very, very well!Recommended, hoping it does well enough in box office performance for a sequel.Would LOVE to see that happen!

Uninspired, clichéd and unoriginal

Sonic the Hedgehog is directed by Jeff Fowler (Gopher Broke) and stars Ben Schwartz as the bellowed blue hedgehog and Jim Carrey as the evil Dr. Robotnik. Knowing the history of video-game adaptations I had low expectations for Sonic and I got what I expected.

Throughout, Sonic has its moments, those being some light-hearted action pieces and funny exchanges between the characters, primarily Sonic, his side-kick/friend Tom and Robotnik. It's charming and cheerful as can be expected and you will likely leave with a smile but it's nothing new or extraordinary.

Besides the easy laughs and the generally cheerful atmosphere, Sonic is very shallow. At its core, Sonic is a cliché after a cliché mostly made up from parts of other movies you've already seen before. It's about as formulaic as a film can possibly get at the moment. Not to mention its witless script, which does warrant a few laughs but fails to make the main plot interesting or appeasing at any moment leading to a very predictable ending.

All things considered, if you're looking for some good old family fun to waste 99 minutes this is it, but you can do better, much better.

Final Rating - 5/10


I'm nearly 40. I don't enjoy too many kids movies. Took my nephews to see this and was impressed. I think it's a must if you have kids. All the actors did a great job. It was funny and entertaining.

Sonic is back!

Hits the nail on the head for existing fans, but takes the game forward by showing an emotive and expressive side to Sonic that we have never seen in the games. "Tom" should have been a disastrous character yet somehow ends up being the perfect partner for Sonic to shine. And god JIM CARREY: he basically is Robotnik, we've only just realised it now.

Look out for all the Easter Eggs and still till the end for some surprises!! Now bring on the sequel!

Better than I expected!!

My eight year old nephew begged to see the film so we went with my 14 year old son. The trailers looked okay and I didn't go in expecting much. I was blown away by how much fun I had. Solid comedy and of course Jim Carrey was a treasure. Sonic was adorable and the voice acting was spot on. Took one of my favorite games as a child and turned it into a really sweet movie. It was a lot of fun!!

The Original SEGA Sonic!!

Just watched the movie with my wife. Loved it! Funny, witty, fast-paced, etc. I didn't know the history of the film (meaning, they had to postpone the release and redesign Sonic). After watching the movie first and just now watched the 'old' and 'original' trailer, I'm soooo happy they redesigned Sonic. The little blue ball of fur is freaking awesome! Good job to everyone that worked on the film. Now, let's bring Sonic 2 to the screen in 2022!

Sonic Could've Been Introduced Better!

A popular character like Sonic should've had a better introduction to the big screen audience. Nothing new in the story here, a redundant (Alien Meets a Kid) movie genre, for decades the typical story goes, alien lands on earth, meets a boy - in our case here is a man child - a cop named Tom, government seeks the alien to experiment on him, boy tries to help the alien to escape.

The movie is mediocre on all artistic levels at best and without some laughs from the crazy comedy talent of Jim Carrey and some geeky Sonic dances, this movie would've been a disaster. On the technical level the movie feels rushed and needed a lot of animation tweaking. Sonic eyes looks fake, in some scenes he looks at the actors from weird angels! Not to mention for a character who's mainly power is speed, his blinking is notably very slow. Also in some scenes the human actors interact with Sonic as if he was meant to be a bigger character and was replaced during editing.


The fact that this currently has a 6.9 is laughable. I read somewhere someone saying that the person that doesn't like this movie went into it not wanting to. Methinks doth protest too much? Because I think the only people who like this movie are the ones convincing themselves it's not bad. Now, it's not The Room bad or Hop bad, but a 4/10 is totally justified. The logic of this movie can be summed up in the trailer - Sonic can yawn at the thought of missiles and bullets pointed directly at him, but gets hit by a dart. But it takes that "logic" and creates a whole plot filled with that kind of logic. The humor of the film is also summed up in the trailer... Um... Meow? I think the Sonic personality was completely miscast. I grew up with Sonic X though, so maybe I don't understand what his personality is supposed to REALLY be like, but he was just annoying in this to me. And not in the way he normally is, but in a kiddie way.Jim Carrey was the only one in this entire production to seem to give a damn and actually want to try to make something worth while and man did he try. It didn't work 100%, but maybe about 75% of the time. Not Carrey at his best, but he was still easily the best part of this movie and it would have lost a star without him.I almost wish the animation was never fixed because we would have had a shot at a 1/10 movie and those are always enjoyable. However, the version we ended up getting was silly and stupid and makes you facepalm a couple times, but ultimately is just really forgettable.

Great Movie!

It's not the best videogame-portrayed Movie, but its also not the worst. I specifically loved it for the comedy, action, and heartwarming parts. There is a fortnite reference...but I only think that Sonic just thinks it's a funny dance-He doesn't know the bad side of the internet-Anyways, I highly recommend this for a heartfelt and hilarious experience, everyone did so well! Best movie I've ever seen!

I love this movie.

I enjoyed the movie because of many reasons. Sonic's design looks better than it did before, Jim Carrey does a surprisingly great job playing Dr Robotnik, Ben Schwartz did great as Sonic, the entire cast were fantastic, the movie is full of Easter eggs, it's pretty accurate to the video game franchise. I saw this movie during the day when it was released. I just kept smiling through out the entire movie. I highly recommend that you check it out. 10/10

Great funny family film

This was funny, fast paced and family friendly. They have plenty of comedic moments and nods to the game franchise. Loved it. Gotta go fast.

I'm giving it an extra star because they redesigned sonic

Honestly this was a movie I was never really planning to see. I thought it was another cash grab at our nostalgia. But when the initial trailer came out with the original sonic, I partook in the hilarious and frightening memes and joined in on the criticism. When I found out that they were redesigning Sonic due to the backlash - I was shocked. I never thought a studio would listen to our voice, and oh was our voice heard.

So after I saw the second trailer I thought to myself, well, I guess I gotta go see it now. "Put your money where your mouth is." If the studio took the time to do this for us then I will gladly pay my money to see this.

And I'm glad I did. It's a fun movie. It's not perfect by any means, but it's an enjoyable film for the family. I love the new Sonic, I love the cast, Jim Carrey is spectacular as always. It was a fun movie from start to finish. And it was really entertaining. I love the voice character for Sonic too, I think he fit perfectly. I would've given it a 7/10 but like I mentioned before, an extra star for caring about the fans and the audience.

Worth a watch

Hoping for the second movie. Animation was great. Glad they took the 3 months to redo it.

Extravaganza of awesomeness!

So much fun throughout! One of the best kids movies I ever seen and fun for any age! I love everything Sonic does maybe I am weird although I'm a 27 year old autistic guy that is a bit quirky so this was perfect to me. The cast is so great, the humor, cinematography, and story is a heartwarming adventure; I highly recommend anyone see this!

It Did Not Suck. It's actually pretty decent family movie.

I live in Asia so we got to see the movie 1 day earlier than the U.S. And no Corona-chan is not a problem in my exact location.

I can tell you with all certainty that Sonic the Hedgehog Movie does not suck. It's actually a decent family movie. A little basic for adults, the pacing and a certain plot in the middle is rather poorly executed but on the whole, the main plot is fine, the acting is fine, the jokes are okay-ish, the music is fine, the production is really good, the animation is really good and the movie is fun.

It's not going to win any awards but it's good enough for casual movie-goers and more than good for Sonic fans. I gave it an extra Star from a 7 because the creators actually listened to fans and gave a good-looking Sonic which in all honesty, is what made the film because Sonic looked good. Real good. Sonic's animation is quite a joy to watch and doesn't take you out of the immersion.


Sonic definitely exceeded all my expectations. The film has excellent music, cinematography and acting, with an incredible battle between Dr. Eggman and Sonic. Jim Carrey is the king of comedy, he really made Dr. Eggman scary and dangerous. Don't listen to critics, it's great!

Solid Movie

It's not the next masterpiece of cinema, but I genuinely think it's an enjoyable watch if you don't go in expecting the stars.

I enjoyed it a lot more than I have a lot of other "Video-Game cash in movies" anyway. Yes, It's a genre that's been done a lot, but that doesn't make this film inherently bad.

It had some enjoyable moments in it.

I have immense amounts of respect for the crew who worked on this movie, due to how much the internet kicked up a storm and how they worked tirelessly to try re-jig the movie to make it work. That doesn't mean the movie is perfect, but the respect for the craft is there.

Long story short; It's not a perfect movie, but you can tell that effort was made in it's creation. Had some enjoyable moments and would definitely encourage people to watch.


This movie is so good I took my parents who were going through a divorce to this movie and they decided to stay together.

Fantastic movie!

The director did a wonderful job at creating a video game base character without messing it up, I really enjoyed Jim Carey as Robotnik, they did a really great job at starting an origin based off this sonic movie. I hope everyone gives this movie a chance fan or not it's a really enjoyable film.