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IMDB: 7.6 / 10

That's not how video-games work, my guy.

'Free Guy (2021)' feels as though it's been made by people who have never actually played a video-game. It's the cinematic equivalent of those pre-rendered mobile game adverts that pretend to present gameplay but don't actually represent the game they're trying to sell at all. Though there are a couple of interesting ideas centred around the A. I. that makes Reynold's Guy able to go against his code, the piece just doesn't do anything with them. It doesn't really make sense and there's no semblance of cohesion or believability to the game that makes up most of its runtime. I mean, who is 'Free City' for and what do you do in it? It's not PvP from the looks of it, but everyone freaks out when an NPC actually presents a challenge to a player. God forbid a player gets killed by an enemy in a game, right? However, the fact that it lacks a proper sense of logic isn't its biggest issue, although it is undeniably irritating that a movie which is supposed to celebrate video-games clearly doesn't understand them and also partakes in the kind of banal 'gamer' stereotyping that perforates pretty much every piece of traditional media about the subject. No, the biggest issue is that, for me, it simply isn't fun. It's quite the opposite, usually. The amount of cringeworthy moments are nearly innumerable and its message is incredibly hypocritical considering that it lambasts big-budget games which are fuelled by mindless chaos and exist only to make money from a target audience that their developers clearly don't respect but it's a big-budget movie which is fuelled by mindless chaos and exists only to make money from a target audience that its creators clearly don't respect. Ryan Reynold's on-screen persona, which is essentially the same in every comedic film in which he appears, is also incredibly annoying and does the opposite of elicit laughter. There are some relatively impressive visual effects - even though nothing feels tangible and one or two are actually rather disturbing - and there are a couple of action sequences which are relatively well put together. However, the overall experience is just dull, despite all of its in-your-face noise. It's just such a corporate attempt, a movie designed by committee. It also has some incredibly disconcerting fan service, the sort that seems to be replacing actual content more and more these days. Sadly, a lot of people seem to be lapping it up. Of course, if you enjoy this film, then good for you; I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm simply saying I don't. Despite the occasional highlight, it's an uninteresting and uninspired affair overall. 4/10.

Free Guy

I did play GTA III on the PS2 many years ago. So the free wheeling world of Free Guy had some familiarity.

From the initial scenes where it is noticeable mainly due to lack of product placement and branding. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) a bank teller, Buddy (Lil Rel Howery) the bank security guard live in a virtual world.

Guy realizes that he is actually an NPC (non player character) in Free City, an online video game. His artificial intelligence kicks in when he meets Molotovgirl (Jodie Comer.)

In the real world, Millie (Jodie Comer) is suing software developer Antwan (Taika Waititi) for stealing the code developed by her and Keys (Joe Keery.)

Somewhere in the game is the evidence that Antwan is the software thief.

Free Guy is an action comedy that relies on the effortless charm of Reynolds. It riffs movies like Ready Player One, Truman Show even The Matrix.

Disney who now owns 20th Century Studios even mine their properties ranging from Marvel to Star Wars which is also reminiscent of Ready Player One.

It is a fun movie, although I'm sure Keys could had mentioned to his fellow workers much earlier that Antwan was a heel who had stolen the code.

Ready Player One has a baby with Deadpool

I liked the nostalgia and love and effort that was put in Ready Player One, the book. The film was really bad in comparison. And I loved Deadpool, as a satirical middle finger to franchised superhero formulas, but then they did the sequel, because formulaic Deadpool brought money. So when I review Free Guy I am both expressing my satisfaction regarding the seed idea and the disappointment that it never went where it could have gone. Long story short, the film is long, formulaic and only occasionally funny. All the fresh bits were in the trailers and the rest was over the top filler and CGI.

I couldn't care less how many celebrity friends come and cameo in your film, nor do I care about the silly faces that you can make if the story is simplistic and most of your movie is video game special effects rendered better. This could have been much more than a real life adaptation of a Lego movie, but you settled!

Bottom line: at two hours long, I felt that it lasted forever. It is entertaining, but a requirement to enjoying the film is to turn off your brain completely. Some cameos and hat tips are funny, I give you that, but the concept is already old and tired while the video game references feel from the time Ryan Reynolds spent time on Counter Strike and Second Life and WoW. I will rank this average, but in my heart I know that it is a failure.

"the world's a stage" (AYLI Act 2, scene 7)

Start with TRON, segue to the MATRIX, mix in Ryan Reynolds and every Korean romcom ever done, and you might get close. And oh yes Comer can carry an entire movie if you ask her to. Nicely.

fun guy

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a bank teller and Buddy (Lil Rel Howery) is his best friend. He's actually an NPC (non-player character) in Free City, an online video game. He goes through every day doing the same thing and getting robbed multiple times. One day, he spots Molotovgirl (Jodie Comer) and his world view expands. In the real world, she is Millie suing Antwan (Taika Waititi) for stealing her code. She is in the game trying to find proof of that theft.

It's a good idea but it's Ryan Reynolds who makes this good. He is the fun guy. He makes this fun. I do have a couple of problems with the movie. The security guy at the secret stash should be an NPC. At that point in the story, he should start convincing the other NPCs to help him outside of their programming. Also, there's no reason why the evidence is stashed in a room in the game. I get that it makes it easier but it makes no sense. All that is a little besides the point, it's Reynolds and he's the fun guy.

Quite enjoyable...

Well, as I sat down to watch the 2021 movie titled "Free Guy" I hadn't actually seen the trailer or heard about the movie. But I saw that Ryan Reynolds was in the lead, so of course I opted to sit down and watch this movie from director Shawn Levy.

Needless to say that this movie was entertaining. Of course it was. And it was a glorious storyline and plot that combined elements of what you see in games today and mixing it in with the real world. Yeah, I have to say that I was definitely entertained by what writers Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn managed to concoct here with "Free Guy".

Visually then "Free Guy" is a movie that you should watch twice. The first time you watch it for the story and the plot, but the second time you pay attention to the details that take place on the screen and the background. Wow, talk about an assault of visually great and funny things in every single scene. There were so many great things and habits shows here that you see in online games every day. It was just simply marvelous to watch. And the writers really captured the essence of that.

"Free Guy" has a nice cast ensemble. Of course Ryan Reynolds was great in this movie, and he definitely carried the movie quite well. But he had some good help from the likes of Jodie Corner, Taika Waititi, Lil Rel Howery and Joe Keery. And there was a nice appearance from the First Avenger himself.

Yeah, there are a some hilarious pop culture references throughout the course of "Free Guy". And I must admit that the "Star Wars" reference was just the cherry on the top of the cake, it was just brilliant.

This is a movie that you should take the time to sit down and watch, should you have the time and opportunity to do so, because it is an enjoyable and entertaining movie.

My rating of "Free Guy" lands on a seven out of ten stars.

They can't help themselves can they!

Why the hell can't Hollywood keep their identity politics out of "EVERY" damn film? As soon as I heard "White Privilege" my heart sank... followed later by Gender Roles, Patriarchy & Toxic Males. It's such a shame it could have been such a fun film, but no... they have to inject their insane ideology.

Since Reynolds is just playing another version of Deadpool, skip this and see that. Again.

I liked it better when it was called Deadpool. In fact both Deadpools are better than this movie. Same superhero character. With worse jokes. And uninspired kills. For instance, they stole the lame Girl-shooting-while-riding-backwards motorcycle stunt from Knight and Day. And the Antoine Mogul character, tries way too hard to be clever / edgy but ends up just being annoying. The leads are supposed to be in love. But have zero chemistry. The dialogue is strictly after school special. Sorry to sound so negative. But it could have been so much more.

I turned if off after 15 min

This was beyond bad. Everything I hate about formulated unoriginal Hollywood.

The story has been done a million times, whether it is "They Live" "Truman Show" "Matrix" "Deconstructing Harry" "Delirious" and I could go on. If they had done it better, maybe I would have stayed tuned, but it's the same tired-old slick dialogue and special effects that is just boring. And people go and pay for this stuff over and over again and wonder why they are not given anything original anymore.

Regret watching.

Are these reviews for real? This movie is not nearly as funny or entertaining as people are saying. Written by 50 year olds trying to pander to fortnite kids without actually understanding gamer culture.

Embarrassing to watch

Genuinely embarrassed for everyone who appeared in this absolute trash.

What the heck?

Story was just bad and the movie was not that entertaining.

Stolen from the "GTA VR" YouTube short, right down to the tank scene

And on top of following a stolen idea, it follows a pretty typical Hollywood "comedy" recipe - a guy who's a goofball, a woman who's a bAdAsS aNd ToUGh, a whole lot of action that's not always complimented by the best CGI...

Oh and all the "gamers" in this movie are women and little girls, because that's definitely the majority who plays online shooters.

Of course, when it's time to insult the players, they're conveniently called "sociopathic MANchilds" though. The previously-shown sociopathic women and girls were conveniently forgotten in order to insult only the men and boys. :)

Also there's a female NPC prostitute who says: "I don't have to be with any guy, most of them are awful, exactly right!"

Also some girl of course coded some amazing AI and is the "brains" behind everything, and the most upstanding person in the movie, while her boyfriend acts and is treated like a doormat "in her shadow".

Also "white privilege", "patriarchy" and "male virginity" were some of the generic out-of-touch corporate pandering buzzwords randomly thrown in for good (pandering) measure.

Because you know, again, this movie knows how to pander at all costs, and insulting men and shoving in corporate faux feminism is top-tier Hollywood pandering.

And there's a bunch of real-world kid-popular YouTubers and e-thots in this movie, despite the fact that it's a movie with heavy swearing and clearly not for kids, because Disney / 20th Century Studios know children will see it anyways (and the studios want that, the movie was designed to attract children). Yes, Disney is at the core of this movie, so you shouldn't be at all surprised at how plagiarized and toxic it really is.

But yeah keep eating it up, over and over again. Keep being oblivious like the NPCs in this movie. Consume, be stupid, gullible, susceptible to pandering like Disney and Hollywood wants you to be. Don't ever stand up and clap back. Dislike everyone who does. Keep encouraging with your money the worst possible future for yourself and your kids.

Continuing the trend, it is more of the same.

People come up with a nice story.

They decide to make of movie out of it.

Then to make things look even better, they inject the script with the usual, not-so-subtle anymore Hollywood ideology.

Not knowing it, you decide to give this movie a try.

And after a few minutes watching the movie you have to leave the theather because you feel like vomiting.

You know what I am talking about, right?

Yes, Free Guy is one of these movies.

Everything has become so toxic (I am using a word Hollywood loves) that even doing something simple as watching a movie is not possible anymore.

I should have stayed home and watered my plants, it would be more rewarding.

Emoji Movie + Pixels =Free Guy (OVERRATED)

I was curious to know why people were liking this film so much. Ones I done watching I realised it's just an average movie. I love Ryan Reynold's films. I even enjoy his creative ads in YouTube but Free Guy is the first movie which hardly made me laugh. Even if you watch this movie with you're brain off you still feel what you watch is stupid. The makers doesn't seem to understand how video games works in real world. The makers didn't even take a time make us understand the context of Free City game. At most of the time I felt like the Idea for Free Guy is taken from The emoji movie and guess what? I liked The emoji movie better. Even Ryan Reynold's acting felt annoying most of the time. There are some scenes that are entertaining but mostly it is overrated. The same attention should've give to 'Ready Player One' that movie deserves way more appreciation than Free Guy.

If it's not Ryan Reynold's than you see this movie sinking. In this pandemic people watch anything for an escape and this was the break.

Watch it if you have nothing better this weekend.


It was a better movie than I expected.

It was fun movie. Ryan Reynolds was great as always. Jodie Comer was also great. The movie was very enjoyable, I had fun.

A copy of truman show

I really wanted to like this movie but it's just not great, it's a generic and basic love story. All the 'game' side of it doesn't matter, it's just visual but it has no importance.

This movie is a copy paste of Truman show, same story, except that it's not in a game. Just watch Truman show.

Need better story

Ryan Reynolds can carry this movie for sure. But please make us better story bring us more emotional. A lot of things don't need in this movie Do you want to see jumping shoe or chasing by 5 star police? Do you want to see Antwan keep restarting server or get in to this game to control himself? Things just add up with no support to story at all. For example when director want lightsaber it just happened to be there no story. He need level up here we go. Why don't you buit up something for results that audiences waiting for? Like this light saber is the hidden legendary item no one could have it something meaningful. No Nothing we can looking forward to see. Do we exciting to see that hidden island? They try so hard to make you feel that island is important but No! It actually pretty boring what in real life cheering for npc to get to island you don't even know what's going on. If you want to copy Trueman to put in GTA game you must learn the good thing like how to get audience emotional through story through the level through the items he get. Something we looking forward to see in the end like Trueman show. When Guy know that he is npc, it's not built up emotional, it just happened because Millie tell him. Every thing that moving plot have no build up emotion or story or what so ever. We only enjoy through jokes that ryan reynolds speak. Imagine Guy is the one who seeking for clue keep level up from time to time not just 1mins from 1-100 with no meaningful, Trueman getting more clue like level up and in the end he could find himself. But in the end of this movie what will Guy do now? Because all that matters to him from the beginning is Millie and you end it up just like "DO WHAT EVER WE WANT!" But does he have anything he want now? And what benefits for Millie and Keys? No player in this new game now so no money. Do they need to mantain this server forever for npc? Please please please don't you just make a movie because you need to but wants audiences to enjoy all the story through the end that how the film work.

Not sure how this is rated so high

The characters are annoying and try way to hard to be funny, I'm dumbfounded how this movie is rated so high. Wish I walked out halfway through.

Poorly written

The writers of the script already knew Ryan Reynolds can make anything funny, plus he has already made a name for himself. So they put very little thought to the script. I would certainly enjoy this more if I was a little kid, a lot of dumb harmless fun. If you care about the narrative of the story you will be disappointed.