Reviews for Bloodshot ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.6 / 10

People are just stupid most of the time....

Bloodshot was not nearly as bad as people mad it out to be. As a matter a fact i really could have used more action but as a whole i enjoyed it very much. Some said they didnt understand the story. Well they didnt watch the same movie i did. Then some said it was too easy. Well again, didnt watch the same movie i did. Straight forward story and action. Vfx looked amazing. I know of the comic but never read it. Glad i didnt. I hope they do a sequel but the reason i gave it a 8 and not higher was easy...IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF IT WAS RATED R!!!! Imagine the action and bloodshed if it was....people are just stupid most of the time. Shut up and enjoy the movie.

it entertained thats all that matters.

Its was pretty generic.typical and somewhat predictable...but it really entertained me.

Good actioner with lots of VFX

This was Vin's Iron Man, or Universal Soldier as others have related. However, the biggest star of this film wasn't Vin but VFX, it was a particle-physics showcase. There's a decent enough sci-fi angle to this so it's a good film across several dimensions. Eiza Gonzalex, fresh from Hobbs & Shaw, is pretty hot in this, too. Stick around for the 4th qtr, that's where you'll experience the best action/VFX.

Better than people are saying

I'm not normally into action movies these days and I'm over the superhero Genre. But I don't know why people are hating so much on this movie it was actually a good movie, I had no expectations and I was surprised how good it was. I Don't think it deserves all the low ratings hence I gave it a 9.

I don't get all the low ratings!

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It makes a change to all the recent so called "horror" and "scifi" movies out there just now.

Awesome flick

I watched the movie twice in a row because it was a great experience for me.

Great CGI + Cool gadgets

Vin dieselEIZA GonzalesActions scenes all the way ??IT geeks controls the futureWatching from ?? isn't bad at all

I actually liked it

I really don't get the low rating as it was entertaining and had really good fight scenes. Really good popcorn movie. 8 is maybe too high but someone has to compensate the 5.7 rating

Actually enjoyed this film

Had no idea what Bloodshot was about other than the trailer. But I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. My husband being a huge Marvel comic book and movie fan had never heard of this comic book series, but he too had no complaints. The action sequences were great and the special effects were amazing! I would recommend this movie for anyone who would like to see a fun action filled move.

Reconstruct body of dead soldier !

Good science fiction thriller. Start to end enjoyable. Though story is not new, we have seen in many Hollywood movies earlier, here presentation is interesting and I could not stop myself to take a break till the end. Vin diesel is as he was always nothing new but better than XXX series. Eiza Gonzales is perfect in her action role and I am her fan also. Rest is okay. Must watchable for every science fiction lovers. I wonder to see low ratings, it is unjustified. It should have 7 and above. Don't miss this thriller.

A little unrealistic but entertaining

While at this point in time the technology shown in the movie is nowhere near ready, making what is carried out unrealistic, the premise of that could become is intriguing. Once again technology can be both good and bad. It depends entirely on who uses it.

The movie - a mix of action & sci-fi - is a generic Vin Diesel action flick. Not that is a bad thing. If you like these types of movies and/or a Vin Diesel fan, then you won't come away disappointed.

And while parts of the movie was utterly predictable, it was still enjoyable to watch. And that little bit of twist in the story line is a nice touch.

But overall, anyone familiar with Vin Diesel movies, will know what's coming and will find this movie entertaining.

Real good story line

The story line of the movie is great. Honetly I was expecting more from this movie. The main charecter in the movie however seems invencible, I didn't enjoy the fact that much that he was pitty much undistroyable.

Really enjoyed the movie but I think it still lacks something.

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It was good to me!!

Good story, great action!! Different type of movie Vin Diesel is normally in, but it worked..

Needed to be rated R

It's a typical anti-hero movie, but I liked it! Vin Diesel did good as a revengeful gonna kill everyone that messed with me guy. My biggest complaint is it needed to be rated R. I think the violence in this movie needed to be brought To the brutal level that an R rating could afford.

I enjoyed it

Problem with people these days is they keep comparing movies to other movies. Alone it was a decent action film and I enjoyed it. It's not Marvel or DC. It's not Fast and the Furious. It is its own decent film

Great action move

Really enjoyed this movie great action with great cast. Don't believe the bad reviews


Just watch this movie if you like action. I normally do not like films starring Vin Diesel, but he is doing a good job. And the action takes you back to the 80's, begin 90's when it was just fun to watch mindless action.


One of the worst movies I have ever seen and yep didn't even watch the whole lot.

Better than most t of the reviews let you believe

I went into this movie with hope but after reading the reviews on here I was a bit let down. Don't let the naysayers stop you from watching this flick. It is great popcorn action which is exactly what I was looking for. Bit plays right into Vin Diesel's, well limited range but if beating up bad guys and blowing stuff up is a skill he is definitely the master. My only criticism is that if you are going to set a scene in a country at least shoot it somewhere remotely similar.