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IMDB: 7.1 / 10

Haley Lu Richardson is so beautiful and spectacular!

I didn't know anything about CF but I sure love this film and everything around it! Many aspects are sad while being intriguing; I love films like this so much all the conversations are great and the romance is incredible. Very much deserves the 7.2 or higher!

It's A Master Piece ????????

The Movie Made Me Cry For Real..It Was So Emotional ??

it made me cry

I loved this movie. The story is very beautiful. It gives you hope of life and takes it from you. the Romance in this film is beautiful. My eyes did not bleed because of a film a while ago

Five Feet Apart, but close to my heart

A wonderfully written story, played by such talented actors. The little details that make it just that little bit more intense. The right expressions that make it just that little bit more touching. The right words that make just that much of a difference. I held my breath through the whole movie, waiting for it to go wrong. I felt so immersed in the characters, and their stories. Their pain, their longing, their restrictions, they hit me right in the heart. And if that isn't a sign of a good, emotional movie, I don't know what is.

A good movie about a cruel disease.

As a respiratory therapist, I can attest to the insane amounts of medications CF patients must take and the hours of operose therapies they must endure everyday to keep breathing. This movie had plenty of over the top moments, moments that would never happen in a hospital, but I think the writer/s and the director needed to stray from the substantive reality of cystic fibrosis, because for many patients CF can be quite difficult to manage and even insidious when they develop respiratory infections. Actually treating/meeting young people with CF and CF patients after receiving lung trasplants, I felt Five Hours Apart did a fine job portraying the bravery, the old soul wisdom, and the grit that young people with CF often have, and for me that's what made this movie a 10.

I just can't stop crying

I've just finished watching this movie and I can't stop crying.It's such an emotional,deep movie.And it touches different perspectives of life and it just makes me think how we take everything for granted .It's a beautiful movie and it made me feel the love,pure love, selfless love.I'm very impressed and I would definitely watch it again and again.

Life's too short to waste a second

I loved it.. Just give this movie a try. It really make you start question your anger toward yourself and those who can't do simple thing in life that each of us take for granted

Don't bother.

Took my wife and 18 year old daughter because I heard it was popular romance film and I was interested because I knew a young man with CS many years ago. All three of us were bored to tears with it. It's very cliche and formulaic. The uptight girl, the bad boy, the gay friend. I felt no sympathy for the characters. It does show how terrible CS is and I commend it for that but we all found it boring and teh characters unrelatable. The best part was when the credits rolled because that meant it was over.

Don't Give Up On Me . Best Acting Performance By Haley Lu Richardson a.k.a Stella & Cole Sprouse a.k.a Will ( Score 10/10 ? )

I just saw the movie in theatres and cried !! I swear literally everyone in the theatres was crying. This is the saddest movie i have ever seen !! It's great movie talking about cystic fibrosis and people with a deadly disease and how they can live between hope and falling apart. This movie is fantastic and amazing from the beginning to end. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it. This is for first time i gave full mark 10 score only for this movie !! I hope this movie can winning an oscar awards !!

Every once in a while..(8.5)

Every once in a while, you go to the movies to watch a movie simply because you miss the whole "let's go get pop corn, sit back, and catch a flick" type of experience. (for me that's every week)

And you watch something random.

You have fear that what you are about to watch might even ruin your evening, by being nothing more than Hollywood amateur hour.

Then, you are pleasently surprised. The acting is good. The chemistry between the protagonists is irresistible.The plot is raw. The movie makes you laugh. Cry. And have hope.

This is what five feet apart does.



We need these kinds of movies.

This may not be a reboot, a squeal, a twisted thriller, a Comic Con front runner, or even your typical romcom. Definitely not your typical romcom.

What it is is an important movie that reminds the viewers that there is a whole other world going on around us. I world that reminds us not to take for granted the simple, lovely joys of kissing someone hello, or hugging them goodbye, even taking a deep breath.

I loved this movie and the actors make you feel very comfortable in their world.

Great Movie!!

Saw this movie with my wife, best friend, and his wife. My best friend happens to have CF and have been familiar with disease. Some people will say it's too similar to A Fault in Our Stars but it really isn't. After watching some interviews about the 2 stars it's crazy to see their chemistry they have without any casting reads together.

Another tearjerker about sick teens...

Haley Lu Richardson, as Stella, shines in this movie. She's beautiful and effervescent and is the saving grace to this pretty depressing movie. The film is about teens with cystic fibrosis who are stuck in the long term ward of the hospital. Because they could catch one another's bacteria they need to remain at least 6 feet away from each other. Brooding Will (Sprouse from Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and OCD, perky, Stella try to find a way to have some control over their lives which are full of regulated medicine, treatments, rules, and hospitalization that keeps them from friends, school and regular teen activities. The CF kids form tight bonds with each other and the caring hospital staff but generally live a very difficult and short life. Like I said... Depressing. Although somewhat predictable, and made more for the YA crowd, the film has its share of humor, tenderness, and heart-wrenching scenes that pull you into the emotional story. In the same vein as Fault In Our Stars, A Walk to Remember and Me Before You, In My Humble Opinion wait for the DVD! (even though he typically likes chick-flicks and some romances, hubby was bored with this one) 6.8 starts/10

Holding back the tears

I asked the old dear who checks the tickets if it was any good and she told me a lot of people who'd seen it had cried. Id already seen The Aftermath which shows Keira Knightly whimper for 90 mins so wasn't expecting great things.

Sad, depressing, frustrating yet interesting and engaging insight into the lives of several teens who are battling illness. Just make sure the tissues are close by

Leaves a thought......

This film touches on many of subjects, Death, Illness, Love & even the desire for a simple touch.The leads in the film do a good job especially Richardson and the film almost delivers but until the 3rd act of the film.It becomes 'oh are they gonna do that' or 'I've seen it all before' type of scenario's, Very dramatic and quite the predictable ending but still the film isn't bad and really the message it tries to deliver us is that life is precious so please don't waste it.If you like the 'Fault in our stars' you'll probably like this too.I'm giving Five Feet Apart 7/10

Beautiful movie.

It's a beautiful movie. I smiled during the movie, I cried, I looked away... It's that kind of movie that stays in you head days after. That kind of movie that you search information about on Google, and you want to learn more about the actors. Definitely recommend watching. <3

A good film but a tough watch as a parent

This is film is probably aimed at teenagers rather than their parents but it's not a bad film even watching as a parent.

The subject is quite a novel one which does work and is well acted. It does give a bit of an insight into youngsters in that position and is rightly focused on them rather than those around them.

But be warned this is not a feel good film it was a tough watch as the plot develops and it just seemed to find your emotions then stamp on them....Hard.


It was an ehhhh movie. I would advacate to wait until its release on Bluray to see it. It was ok, nothing overly stunning.

A heart-warming love story

I rarely cry during romance genre films as the love story always seems too perfect and not close to real life. However, I find myself crying during this film and I think the difference lie in the fact that this movie centers upon a real illness, making the movie feel much closer to real life and sympathetic. The difficulties faced by the characters and how they confided in one another and bonded over their struggles is an aspect that many can relate to in real life. The defiance the characters faced and wanting to enjoy their lives to the fullest is something everyone has felt at some point in their lives or still feels today. I think this movie makes me more content with my life and more appreciative of the people who have supported me through my ups and downs.

Another typical"two sick people in love" movie

This movie is very sappy, I mean take The Notebook and Titanic, and multiply that by 10. It really is sappy and very formulaic. You know the story plots that this movie is gonna, and this movie is nothing but sad song over and over and over.

I think it is a very cheap way of trying to get an emotional response from the audience. This movie just tries way WAY too hard to make you cry. I am sick of people using "cancer" or other terminal illness in movies just to make you feel sad.

REMEMBER that South Park Episode about the crack babies, and how they put sad music over crack babies playing basketball just to get some sadness from people? This movie is just like that episode, but way way worst and not as creative as South Park at all.

This is only meant for people who think that real life "love" is like what you see in a fairy tale story. Sorry folks, real love in life is nothing like this.

Skip this!