Reviews for Old ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.8 / 10

Cool Theme Conveyance

I liked Old not for its horror elements (at least the very little that it has) but for its themes about aging and regrets in life, something that hit home. There may be several flaws with this weird drama but the central theme of how we take life lightly when we are aging slowly really stayed with me. Recommended.


Everyone knows you look through the view finder or field monitor when framing a shot, was the DOP using guess work? Was it filmed on a Gopro? A great concept that was let down by an over the top approach to (trendy?) off frame shots, some where the action wasn't even in frame. Leaves the viewer frustrated and wondering what's actually going on. If thats what they actually wanted, then they did very well. For me, it loses its momentum several times but several good performances keeps it going through the bad singing where you are dying to see what's happening next. The twist became a little obvious towards the end where the answer was supposed to be revealed but other than that, good enough I would watch it again on a rainy day.

Contrived plot

Interesting premise with a contrived letdown of a finale. The film does keep you engaged--just that I was expecting so much more from Shyamalan.

like the idea

Guy (Gael García Bernal) and his family have been given an exotic resort vacation. They and other guests are brought to a secluded closed beach. Soon, they realize that the kids are growing older by years and nobody can escape.

Like a lot of M. Night Shyamalan movies, he has a fascinating idea and a twist. The idea is really good. The twist explains some of the idea but in reality, it's not actually necessary. It would be more compelling to have the group stumble upon a mini Bermuda triangle from which no one can escape. As for the group, I do have an issue with them not doing everything to try to escape. They often feel stuck by their own inaction. The only one truly figuring out stuff seems to be Jarin. What got me is when Kara tries to climb out. Instead of helping, almost everyone is trying to stop her and stop Trent from joining her. First of all, one of the adults should have tried climbing before then. I also wonder why they don't try to tie together a rope or MacGyver something. The pool noodles are meant to be funny but I just wondered why that's the first time we're shown them. Then there is the passing out bit. The story yadayada a lot of that away. Nevertheless, I still like the idea. It's a fun Twilight Zone episode. M. Night continues to do the twist at the end and this one is fine. This is interesting.

Thrilling experience but poorly executed

I absolutely like the idea, it was new and unique so much thriller and confusing scenes but got bored after an hour because its just repeating the concept, I don't know I think this movie could be more fun if something more interesting stuff could have been added.


I liked the concept but I was definitely expecting the twist in the end to be better. It's not the worst M. Night movie and definitely not the best. 6 stars.

Watching Shyamalan movies is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Watching Shyamalan movies is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Although I like the trailer of this movie, the movie was very bad, friends. The script and dialogues of the movie were very bad and stupid. I think the casting was good, but they didn't show good acting performances because it was a bad script.

Overall a bad and boring, silly movie full of logical flaws.

Thanks Shyamalan -_-


its the directors...

Choise what moviemoves to be made, the cast clings to mr S's poppy straw getting high and old in an instant, where the pharmaceutics are scrutinized in a world that feel rather insecure already to the firms making wonderdrugs to survive an ongoing pandemic.

Well its a coming to age movie, all the stages of deterioration is dealt with, not in the most entertaining, nor frightening way, and the limited location becomes pretty boring after an hour or so.

Its very handsomely filmed and crafted, but the actors seems like picked outta a deck of anonymized cards, and the soulmateismic energy is at the lower end of the qualityscale.

There are some mishaps on the fact from fiction plotwise and storywiuse, so do your psychedelia before entering this strange epological ephiustel, youll need it for sure thinks the grumpy old man.

M. Night Shyamalan strikes out again...

Wow. Just wow.

This movie was laughably bad. There were so insanely many plot holes and things that made absolutely no sense in this movie, that it got more and more progressively difficult to take the movie seriously, much less enjoy the narrative, as the movie trotted on. I just ended up shaking my head in disbelieve throughout the course of this atrocity of a movie, and you can't help but roll your eyes at this attempt of making a mystery thriller.

The storyline told in "Old", while it certainly had an interesting concept, just fell short of being entertaining, and it was increasingly becoming more and more of a struggle to sit through the ordeal that is "Old". And believe you me, this is definitely not a movie that I would recommend you rush out to spend your time, money or effort on.

Sure, the acting performances in the movie were adequate, and there were some talented performers on the cast list. But they had precious little to work with in terms of a proper script, and it was restricting their performances.

The character gallery in "Old" was interesting enough, but again, too many things just made no sense, which ended up reflecting poorly on the characters, due to some seriously inferior writing.

I was lured in to watch "Old", given the movie's poster and its interesting enough synopsis. But with it being an M. Night Shyamalan movie, I can't really claim that I was thrilled or having much of any expectations, as I haven't exactly been a fan of his movies.

"Old" was a dud, another swing and a miss in the track record of Mr. M. Night Shyamalan.

I am rating this heap of a laughable attempt at writing a mystery thriller a generous three out of ten stars. Sure, the movie was nicely produced and edited, but in terms of script, story and entertainment, this was just not cutting it.

A wasted opportunity.

I was really disappointed with this. It's an intriguing story from M. Night Shyamalan that is really let down by some lacklustre casting and a really lousy script. A few holidaymakers are taken to a beach where they discover that not only are they trapped there, but that they begin to age rapidly too... Can they escape? Sadly, I didn't really care - the characters are pretty unremarkable, and although the setting is beautiful the rest of it is slow and dull to watch. Rufus Sewell stands out as probably the worst of the bunch, but only marginally more so than an equally out of place Gael García Bernal who really did look like he was just waiting for his cheque to arrive. The last twenty minutes could have retrieved the situation had they be handled better, but what little jeopardy - or plausibility the story had had until then just evaporated. Shyamalan ought to have enough clout nowadays to ensure his quirky and intelligent stories are better presented in terms of talent and, especially given it's his own screenplay - writing too.

Not sure what movie these 1 star reviewers saw...

But it wasn't the movie I just watched. Was it my favorite movie from M Night? Probably not, but it definitely isn't the worst film ever made like these reviews make it out to be. I thought the acting was very good, especially considering that each actor is playing someone with a specific condition at so many different stages in their life. It was thought provoking and had lots of twists, exactly what people can expect from a typical M Night film. I found several of the characters incredibly interesting, especially the child that everyone keeps calling "annoying." He made me laugh constantly during his scenes! If people really wanted to walk out of the movie theater at this movie, maybe they should stop spending money at the movie theater, because they must apparently not stay for much of anything. Nothing about this movie ever made me consider leaving. I enjoyed every moment of it.

At least its original

What to watch? The new gi joe? How about f9? No I think we will settle for old.

This movie is unlike any movie I've ever seen, the acting is strange, the plot is strange, the camera work is nauseating at times. And some of the reveals are not done amazingly.

But at least its original, the plot makes sense, and when talking about it to my friends I found I always had the proper answer for peoples actions and decision making.

The best characters are midsized sidan and the crazy doctor and his wife.

The movie has many scenes of exposition that is not hid very well, but overall I think its a movie that begs being seen. I in no way regret watching it and in fact want to watch it again to solidify my opinion .

In a time with a lot of movies that you have already seen I guarantee that love it or hate it, you haven't seen anything like it.

Help me, help ... others

It's funny that I read so much about a "return" of M. Night .. I thought his last movie had that covered. But then again, that was a few years ago, so maybe some already forgotten about that or he vanished again for them.

Having said that, you have to suspend your disbelief in many regards and there still may be things that you have to swallow and not liking them. One of the biggest things I had issues with is the wife of "Guy". It's not so much her accent (others have one too), it is that she does not convey most of the feelings her character is going through. I understand those things, but not because of her performance, rather despite it. You may see it differently and just because I didn't like her performance here, I am not alleging that she can't act. Maybe it is a fish out of water situation - no pun intended.

And then there are small things, like when the rapper uncovers ... I think it is in the trailer, but let's just say somethng truly horrific. M. Night should have taken a look at the behind the scenes material of Jaws. Spielberg had a similar scene where the boyfriend of the girl that goes skinny dipping, finds her the next morning with the Sheriff. His reaction to the finding was never satisfactory ... and the same can be said about the scene on hand here. So I am not blaming the actor - it is just a rather "impossible" thing to achieve. I almost started laughing at the scene - very inappropriate I know.

And yet still you will say, why a 7? Because through all those things that I might find disturbing and did not like, I was able to suspend my disbelief and was able to enjoy the idea this movie is based on. I personally am surprised there are so many Youtube videos "explaining" the "twist" ending ... I do think it could not be clearer ... and I dig it overall.

Of course there are themes of aging, about what our journey is, about family and other things. It's philosophical at its core - what you make of it, is totally up to you of course. But because it is Shyamalan you also will get scenes, that some may have problems with visually (shock effect wise). Think top model (I like her craziness, in the context of the movie, same is true about her husband and doctor) and you'll know what I mean by the end of ... it! Pun maybe intended.

Is this predictable? Yes. Dialog and performances sometimes cringe-worthy? Also yes ... fight through it and just enjoy this for what it is. A thriller with a "message" (or two)

Some Very Interesting Themes Completely Undone By Sometimes Laughably Bad Execution

M Night Shyamalan is one of the most difficult Hollywood directors to figure out. His resume boasts some all-time classics (The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village), but is also plagued by some all-time stinkers (After Earth, The Happening, The Last Airbender). It often feels like one never quite knows what they are going to get walking into a Shymalan picture. Unfortunately, "Old" falls much more firmly into the latter category as opposed to the former. While filled with great concepts, this latest M Night joint is almost hilariously bad on the execution front.

For a very basic overview, "Old" sees a husband (Gael Garcia Bernal), wife (Vicky Krieps), and two children (Nolan River & Alexa Swinton) stumble upon a strange beach while vacationing. On this beach, the aging process seems to be sped up, rendering an entire life cycle in the span of mere hours. Seemingly unable to escape, the family--along with others--must work to find answers before the clock quite literally runs out on all of them.

In terms of the "seed idea" for this film, it is a doozy. Easily the best in a Shyamalan movie since his heyday of the early 2000s. There are interesting themes (aging, parenting, puberty, etc.) at nearly every turn here just waiting to be brought to the surface.

Alas, none of that potential is realized. Instead, "Old" plays out like a rather cheap, predictable, & often bland thriller. It technically hits all the beats it should, but with none of the emotion that should be present. Shyamalan is far too focused on the "what is going on?!" of it all when the character journeys should have been first and foremost.

Only making matters worse is the fact that none of the auxiliary components are anything to write home about. The soundtrack/score didn't wow me, the acting is just okay, and the visuals are more played for cheap thrills (one scene in particular is utterly laughable) than anything substantive.

Of course, one can't critique a Shyamalan flick without mentioning the twist ending. That is certainly present here, and actually not half bad as those things go, but even that is wasted when the film extends 10 minutes beyond it. End right at the twist, and "Old" might jump up a star for me.

Overall, though, "Old" is a pretty hollow "thriller" when all is said and done. It ends up being a sort of "worst of both worlds" situation for Shyamalan. It isn't nearly up to the par of his earlier works, while it also lacks the focus of more contemporary efforts like "The Visit" or "Split". Just a generic--bordering on bad--romp.

The Anxiety Of Aging

For those of you who claim to blink one day and your whole life is behind you, this movie may give you major anxiety. The story is of a mysterious island where certain visitors are chosen and carted off to a special place where you age quickly. By quickly the math turns out to be 3 hours would equal 10 years. Having discovered this phenomenon too late the "castaways" soon become desperate in trying to find the escape path. If there is one.

It's a tragic story of (sometimes) undeserving victims. As if the mysterious resort is giving human sacrifices to appease the God of Youth. Instead it's something a little more than that. If you've seen "The Village" you get an inkling of it. In the short amount of time surrounding these poor souls...much is discussed. Regret, love, forgiveness. In that message of "say the important things to the ones you love before it's too late" this seems to hang over its head. The rest is just typical Shymalan. Depending on where you sit with him. It may grate on you.

I will say this.... I stumbled upon watching this in a room full of, what looked to be, teenage girls. They were silent the entire time. My guess: trying to unfold the mystery. To that, I would say it's a win.

Good, not great

I personally think people are being too hard on this movie. It may not be the best from Shyamalan but it kept me entertained the whole way through and had an intriguing and original enough premise to keep me invested. I thought the acting was good and the writing was fine. The dialogue was maybe unnatural at times but overall didn't bother me. I do wish that the reasoning behind it all was a little deeper and more thought through. Seemed a little surface level to me, especially coming from Shyamalan. Overall, good but not great movie. Certainly doesn't deserve a 1/10.

M Knight keeps swinging

Greetings again from the darkness. THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) and UNBREAKABLE (2000) created a movie bond with filmmaker M Night Shyamalan that will always exist. In other words, I continue to go into each of his projects with hopeful expectations of another classic. Of course, some have been pretty good (SPLIT, 2016), while others are barely watchable (THE LAST AIRBENDER, 2010). His latest lands somewhere in the middle, but does feature a stunning beach setting (Dominican Republic) - one whose tropical beauty hides a sinister reality.

The film's synopsis is captured in the trailer: tourists experience a mystifying and terrifying phenomenon while on a day trip to a gorgeous secluded beach. The director adapted the film from the 2010 graphic novel "Sandcastle", written by Pierre-Oscar Levy and Frederick Peeters. Shyamalan specializes in one thing: big and creative ideas. He is a risk-taking filmmaker, but one not always focused on execution, coherence, or details. Especially awkward here is the dialogue. None of these characters talk like real people. Lending to the awkwardness is the attention given to each character's name and occupation ... except for the kids, where age is the significant data.

Due to the nature of the story (and the effects of the beach), the cast is significantly larger than the number of characters. We ride along with one family as they first approach the luxury resort. Insurance actuary Guy (Gael Garcia Bernal) and his wife, museum curator Prisca (Vicky Krieps) are vacationing with their 11 year old daughter Maddox (Alexa Swinton) and 6 year old son Trent (Nolan River). The couple clearly have a strained relationship and appear headed for a break-up. Encouraged by the resort manager to spend the day at a secret remote beach, they are joined by Charles (Rufus Sewell), a surgeon, his calcium-deficient trophy wife Chrystal (Abbey Lee), their young daughter Kara, and the doctor's elderly mother Agnes (Kathleen Chalfant). Another couple is there as well, nurse Jarin (Ken Leung) and his wife Patricia (Nikki Amuka-Bird), a psychologist. Already at the beach when they arrive is rap star Mid-sized Sedan (Aaron Pierre), replete with bloody nose and the corpse of the woman who accompanied him.

It's best not to go into specifics about the progression of things for these folks on the beach, but it can be noted that they frantically try to find a way back to the resort. When all attempts prove unsuccessful, that ridiculous dialogue fills in many of the gaps for us, though you should know the science doesn't hold up ... think of it as fantasy instead. As their day at the beach moves forward, other actors take over: Alex Wolff and Thomasin McKenzie are teenage Trent and Maddox, Eliza Scanlen is Kara, and later, Emun Elliott and Embeth Davidtz become Trent and Maddox. It becomes frustrating for viewers as the professions are emphasized: Guy spouts statistics at every turn, Prisca discloses she's not a pathologist, and Patricia attempts to get everyone to bring their feelings to group. Ugh.

Despite the many missteps and the overall mess of characterizations, Shyamalan (who also appears as the driver who drops them at the beach) does serve up a creative idea - one that will likely get viewers questioning their own mortality. Mental illness is addressed in a crude manner with Rufus Sewell (a fine actor) bearing the brunt of a poor script, while physical afflictions and the effects of age come off a bit better. The strange looking woman serving up custom cocktails at the resort is Francesca Eastwood (Clint's daughter), and Shyamalan's patented plot twist ending does make sense and even has a contemporary feel to it.

What did I just waste money on??

My 3 children and I wanted to go see the movie, in hopes it would be cool, thrilling and different. I don't mind dropping some money on a GOOD movie, but this was just awful! Before going we did read the reviews and we said let's see maybe the people were no! The acting was really bad, the storyline went no where, and the ending was stupid. I gave One star, for the interesting idea of the movie, but that's where it just your money and time...Oh and the few people that were in the theatre along with us were laughing hysterically at the supposed scary scenes....


The only decent acting in this movie was from Alex Wolff but even he couldn't fix the god awful script. The only points I give this is for it's original idea but nothing felt executed well. I was too focused on all of the terrible aspects of this film to even enjoy the story.

An enjoyable movie.

I have read several really bad reviews about this film, and the last film or two I watched from Shyamalan were average at best, but there was something about this film that I did enjoy.

It flew by, it wasn't slow or dull, nor was it particularly scary, instead it relies on the primal fears many have (self included) about the ageing process, and the passing of time, if you are someone who has the slightest worry of time passing, this will resonate.

The location work is awesome, and the production values are superb. Great acting throughout, it's always great to see Rufus Sewell's cheekbones.

Not sure if it was my ears, but I found some of the dialogue a little muffled at times.

All in all, this was good, 7/10.