Reviews for Extraction ( ) 720p

IMDB: 7 / 10

Great action flick!!!!!!

To all the people who complain about the plot.....have tou ever seen the expendables, crank, or the transporter?!?! This was way more believable and heartfelt than any of those movies. Chris Hemsworth delivers a memorable performance given the few lines of dialogue he had. The cinematography was top notch as well as the sound editing. If you want an edge of your seat action flick this is definitely one of the best ones I've seen in quite some time.

brutal action

This is the kind of action flicks that I like, straight in your face, not one moment of love or things like that, okay, there are bad memories of loved ones but it's not central.

So if you like it rough and in your face then this netflix flick is worth seeing. The plot if there is any is simple it's all about the extraction. Just around one hour the action slows down and we do go into characterisation to move further in part 2 of brutal action.

But just have a look at the cinematograhy, that is really stunning. At the end, a no-brainer with a lot of blood.

Gore 1/5Nudity 0/5Effects 4/5Story 2/5Comedy 0/5

Good action movie

I don't get all the negative reviews for this. It's an action movie. There's a lot of shooting, fighting, and dead bodies and the plot makes sense. I really enjoyed it for what it was: an action movie.

Blow off my head

Hey.. My bd brothers, what's happening to you.. Why are you so negative about this film.... Whether this film made in dhaka or kolkata, this film represents the true cinematic view of action which you can like it or not... But definitely this has nailed our name in Good film industry record.

Forget the storyline just relish the action/directorship

Thoroughly enjoyed this film - weak storyline but it's totally forgiven because of its brilliant action and the camera work on it is a thing of're glued to the car chases and fights to the point where you feel you should be smelling the exhaust fumes and that if you don't dodge out the way you're going to get a smack in the mouth or shot.The Director could do a James Bond film no's got the rawness of action that's needed

Well worth it.. wow

Negative reviews have focused on the alleged shortfall in the depth of the plot. Really? Most action movies out there... how many have a plausible plot? At least for this movie, the plot is plausible, the action, obviously a stretch. But those critics railing on the movie forget what a movie is supposed to be all about. Entertainment. It's not a real life documentary, not an ensemble boring drama piece. When it comes to wham-bang entertainment, this movie delivers on all cylinders. The movie is probably more analogous to a version of masterful The Raid than an Oscar drama piece. Live with it. Watch it. Enjoy. It is a movie. It will keep you glued. Though the squeamish may need to take a break.

Jason Bourne meets Call of Duty, in Mumbai

Wow shocked at the undeserving low score! This is stunt actor Sam Hargrave's first full length feature film sitting in the directors chair, and he nailed it. Outstanding action/fight choreography, great cinematography, perfect pacing for the 116 min runtime, and all around great performances, especially Hemsworth's kick-ass character. I'm reading the reviews about no plot... seriously? Just because there's no surprising unpredictable plot twist doesn't mean there's no plot. It was a simple story, adapted into a screenplay from the graphic novel by Ande Parks, and presented on a bullet ridden testosterone plate. What more does anyone want for that perfect weekend popcorn action flick? I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a well deserved 9/10 from me. To see more of my over 900 reviews and 1000+ ratings, click on my username.

If you're looking for an action movie

It's a solid action movie with everything you'd expect. There's a great scene with what appears to be a single uninterrupted fight scene that is worth watching just for the camera work alone.If you're looking something "meaningful " or artistic then it's not for you, but if you want an action filled yarn to pass a couple of hours, then you won't be disappointed.

Thor Who?

Hemsworth's best film that doesn't involve the name Thor.. It had some of the best choreographed fight scenes that I've ever seen that didn't come from a martial arts film and it even added gunplay into some of the fight scenes which put those two together and you've really got my attention.. It's not packed full of a back story or big on character development but the action and ultimately the revenge totally makes up for this films shortcomings.. It ended with me feeling giddy and smiling..!Fun watch

Great Action and Super Entertaining....

Not sure why people have rated this low? This was a lot of fun to watch and the action scenes are pretty amazing. Love the single shot for 11 minutes that was badass!! Looks like they used little CGI and had a lot of original effects. Great scenes and Chris's acting make this a great movie. I give it a 7 out of 10

I loved it.

I just finished watching it last night and I don't know where all the hate comes from. Is it about representing Dhaka? How many of you ever left your Dhanmondi Banani and went to Puran Dhaka and shadar ghaat? The movie clearly says it's based on the gangs of puran Dhaka and I see them much nicely portraying that. Guess what? Puran Dhaka's slums are worst than the scenes of movie and gangs are scarier than what was shown. They showed our rivers brown where it's black lmao. Go have a look tomorrow. Atleast they showed cop cars and strong police defence which doesn't exist in Dhaka haha.

Coming down to the sepia (yellow) effect, try going out to USA or NZ and then back to Dhaka and the yellow effect will make some sense to you. Dhaka is covered in haze throughout summer where the sun rays get blended to haze. We don't notice it as we live in Dhaka. The movie has exaggerated it, I agree. But that's what Hollywood does with Kenya, South Africa and any warm country.

Coming to the movie, y'all mad as it was not loaded with multiple complex segments to drive your head crazy. It was simply, and much straight to the point like a Bollywood movie. I liked this little movie. The action was amazing, visuals were realistic and it was way emotional near the end.

All up, a nice movie. Lets not ask them to portray our city as something it isn't lmao. We know we got worst sides. Lets take it as a movie, and appreciate the people who worked behind it. A

Chris Hem smashed it!

Great action and acting by Chris and some of the other actors. Some of the action scenes were too realistic and unbelievable (in a good how did they do that? You'll know what I mean when you see it). Yes it could have had a deeper plot but was not disappointing. Great watch.

Best action of 2020

Culture aside , if you want to watch a action movie this is it. Hemsworth delivers a non stop experience of true grit & bravery in this film. The long action shots make you feel like your in a video game come to life. Randeep also shows incredible talent & I can see this as a beginning of a promising career if he keeps it up.

One word-Impactful

Words would not do justice to what I have to say, but let me try. The cinematography felt so natural that it seemed as If I was physically present in every scene, up close and personal. It was so natural that even when Golshifteh Farahani "Nik" slipping while coming out of the car carrying an RPG just gave it a grand slam. The way Chirs Hemsworth portrayed his emotions, and a huge round of applause to Rudhraksh Jaiswal and Randeep Hooda the way they blended so naturally into every scene just made it a great masterpiece. This movie set a new benchmark of you can captivate the audience completely, congratulations Sam Hargrave, instead of naming a school after you in the movie, you should actually open one to teach the upcoming generation about this master class direction. Also Chirs is gonna collect a huge pay check as a producer this one's gonna be huge success.

From bangladesh, I know an action movie doesn't represent culture, but....

I am Bangladeshi. But I know this movie was not made with our culture. But Hindi songs go from house to house in Bangladesh! What an awkward thing! Then writing Hindi on the street, Hindi pronunciation in every word, what are these? Learning from Kolkata, if Dhaka is named, then this is the situation! The job of a director and team is to check and select well. They have lost completely. But the actions of this movie were extraordinary. chris and randeep have done a great job.I know an action movie doesn't represent culture, but the movie is criticized for its lack of analysis by the director and the team. A little better analysis was needed, because here the names of the russo brothers are involved. And i love russo brothers and chris my thor so much....

Good actions but what a weak plot!!

The entire movie is filled with close combat shots. It's great for someone who likes a lot of actions but for someone like who looks for a story in movies, I had a hard time trying to grasp this movie.It literally shows a poor country like Bangladesh lost thousands of its elite force, a general and dispersed an entire city just to support a gangster and save his kidnapped boy from escaping. Looks like Bangladesh went into an entire war to help the gangster no matter what.Just leave that logic aside and you can enjoy the movie as a fast paced, action packed video game.

Movie with no relativity, zero plot and a misleading picture of Bangladesh

We were immensely looking to see the movie as it was screenplayed on Bangladesh . Having a Bangladeshi i was overwhelmed and quickly seen the movie. But after watching i want to say the movie has failed to picture Bangladesh in every aspect. The accents were similar to kolkata, the social characters and environments were not equivalent, the vehicles and streets were not properly matched. This movie is just a false impression on our country. Besides that this has no real plot around which it will grow. Just some good action scene doesnt make a good movie.

good action but false representation

Most of the people dont seem to care about the plot,they only want to enjoy combat and gun fight!So be it,keep this movie exactly like this just one minor adjust,change the name Dhaka to any other citylike Islamabad or Kabul and enjoy the whole movie .whats the problem right?Plot and accuracy matters ,even in action movies.Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job in action as well as emotional scene .So,only for him, I am giving a 6 rating.

Exceptional Cera Work

Brilliantly shot, this action movie has some of the best camera work I've seen in a long time. There is a sequence going through an apartment complex that is made to look like one long take, it feels like you are right there with the characters. Great action movie, regardless or culturally accuracy or thin plot.

How can anyone not love this movie

All I can say is John Wick had a love child with Lone Survivor! It had everything. Story, sick action, unbelievable combat sequences the whole time. Thor F's some bad guys up! Never been to Bangladesh never will so however it's depicted, don't really care! Great movie