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IMDB: 6.9 / 10

108 mins of boredom to reveal 'nothing'.

U dont come to watch a horror or a thriller movie for the lead actor's performance.

The movie basically starts off like What lies Beneath but with a lousy climax, it is also lifted from various other psychological movies where they take solid amount of time, show the lead actress at peril throughout while nothing happens to her and then they end with a so called happy ending.

There is a scene where the lead actress discovers lots of dead bodies but rather than calling 911 or trying to flee, the lead actress calls her best friend n later head for the shower.

Great Idea, Superb Atmosphere, Good Acting Then...

It all fizzled out with the denouement!

I thought I had found a really good horror mystery film until the last ten minutes when it all went to hell in a handbasket...literally...

Such a shame as it had superb atmosphere, acting was top notch and a real sense of dread pervaded every scene and for once a horror film that was quite scary but then it all went plop right down the Thomas Ritter!

Shame as it might have gotten a 7 or above rating!!!

creepy and well done

First there is Hall who, until now, has been punching below her weight class and finally gets to show she can carry a film. A tight script, nicely directed. And some genuinely scary scenes.

too slow ,too long.

Feel like its not holding together right.

Main actress hold the movie together .

Script would beneficiate a rewrite and movie a bigger budget.

I really wanted the movie to be better as the story had potential .

The soundtrack can get from quiet to annoyingly loud at times.


Amazing Rebecca Hall...

"The Night House" is a mystery Mystery - Horror movie in which we watch a widow trying to continue her life after the loss of his husband. Soon she starts finding out some disturbing secrets about her husband that will change her world for ever.

I liked this movie because it had a very interesting plot and it combined very well mystery with horror. The interpretation of Rebecca Hall who played as Beth was simply outstanding and she made the difference. The direction which was made by David Bruckner was also very good and he presented very well his main character, her feelings and what she has been through. Finally, I have to say that "The Night House" is a nice, interesting horror movie and I strongly recommend everyone to watch it because I am sure that you will be amazed both by the interpretation of Rebecca Hall and by the interesting and mysterious plot.

Existential drama meets supernatural horror

"The Night House" follows a widowed teacher (Rebecca Hall) whose husband has recently committed suicide. Alone in the home he built for them, she soon becomes convinced that his ghost is haunting her, and perhaps something else.

This effort from David Bruckner is stylish and fairly compelling, even where it treads waters that have been played out many times in the genre (grieving spouse, possibly haunted by their deceased loved one--not exactly a new concept). Other elements here recall 2004's "Gothika" and 2001's "What Lies Beneath," both films to which "The Night House" owes much credit. Despite the familiar set-up here, "The Night House" is very effective for the most part, replete with quiet scares and a few jolt-out-of-your-seat moments.

The first hour or so of the film is very compelling, and a large part of why likely has more to do with Rebecca Hall's performance than it does with the writing. The film moves forward at an even-keel pace, but unfortunately the payoff does not quite fully work--the very nature of what is happening is rendered in such a way that it at times feels obfuscated, toeing the line between an existentialist meditation and a demonic possession film--and somehow remaining committed to both.

All in all, this is an entertaining crossbreed of drama and horror, but by the end, the waters feel too familiar and the payoff not quite worth it. Hall's performance holds it together, and the film is highly watchable nonetheless. A worthy genre effort, but not a groundbreaking one (and perhaps it need not be). 7/10.

Enter the Night

Rebecca Hall is a fine actress and many times she gets roles in movies with a special twist and atmosphere: The Prestige, The Awakening, The Gift, Dorian Gray, Transcendence to name a few. The Night House lines in well in her oeuvre: a mix of mystery, thriller and a slight piece of occult horror. Remarkable, besides Rebecca's performance, are the sometimes beautiful shots that compose the scenes. Last words: the told story is suspenseful enough to keep one's interest, the production fine, the cast rock solid - recommended if you enjoy movies like The Awakening, The Hole in the Ground, The Attic, Mama, Vivarium and so on, just don't expect any action or gore.

If you enjoy "atmosphere" in horror movies, then this one's for you! [+68%]

I will mostly remember The Night House for Rebecca Hall's excellent performance as a widow trying to unfurl her dead husband's secrets. Not only does she successfully drive the film to its twisted supernatural finale, but she also makes us root for her. The details are revealed in a slow-burn fashion with just the right amount of jump-scares. The Night House is also a film that looks visually rich and boasts a solid soundscape. The final act borders on the frenetic and is a bit rushed compared to the rest of the film, but it still feels like a major storm has rushed past.

It wouldn't be wrong to remark that David Bruckner pays more attention to evoking tension than fixing it. Multiple questions pop up towards the end, and they're mostly answered in a hurried but convincing way. As the film revolves around an inexplicable suicide, it tries to bait the viewer with various tangents at different junctures cleverly - some clichés are neatly subverted. Bruckner creates an atmosphere that's equal parts creepy and mysterious, using close-up shots of Hall to scintillating effect. The way he characterizes and captures Death is impressive. The Night House is one of the more engaging atmospheric horror flicks of the year, no doubt!


David Bruckner, who showed his style with The Ritual, once again made an appearance with a good movie.

The atmosphere we miss, the kind of scenario we miss.

The musical scores accompanying the film wonderfully and Rebecca Hall, who can always do justice to these roles.

Definitely needs to be watched on a good sound system.

Again, I love Sundance Film Festival.

Too slow

Trailer made it look good, it was just too slow and wasn't interesting enough to draw you in to the story. Also not a fan of Rebecca Hall. All in all not worth the time.

if youre in a state of....

Grief, or any other stages off mental imbalance , then take a big breath and consider if youre strong enough at all to devour the frights of loss that unfold in this psychologicalsy drama called the night house. Its a dark , sad and strong story about being victimized due to suicide.

The acting done by rebecca hall is pretty significant, and reading through my register of actresses that ive n in my mind , i cant find anyone that can replace her on the deeds of acting the wway she does. Do also consider that ms hall aint one of my favs, and that should be an insignia of quality if you ask me...

its a story about grief after a suicide of close realations, a husband, that had no signs whatsoever to do so., the plot shows us the estranged wife searching for clue and symptoms on why. Its told in a vast amount of flashbacks, and utterly vivid nightmares that becomes so realistic at moments, and so scary to encounter, that my life as a fly on the wall got the eyes wide shut, prefering to watcth the corner of the screen jusst to avoid the scary moments that are to unfold.

The dream sequences and the knots and tackles to make the strings of thread into a solid rope of a story are just ammazing, the score helps a lot, and the play of light , shadow andd reflection is superb. Its like a near death experience in your dreams, and deep long wandering in paralell universes and shadowlands that may exciste or not. A parapsychologist couldve made a 6 hour documentary just analysing the para-lelles that occuurs in this thrillerdrama.

Aamazing it is, and many thoughts struck my ever so cronical depressive state of mind whiile viewing like the subject of afterlife, ghosts, parallel universe and mirror worlds. Therefore i recommend this flick pointing back to the start of this review, it might be heavy for some. The grumpy old man though might take a float in the boat without any oars whatsoever.

Welcome to the House of...

... Frightening, Unnerving, Nightmares! The widow of a shock suicide is haunted by dreams and reality from the past and the present. A towering performance by Rebecca Hall makes all the difference in a story that will leave you scratching your head and your chin but for all the right reasons.

Ignore the negative reviews (and watch it in a cinema if you can)

Coming from David Bruckner's "The Ritual", which I felt was a rather successful and unique take on the creepy-cult-the-woods angle, I felt that "The Night House" could potentially at least be either as good or better, and I wasn't disappointed.

It has a lot to offer. Suspense, mystery, intrigue, jump-scares (and not of the typical variety) and, amongst others, the kind of bleak horror and dread that resembles moments in Ari Aster's "Hereditary", albeit mild in comparison.

Perhaps a better example might be Robert Zemeckis's "What Lies Beneath", both in theme and atmosphere, although "The Night House" is more arthouse and less "Hollywood". In other words, not as "Mickey Mouse".

Come to think of it, certain scenes in the third act even had similar mechanisms and occurrences to Leigh Whannell's "The Invisible Man". There might even be more resemblances to that film here than in the aforementioned pieces.

At the end of the day, this film is told well, shot well, builds even better and gives you enough information to speculate by yourself without giving it away outright. Some of the other reviewers seem to possess above average skills of deduction as they imply that "The Night House" is very predictable and obvious. I don't agree and feel that it is more than worth a watch.

In that same vein, some other reviews state that the ending is anticlimactic or disappointing. Again, I would say while not epic, it still concludes well and leaves the protagonist with substantial resolve while suggesting that the threat is likely still present, but that by then she at least knows what/who she's dealing with.

It's certainly not your standard jump-scares-and-ghosts trope fest and, depending on one's tolerance, should stay with you well after watching it.


"The Night House" is a horror film with a peculiar story, it starts out like a typical haunted house movie and ends up going further. The script is original, refreshing, totally imaginative, terror and suspense are present throughout the film that takes a slow pace but whose story becomes more intriguing until a great climax. The drama together with the psychological terror brings great realism to the film. The performances of the entire cast are magnificent, especially Rebecca Hall. The cinematography is gloomy and together with the art direction they achieve a great haunting atmosphere. The music score is low-key but gloomy. David Bruckner's direction is top notch, managing to lead the actors to majestic performances and the crew to exploit their respective talents. "The Night House" is a masterpiece, one of the best horror films of recent years, imaginative and artistic.

Effective ghost story, especially the first half.

For the first hour of the movie I was very much intrigued by this slowly but effectively unfolding story, getting more and more bewildered, just like main character Beth, by the weird and scary goings-on. The photography is great, and beside a nice sinister atmosphere, there are multiple jump-scares to keep you on the edge of your chair. Rebecca Hall carries the whole movie admirably, she's totally convincing, first as the grieved and forlorn widow of a husband that out of the blue committed suicide, subsequently as the exasperated woman who thinks she's losing her mind. She's not trying to win our sympathy with her aggrieved and angry behavior and her heavy drinking, but you do team up with her when her world turns upside down on her.

Unfortunately in the last half hour, when you expect that all loose ends finally will come together, the story went totally overboard, every other new thing that Beth finds out about her husband only made the narrative get more and more incomprehensible, and at last the weirdness and confusion escalated into a conclusion that was really too mind-boggling, at least for my simple brain.

But maybe expecting some logic in a supernatural ghost story is a bit naive anyway.

An Under-rated Horror

I caught this by chance at my local multiplex, having seen zero publicity for it, and was very pleasantly surprised. It's a very well thought-out psychological horror with genuinely tense moments, and which trusts the audience to do some thinking. Catch it while you can.

Hall is remarkable in this excellent modern ghost story.

THE NIGHT HOUSE (2021) *** Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Evan Jonigkeit, Stacy Martin. Compelling supernatural drama about a recently widowed woman (Hall in a remarkable performance) who begins to question her sanity when she begins to make discoveries of her late husband's past as well as their home which seems to house a sinister presence. Well directed by David Bruckner with just the amount of dread and genuine jolts thanks also to a shrewd screenplay by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowsk. The pin-pricking score by Ben Lovett & handsomely shot cinematography by Elisha Christian makes all the difference in this modern day ghost story.

Hall is great in a complex and layered horror film that can still scare

After an extremely poorly timed lock-down in my country days before 'The Night House' - one of my most anticipated films of the year - was due to come out, I finally got the chance to see it yesterday. Getting overly excited for an upcoming film is rarely a good omen. I find that films like 'Midsommar', where the reality actually lives up to the hype, are rare. 'The Night House' was still an excellent film, but it wasn't quite the masterpiece I had been hoping for.

Rebecca Hall is very good in this film. She has a very complex and demanding role and she nails almost every scene. She is basically asked to carry the entire film on her own too. None of the other roles are overly significant and are more just there to guide her journey along.

There are some decent scares in this film including one that got my heart racing. The film isn't a conventional horror in any sense. It isn't looking to make you jump every chance it gets. But when it does have one of those scenes it does it very well.

It plays into the story somewhat, but there are some misleading dream sequences that I thought were a little cheap and a film this classy didn't need them. It's a small bugbear though. I had a very good time with 'The Night House' and even if it wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped I'd still highly recommend it.

Way much better than I thought!

Rebecca Hall shines bright in this clever, dark horror thriller that surpassed my expectations from the very first scene. The film knows how to work out the twists and turns of the story while moving the story towards a creepy and sensational climax in great pacing. This is top notch horror quality for these times populated by cheese jump scares and predictable movies. A must see!

Rebecca Hall Mesmerizes In A Chilling Horror Outing

I found out about this film through its movie poster mini-billboard that was on display in the movie house I frequent . I took a photo of it many months before the film was released . The aesthetics of the art work immediately drew me to anticipate this art-house horror. I was not disappointing !

Rebecca Hall is tremendous in David Bruckner's tense, twisty cerebral , thought-provoking psychological horror thriller. In The Night House, her impassioned dedication to her craft is on full display. The script affords Rebecca a rich and resonant role, and Hall takes full advantage of this opportunity, delivering what very well may be one of the most memorable female performances in recent horror history. Yes she is that good. I will be seeking out every role she has done.

The film follows Beth (Hall), a teacher who was recently widowed after her husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit) died by suicide. Although sudden solitude can bring about nightmares and uneasiness in its own right, Beth, who suffered with her own crippling depression when her husband was still alive, is convinced that her terrifying dreams and the strange sounds that she hears during her waking hours are not simply due to imagination. As she sifts through her deceased loved one's possessions and discovers clues about his possible secret life, she realizes that there is something more than grief waiting for her in the optical illusions that lie around every corner of the home.

The new horror movie The Night House is an unsettling blend of ghost story and psychological terror - the kind of film that leaves audiences wondering what the ending really means. While some jumps are featured here and there ,and are usually effective in their own right ; most of The Night House is designed to unsettle and disturb. The cinematography lends it self to the brooding and malevolent atmosphere splendidly .

At the helm by future (Hellraiser) reboot director David Bruckner, is definitely much more in line with a horror movie taking a more cerebral approach, building its scares up slowly, and going for creeping out the viewer over startling them. I think Bruckner is a promising up and comer.

The filmmaker puts a formidable visual game of mirrors into practice, which fits beautifully with the story's unsettling conclusion. Enhanced by Rebecca Hall's gripping central performance, The Night House offers atmospheric horror that engages intellectually as well as emotionally. First class horror cinema . 8.5 /10.