Reviews for The Guilty ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 8.4 / 10

Just a copy from a movie of 2018

American movies are disappointing every single day... now with this copy of a movie from 2018... imagination is over!!!

Low ratings because...

I am seriously disappointed with Hollywood and their rip-off of classic foreign films.

Truthfully this movie required no remake at all just learn to read SUBTITLES.

The original is better with perfect acting and direction.

This movie did not need Jake and his overacting to earn an Oscar nominations for the role.

Leonardo DiCaprio is doing the same thing with "Another Round".

STOP Already.

Good remake!

It's a thing with remakes, you know... It's too hard to top the original. Fuqua didn't quite make it, to top the Danish original, despite better actors, better created atmosphere, more intense music.. Why? Because the original from 2018 is such a good movie, with great script, and this is just a remake with almost the same story. But, congrats to Jake Gyllenhall, extraodrinary performance!

If it wasn't for Jake Gyllenhaal's performance, this film would've been a flop.

Director Antoine Fuqua also did his best with the screenplay he had, and created the perfect amount of non-stop tension and suspense - also due to Jake Gyllenhaal's outstanding performance. The cinematography and score were also on point, and the 90 min runtime and pacing just right. But the story itself was just nothing spectacular and easily forgettable - and written better in other 911 films. There were also too many plot and technical issues, and unrealistic actions and procedures taken by both the police and 911 operators. It's a generous 7/10 from me.

WOKEEEEEEE, Jake saved this film

I don't leave many reviews on here, however, I enjoyed this movie. The "defund police, police are bad" stigma lostttttttt me. Not to mention the Gender NEUTRAL bathroom sign they had to make sure everyone saw Jake throw up in. Come on Netflix, we get it, you're woke and you want to shove it down everyone's throats! Aside from that, the movie was actually decent! However, the call with haley Barry was a 10 compared to this. If you haven't seen that one, go watch it next. I didn't see the twist coming, so that was nice, maybe because I'm slow? No idea, however it wasn't a bad film. Minus the "police are bad." That lost me completely. Thus, all my stars go to jakes performance. If it wasn't for him, this would be a big fat 0.

Not good

Low budget movie with alot of whining, crying, and senseless drama. I didnt see the original and hear this is the remake, but alot of the movie is reminiscent of The Call with Hally Berry but just never leaves the room. Watch that instead if you havent seen it. This movie is a bore.

Just No...

Underwhelming & cringy at times. Jake's a good actor but this film wasn't great.

My ears are bleeding

Wow that was terrible. It was literally torture getting through this. All the wimpering and crying made me want to rip out my hair. That was a big waste of time. Just watch the original..

Boring movie

Boring movie, not suspenseful at all. Acting was terrible. A poor remake of the Danish film. Unrealistic 911 policies. The only upside was that I could do other things while listening to it because there was nothing to see.


Hated it...everything about it.

Very slow, with no build-up, or payoff. I felt no tension at all. Full of unlikeable characters. I hate movies that just drop you into the mix, with no backstory, or context. The movie seemed lazy to me. I'm sure there are going to be people that will say 'you just don't get it'...well, you're right...I didn't!

The little girl was annoying, but not as annoying as the mom, (Emily). Neither of them sounded realistic...they just sounded like actors reading lines over the phone. I know that technically they are exactly that, but they're not doing a good job if that's how they come across.

Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't that great either...but I think that was mainly down to the script, because there were moments where he was brilliant!

This type of movie has been done before...Cellular, The Call...and even The Guilty (2018), all do a better job than this. If I had paid to watch this, I would be asking for a refund, or a free ticket for another film.

One of the worst films I've watched during 'lockdown times'.

WTH did I just watch ?

I swear this movie is so badddd in all the directions I swear you will waste 90 minutes of your life for nothing it's so boring,bad, and I couldn't complete the movie I swear if I can give it 0 I'll give ????????????????????????

A movie for people who can't read.

This is literally just a worse version of the original. Seems like someone over at Netflix watched it one night and figured "hey, we can easily remake this exact movie for super cheap and North Americans morons will eat it up!" Unless you have a learning disability and cannot read subtitles just watch the Danish version, very easy to find.

copy paste

Remake of a movie is one thing, a copied movie is another thing.

Hollywood Again Fails Miserably With Their version Of A Great Foreign Film!

This genre type film has been done a good many times, "The Call" 2003 with Halle Berry comes to mind. But this trashy drab affair...No, no, NO!

When oh When will the M. P. A. A (Motion Picture Association of America) realize that they are absolutely useless at remaking foreign film classics? Look at the recent debacle that their remake of, "Ghost In The Shell", turned out to be! And if you go back a few years they made a complete mess of the Japanese cult classics "Ju-On" aka 'The Grudge' (remade, badly, in 2020 even with the original Japanese director brought in to help out...but they did everything their own western cocked up style anyway) and the 2002 cult classic film, "Gin gwai" - aka The Eye - from the superb Pang brothers, Danny Pang and Oxide Chun Pang, Jessica Alba remade it as "The Eye" in 2008.

This time around they take a Danish movie, "Den skyldige / The Guilty (2018)" which isn't a classic but was good enough not to have needed a remake by another country. I'm assuming that this was probably a personal like of Jake Gyllenhaal and he thought he could improve on it...WRONG! JG is a very good actor and one of my absolute favourite screen stars but, he completely and utterly went OTT on this and ruined it. His character was typical brash, loud mouth, angry, arrogant and bad mannered American style; not his style usually and I hope he makes it his last! The Danish 911 operator is very polite, calm and doesn't give you that feeling in the first 10 minutes of the film that, you should really take his sidearm away from him. The scripts are almost word for word the same but the execution of the role was miles apart in quality. Its an absolute must that you view the Danish original first; so you can see how it was done properly!

For me there was nothing at all I could like about this Phone Rage crap!

Watch the original

This version has nothing compared to the original. This version has more vulgarity and anger to flavour the movie, snd thats it. The Danish version has a stronger acting and suspense to grip you from start till the end.

Why try to remake a good movie ?

2018 Danish film of the same name is a better film , what a waste of money and time.


So I saw the trailer and thought this looked interesting. Jake is the lead in a few of my favorite movies and this looked like it could be a new favorite. It started at about an 8 for me and as the movie kept going I kept wondering "am I going to have to give this film a 10?". I was really into it. So I looked at reviews and saw people saying the original was better and this movie was nonsensical. For starters, I didn't even know this was a remake and so far everything was pretty coherent. I got back to watching and it was at that point it started going downhill. I haven't seen the original yet so I can't compare but I will say that after about half the movie things just stopped make sense for me and it didn't feel real anymore. In the end, all I could think was man this was disappointing. I could probably give this movie a lower score but I really enjoyed the first half and Jake was of coarse solid throughout the film. If you have seen the original and not a big Jake fan I'd say pass. Otherwise , it's a pretty good movie with some unfortunate problems. Cheers.


Well I'm afraid if you watched the original, then, this is one 90 minute bore fest. OK Jake is a brilliant actor, but what's the point when this is a complete copy cat and of course, if you have seen the original, then there can be no suspense whatsoever. By the way, to add insult to injury there is even the woke scene where he goes to the " Gender Neutral" bathroom. Give it a miss and to be the proverbial parrot Watch the original, subs and all.

Another Good performance by Jake

But if it was not for Jake I would give this movie a one star. I did not see original but in this version besides the movie being just one long phone call the makers of this movie just had to add their own warped Ideology, bad cop so defund the police, and Jake's char make sure to use Gender neutral bathroom.

Are these guys even trying anymore to make good movies? Again less focus on your own narcissistic, egoistical ideals that only a small group of crazed ideologues care about and focus more on making entertaining movies. PLEASE!

Bad remake of the Danish original

Do yourself a favor and just watch the original. I saw the original and I loved it, intense, grips you to the screen.

The only redeeming quality of this movie is the great story from the original. The remake is unconvincing, nonsensical, in good Hollywood fashion things don't make sense in the story they created.