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IMDB: 6.8 / 10

Fairly shallow Marvel experience...

Another year, another Marvel Studios superhero movie, right? Well, so it would seem. I had only vaguely heard about "Eternals" prior to sitting down to watch it. But then again, superhero movies isn't exactly my primary go-to-movie choice. But yeah, I do watch them if given the chance, as Marvel Studios does churn out movies that are fun enough if for nothing else then for the amazing CGI.

And that was the case with the 2021 movie "Eternals" from writers Chloé Zhao, Patrick Burleigh, Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo. This movie was all flash and bang and no proper contents. It was all essentially just pointless eye-candy.

For me, then we are talking about a swing and a miss for Marvel Studios with the 2021 superhero movie "Eternals". When the movie ended, I was left with an overwhelming sensation of 'what did I just waste two and a half hours on watching?'. And I was also left with a sense of none of the characters portrayed in the story had any significance or backstory. You might as well replace them with mannequins and still end up with the same movie result.

You would assume that with a cast ensemble that included the likes of Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington and Lauren Ridloff among others, that you would be in for a stellar movie experience. But nay, director Chloé Zhao didn't rise to the occasion to deliver a wholesome and entertaining superhero movie. Nope, this was a lukewarm movie at best.

The total absence of properly written characters and character development throughout the two and a half hours of runtime was just atrocious to witness. And it totally turned the movie into a shallow experience. Yet, I managed to sit through it, but believe you me, this is not a movie that I will ever be returning to watch a second time. There were so many characters to keep track off, yet none of them had any properly written backstory, character traits, personalities or anything, so they just sort of blended into one singular faceless mass. And hence, I didn't care one bit about any of the hero characters, because they were about as interesting as mannequins.

"Eternals" was pure and simply just eye-candy in term of entertainment value. The storyline would have been more interesting if the story had interesting characters, subplots, etc., but there was no such thing going on here.

Sure, I am by no account a fan of the superhero genre, but watch the movie regardless, but "Eternals" was definitely among the top contenders for being among the most pointless and boring of superhero movies.

My rating of "Eternals" lands on a three out of ten stars.

hard to connect

The Eternals are immortals created to eliminate the destructive Deviants. 7000 years ago, ten Eternals were sent to Earth. They were able to eliminate the last Deviant 500 years ago and have been waiting to go home ever since.

This is a reach for the MCU franchise. I like the audacity but there are issues with the execution. I do like the style and the visual but I find the characters hard to connect with. They are god-like creatures trying to pass as humans. There is something compelling in that but the characters never fully find their human level. There is barrier to these characters that the film is unable to breach. In addition, Angelina Jolie is too distracting in this role. I like Gemma Chan but maybe she should play Thena. Sersi needs an ingenue with star power. In the end, this is a tougher premise to execute than most and the film struggles to give it a human scale.

one boring trip, I stopped after one hour

And then magic happened, Eternals on Disney streaming. Another entry in the Marvel world. And have seen enough trailers I was ready for it, it looked great but...

...after one hour I turned this off. On part of the effects it all looked great but what the hell about the story and characters. It's all one boring mess. Nothing happens and when things happens I was thinking, okay, is this it? Fighting against CGI creatures. Not that I have a thing against CGI creatures but it was all lame.

The beginning was okay with the history of the world but then it just became one boring love story and as one said, a lifeless flick.

How much I tried, It won't stick for eternal in my mind.

Gore 0/5Nudity 0/5Effects 4/5Story 2/5Comedy 0/5.

for the fans and all...

About the marvel superhero universe, and my universal vision is that there aint much twist in the goodybag, they tend to last too long and the plotspeed unbelievably slow, the scripted dialouges are itchingly irritatingly bad and expected and the grumpy old men like me strives to stay awake through 150 minutes...i'm not over excited by the choice of cast, and the casts delivery that seems like stumbling and commanded at moments, and that may also be due to bad ''taken water over thy head'' direction. I do also react that they do not use indeginous peoble like a samii or an aborigin actor in the superhero idea to follow up?

But some things are good, vfx and cgi do make this a viewable encounter, the score is good, and the hindi-punjabi insertions of ''birdie num num'' comedy made me smile inbetween. So if you have a wooden club that you cut notches in for each superhero movie you have seen, then its a go for it.for us norwals ill recommend a try but not more than that...

100% Gross Garbage

About: A group of superpowered beings have celestial issues and must defeat the deviants

Story: It's all over the place. The feel is very different from most MCU films.

Production: It's like a lemon. Looks great but is overall lackluster. Sprite was my favourite Eternal, and he/she was vastly turned into a millennial. Sprites Story was overall garbage. No other character stood out to me. They were all mostly dull or gross.

The jokes were tremendous. Who wrote these bad jokes? Gosh, they were bad.

Plus some of their garments looked CGI. Why? They look similar to the Asgardians, so why were they CGI'd? Did the costume designers get laid off?

Highlight: Nothing

Main intelligent: 1

Grossness Level: 10. This is the worse I've seen.

Should you watch? No. When I first saw the trailers, I thought this would have been a dull movie. Then I thought, maybe this one will be different from the rest. Yes it's different somewhat but this movies are filled with grossness. It's very rusty.

I would not let children watch this because it's boring, and they'll become compromised. It gets a 2 because its very different from other marvel films. It's still a Filthy movie.


I've read several critical reviews applauding this film, however having sat through it twice I have to point out that this is a very poor film.

Almost two and a half hours long, and every single minute of this film was an effort. How on Earth did they think this would appeal?

It's a lifeless watch, it rambles along at a torturous pace, and sadly half the cast seem totally disinterested, giving very wooden performances.

Special effects vary, some look good, some look very poor, when you look at the budget this film had, it should have looked flawless, it doesn't.

I love Gemma Chan and Richard Madden, but neither of them look totally at home here, I only hope this turkey of a movie doesn't halt either career.

I don't think a second will follow somehow.

Awful sadly, I did give it a second watch to be sure, but there you are, it's a shocker, 3/10.

Long drawn out superhero film that spans time and ages!

Not the greatest "Marvel" movie fan yet I gave "Eternals" a try even though never really hearing about it or reading the comics, and was not real impressed as the movie went back and fourth thru the ages and time as the group of Eternals were always fighting evil and the movie was a showcase of love and family like feel. It was an eye candy watch for seeing the hot and sexy Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as immortals Sersi and Ajak as both were healers and watchers of the group. Overall my interest came and went the film for one was to long and drawn out as the message could have been shorter. Still I guess a watch if your a Marvel movie fan, and the look of Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as superheroes was sexy and impressive.

This is worth watching and has some redeeming elements but is up there with Captain Marvel as one of the worst films from the Marvel universe in some time

Eternals (2021) is a movie my wife and I caught in theatres its opening weekend. The movie tells the tale of Eternal beings sent to Earth to protect it from entities known as deviants. Once they rid the world of deviants they live relatively normal lives among the humans who are now able to flourish. However, when deviants return to the Earth's surface the Eternals will need to get back together to protect humanity and uncover why they've returned.

This movie is directed by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) and stars Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asian), Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider), Salma Hayek (Dusk till Dawn), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Kumail Nanjiani (Stuber), Brian Tyree Henry (Hotel Artemis), Barry Keoghan (The Green Knight) and Bill Skarsg?rd (IT).

This was an extremely uneven movie. There are so many unique characters, elements and worthwhile conversations and topics. The CGI and action sequences are crisp and well done and the villain(s) are solid. There are also aspects of the storyline that dragged, characters that were painfully ripped off from the DC universe and decision made by key characters that make you slap your head and didn't feel realistic with the wisdom and perspectives of the Eternals.

Overall this is worth watching and has some redeeming elements but is up there with Captain Marvel as one of the worst films from the Marvel universe in some time. This also did not need to be almost 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I would score this a 5/10.

Not more of the same

The most inclusive movie of the MCU yet - and while I didn't keep count, after the first Captain America movie, this is the first that has an overall serious tone to it. That being said, there is still a lot of humor in it. Especially Kumail and his ... "sidekick" cover most of the jokes. Which may be the reason he is AWOL at a certain point in time (you'll know which moment that is) - you can hold that against the movie or just go with the flow.

Which is true for the inclusiveness too - and I am not even talking about the very first erotic scene of the MCU. Don't get too excited (or upset), it is quite tame, but might still be reason for kids to be asking some questions (they are just cuddling like we do - could be a possible answer I reckon). You also have the inclusion of a homosexual character - the movie does not make a big deal out of it. There is a tender male on male kiss. Hopefully you are not someone who is offended by such things and open minded.

All these things have nothing to do with any "superhero" powers (I reckon you can and probably most will call the Eternals superheroes) ... so the movie is quite packed. So much acting talent in front of the camera, so much creative and technical wizardry behind the camera. So there is a point to be made that this could have easily been a Disney Plus show. Who knows, maybe there will be an Eternals inspired Disney Plus show. Could be after the movie plays or in between the arrival of the Eternals and "Present Day" (I always wonder what that must look like decades after this was made - anyway). Actually after I wrote this, I read somewhere that they are thinking about making a show and filling in the "gaps".

There are certain elements that can be considered cliche, but that would be quite the nitpicking, if you went down that road. Chloe Zhao really held her own and was able to reign in everyone and make a really good movie. This will impress you, especially on a big screen (like on an Imax screen). Because it is different in many ways, this may be viewed more favorably in the future with more context or different expectations.

We're still early on in Phase 4 and some may have a better understanding or can guess where the MCU might be heading next. I am talking about fans, I am quite certain Kevin Feige and some others do know of course. At least vaguely. 2,5 hours long and never felt boring or too much. If anything it felt like too little. For what it is (ensemble), it is really well made and condensed.

Yes there are logic issues (where were they all this time? Why didn't they appear earlier and so forth?) ... they are adressed of course, but would not really withstand a smell test. But if you are invested in the MCU, the question is: do you really mind? Also this can be seen and watched without any knowledge of anything that came before ... but as always it is way better enjoyed if you have seen the things that came before.

Interestingly enough characters from the DC (universe) are being mentioned, like Batmans Alfred or even Superman. So there does not seem to be a mean spirited thought behind that. More like an acknowledgment and a nod to the other universe, that has created so many great stories and characters too. And an admission, but also acknowledgment to the audience and their feelings and intelligence. There is not a void - this could be our universe ... maybe a parallel universe that works that way ... wouldn't that be a great thought/thing to have? And who are we to say that it isn't possible? With Spiderman coming up next - the door will be smashed rather than kicked in - and I am really looking forward to that one - hoping to be able to watch it before my social media feed is full of people talking about the movie. I like to know as little as possible - enjoying the movie on a different, more surprising level. Until then, don't forget: there are two bonus scenes (mid and after credit), like with most MCU movies here.

Eternal was the Runtime

I'm not going to give a long winded review though the movie was long. "Eternal" was the runtime. There were parts that were good and parts that weren't. One of the biggest issues is that a movie of this nature presents more questions than it answers. The very existence of eternal beings existing on planet Earth, sent there by their creator in order to protect human life from Deviants, begs a lot of questions. And the more they strayed from their prime directive, the more questions they presented. The eternals were human in every aspect with the exception of their powers and their lifespan. The fact that such humanlike and very fallible beings (as in not entirely obedient) were sent to protect humans is just a start of the questions.

"Eternals" was unnecessarily long. There were plenty of scenes that could've been left on the cutting room floor. Marvel bit off a lot with this metaphysical, beginning of creation movie. It was very emotional and slow at many points. Even the comic relief failed to garner the laughs it intended. But, there was applause in the theater after it was over. Honestly, I don't know if that was based upon how good the movie was or simply MCU diehards paying their obligatory tribute.

Well I loved it

I'm not sure why Eternals got bashed I understood Black Widow hate more. This was so good cinematically especially in IMAX, acting was astonishing, and colors were all glorious! The story might be the only bumpy aspect even that I enjoyed for a Marvel film it's really solid even deserves rewards definitely had a lot of Chloe Zhao vibes that reminded me of Nomadland. I loved Eternals I'd highly recommend despite anything I think it's worth it!

Side note:There was a hot mom in the audience that was a bonus though.

This was the first movie I watched in the cinema after the pandemic

The movie isn't that bad. It's not like other Marvel movies. I really liked the acting, effects and music from the movie. The director's job and the cameraman's job were also great. However, the thing I disliked most about the movie was the script and the story. Eternals was the subject I never knew. It's a movie and it's a comic book movie, I understand, but I don't like the story of the movie.

It's not as bad a movie as it is generally said, but it's an average movie.

I wish things were better. Also, the movie is a bit long.

My rating is 7 / 10.

P. S : By the way, this was the first movie I watched in the cinema after the pandemic.


I've decided to watch it not because I wanted just because my friend invited to go together. Well, it wasn't amazing, I wasn't surprised in any good way, it was just an average movie with some great but also some awful special effects. The main idea was really bad, plot was very messy and hard to fallow, even The legend of.... was better movie, this one was one of the worst Marvel's movie so far.

Yes, you can have too many resources for a film...

The premiss here is quite fun - 7,000 years ago a diverse race of immortals arrive on Earth to protect the population from a monstrous race of "Deviants" who are bent on eating us all up. Their "Prime Directive", if you will, is that they must not interfere in human conflict, so once they have cleared away the beasties, they split up and lead separate lives. That is, until "Sersi" (Gemma Chan), her pal "Sprite" (Lia McHugh) and her beau "Dane" (Kit Harrington) are set upon in London by a newly empowered creature only to be rescued by "Ikaris" (Richard Madden) - and that incident forces them all to reassemble. Pretty soon they discover the body of their erstwhile leader "Ajak" (Selma Hayek) and must now combine their forces to thwart their ever strengthening enemy and learn why they have resurfaced. Unfortunately, what now follows is a stunning looking, but really pretty dull series of set-piece scenarios that rather clunkily combine mythology and melodrama, romance and action. The camera loves Madden, but as an actor - even clad in blue leather - he is little better than a handsome man. Kumail Nanjiani ("KIngo") has a soup?on of charisma, but the rest of the cast including the really out of place Angelina Jolie ("Thena") and Harish Patel ("Karun") who is intent on videoing everthing at considerable risk to himself, really offer little by way of characterisation and the attempts at humour misfire most of the time. The story has some great effects, but so what? That's what we expect from the most mediocre of productions nowadays. What was needed here were far fewer actors and a much more robust story - and, yes, it could probably have lost the half an hour spent justifying the enormous budget in far-lung locations (real and imaginary). There's a final scene midway through the credits that really does not bode well for the sequel either. I was really pretty bored with this film and though undoubtedly a colourful, action-packed big screen experience, it is an entirely forgettable film to watch.

Watching this movie felt like an eternity

Shang-Chi gave me hope for Phase 4 of Marvel. Eternals dashed those hopes. This is probably my least favorite Marvel movie. This film is too long and crammed full of overly complicated plot points, yet it's also completely predictable. It seems the filmmakers were too busy trying to check off boxes rather than create a good story. It's also a downer. People watch MCU movies to have fun, not to have existential crises. Perhaps the Eternals should have stood on the sidelines a little longer.

A Marvel film that doesn't always feel like one

Oscar winning indie darling Chloé Zhao has had quite the directing career in the span of six years since her debut Songs My Brothers Taught Me first released in 2015, with the Chinese born filmmaker moving onto the critically acclaimed The Rider, the award sweeping Nomadland and now in one of the biggest career trajectory leaps I can recall in recent memory, the newest Marvel franchise starter Eternals.

A comic book film that never really feels like a comic book film and one that doesn't pander too the typical Marvel formula that the company and its owners Disney have played too so successfully over the last decade, Eternals allows Zhao too bring her independent nuances to a narrative with a $200 million dollar plus budget, one that is full to the brim with ideas, characters and possibilities, that whilst not always adding up to a completely satisfactory whole, combine to ensure that Marvel's big risk can still be regarded as a success, flaws and all.

A fairly well-known property amongst the Marvel comic community, Eternals isn't exactly a name brand entity in the wider film going landscape and Zhao has a lot of ground to cover across her two and half hour plus feature that at times struggles with the weight of various timelines, character movements and narrative devices, to ensure that audiences get up to speed with their Deviants, Celestials and all the ensemble of the Eternal gang but despite the film dragging through certain stretches of its running time and not always giving sufficient time to its cast (Angelina Jolie's troubled Thena and Lauren Ridloff's deaf Makkari springing to mind), Eternals is an often beautifully shot film and one that can be commended for trying to reach for the stars.

As she's shown across her short but noteworthy career so far, Zhao is a great director of actors and knows how to explore her characters (often in Terrence Malick like visual storytelling) in ways that inspire thought provoking and heartfelt feelings, with rising star Gemma Chan doing well as the kindhearted Sersi, Richard Madden doing his best work outside of Game of Thrones as Ikaris and Barry Keoghan having a blast as the intriguing mind controller Druig, with all performers working well alongside Zhao to give Eternals something more than pretty visuals and big narrative moments, even if Harish Patel's scene-stealing chauffer Karun may be audiences real MVP.

With so much going on and so many characters too juggle along the way, the film plays out in a way that isn't going to be as predictable and stereotypical of what Marvel has built in the years past, with those seeking endless barrages of action scenes and a big city destroying battle finale likely to be left feeling relatively empty by the way Eternals presses forward onto its endgame, changing up the pace in a neat way that while not placing Eternals up too be regarded as one of Marvel's finest moments, at least places it well and truly in the top-tier of their feature catalogue when it comes to offering up something slightly different and far more risky than what has come in the past.

It nothing else, Eternals shows that Marvel are not content in allowing their tentpole pictures to become stale and worn out, a good thing for all at days end.

Final Say -

A big film that doesn't always manage to balance out its many moving parts and ideas, Eternals is nonetheless another entertaining piece of the Marvel puzzle that tries to give audiences something different from a brand that has become synonymous with comfort food blockbusters.

3 1/2 Stark family reunions out of 5.

Beautiful scope and visuals leading Marvel to a new direction.

4 out of 5 stars.

Eternals is beautifully stunning when it comes to a cinematic superhero film which director Chloe Zhao does well in capturing fantastic settings and scope. The film is way different comparing it to other marvel films. Zhao is aiming high for more of a compelling dramatic tension with the characters and great cinematography shots. And visual effects. The film does struggle with its pacing which can make it feel a little slow.

What worked?

The plot is great. The story gets bigger in the mcu. Showing Eternals which are immortal beings that have lived for 5000 years. Living among humans. While there agenda is protecting humans from deviants. There is more to the plot which gives it a twist about the Eternals hidden agenda. And a third act twist which a villain rises and divides and fights against the eternals. The idea of a celestial being born and needing to demolish worlds is an epic and thrilling direction.

The cast ensemble is huge and all worked great with there characters. Gemma Chan did great as Sersei. Richard Madden is great. Along with Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Kit Harrington. In the movie, the Eternals did a great job working as a team. Every character stood out. Jolie and Ridloff were awesome. Kit Harrington has a small brief role. There is a seed planted for a much bigger part for him in the mcu world.

The cinematography, music score, production settings, and visual effects are all great and worth watching. It does feel like watching a big budget artsy film with a superhero theme. The film does have a long epic run time which gives it enough time for it to develop the characters. Lots of flash backs through the centuries. While they try to find each other on Earth. The film spends most of the time with Ikaris and Sersei trying to locate the other Eternals on Earth. So they can preparing for an upcoming doom.

The action sequences were good. Chloe Zhao played it too safe and avoided overdoing it which makes the movie feeling a little quieter compared to other mcu movies. A few good action scenes. And a climatic fight trying to slow the villain down to save the world.

What did not work?

Eternals is slow moving with its pacing. It does have a pacing issue which sets up for an exciting adventure and a epic showdown. It gets slowed down with too many expositions with the characters that the script slows down.

Overall, Eternals is epic, it is beautifully shot and done with a great cast ensemble, and a story that is taking mcu to a direction that has yet to be explored. Even with the slow pacing, it is still one enjoyable ride.

There are two credit scenes, one mid credit which introduces a new character, and a post credit scene which hints for a characters fate for future movies.

i'm so sad

I went in knowing nothing about the source material and not watching a single trailer. I had no expectations for this movie. After watching it, I feel like it had the potential to be incredible. But it wasn't. It wasn't even good. I'm legitimately sad while writing this.

I see this as the MCU homage to Watchmen. It feels very "adult" in so many ways. But in others, it's childish. The story is a complete mess. So many useless side plots. The characters feel flat, especially the protagonist. Some uncharacteristically bad casting choices (while also criminally under utilizing Angelina Jolie, a beast of an actress, should have been the main character). So much of this movie doesn't feel natural, something always feels a bit off.

There's a lot i enjoyed. I watched some of the coolest things I've ever seen on screen. So many parts are visually stunning. Some of the action was good, some wasn't. An enormous step down in that department after Shang-Chi. The deep philosophical themes were interesting but poorly executed.

Sigh. I'll probably watch it again to see if it grows on me. But this might be the worst MCU movie.

Edit: I watched it again, in IMAX of course. I enjoyed it a lot more the second time. All of my initial flaws are still there. But I focused on all of the good, and tried to ignore the bad. It made for a much better experience, especially after moving past the initial disappointment of how truly amazing it could have been.

I think the reason I found the protagonist so underwhelming is because she doesn't drive the plot. Her character is always reactive. Things happen to her. She's generally likeable, but a weak character. And one thing that was impossible to ignore even when I tried, Salma Hayek was a terrible choice.

My favorite character is Druig, with a great performance by Barry Keoghan. I really like most of the other characters and wish I could have seen more from them. Kumail Nanjiani is awesome, except when they give him random "insert joke here" lines. I'm curious to see more from most of the characters.

This movie is still very flawed. And I absolutely hated how certain character conflicts were resolved after major decisions were made. But if you can move past the bad, you can enjoy the action, visuals, and ambition. Rating updated from 4 stars to 5 stars. (2 viewings, opening night 11/4/2021, 11/17/2021)

Brilliantly Different Film for the MCU

A vastly different entry into the MCU but one that took me for a ride. It's impressive feat to take on a 10 lead character based film, it's another thing to make you care about every single one of them. Chloe Zhao has already shown us her talent with smaller films, and it's even more telling on a massive MCU scale that she's here to stay. It's hard to say what the best 2021 MCU film is at this point but Eternals has certainly made it's stamp on me. I had a blast.


Different but interesting...

"Eternals" is an Action - Drama movie in which we watch the start of a new saga of Marvel. The Eternals are a group of immortal beings living on Earth, helping people throughout its whole history and through all civilizations.

I have to admit that I had high expectations from this movie since I have watched all the previous Marvel movies. A new era starts with this movie and we all have to be patient about it because time is needed for it to grow. Plenty of information came up and answered some of our questions regarding the Eternals and their purpose. "Eternals" surprised me since it was very different from what I expected but it was also interesting so, I am expecting the way that will continue it and what else it's going to present to us. The direction which was made by Chloé Zhao was good and she presented very well the main story behind Eternals but of course there is more information that needs to be presented. The interpretations of Gemma Chan who played as Sersi, Barry Keoghan who played as Druig, Lauren Ridloff who played as Makkari and Richard Madden who played as Icarus were very good. In conclusion, I have to say that "Eternals" is a nice movie as a start of a new era but we expect more from it in the future.