Reviews for Kaufman's Game ( ) 720p

IMDB: 3.9 / 10

No wave of film noir

A great Movie - new generation of film noir . People used to love die hard and transformers can't understand it I guess ! :)

psychological thriller with vintage old times references

Slow and eerie, don't expect car crash and explosions!it s been made with almost no budjet by a director / writer / student 20 years old and the result is great . many references to Kafka, Kubrick ( clockwork orange bridge) , pure psychological game. No death, no blood . Good to see today films like you could see in the 1970s.

1 star because the ordeal ends

The most entertaining thing about this movie are the three 'Shills' (so far) that have submitted gushing reviews. Click on each of the reviewers and you might be amazed to find that this abomination is the only film they're reviewed. Shills and amoeba both have one thing common, just the one braincell.

The movie is one of those 'straight to the garbage bin' titles.

A great looking film, that stays with you

When Stanley, a man with a passion for boxing has a chance encounter (or maybe not so chance encounter) with a dodgy looking stranger outside the gymnasium we know things arent going to go to well for Stanley. Never talk to strangers we are told as children and if only Stanley had listened. The stranger offers Stanley a specially produced steroid that will keep him sharp and improve his life as we as his boxing., Stanley does what we know he shouldn't and he accepts the offer and soon finds himself drawn into the ever more violent operations of a powerful organization (think the creepy looking people from The X Files, but without the science fiction elements) ,and unwittingly enters into a series of tests designed to prove his mettle. Kaufmans Game is a beautifully filmed story and with sort of European feel to it that throws you off a little but keeps you hooked to find out what is going on and what will happen to poor old Stanley.

There is a creepy shadowy feel to Kaufmans Game and everyone seems to talk in a somewhat slow, deliberate manner which can be a bit unnerving to the viewer (well it was to me)but this is part of the style that I loved about the story Kaufmans Game is the latest film that I watched, and then I couldnt shake off for several days but I love that about movies. Theres nothing worse than a forgettable movie and Kaufmans Game certainly isnt that, plus the addition of yet another wonderful score from one of my favourite musicians, composer Philippe Jakko (Allies) which makes the feel more attractive and watchable, there is a lot to love about Kaufmans Game even if at times, you arent sure what the hell is going on with poor old Stanley (wonderfully played by Jye Frasca)

Writer-Director Helier Bissell-Thomas has put together one of the most unique films Ive seen this year and I thank him (and the crew) for that. Im sure that I will be thinking about Kaufmans Game for a long time to come. Check the film out when you can.

1 star is generous

Mundane non-sensical tripe! This is actually the first film I fell asleep in at the cinema. There's no need to worry about spoilers as I have no idea what really happened. An unemployed boxer (who never boxes) is chosen for a job because he has 'drive'!

I could go into more details but it would just be more examples of bad acting, poor lighting and awful story telling. Simply put, it's probably the worst film I've ever seen.

Wouldn't have normally left a review but some rather questionable reviews on here have made me feel compelled to.

Film without substance

Went to see this with a friend of mine last month, should have stayed in the bar, a lot more going on in there. Had to write a review as I've seen some high rating reviews put up that must have backing from the film maker on this sorry excuse. Story made no sense, a boxer who wants to become a better boxer but does not box! has no life really. It's hard to care about any of the characters. Some of the acting was ok, I hope they go onto better.

Tense, Atmospheric and Exciting

Kaufman's game is a real throwback to old school Hitchcock-era movies with an extremely compelling story, great characters, and a very much needed refreshing spin to the modern noir genre. Very excited see more of this genre. A 10/10 for Kaufman's game for me.


Great Film from a First Time Director. Well shot, great performances and a twisting plot show that you don't need a big budget to make a great movie.

Very excited to see what this Director does next.


What an amazing film and a clever storyline, would recommend anyone to go and watch it! :)


I notice I am the first to review this movie. I could not recommend it to anybody as it is so inane that the award of one star should be considered generous.Plausibility is thrown out the window when a would-be boxer accepts anabolic steroids from a complete stranger, in return it seems at first, for nothing.The so called plot then moves at a snail's pace, quite often without a scriptThis review contains no spoilers because I do not know how it ended even though I watched the full movie!I'm sorry that I cannot provide something positive about a film in which there are no sympathetic characters, the script rarely propels any plot, incidents revealed are quite implausible...but the music was good in parts.