Reviews for Kate ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Crazy Action

Acting is amazing music is very good,We can say this is the female version of john wick very recommended Movie.

Fabulous action flick

It's a lovely action flick, excellent fights the acting is not loud and there is no unnecessary yelling , it's very well cast and the lil kid is very sassy cheeky beautifully acted. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

mad libs scripts

Like everyone is saying this movie is beyond predictable. The cgi car chase was hilariously bad but satisfying due to the money they dumped into that scene. Pretty corny dialogue throughout. The finale was incredibly long and had me writing this review towards the end of it. Complete waste of time for me.

Netflix for simpletons

Give me a break with this exaggerated movie. This garbage plot has been made hundreds of times. I love the computer animated car races and how a gun silencer is made on the spot from a flashlight tube. MacGyver had nothing on this one. A movie for the ignoramus.

Yet more Netflix excrement.

I loved this!

If you are trying to chill and watch a movie, this is it.

Good action, kinda old story but great execution!

Great cast!

Good film

Good history ??I think is the best film in this last of the year (2021)

exactly what did the viewers want that didn't like this film?

Some of them got to practice more than monosyllabic 'derivative'...and THIS is one of THE reasons i'm always saying memory is waaaaay overrated...

BORING??? REALly? Wow...maybe because it didn't have non stop action/violence? Mindless pacing? There WERE times that seemed to lag, so maybe there were scenes that weren't necessary...but overall, forGETting any of the other, like movies i've seen and sitting down with a bowl of popcorn?

Lotsa fun...btw...i'd rate it 7.5...but knocked it up half a point to balance out the jaded...


Nothing new and interesting, just a repeat of the old. The plot has been used hundreds of times, the actors are nevertheless partly unknown. Except for old Woody.

Loved it

She smashed it. Her performance was outstanding.i enjoyed the movie despite critic's opinion.

Great action movie with a bit of heart.

First off great soundtrack for the film especially the various genres of Jpop. The backdrop of Japan was well done that I missed being there in Osaka/Tokyo. The whole story I enjoyed but some of the lines could've been better. The ACTION scenes were very good that I believed what I was seeing compared to a similar movie Gunpowder Milkshake where some actions was interesting but overall the scenes felt forced and pulled you out of its believability. MEW was well casted WH could've been a lil better and MPW had some of the traits needed for the role I feel as if maybe there could've been someone else more perfectly suited for it. Then again the movie overall still pulled me into its world and I throughly enjoyed it.

Outstanding. This is what Ghost in the Shell should have been, without the baggage.

I'm pretty thrilled with this. I don't know what movie the other reviewers were watching. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is really outstanding in this role. The movie is full of early 2000's videogame references and homage I wasn't expecting. Gorgeous looking film too with fight/action choreography that dropped my jaw repeatedly. Give it a chance, it's worth the watch.

Waste of time.

Starts off good, but after half time, becomes boring and boring.

Boring, despite Winstead

Now, I'll have to admit I'm quite smitten by Mary Elizabeth Winstead - ever since such great roles she perfectly performed in 'Smashed' and the 'Fargo' series. However, the screenplay and editing of this John Wick clone didn't do her any favours.

Mind you, it's not as if she can't handle this type of role, as she was fantastic, yet underused, as the Huntress in 'Birds of Prey', where she clearly proved she was up to the task to portray an enticing action hero, so the logic to give her a lead role in this kind of movie isn't lost on me. Too bad everything around her turned out boring and derivative.

Even Woody Harrelson, who's mostly quite reliable in even the worst kind of uninspired schlock (such as 'The Hunger Games' franchise and that godawful 'Zombieland' sequel), can't do anything worthwhile with this lousy script. Later on in the movie, he even makes this abundantly clear by referencing Gary Oldman's fantastic performance in 'Léon - The Professional' in a wholly disappointing, half-hearted manner.

I will never stop watching anything featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as she's a genuinely terrific, underused thespian, but I just hope this misfire of a movie won't hurt her career.

By the Numbers Netflix Movie

So ok this is my take. Every year the big studios are handed scripts, many scripts and many are rejected. How many scripts with the whole "trained assassin" have we seen? Netflix must get thousands with the same bloody main plot, and reject them. Warner Bros, Sony probably do too and keep maybe 2 out of a hundred. Netflix, on the other hand, get (say) a hundred of these assassin scripts and keep 50, and seemingly work through them making movies to fill a need. They love them. They tolerate much more, lame and average scripts, than you would expect a movie studio to... but then they are essentially a TV station, and have more time to fill.

This film is your typical double-hard assassin movie. Well made - I like the lead and supporting cast - plus it looks good, is watchable, but ultimately is generic and predictably unoriginal. The plot will have no surprises, and will be the least interesting aspect, but it won't offend you too much either. Maybe as a slightly older person, I have seen too many movies like this to be involved and excited by it. Were I half my age, with less experience of such film, I might have better things to say. As it stands, if you like this kind of assassin getting revenge movie, you'll have a good time. Just do not expect anything new here.

Get this girl some Boom Boom Lemon.

Someone get this girl a Boom Boom Lemon please. Such a simple request.

Enjoyed It

Very nicely done by Mary Elizabeth. She's always good. Different, and worth your time.

Boom Boom Lemon

Amongst Neon-colored Japanese nights and cutthroat Yakuza, a visibly older-looking Elizabeth Winstead takes the role of a hired assassin tasked to take out marks, and pays the price for doing so.

The hook of the movie is definitely the setting and the choreographies, as well as Elizabeth's good acting for the part given to her. I usually watch anything with Tadanobu Asano, but here, his on-screen time kind of disappoints. Woody is as stiff as a "board" on a forgettable role that reminds of Kill Bill.

The story neither entertains fully nor dissapoints.. and a flabby ending doesn't help either. As someone else said, "you've seen this already, just not in this combination", specially considering the 24-hour limit. There's not much depth, and what you see is what you get.. and in fact, could have ended sooner than it did.

It's okay, I guess.

Not bad but not memorable, as most late releases.

Fun Movie

You'd appreciate a movie like this coming out from time to time. It is not a masterpiece but you feel for Kate during the struggle of her last hours and you also feel for poor Annie.

The ending is only predictable because the beginning established it in a certain way and the only to make it satisfying is to end it right.

Just some good fun.

Same Dish New Name

Kate is a movie that starts by glocking down a compelling presentation into the chamber. Starting from the first act the presentation travels at a good speed but hits a few bumps in its path as it approaches the 2nd and 3rd act. The main focus of the movie Mary Elizabeth Winstead has delivered a performance that fits into the magazines of expectations. The story and the elements of this movie don't appear in front of us as something really new or completely different, instead it feeds us the food with some of the old recipes we have already tasted before. Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has given his best to grab us on the seat with the presentation itself as it works till a certain level. After that we start to get bored a little and just wanna skip to the end to see the final outcome, especially when things starts to become quite predictable. The action scenes seasoned the presentation in a good way but it could have been more spicy. Overall it's a film you can definitely watch with a glass of soda in your hand. In terms of watching it is mixed where some people would wanna watch it again and others don't.

Wasted opportunity

Had a lot of promise, but never met its potential due to poor direction and unlikeable characters. Only the old man was cool, the rest just tried to be.