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IMDB: 6.9 / 10

Great, funny, little movie

Don't hate the haters. They just got it wrong.

Aubrey Plaza shows she's actually an actress who can play her weird self or someone completely different. Please don't pigeonhole people...And Michael Cane is brilliant as ever.

The script makes fun of literary agents, cultural fads, millennials (which is unavoidable) and general norms.

Great fun, with a sliver of drama. Definitely some tear-jerking at the end, for the faint of heart, but overall a great watch.

Not Citizen Kane But Good!

Its a sweet movie full of charm and humour that was a delight to watch.

Pretty predictable but it takes nothing away from the enjoyment :)

8 stars for the terrific acting performance by Michael Caine, but only 7 stars for a less than great direction...

The good: Michael Caine, Michael Caine, Michael Caine.

Any bad? Lacking in greatness in direction.

Still recomended for all those fans of Michael Caine (and of Aubrey Plaza).

The story: it's a slowburning tale about a young woman (Aubrey Plaza) who needs an old guy like Michael Caine to publish another book, in order not to go bankrupt with her book publishing company.

The chemistry between Caine and Plaza is admirable. With a bit more tight knit direction this movie could have risen to greater highs, but as it is now, it is definitely a funny and lovely lighthearted buddy drama about 2 persons slowly growing fond of each other...

Does really deserve more attention then the mere 30 Imdb reviews, because this is quite an intimate gem!

Unexpectedly good movie

Wow, wasn't expecting this, this turned out to be a very nice movie, it was funny and emotional at the same time, good performance and Michael Caine was simply amazing.

Michael Caine is an icon

Enjoyable movie, flows well. I must say that the role of Rachel portrayed by Ellen Wong is unmistakably reminiscence of a younger Lucy Liu. Appears so evident to my eyes. Still worthwhile.

This is actually a slow-burn mystery. Really well done!

On the surface, the storyline of "Best Sellers" seems simple enough. Young book editor Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza), who recently inherited Stanbridge Publishing from her father, attracts famous but long-silent author Harris Shw (Michael Caine) back into business after he unexpectedly has a new novel to offer. They set out on a publicity road tour in and around Boston and New York, and lots is learned about both of them, leading up to a revelatory finish. By turns it's poignant, wry, funny, or all three at once. It's a 'little' film, very human-centered, and really well done. Michael Caine is predictably excellent, so it turns out that the success of the film depends a lot on Aubrey Plaza's acting (is he going to steal every scene, or can she stand up to him?) since she's probably on screen the most of all. Turns out she does pretty well, and it's not just him that we end up interested in.

The character-driven progress of the story is all about how Lucy tries to manage Harris through her publisher's agenda of getting the new book publicized versus his stubborn resistance ('crusty old codger' doesn't say the half of it). The script leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air. Why is Harris so cranky and at times downright mean to her, his own agent? Why is he an apparently self-loathing drunk and why hasn't he written anything in 40 years? What about her father, who was Harris's editor long ago? Is the new book going to take off, or her company going to go under? All these questions get clever and complete answers, and when they do, the story suddenly starts to cut a lot deeper and gain many new layers. I thought, though, a bit too much of the Reveal got packed into the last 20 minutes or so of Act 3. The long central Act 2 is all about the road trip, which is always teetering hilariously on the brink of collapse. Lucy is constantly drive to distraction, and Harris constantly looks so rumpled and dissolute that you wonder if Michael Caine himself is really that frail; is it all an act?

There's a quietly brilliant set of scenes where Lucy gets fed up with Harris's recalcitrance and recruits fans to do readings from his new book instead, which then go viral on the Web. And another where devoted readers ceremonially burn the book after reading it (which makes pefect sense in context -- you have to see it).

And the ending -- also very quietly done, but Wow. Everything is going to be all right. And it's satisfying, not just something that was pulled in out of left field. It makes perfect sense knowing what we know by then about Harris and his hidden history. What's an author going to do for 40 years except write?

Loved it & loved them plus great little soundtrack

Loved it & loved them plus great little soundtrack.

V Good

This is a cute decent movie, and funny sometimes. The story has nothing special or new to deliver but it's still enjoyable and flows smoothly. Performances by both Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza are very good. Cinematography is very good too.

Let's Not Exaggerate Its Value

I love Michael Caine, but, this is simply not a good vehicle, script-wise. It takes itself far too seriously "comedy-wise." There is one ridiculous scene, which I certainly won't give away, but, has a touch of arson. It's beyond silly. Michael, unfortunately, doesn't have many performances left obviously due to his age. I'm sure he's grateful to be working, regardless of his immense abilities. I stuck with it until the end, but, I was deeply disappointed. Aubrey Plaza seems miscast to me. Other characters are stereotypical.

A real disappointment that Caine didn't have a better vehicle

It's set in modern times and tells the story of a young publisher who has inherited her presumed dead father's respected publishing house. It follows her interaction with a famous author who had one masterpiece decades earlier but has published nothing since.

Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza), the young publisher, has specialized in young adult fiction, but things are not going well. Her former boyfriend, Jack Sinclair (Scott Speedman), wants to buy the business and merge it into his much larger enterprise. Lucy and her assistant, Rachel (Ellen Wong), decide they need a book sensation to get Stanbridge Publishing back on track. They discover that Harris Shaw (Michael Caine) had written one great book published by Lucy's father, Joseph (Luc Morissette). In fact, Shaw's contract indicates he owes the publisher one more book.

The rest of the movie follows Lucy's efforts to get a book from the abusive, reclusive, foul-mouthed, alcoholic Shaw. Once achieving that goal, the rest of the film follows the book tour that Lucy Stanbridge and Harris Shaw take to promote the book. All of Shaw's faults shine throughout the book tour until we learn the cause of Shaw's pain in the end.

This is another of those movies that can't figure out what it wants to do. Initially, it edges towards comedy but then tries to lapse into drama. Neither works all that well. There are moments when Michael Caine's characterization of an 80-something curmudgeon works well, but basically, something is amiss in the screenplay. It's a real disappointment that Caine didn't have a better vehicle.

A NINE! Solely carried by the powerhouse that is Michael Caine

He might as well have been all by himself, with simple puppeteering to support him. Might even have been stronger an effect but possibly too theatrical for a movie.

Ik don't care how mediocre (it really wasn't, but thats what I read here and there) the storyline is. It is a human interaction, a story trying to display real people, no matter how imaginary. And when most of the actors get a passing grade for Hallmark level performances, Michael Caine was riveting, in your face, real! The entire movie depended on his availability to pull along an entire cast of unintented parodies of actors who couldn't find the right line if they tripped over it. But all that doenst matter! Just strap in for a ride of your life with a man who can do nothing else than excel in his job, portraying emotions, telling stories, making characters come to life. I haven't checked how old he is, but clearly that doesnt matter either.

I was glued to my seat the entire time, and even despite the Hallmark ending, bells and whistles and everything, you will take that for granted as a soft landing out of an emotional and epic homerun by Michael Caine. Sit back and enjoy, in awe of some of the greats we are still surrounded by and who grant us their time and effort to tell stories their way, the only way. Damn. It was really that good. Trust me.

Classic Caine

This is a classic. Michael Caine is on fire all the way throughout and even manages to almost get a couple of old lines in.

Aubrey Plaza also gives an outstanding performance.

The plot is solid, the pace is just right, the dialogue is perfect. At times funny, at times sad, this will not leave you unmoved.

Easily one of the best films of 2021.

Watched it for Caines sake.

The music was beautiful, Caines acting was brilliant as always, cant say the same thing for the main heroine. She overused her mimics.

An entertaining movie

Simple story line. Enjoyable movie.

Michael Caine in his element. Greatfeel good movie.

Solid, but not exceptional

There's a bit more here than what you'd expect from this kind of story, but not a whole lot more. No problem with the acting. Serviceably shot. Has more to say about the publishing industry than I had expected. Yet there does feel like there is something missing to distinguish itself further. Worth a watch but doubt it'll stay with me for long.

Meh snore fest

Was expecting a rival to Kodachrome but all I got was 100 minutes of Aubrey Plaza screaming incoherently. The movie is a mess and wastes an otherwise intriguing plot and decent cast.

80s weak style movie, with the worst film score

This film was directed poorly, with the acting flimsy and unbelievable considering the ability of the main actors. The film score was excruciatingly bad. The story was weak and needed the nuance of the scenes to bring it to life. It didn't happen.

Like two peas in a pod..

I am a huge Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza fan so when I saw this film I was over the moon and excited. The two of them are a dynamic duo and I really enjoyed this film.

It's light hearted, Michael proves he is a true gentleman, a genius and one of the greatest actors on the planet. Aubrey is always a delight so I recommend this film. Don't listen to any bad reviews.

I decided to give 1 star to all films where emotions expressed by vomiting.

I decided to give 1 star to all films where emotions, important events in life or discoveries are expressed by vomiting. I understand that this is almost 100% of American films, and this should be started then with the Matrix or 8 Miles, but let's start now. Although I understand that this will not affect these masterpieces of modern dramatic skill in any way.

Aubrey Plaza is my favorite actress.

Nice to see Michael Caine

But I would have enjoyed him more if it was in another role, instead of sick, alcoholic and dirty.

Apart from Mr Caine there was not much to see. Aubrey Plaza should stick to roles such as the one in Dirty Grandpa. This is what she excels at. I do understand as when she grows older she wants to find new roles, but obviously it is not for her. My tip is that she should do a couple more vulgar ones, save the money and retire.

Her assistant was not very good, either.

Boring story, too.