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IMDB: 7.6 / 10

Silencio, Bruno.

'Encanto (2021)' is, for me, easily Disney's best film of 2021. It's vibrant, colourful and energetic from its opening moments, ultimately emerging as an utterly enchanting and enjoyable experience. It's full of life and passion, balancing its cavalcade of near-neon hues and fast-paced musical cues with some genuine character development and a strong underlying theme. Of course, the flick is highly derivative of similar fare, with its set-up and ultimate payoff feeling especially well-worn even within Disney's own filmography. The thing is, though, that just because it has been done before doesn't mean it isn't worth doing again, particularly if it is done as well as it is here. The piece packs quite a bit of emotional punch and manages to truly stick its cathartic landing, presenting a message that's relevant and resonant no matter who you are. It also includes a few innovations on the formula, primarily in that it doesn't really have an actual antagonist (though you could argue that the antagonist is societal and familial pressure born from generational trauma). The final few moments come incredibly close to undermining the entire point of the plot, but the piece is just about able to have its cake and eat it, too. It does this by avoiding the most obvious way in which it could undercut its central theme, instead opting to stick to its guns when it comes to the one element that really needs to be steadfast in order for its theming not to seem hypocritical. The picture is steeped in Columbian culture, which is a treat to see, and eludes to the violent displacement that many Columbian people have sadly experienced, allowing its genuine magic to be born from genuine tragedy. It isn't exactly dark overall - in fact, it actively reduces its more grim elements to near subtext - but it has a much deeper understanding of its central themes than you may expect. The flick is just a ton of fun, too. Its animation is downright beautiful at times, and its overall aesthetic is just really magical. Its musical sequences are spectacular, both in terms of their audio and their accompanying visuals, and they do a fantastic job of advancing the story while also providing an insight into the various characters they relate to. They're also just really enjoyable. However, because of their often overly complex nature (a symptom of the way in which Lin-Manuel Miranda writes almost all of his music), I can't see myself listening to them outside of the movie. They also aren't all that memorable. Still, it's worth noting that I've only seen the feature once and that the songs may grow on me over time. It's also worth noting that almost every character feels like a richly rounded individual, afforded just enough attention so that they stand out and appear to have depth without detracting from the protagonist's internal journey. A handful of characters are given proper arcs, which are satisfying and appreciated even if some are housed entirely within a single song, and the affable hero (who seems much older than fifteen, more like a young adult) is afforded the opportunity to grow over the course of the entire affair. Her journey is one of self-actualisation, and I like how the narrative frames her development through the way she is perceived rather than the way she actually is (mild thematic spoilers to follow). She isn't 'the chosen one' or anything like that, she's simply herself and that's all she needs to be. There's never anything 'wrong' with her and she's pretty much always in the right; her journey involves both herself and her family learning to appreciate her for who she is rather than for what she can or can't do, something which ultimately applies to each member of the household (end of mild thematic spoilers). Again, this isn't groundbreaking, but it's a resonant and well-realised arc that's executed successfully enough that its culmination is actually quite affecting. Overall, this is a satisfying and entertaining animated musical. It's full of infectious energy and is just a blast pretty much from start to finish. It has a handful of plot problems I haven't touched on, but they aren't really worth mentioning because they have very little impact on the experience. It's a really enjoyable and enchanting affair that should make you smile and might make you cry. 8/10.

Disney on autopilot

When someone calls a movie "cute" in my social circle, it generally means that the movie was inoffensive but not memorable. That describes ENCANTO to a T. The characters are amusing and the animation is lovely (particularly the use of color), but the story seems less like a structured plot than a meandering series of musical setpieces. The music is not particularly memorable either-- I saw this movie two days ago and about all I can recall is the chorus of "We Don't Talk About Bruno."

I feel bad dogging it because the message of the film is a good one. The movie also features a less overdramatic presentation of a dysfunctional family, which is nice. But that's about all I can give the film-- good themes do not a great movie make.


Delightful and vibrant, if lacking at times- Encanto manages to be one of the most unique animated films from Disney in recent memory. I really enjoyed this movie, which surprised me, because I had begun to hear mixed things about it. It didn't look like anything particularly special, and I felt its rather average box office gross may have reflected that but I couldn't have been more wrong. Granted, Encanto still has its flaws. It treads similar waters of other works the animation studio has done- although thankfully is just different enough to feel unique and different. Oddly enough it also feels a little too short at times, like there could easily be a missing 25-30 mins of runtime we may never get to see- cut out to manage young children's attentions spans. Despite all this though I found myself enjoying it, and here's why. Where Encanto differs among so many other Disney products throughout the years is that it puts you in the magic. The atmosphere and visuals may certainly seem like enough to carry you along this film, and to be fair, they are extraordinary, but Encanto just carries the lost charm so many other films seem to miss and is easily such a joyful experience to watch. Its pacing is fast, maybe a little too fast, but its vibrant nature, emotional storytelling, and wonderful voice work sparks this film so much higher than films like Raya and the Last Dragon and other mediocre well animated adventures. Not to mention, the songs throughout the film are easily some of the best from Disney in years. In the end, Encanto has its messy moments, but it truly is an enchanting and charming tale. Was it as good as Pixar's Luca? No, but it certainly manages to be 2nd place.

My Rating: 8.1/10.

gorgeous and crowded

Greetings again from the darkness. Well we knew this day would come - an animated film that eclipses Pixar's COCO (2017) in vibrant colors and stunning animation. The opening credits celebrate this as Disney's official 60th animated feature film, and it's truly prismatic and a glorious visual treat. The trio of directors include ZOOTOPIA (2016) collaborators Jared Bush and Byron Howard, as well as first time director Charise Castro Smith.

The story is set in Columbia, continuing the current trend of global trekking in animated films like LUCA, MOANA, RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON, and the aforementioned COCO. It's also in keeping with Disney's feel-good approach to a kinder, gentler world where there are no real villains, and most of our protagonists discover their inner-strength. This story revolves around the Madrigal family, who live in a magical house that takes strength from a magical candle, and all of the family members possess their own special power. Well, all of them except for Mirabel (voiced exceptionally well by Stephanie Beatriz, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"). Mirabel's special night fell flat and she's the only one in the family lacking a "gift" ... and her judgmental Abuela Alma (voice by Maria Cecilia Botera, singing by Olga Merediz) never lets her forget. Of course what we notice, and no one else seems to, is that Mirabel is a caring, loving, soul, and we know a payoff is coming.

The songs are from the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the bloodlines connected to his IN THE HEIGHTS movie are readily apparent. It's likely a few of the songs will stick with kids, not the least of which is, "We Don't Talk About Bruno". What won't be as popular with kids is a story over-crowded with characters and a backstory seemingly inserted to ensure the film slides into the modern day political climate. There are simply too many characters (and too many powers) for young kids to keep track of - not to mention the two factions within the family (Julieta's side and Pepa's side). There is a flashback to the family's history and how they came to live in the magical house, and it's a story that mirrors the journey of many immigrants.

The voice acting and singing are all superb, and mostly stay consistent to the Columbian story line. And Mirabel is certainly a character we expect kids to take a shine to. She's kind and friendly and has a loving heart. Pixar tends to offer up stories that are perfectly structured, while Disney has always known how to tug on the heartstrings.

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Disney's latest animated fantasy from last year is a bit of bust. Taking place in Columbia & utilizing the people & culture (w/songs penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda) of that country, we have a family imbued w/super powers due to a magical manse. The crux is that our heroine, voiced by Brooklyn 99's Stephanie Beatriz, never got her powers when her 'coming out' ceremony took place & there's intimations the home is about to raze itself due to some unspoken conflict in the family. I guess on paper the scenario may've played out well but when you mix in the super-heroics & slight of hand shenanigans, it kept putting me in mind this plot would be better suited for a future MCU movie (mutantes anyone?). W/voice work by singer Maluma (who's also going to be in the new JLo movie), Rhenzy Feliz from the late Runaways Hulu show, Diane Guerrero from Doom Patrol, John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama & of course Alan Tudyk. Kids will be entertained but their accompanying adults most likely'll be bored.

Just act like everything is fine...

"Encanto" is a computer animated film from Disney that must be a disappointment to the studio. After all, it's overall score on IMDB is currently 7.1 (not great compared to many other Disney CGI films) and the reviews are VERY mixed. I think I understand why, as the film is NOT what most viewers would expect. Unlike other Disney CGI films, this one is NOT one I'd recommend to most children as the story is highly metaphorical and not at all cutesy or kid-oriented. Additionally, the songs are nothing like what you'd expect and are not in the least bit singable. Now this might sound like I disliked the movie, but I didn't. I appreciate that it tried to be very different and the animation is simply gorgeous.

The story is about a strange Colombian family. The family all have unusual magical abilities...except for poor Mirabel. But Mirabel sees that something is wrong with the family home...and when she tries to tell her family, they gang up on her and she is a bit of an outcast. What's next? See the film.

I appreciated how much of the story was up to the interpretation of the viewer. However, I could also see this as a problem for SOME viewers...particularly if they come from problematic families. This is because a message you can get from the film is the difficulty folks have living up to expectations. Another is that families in crisis often attack someone who points out this problem. There are probably many other interpretations and messages. As for me, I just loved that the film was unique and tried to be different....very, very different.


The Madrigals live in a magic house under the protection of an everlasting magic candle. The candle imparts a special power to each one of the Madrigal kids except for Mirabel. She feels left behind. When she has a vision of devastating cracks in the house, her Abuela wants to cover it up and ignore it.

This is a magical movie. I really like these characters and the mystery is interesting. It kept me intrigued and then the movie hits me with that revelation. That's a powerful scene. It's a scene of a reality that is more powerful than most other family-friendly animated movies are willing to go. It's the step that puts this onto another level.


6/10 - Disney Animation's latest (and 60th feature to date) seems to continue their post-Frozen/Zootopia trend of putting out half-baked films like this one that failed to delve into Colombian culture in any significant way and featured what I would consider Lin Manuel Miranda's worst collection of songs to date despite the talents of the voice cast (most of all, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz and Adassa)

Fun Family Film with Great Music

The good thing about travelling by plane over the Holidays is that it is an opportunity to catch up on Movies that were missed. Such is the case with the Disney Animation Film ENCANTO - a film that "came and went" earlier this fall.

And...I'm glad I saw it, for ENCANTO is the family-friendly, fun and heart warming film that is perfect Holiday viewing for the entire family.

Set in the magical Columbian village of ENCANTO, this film tells the tale of a family that are all given magical powers to use to help their village survive and thrive...all, that is, except for Mirabel who becomes somewhat of an outcast with her family for not having a magical gift bestowed upon her.

At first glance, this Animated Musical might remind people of the PIXAR animated film COCO from a few years ago. But that is like saying THE LITTLE MERMAID reminds you of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST or CINDERELLA reminds your of SLEEPING BEAUTY. While there are some striking similarities to COCO, ENCANTO is it's own film and serves the story of the importance of family very, very well.

Stephanie Beatriz (TV's BROOKLYN 99) is terrific as the voice of Mirabel, she has that headstrong, optimistic bent to her that many other Disney Princesses/Heroines (MOANA, Anna from FROZEN and Rapunzel in TANGLED are other examples of this). Mirabel is a solid addition to this group, she is a winning personality to spend time with.

The rest of the voices of the family fill the characters well, with the obvious standout being the great John Leguizamo (to tell you what character he voice is to spoil the film). Suffice it to say he is great.

The Direction by Jared Bush and Byron Howard (the Directors of another under-the-radar Disney Animated film, ZOOTOPIA) keep the events flowing and the many, many family members clear so as not to confuse the audience (this is no small feat), they know what they are doing and it shows. The only real mark I have against the movie is that the ending fell just a bit flat for me, but that is just a quibble in a really fine Animated movie.

And then...there is the music.

I did not realize that this film was a musical and was pleasantly tapping my toes on the airplane to the many musical numbers. I made the mental note to find out who wrote these fine tunes and was not too surprised to find out it was the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda (Broadway's HAMILTON). This musical genius has done it again.

ENCANTO is streaming on Disney+ so if you have this service and are looking for a fun, family-friendly way to pass a couple of hours, look no further than ENCANTO.

Letter Grade: A-

8 stars (out of 10) and you can take that to the Bank(ofMarquis)

Magical, but not quite enchanting as it could have been

Encanto is a creative movie featuring beautiful and vibrant animation. However, the story feels a little underdeveloped. While there are some magical and emotional moments, it seems as if they didn't know how to end the movie. The lack of a strong villain also makes this movie a little less compelling. Nevertheless, the music is fun, and we enjoyed watching Encanto together as a family.


Such a sweet family movie, showed how family dynamics can be good and bad all at the same time and how things that hold us back can hinder us from seeing the good of what we already have.

I wasn't enchanted...

When I saw the posters hanging around town for the upcoming Disney animated movie "Encanto", I must admit that I was definitely interested in watching it. Sure, I didn't even know what it was about, but I liked the posters, and let's just face it, Disney does usually pump out pretty good animated movies.

So as I had the chance to sit down and watch what directors Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith had to offer with the 2021 animated movie "Encanto", of course I did so. And thus I sat down to watch it now with my 11 year old son.

At least he thoroughly enjoyed it. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I found the storyline to be somewhat bland and tame. There wasn't much appeal to the storyline told in "Encanto" for me, so it wasn't the best of Disney animated movies by a long shot. Hold on, don't get me wrong here, because I am not saying that "Encanto" wasn't watchable or bad or anything, no, no, not at all. It was just, well, bland.

Visually, now this is where "Encanto" was hitting a home run. I have to admit that the visual effects, the graphics and CGI, the colors, the art style, and all was just spectacular. And that alone was actually making it well-worth sitting through a viewing of "Encanto". I have to tip my hat in admiration of the animators and artists here, because they definitely worked the Disney magic.

I have to admit that I was not familiar with the vast majority of the voice talents that brought the characters to life in "Encanto", aside from John Leguizamo and Wilmer Valderrama. But I will say that Disney definitely had managed to get a great ensemble of talented voice actors and actresses for "Encanto".

With "Encanto" being an animated Disney movie, of course you will be in for numerous musical segments throughout the course of the story. However, I didn't really find any of the songs in "Encanto" to be particularly catchy. Perhaps they need to be heard a couple of times in order to stand out. So on that account, then "Encanto" was lacking that Disney magic.

If you enjoy Disney animated movies, then by all means give "Encanto" a chance. It is incredibly beautiful, and perhaps you will fall in love with the storyline and the characters, just because I didn't doesn't mean that you won't.

Ultimately, then I was somewhat disappointed with "Encanto", which also reflects my mediocre rating of five stars for this 2021 animated movie. "Encanto" definitely didn't spur the need for more than a single viewing on my behalf.

fastest 3rd act in the wild west

Somehow I feel like this movie isn't finished. I see a lot of great work, and good ideas. But the story feels unfinished. This is most notible when we have the highpoint of the conflict in the last scene of the 2nd act. And this conflict is resolved the very next scene. And I can't help but feel that this story had so much more to explore. I could have seen this movie surpas coco, with it's more original story, but alas.

7/10: great but had so much more potential.


It has been a very long time since I have seen a truly amazing animated movie. This one was not only a colorful treat but also made me cry. I am not sure who's imagination this movie poured out of but it was one to remember. I definitely put this into one of my top favorite animated movie in just one watch. I know I will have to see this movie a few more times but I already love it. I loved the Tick, Tick, Tick song. It will be stuck in my head for a few days. I normally do not enjoy song and dance movies but this was a feel good movie all the way around. If you have small children this is worth a watch! Highly recommend this movie.

A well-intentioned film brought to life by its vibrant animation, nice music numbers, and solid voice acting

"Encanto" is an animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Featuring the voice of Stephanie Beatriz in the lead role, it is a well-intentioned film brought to life by its vibrant animation, nice music numbers, and solid voice acting.

In Colombia, the Madrigal family lives in the mountainous village of Encanto inside a magical sentient house under the watchful eye of Abuela Alma Madrigal (voiced by Maria Cecilia Botero). Over the years, each child of the Madrigal family has been blessed with a special unique gift intended to help others with their daily needs. Only one member of the family, the young Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz), has no gift whatsoever and is treated differently as a result. One evening, Mirabel discovers that the magic surrounding the house is starting to fade away but the rest of her family refuse to believe her. Wishing to regain her family's favour and save them from losing their gifts, Mirabel sets off to learn what is causing the magic to diminish.

I like what Disney has been doing with their animated films lately. Not only are they beautifully rendered in their signature 3D art style but they also acknowledge different cultures from around the world with their emphasis on the importance of family values and bonding. "Encanto" takes us on a journey into the world of South America (Colombia to be precise), and while it isn't the first Disney animated film to be set in a Latin country (see Pixar's "Coco"), it still manages to be just as entertaining.

Living on the opposite end of the world, I know very little about Latin America outside of what I get to see in films and TV shows so a movie like this is the only real way for me to experience it at present. From what I can gather, it seems many countries over there appear to have in common that loyalty to one's family is the most important trait for a person to have. A theme like this translates perfectly into a film like "Encanto" (Spanish for "Enchanted") since it is a timeless concept that resonates with everyone regardless of his or her age.

The film quickly establishes that what has held the Madrigal family together for so long is Abuela's longing for her decedents to continue what she believes is best for the house and the village. Due to the generational gaps between Abuela and her younger relatives, they don't always see eye-to-eye as each of their unique gifts carry a certain responsibility they may not be best suited for. This is where Mirabel comes into the equation. The fact that she does not have any special gift to offer causes much conflict among others around her, which makes her something of an outcast. But despite this, Mirabel doesn't bear any ill will against those who doubt her, instead handling them with patience and maturity, which is a nice message to teach any young people who don't yet know what their calling in life might be. In other words, it's okay to be a late bloomer.

The musical numbers, composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda of "Hamilton" fame, were also a nice addition to the film. My favourite song would have to be "Surface Pressure", sung by Mirabel's physically strong older sister Luisa. In it, Luisa laments that she is biting off more than she can chew by taking on too many responsibilities than she is capable of. These type of songs added some much needed depth to minor supporting characters like her, making the Madrigals feel more like a real family. I won't talk too much else about the rest of the tunes since most of them reveal spoilers regarding the film's true message so all I will say is that if you like animated Disney musicals like "Moana" (which also had songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda) then this is right up your alley.

Much like "Raya and the Last Dragon", which was released earlier in the year, this film is a visual marvel. There's so much attention-to-detail brimming in nearly every frame. Even simple things like Mirabel's hair waving in the breeze stand out so much due to the amount of care the animators must have placed on making it look as realistic as possible. Additionally, the film's dynamic use of colour means there's never anything dull on screen. This is particularly noticeable during the musical numbers, where it adds so much personality to everything surrounding whoever may be singing. Granted, the film didn't have as many groundbreaking animation techniques we haven't seen before, but since "Raya" had already set the bar so high, it feels like a petty complaint at this stage.

Stephanie Beatriz injects a nice dose of likeability into her performance as Mirabel. When she was first introduced, I thought her character was just going to be another generic outcast who eventually learns how to be more accepted by others but the further the movie progressed, the more I realised there's a lot more to her than simply that. Mirabel is actually the mediator between each of her family members, which makes for an interesting character trait considering she has no gifted powers like everyone else. As for the rest of the cast, I also liked Maria Cecilia Botero as Abuela, the grand matriarch of the Madrigal family. Despite her stern demeanor giving off an antagonistic vibe, she is not really a villain but rather someone who is not used to having her authority challenged by someone else. I like that the film explored her back-story to show why she acts this way, which made her a more compelling character in the end.

Although I think Pixar's "Coco" may have done a better job at exploring Latin American culture, "Encanto" works just as effectively as a companion piece to that 2017 film. I love to learn about other countries through the art of cinema and this film has helped me do just that. Given the state of things right now, it will be a while before I can make another international trip to find out more about the world around me but I take comfort in the fact that these types of movies can help fill the void for the time being.

I rate it 8/10.

Could have been better

Gorgeous animation, but shallow story plot and little character development. It needed fewer Lin-Manuel Miranda songs to be totally honest and more native Colombian artist songs. But I will reiterate that the animation is top notch. They did pay lots of attention to details. In particular, the racial mix of the characters. They nailed it correctly there. I also love some of the dance scenes between the characters.

When it comes out on Disney Plus, I hope they swap out some of the Miranda songs for native Colombian songs in the Spanish audio track. Fingers crossed. Nothing personal against him because I am a fan of Hamilton and some of his other works. But I don't think his songs worked well here.

Edit 12/24/2021____.

I didn't realize the film is up on Disney plus today. The film with the Latin American audio track is far superior to the English one. I'm raising my rating from 7 to 8. Highly recommend watching it completely in Spanish.

Gifted people

Disney's Encanto is a fun and funny time. The animation is beautiful and colorful with nice characters.

The characters either have unique abilities or have likable personalities, especially with the main character Mirabel. Mirabel is a fun and likable character you like following through the story.

The songs by Lin Manuel Miranda are catchy and fun to listen to. With great voice actors singing the songs it makes you get invested with the plot.

This is the 60th Disney animated movie, which is really impressive and I hope they make more great animated movies in the future.

Encanto(2021) much better than I was expecting.

Cinema Sowing 7:20 pm

The manger comped me a free 2nd showing as I had nowhere to go as I had no power or heat it was 9°F by morning .

Colorado Springs after wind gust more than 100 mph hit the Pikes Peak Region Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021.

I lost power for over 80 hours it was restored at 4:00 am this morning , lucky my pipes in my 120 year old home did not freeze . I was tiered of freezing my butt -off off so I went to see the only movie on Friday night that I had not already seen. Encanto was a welcome distraction and much better than I was expecting.

"Encanto" means "enchantment" or "spell" in Spanish, and the movie lives up to its name.

Encanto is a very well executed animated musical with some heavy emotional punch.

The animation team really swung for the fences with the beautiful animation style , Encanto is quite a sight to behold visually . The musical numbers were quite entertaining and toe tapping . I did not find myself rolling my eyes to much with Disney's


diversity; it played it fairly well into the theme of the

importance cultures and family!

Stephanie Beatriz in Encanto (2021)

She has a heck of a singing voice. Her articulation of the lyrics was phenomenal. The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift -- every child except Mirabel. However, she soon may be the Madrigals last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger.

Encanto is a great Disney animated movie . Fun, extremely vibrant an emotional animated film that also has great messages and mature themes. Very fun take on hero's and their superpowers . I will be buying this on Blu-ray to add to my collection releases in February. 8/10.

colorful fun but lacking with its memorable musical scenes.

4 out of 5 stars.

Encanto is a cute family film. That delivers a family theme story. Beautiful and colorful animation with a talented voice cast. The musical sequences are good but not as outstanding and memorable like most Disney films.

Gentle family feature for Christmas.

Whilst this is set in Colombia, it is easily and readily transportable to any location in the world where an extended family/community live and work together harmoniously. This feature adds a magical aspect to that existence, with each child being born there being given a gift by their sacred candle. Some of these gifts are more useful than others, it has to be said, but when "Mirabel" is born without one and when a few years later their whole existence seems on the brink of collapse, it falls to this young girl and her cousin "Bruno" to try and save their close knit family as the gifts and the candle start to fail. I am not really the greatest fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda's lyrics, I find they rely too much on repetition, but here he has quite a few toe-tapping numbers - though no real killer-song, to complement a kindly script with a soup?on of humour and plenty of high quality animated antics that easily passes 100 minutes. As with most Disney movies, there is an underlying moral about trust, integrity, nature and family - but it's not too overwhelmingly delivered, nor too sentimental, and there is still plenty of fun to be had whilst watching (so long as you are not one of the donkeys!). It's not really a film I suspect i will remember next month, but it looks good on a big screen with decent audio and I did quite enjoy it.