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IMDB: 7.7 / 10

still love the characters

Wednesday uses Uncle Fester in her experiment for a science fair run by Cyrus Strange. Morticia and Gomez take the family on a road trip and Wednesday is not too happy. Cyrus Strange now claims to be her biological father in a switched-at-birth accident. Gomez tries to stay ahead of Strange's lawyer and keep it secret from Wednesday.

I do love these characters but I also wonder if most of that love comes from the live action movies. I do wish that they use some of the live action actors for the voices. As for this story, it's good to center it on Wednesday but it does make the rest of the family more like supporting characters. The better drama is probably Wednesday being kidnapped and the family working together to rescue her. For this movie, the middle meanders around. Their stops are rather random. They go to Niagara Falls instead of Salem. It's not the best choice. I do like the fish-out-of-water aspect of going to Miami beach. This seems to be trying to be Vacation or something. It's not really that good but I still love these characters.

pretty much what I expected

Outside of the main plot, "The Addams Family 2" is pretty much what I expected. No masterpiece, but nothing terrible. Worth mentioning that there are some jokes that only adults will understand.

Dont understand the bad reviews.

I didn't watched the first part so maybe this part is not as good as first one so thats why it got bad rating but for me personally it was a great animated movie. I t was funny good to watch with family and a good story,I kind of dont too much hate anything in it.

Good fun

The Addams Family 2: The animated Addams are back! They go on a road trip around the US, starting with Niagra Falls which they traverse in barrels after Wednesday plays her voodoo doll tricks on Pugsley. But worse danger to family unity is afoot as a lawyer claims Wednesday was wrongly switched with another child at the maternity hospital. The road trip turns into a chase. Plenty of film references, Ma, Jaws, Carrie. Also song and dance numbers the best being Lurch playing the piano and singing I Will Survive. Wednesday splices octopus genes into Uncle Fester and he develops tentacles. There's a lot of gene-splicing going on in this film. Again, don't over analyse this feature, just enjoy it. 7/10.

Great Family Fun

The Addams Family 2

Some mean reviews on here and not sure why!

I really enjoyed this movie, it got of to a slow start establishing the story, however 30 mins in it moved up a gear.

The movie reached its very best when Lurch sang "I will survive" with a biker gang, truly inspired.

This was all round family fun, I'm giving this a hard 7 outta 10, meaning you won't be disappointed.

Did Not Do a Thing For Me... Like At All..

Okay, I am not too familiar with Addams Family that much, I have only seen the 2019 animated movie and it was... meh, very bland, boring, unfunny and just average as heck, the animation is fine, I did laugh a few and got some enjoyment and the voice acting is really good, but it didn't convince me that the family are word and kooky in a good way, but now we have... *sighs* a sequel.., how original and it's a road trip movie too...., okay, so I saw it today since it came out yesterday in UK and..., it was awwwwful, really boring and pretty lifeless which left no impact on me at all, so let's talk about it.

The story is hugely problematic, it seems to have more then one plot, one is Wednesday (Chlo? Grace Moretz) seeing if she is not an actual Addams and if her father is actually Cyrus Strange (Bill Hader), the other is Pugsley (Javon Walton) trying to find love with help from Fester (Nick Kroll) while Gomez (Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (Charlize Theron) enjoy their road trip and keep Wednesday from finding out about Strange, yeah you know how this'll end..., this is the most boring, average and cliched story you can imagine, what's worse is that you know the lesson in the end and it's so obvious, even if the story changes at the third act, it's also not very funny at all, I only got fo laughs and mainly chuckles, but a lot of it is cringey and painful to sit through, even with a few semi-entertainment moments, it's just annoying, loud and pointless moments, even with Strange's reason of wanting Wednesday is dumb, like super dumb, the animation looks no different from the first movie, not awful but very ugly (not the fun kind, the unintentional kind) and very bland to look at, it's very basic animation and it reminded me too much of Hotel Transylvania (and in some cases made me wish I was watching that instead...), the characters are annoying and just did nothing for me at all, even though Strange is a bit more interesting then the villain from the first movie, he's still stupid and dumb for his reasons..., along with a underwhelming score by Mychael and Jeff Danna who are usually making incredible scores, this is not one of their best, hell the song choices are obviously and pandering....

However there are just a few things that are just okay, the animation is decent with it's kooky look and cartoony style, Thing, Lurch and Fester did make me chuckle a little, but the voice actors do the best they could and they all do a great job especially Bill Hader and Oscar Isaac, I did find the third act a bit and I repeat a BIT interesting but since the writing isn't that great, it lost me at it's logic..., but that's as good as it gets.

Yeah, I kinda hate this movie and that's coming from someone who found the first movie boring and forgettable, this is 10 times worse, Addams Family 2 is a example of a sequel done poorly, with it's weak and dumb writing, painful modern humour, a story you don't care about along with the same ugly animation and enjoy less characters, even the music is underwhelming, even if the animation is okay looking, the voice acting is very good and I laughed a little, it's just too dumb and rubbish for me to appreciate it, oh who am I kidding I don't see anyone enjoying this, but if you like the family or the first movie then...., go watch it?, kids might like but might be a snooze fest for the adults, just skip it as my recommendation, I'm sure anything else other then the two animated movies are better, but hey I don't know that for sure, but I do know how to be bored by the family and these movie prove that!.

I'm giving this hot rubbish of a film a 2.6/10.

Addam poor effort...

Whilst I didn't actually hate this film, I really left the cinema wondering just who it was made for? The youngsters at the screening were soon bored and though there are a few jokes hidden away for the adults, we were not long in following them down this path of colourfully animated, but really pretty lacklustre ennui. The story centres around "Wednesday" being lured by a mad scientist to share her body transfer formula with him. To achieve this end, he tries to convince her that she is not a true "Addams" and this tests all the family bonds and loyalties. The best scenes belong to "Lurch" - doing his best Gloria Gaynor on the piano in a bar full of maladjusted bikers, but otherwise it really is a pretty dull experience that shows off the animators art well, but much less so that of the screenwriters, the director or, particularly, the acting talents of Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac or even the sparing appearances of "Grandma" (Bette Midler). I did quite like their motor-home though...

The second Addams Family seems a bit too simple made

The Addams Family on an Adventure is the sequel to The Addams Family from 2019. This sequel is directed by Greg Tiemand and Conrad Vernon, who also directed the first film together.

In the film, the Addams family goes on vacation to improve their family ties. During their adventures, they lack many things that put their family bond to the test.

This sequel feels a bit rushed and seems to copy many elements from the first part and further uses elements from the third Hotel Transylvania movie. For young viewers, some elements such as the feeling of being an outsider may not really appeal to them yet, because they are still too young for this. Because the film jumps from place to place with a new storyline at every new place, younger viewers can lose their concentration.

The comedy is largely intended for younger viewers, because most comedy moves quickly and is not really developed. For mature viewers, there are a few moments of laughter in it, but they aren't that strong. Most humor consists of simple jokes, which can be easily predictable for older viewers.

The animation looks appropriate, but otherwise it doesn't come across as special in the film. This is the same with the voice acting of the movie cast. Most characters are voiced again by the same actors, but because of the simple script they don't really get the chance to do anything special with their roles.

This movie keeps putting me to sleep, must not be that interesting

This is only a temporary review, I will change my score once I get through this disaster of a movie that this is. Can't even get through 10 mins of it, it's that bad. I don't think we need or want any more unless they can make it darker, wait they had time to do that.

What a disappointing loser

The writing is so bad you can barely keep yourself awake, despite the quite decent animation.

I enjoyed the first Addams Family, so was expecting some more subtlety and fun laughs. But Addams Family II is definitely number II.


Not a good watch, wasted opportunity, disappointed.

Concept of road trip is good and seeing all the different iconic places/landmarks in animation is fun. Except for Texas no other place really brought in the vibe of the locations though so that is a big disappointment.. The last fight between the Octopus and the Chicken is simply stupid and annoying. Not here to see a Godzilla vs King Kong. The eerie/dark vibe of the Addams Family is missing. Pop music into the mix is fun (especially Snoop Dog) but unfortunately that isn't the kind of music Addams Family fans are expecting. Animation is top notch. The creative team behind this production had a great source material but they've completely ruined it and wasted a precious opportunity. Part 1 wasn't that great but it was way better than this.

The Addams Family didn't need an animated version

The animated version of The Addams Family got a sequel--as if there were any doubt it would. I think the word animation is synonymous with sequel because every one of them gets one.

After fighting off Margaux Needler and winning over the town of Assimilation in the first one, The Addams Family has another crisis and Wednesday is at the center of it. A mad scientist from Sausalito is claiming that Wednesday (voiced by Chole Grace Moretz) is his daughter and she begins to believe that she just may have been switched at birth. This is a serious blow to Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (voiced by Charlize Theron), but how can they fight scientific facts?

I saw this one in the movie theater just to get out and do something with the kids. In that sense it was worth it. I don't think I make the same move pre-pandemic. "The Addams Family 2" was OK. I didn't think they needed to make an animated version in the first place, so naturally I believe a sequel is superfluous.

Disappointing sequel

The story has all the ingredients (road trip!) but never got off the ground, and no great message like the original had either. That film was actually great and funny, but this one? Give it a miss.

Disappointing and insulting!

This movie is an insult to The Addams Family canon. The weak and uninspiring storyline is the least of the problems. The so-called music is absolutely horrible. The sly nod to Lurch being gay is a complete disgrace and an insult to humanity. What kind of signal is this movie trying to send to our young people. If you have not seen this movie, don't waste your time on it!

I enjoyed it! Not nearly as bad as some would lead you to believe.

My family and I had fun watching! Was it I also wasn't looking for it to be. Did I get exactly what I expected...yes! It was kooky and different. Watch for yourselves and you might be surprised.

Save your money

I watched this with my wife and 2 teenage daughters, and we all agreed this movie was horrible.

Storyline just wasn't there, and not engaging at all. There were many times where they tried to be funny, but it came across as just dumb.

Usually during these animated movies, you'll hear people laughing (even at things that aren't really funny). Not this movie. It was completely quiet. Not even the little kids seemed interested.

It is very rare for me to want to get up in the middle of the movie, and just leave. This one made me do just that...We had discounted tickets, and it was still a complete waste.

Cute enough

Cute enough film about Wednesday Addams finding her place in her family despite feeling different than the rest of her family.

Wish this series didn't go the way of The Simpsons in that Lisa was no longer a little girl who was smart, but a genius who was leaps and bounds smarter than her aloof father. I see this series going this way with Wednesday being macabre version of Lisa and Gomez being another Homer.

Movie Schlager

The animation is superb. There is some good humor in the movie. Overall, it is completely lame and forgettable. The weird creatures toward the end were just too much.....hard to watch.

I kept really wanting to like this movie but I didn' your money and skip this or watch it for free on a streaming service.. so you are not mad at yourself for paying to watch it. I am only giving it 4 stars due to some laughs and quality animation.

Hollow and generic

Movies targeted towards children are often basic, cheap, and pointless. The Addams Family 2 is a prime example. While this production markets familiar characters with interesting traits, they are woefully underutilized. Many problems plague this film but the most glaring issue is the lack of a clear goal. Yes, there is an overarching plot that contemplates the meaning of family, but that is forced and formulaic. Meanwhile, several scenes are detours that contribute nothing to that larger narrative. Consequently, the story is a stale patchwork that reduces our beloved characters to bystanders in their own movie.

Beyond that, The Addams Family 2 offers very little from a filmmaking perspective. The cinematography is occasionally interesting but hardly redeeming. The editing is underdone (likely due to scant material). The soundtrack is just wrong because it prioritizes contemporary pop over setting a specific tone. The production design is surprisingly bland for a film about such stylish characters. Lastly, the CGI looks cheap, lacking the detail of current animated movies. This all gives The Addams Family 2 a hollow and generic feel that undercuts whatever slight impact it could've had. Undoubtedly, this is a film worth skipping.

Writing: 2/10Direction: 1/10Cinematography: 6/10Acting: 4/10Editing: 3/10Sound: 5/10Score/Soundtrack: 3/10Production Design: 4/10Casting: 6/10Effects: 3/10

Overall Score: 3.7/10.

Walked Out

My wife and I left after about 30 minutes. I have better things to do with two hours.