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IMDB: 6.7 / 10

total chaos

I guess the main reason why I didn't really liked it was the fact that Neo and <Trinity were played by original cast but Morpheus and Smith wasn't. You can try to explain this throughout the movie but then the story became chaos.

On part of the effects it's all great and the fight scene's were stunning too but the further you went into this flick the more it lost it's attraction.

It starts off rather okay with the making of the game but once they do get into the matrix I was lost. And why does every flick has to be over hours? You really have to get a strong story to do so.

So overall, nice to see the fighting scene's again and the classic shots from the original but one you have seen and forgot all about the next day.

Gore 0/5Nudity 0/5Effects 5/5Story 2,5/5Comedy 0/5.

Mister Anderson We Missed You (not really)

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (2021) ** Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jonathan Groff, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith, Priyanka Chopra Jones, Christina Ricci, Lambert Wilson. The Wachowskis return to the sci-fi action franchise reuniting Neo & Trinity (Reeves and Moss in their iconic roles) in a mega meta way that manages to balance reality with surreality in recognizing the fact that life is still not what it seems. While the largesse of visual effects outweighs the heavy handed plot line littered with annoying new characters and not inviting old cast members back (hello Laurence Fishburne & Hugo Weaving) the heart of its protagonists' love story keeps things pointed in spite of the overachieving ass-kicking and wow stunt work.

Come on, it isn't that bad!

Yeah, this to me would probably rank third next to the third "Matrix" film, but I don't get the hate it gets. I agree that the first third is easily the best part. It has some great meta references where they make fun of themselves for the sequel. It was disappointing to not see Lawrence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving again. So, the story is that 60 years have passed and another Matrix has been created. This was caused by a war between the factions of the machines who didn't want to help the humans and those who did.

It actually was interesting to see some good machines (or "sentients") even though it wasn't the best part of the film. I admit that in the first movie, Neo and Trinity's romance wasn't that well established. This gets a recommendation because it really does expand on that idea. Realistically, given how the Earth was still in ruins after the third movie, it makes sense the world would be like this now. Maybe I just associate with not knowing which pill to take. I'm still glad I saw it and I think the good outweighed the bad...but not by THAT much. ***

Great start, then progressively worse

A lot of effort went into the story, with details and references and self references and in-jokes. And yet, in the last act of the film, it felt like who ever wrote the thing ran out of ideas and just did random things. That felt like a betrayal. Then there was the film itself, which consistently felt less evolved, in both effects and fight choreography, than the original film *from 22 years ago!*. Last but not least, there were the characters. Keanu and Carrie-Ann aside, the rest of the people had no characterization at all and the actors, some I knew from other stuff like Sense8, had less to work with than in the TV series they were grabbed from. Remember how awesome Max Riemelt was in Sense 8? Here he was a yes man with a bad accent. Remember how amazing and fun Lambert Wilson was in the original Matrix films? Here he was no more than an obscenity spouting homeless crazy person. I think Jonathan Groff did a reasonable job, but his character was all over the place. And so on.

I don't want to touch on the sexual orientation of most of the actors or the agenda that is always pushed by the Wackowskis, because it doesn't really matter here. Put all that aside and it's still a mess of a film.

Bottom line: if it were a random low budget scifi, it would have been average. As a sequel to The Matrix, it has great potential and it failed miserably.

I understand HOW it exists, but I still don't understand WHY it exists

The Matrix Resurrections does an adequate job of explaining HOW it exists as a sequel to the trilogy, yet it doesn't really justify WHY it exists. It's good to see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss back in their respective roles, although the rest of the cast (and some of the action scenes) are fairly forgettable. This sequel also has the same pretentious tone the other sequels have. None of them are as great as our first trip into The Matrix.

The Matrix reboot nobody asked for

Well except the producers who surely had dollar signs instead of eyes ... although why anyone thought it was a good idea to release this a week after Spider-Mans No way home is beyond me. That could never work ... not just because of the pandemic we are still fully experiencing.

I understand people being dissapointed. We have romantic views of things of the past, even more so in times like these. No I'm not trying to put you in a bad mood. We are all in this together - no pun intended. Having an escape like the Matrix ... I reckon some would choose to go and take the blue pill(s). If they were offered to them.

While I wrote reboot, you could also go revisit, reimagined, rewritten, remembered, rebranded and so forth .. maybe some of those will be used for a future entry in the Matrix saga (which can't be called a trilogy anymore ... not that logic has stopped anyone from doing things .. inside or outside the Matrix).

Add to that recasted ... fans were not smitten when they heard that Laurence Fishburn was not ... reprising his role. Hey I don't remake these words up, they already exist - I am just reusing them. Ok I'll try to stop - maybe, let's just ... return to the movie.

Now the role of Morpheus exists, but it seems someone else inhabits that role ... why? Well the movie is going to tell you why. There is a "logical" explanation for it. I put logical in ", because that same logic does not seem to apply for other character who are ... reprising their roles. Almost a shame it is not written with "Ri" ... a Rihanna obsessed friend of mine would get a kick out of that.

That aside and logic kicked to the curb, the movie is quite openly mocking itself. As camp as you can get. Neo is being sought out ... for not apparent reason (that doesn't count into the words that start with "re", right?). But we don't need logic and explanations, when we get visual treats and fan service that should satisfy those watching. On a big screen if possible.

Yes Keanu looks a bit like John Wick in this (which considering they shot the movies close together makes sense after all) - don't hate him for that. He may not be the best dramatic actor out there, but he has created or rather portrayed some really memorable characters on screen. We'll remember him for that ... that would be a good point to close the ... review actually.

But on we go, because the action sequences are something to be talked about (really well made, even if Keanu uses a force now more often that not) and the fact that you have two villains who both are a great combination and help elevate the movie to a new level.

Accept this for the campy trip it is supposed to be, be happy for the new generation that can enjoy a Matrix movie, and try to enjoy this romp with great visual effects. Also stay through the credits for a bonus scene - and if you like it or not, the Matrix probably will always return in one way or another ...

Hell yes

I was a bit confused at first, but be patient, it all sorts itself out and then it is nothing short of fantastic. The action scenes, the effects, and of course Reeves and Moss. They brought the chemistry and the bad ass - ness. The vibe was unmatched.

The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix was a landmark film when it was released. As for the two sequels that followed. Less said about them the better.

The Matrix Resurrections has Lana Wachowski as the main director. She has bought a meta element to the movie. She might even be poking fun at Christopher Nolan movies.

In one scene Thomas Anderson is told that Warner Brothers are going through a tough time and demand a sequel.

The question for Neo is. Whether he is in the real world or whether it is a computer game. Maybe the post credit scene will tell you more. It certainly parodies the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It starts with an interesting beginning. The older Neo and Trinity suggests that the Matrix story might go to different places. The flashbacks to the previous films comes across as playful.

The middle of the movie is where it flags. It has the same issues as the sequels and just feels uninspired.

The end has some horrifying set pieces. The writers also poke fun at the right wing which has tried to co-opt the message of the Matrix movies.

At least Neo would come away thinking that you should never tell everything to your analyst.

Resurrections is a flawed film, it is too long but it is the best of the Matrix sequels.

Resurrections returns an old franchise with new twists and action

3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Matrix Resurrections is a pretty fair science fiction action film that succeeds as a sequel in continuing the franchise. After the third film Revolutions concluded the story arc. Yes, it succeeds as a sequel. Yes, returning characters like Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and even Jada Pinkett Smith making almost an unrecognizable appearance. The story is a bit mix, it works and also feels kind of weak compared to previous films. It works in continuing as a fourth installment without giving too much details. Old characters making a return as new faces played by new actors like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jonathan Groff. Jessica Henwick also stealing the spotlight as Bugs. Neill Patrick Harris playing an Analyst.

The story is pretty decent. Characters back in the Matrix world. And new threats are on the rise. The future world is also running a little different as well. Story is weaker compared to the trilogy which a lot is at stake. Resurrections is reigniting the franchise. And maybe opening the doors to something more if they make sequels.

The action sequences are awesome. Slo mo is back with characters fighting and dodging bullets. The climatic motorcycle chase with Trinity and Neo being chased by an army of swarm bots that's taking control of the people is thrilling. The visual effects are cool and the futuristic world is stunning seeing that back on the big screen.

Keanu Reeves is back as Neo. Starting the film feeling lost in the matrix world did have a slow start for the first half hour. Carrie Anne-Moss playing Tiffany who is a mother and has a family now was different. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is decent in his role which is different for the character he is playing. Jessica Henwick is awesome as Bugs and stole the show. Jonathan Groff also is great as the new agent and also stole the spotlight for his short role. Neill Patrick Harris is good as the analyst. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is good playing a character that has a connection from previous films.

The weakest part about the film besides the story not being its strong moment. The pacing of the film can be slow at times or run a little too long at dramatic moments. The film did have a slow start until Neo noticing something is wrong with the world.

Overall, The Matrix Resurrection is a pretty fair come back with mind blowing action, visual effects and cast ensemble. Pacing and story might be its weak points. It was great to see it in theatres.

No comment, really, seriously, no comment . . .

Since my movie watching habits were very late, I generally like very bad movies. I was very excited for The Matrix 4.

But... But... But...The movie is awful.

Even though the movie was bad, I still went to the cinema. The movie was boring.

The script was bad.

The footage was bad.

The fights and action were terrible.

The first part of the movie was a parody movie, the second part was a cheap action movie, and the third part was a zombie movie.

Most people liked the first parts of the movie, but I didn't like it at all.

Agent Smith and Morpheus were not good in this movie. Morpheus was an insult to the original Morpheus.

This movie was not needed. This movie is an insult to the Matrix movies.

Yet Another Clunker of a Mess from the Sex Change Director

Hollywood really has to stop giving this dude (and his brother) money to make these horrible movies. The first Matrix film was great. Ever single sequel and other non-Matrix movies these two have made have sucked and been bombs.

Doesnt that tell you something?

Reeves can't act. How he's a star is a mistery. I see him here and there at the hotel wherehe lives and he's a nice guy. But man he cant cat.

The plot is scattered to put it most politely. It's a real murky mess that is impossible to follow. And it's like 2.5 hours long. Feels like 2 days.

It's truly the worst movie of 2021.

An Honest Review

"Not needed" comes to mind. Sure the original trilogy didn't end well but like so many other 20 year later sequels and reboots no one asked for it.

And like so many others it just cheapened the original.

Replacements no one asked for either. Fishburn was iconic and replacing him, replacing Smith, they just left a bad taste in your mouth. The twist on Fishburns character was also unwanted and deeply insulting to fans.

But that is always what happens when you do these things.

Wow was that TERRIBLE usually Keanu doesnt make a cash grab but this was an OBVIOUS attempt!!

What the frick did we just watch I actually wanted to turn it off after 20 minutes but figured it's free on HBO so might as well finish it. Even at free it was BAD it wasnt even a bad b title. Reeves just breezed through it showed no emotion no decent fight scenes nothing improved over the 22 year wait. His John Wick movies are all awesome you always get phenomenal action phenomenal fights and a decent story. This was bad in every possible way. Oh and it just shows YOU NEEDED HUGO WEAVING!!! He didn't get enough credit for the matrix movies. And Neil Patrick Harris as a Villian...IN A MATRIX FILM.. WHAT??? Wow what a complete let down this train wreck was... shame on you reeves!! Now I'm worried about John Wick 4!!!

The Matrix Rehash

I know it must be tempting to get the old cash cow out of the barn for one last miking, but this is just one temptation too far. It's not so much that the story is weak (it is), it's that it all takes far too long for the "Neo" (Keanu Reeves) and "Trinity" (Carrie-Anne Moss) characters to get up and running. Reeves has largely lost his freshness and vivacity and the baddies exude all the menace of a wet lettuce. At best the supporting casting borders on the bizarre - Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris are both far better sticking to their more familiar genres, and Jessica Henwick's "Bugs" character, though feisty, was just far too flat. The graphics are all old hat, as are the time-shifting themes and action scenes. There is plenty of gun totin', but nothing at all innovative. This was entertaining and escapist stuff first time around in 1999, but at 2? hours this is slow and repetitive with some seriously wilting dialogue and the real time/their time narrative just bored me. It certainly looks good on a big screen, I fear what little it does have will not work at all on the television, but otherwise - sorry, this is poor.

For those who like this sort of thing ...

As Miss Jean Brodie once observed, 'for those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like' and enough people liked the original "The Matrix" to turn it into a trilogy. "The Matrix" movies were technical marvels full of gobbledygook and it hardly mattered that they didn't make much sense but strung together they added up to almost seven hours of screen time and that's an awful lot of gobbledygook and time spent inside what is basically a computer game. After the third "Matrix" film the Wachowskis decided to call it a day, wisely I thought, so why now 'the Resurrections'? Don't filmmakers know when to leave well enough alone?

Anyone coming fresh to "The Matrix Resurrections" won't have a clue what's going on and even if you've been here before you still won't have a clue what's going on. These are movies for gaming nerds and computer geeks who can't tell pretentious bull from real life, (btw, I think I just cracked a Matrix joke!), so now Lana Wachowski has come up with the idea of making a self-reverential sequel to the trilogy that tells us we're watching a Warner Brothers sequel to the trilogy and she's 'resurrected' Keanu Reeves, (you know, the actor with the personality of artificial intelligence minus the intelligence), as Thomas Anderson aka Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity while Morpheus is now a lot younger and sexier than Laurence Fishburne ever was.

On a technical and visual level this movie is still a marvel but sadly it takes itself very seriously when it's really a spoof, or should be, of the earlier Matrix movies. Come to think of it, the second and third Matrix movies should have been spoofs of the original rather than sequels while Reeves cements his reputation as the world's worst actor. On the plus side there's Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris as the bad guys and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is excellent as the new Morpheus. Reeves spends a good deal of time saying 'this can't be happening'; unfortunately it is, on a screen near you. I have a feeling even nerds are going to be disappointed this time round.

The Wachowski brothers/sisters have overstayed their welcome.

My first issue is the casting; replacing with/adding all these kids to play adult roles makes for an immature and unconvincing film. The new Morpheus character was a joke and embarrassment to the original Matrix. I felt he was making a mockery more than anything else to Fishburne's character. Then adding a "captain" who looks 16 years old with blue hair and named Bugs(??) is cringeworthy and infantile. And how did most of these new characters develop a barely-legible British accent lmao? The only convincing and exciting actor was the amazing Keanu Reeves, who also gave us some laughs. Even Jada Pinkett Smith's acting felt as old and outdated as her characters age.

My next issue is the lazy convoluted and dull writing with the constant flashbacks from the previous films, that pretty much made this film a lame repeat of the original Matrix. Don't get me started on the major plot and technical issues. The entire first quarter of the film was just nonsense. The camerawork, mediocre action sequences and editing were amateurishly choppy and sloppy. The only interesting (and different) narrative was the love story, but that's not the only part the Matrix fans want to see. May as well just watch reruns of Teen Wolf.

The cinematography, V/SFX and score were the only decent parts. Time for Wachowski to take up needlepoint. It's a generous 7/10 from me.

This is why you never walk back to a dud...

Sometimes you just should leave something in the past. And so it was with the 2021 movie "The Matrix Resurrections" from director Lana Wachowski. Of course, with the popularity of the original trilogy, then I can understand why they wanted to cash in on this franchise. But come on...

Personally, I think the movies have been gradually sliding downhill ever since part one, with each movie becoming more and more of a farce. And this 2021 movie simply tops the cake with cheese factor. I wasn't the least bit entertained by Lana Wachowski's "The Matrix Resurrections", and I was struggling to stay awake throughout the course of it, and the storyline just failed to entertain me. In fact, I walked out on the movie halfway through. And believe you me, this is not a movie that I will be returning to finish watching.

Sure, it was interesting enough to see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return to the movie, but after 18 years it was just no longer relevant. And with the absence of both Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving then "The Matrix Resurrections" just stood on impossibly weakened ground. And I can't say that having Yahya Abdul-Mateen II or Neil Patrick Harris in the movie was bringing much thrill to me.

Visually then "The Matrix Resurrections" was quite impressive. Of course it was, just like the original trilogy, then the CGI in the movie was off the charts. But you know, CGI effects can only do so much for a movie without a proper script and storyline.

I found "The Matrix Resurrections" to be the worst of all four movies in the franchise thus far. But then again, I wasn't thrilled when they announced this movie was in the works, nor was it something I had been anxiously waiting to get to watch.

My rating of "The Matrix Resurrections" lands on a three out of ten stars.

blah blah blah blah

Blah blah blah = how much talking and exposition is in this movie. The original matrix had a lot of talking too, but every conversation is intriguing. In this movie, it bored me to death. Almost put me to sleep.

Blah blah blah = the mess of a story that is this movie. It's all over the place and feels like a bunch of nonsense mashed together.

Blah blah blah = the unclear and uninspiring action. The fight scenes in the first two movie are amongst the best ever put to screen, including Asian cinema. The action in Reloaded is incredible. In this movie, it just feels like action vomit all over the screen. It ranges from mediocre to bad. And only one part is memorable (certain things are falling onto the street). The fight scenes suffer from close ups and quick cuts, something we never see in the originals.

The more I think about it, a 4 star rating seems generous. But that's how I felt leaving the theater. There is some good here. But I don't think I'd bother giving it another chance. (1 viewing, 12/23/2021)

Don't expect any more than a great movie!

As much as the Matrix... "freed our minds" with a philosophy that's so in ingulfed into pop culture over 20 years later, that it makes this sequel seem like just another movie, The Matrix is also about an advancement of visual effects that blew people's minds.

I kinda knew this film would not be able to do that. The special effects on the Matrix Resurrections look no more special than any other movie I've seen in the past 20 somewhat years, so Lana Wachowskis just has to live with the fact that she invented the whole she put herself in (not a bad legacy to have)Snice they could not beat what they did they embraced it. Like how the visual effects were an important story arch to the original movie this also makes the groundbreaking "Bullet time" as a major story plot in the picture, and I have to confess that may not have been the best idea because like a ton of movies that followed The Matrix, pointing out the Bullet time effect to exploit it did not really make the movie better.

Getting back to the philosophy, it's not groundbreaking, its nostalgic. In that way it's fun. The fourth installment is all too aware of itself and its place in cinema history and it makes fun of it, which made the movie fun.

The one part of the philosophy I did love was the upgrade on the fellowship between Neo and Trinity. I remember seeing the first matrix and thinking it was perfect until one of my teachers pointed out a flaw in which Trinity's only purpose in the film was to be in love with Neo, a perfect movie stereotype. I feel like number four has evolved their relationship beyond the common construct of love and I'll be happy to talk about that to anyone who wants to listen (and even those who don't). If Resurrections gave me anything it's that.

Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves. We all love him and seeing him in anything would be boss. This could have been John Wick four of Bill and Ted four or Speed 3 and we would totally want to see Keanu in it. It was great seeing Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity again totally happy about that and last and certainly great, Jada Pinkett Smith reprises her role from the first round of sequels, and it all works for me. It's the best.

Jonathan Groff was an actor who played an old character in a new form, and I liked what he did as that character. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is a great actor playing an old character in a new form and unfortunately for his greatness nobody in the audience is going to say they prefer his version of the character over the originator.

Out of the new characters I liked one named Bugs the best, but it's not saying much. I understood the focus on the old characters over the new, but I also feel that the new characters were weak and underdeveloped.

My biggest complaint: not enough kung fu in it!

I said a lot and I would say more but the interesting thing about talking about the Matrix 4 is that it reveals too much about the movie. It's not going to change your life like the first one. It's like playing an 8-bit game upgraded with 16-bit graphics, but importantly it's still a great movie to watch.

So, take the red pill.

What a disappointment.

This is so cheap that they basically remade the first film yet made it also a sequel at the same time. The majority of the film has the same structure as the first film and most scenes are exactly the same just altered...

The good thing is that CGI is very high quality, but at the same time action scenes feel so generic and uninspired, way inferior to the original film, I admit a few moments were cool, but most action not only feel weak but poorly executed like fights feel like they were made by people who don't know how to fight so they just try to imitate what fighting supposed to look like from what they've seen somewhere else.

Music is trying real hard to imitate the soundtrack of original films yet feels weaker and more like rip-offs than remixes or remakes of old tracks.

What's up with all the references and literally showing footage from previous films? Do they think we have forgotten the films completely? But the insulting part is that film acknowledges that it references itself to the point that it literally tells that fact a few times - as a joke? I guess, sort of breaking the 4th wall but not really I guess. It's just so lame.

There are also so many embarrassing scenes, I laughed so hard at some of the stuff that if this film isn't meme material - I don't know what is then.

Also, many of the returning characters often feel completely out of character, and I despise how they treated most characters that do not return for this film. It feels like that Matrix parody by CollegeHumor.

Most importantly this feels very long (and it is), yet it shows almost nothing cool, most of it just replicates the first film also making it somehow longer yet worse in every way with the only exception being a much better CGI. It's such a shame that such uninspired sequels like this exist.