Reviews for Escape Room: Tournament of Champions ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.1 / 10

Horrible cringefest

Soooo boring and really, really badly written. Movie producers seem to think anyone can write a screenplay these days judging by this disastrous piece of crap. Casting isn't much better either, actors are not likable or relatable, so I wasn't able to get invested in any of them and didn't really care if they all died - in fact, at a point I was really hoping they would. Avoid like the plague.

So bad that it's not even funny

The action direction and screenplay is so lame and lazy that it's totally yawning experienceIt felt like no one was interested throughout this movie.


Everybody involved in this production should be ashamed of themselves. Poor acting, poor script, frantic nonsense, bad soundtrack, appalling editing, cheap set design, zero tension, too much shouting and a predictable ending.

There is worse than 'Cats': it's called 'Escape room 2, tournament of champions'. Trash.

Made for idiot Americans.

You see the title. This is for the stupid Americans who thrive off of shallow, terribly written scenes. An absolute disaster.

Zero Progression, Weaker Characters

What was great about the first one was it wasn't just new to us but also new to the characters. It was fun and exciting seeing them work out what was going on around them and by watching them figure things out, we learned more about how the characters operate.

In this sequel, everybody knows the gig so we miss out on that. That's fine. But these characters have no... character!

One man's an idiot, the women are very whilst the other men are both simps. I know, you'd think you were watching a Netflix special.

Despite this, the puzzles are still exciting and fun. Minus the beach puzzle, all were pretty great.

There is a twist but it's not anything to talk about.

Overall, it was enough to keep fans of the first film somewhat happy but not enough was pushed forward plot wise for the rest of us. This definitely feels like they are setting up for more than just one more movie.

Escape this

Dont know why I watched it till the end.

I enjoyed the first one. This obviously had a bigger budget but think they spent it on sfx rather than script or decent actors.

After the first room I was hoping they'd all die in the second one.

I count this among the worst movies I have seen this year.

The first movie in the installment was at least watchable.

This sequel is so generic and formulaic that my eyes wandered away from the screen onto other things.

There is no mystery, no suspense and only limp thrills by today's standards. This movie is even inferior to Spiral 2021, and this says it all.

Mediocre acting, backed up by mediocre direction - this film goes nowhere...

Same as the first movie but much boring

Puzzles are too chaotic, fast phase, no fun, just bare survival and it's gets boring when the whole movie is like that.

And there are really worthless sudden emotional dialogues. And of course way too much women and hence way too much sobbing and crying and weeping.

And Brianna's acting is really bad. She always look sad and about to die. She drag the whole puzzle thing down in the gutter. Really bad choice giving her the role.

And whole movie is pointless and just show more of the same.

Shorter and dumber than the first one

This is a direct sequel to the surprisingly successful 2019 movie (which I personally liked), so you should really watch that one first if you haven't already. However, the 2nd Escape Room is shorter and has a much faster pacing than the first one, but most importantly everything is just so chaotic and messy all around. The first Room in the original movie was one of the movie's best scenes, as it slowly built up the atmosphere and gave both the characters and the audience enough time to think, whereas the first "Room" in this one is just ridiculous, with everything happening way too quickly and all the characters screaming in such an annoying way. Also, all the deaths are absurdly elaborate, involving some fantastical contraptions that look like they came out of an unusually stupid episode of the original Star Trek series; but this was probably done because more realistic and explicit death scenes would restrict the film's access to younger audiences. Anyhow, the whole movie is pretty much just a set up for the final plot twist, and without spoiling anything I'll just say that the twist is just preposterously unexpected and will leave many viewers scratching their heads out of bafflement as it just raises many new questions. I would recommend the "Tournament" only to those fans of the original who don't have high expectations from the sequel.

A movie for an audience with the attention span of an ant

You feel like TikTok videos are too long and you wanna see a movie where a bunch of people constantly scream and point at things while no scene lasts longer than 2 seconds? Look no further, cause Escape Room 2 will be your movie of the year!

Horrible dialogues, horrible directing, no tension, no chance of immersion, no creativity and basically everything what can go wrong in a movie will be found here.

More of the Same but I Dug It the First Time and It Worked For Me Again

If you know what you're walking into, the draw for this type of horror movie is the game instead of the people in it. So the question becomes, is there enough here to keep you interested? Provide some scares and some thrills? Keep a few surprises up its sleeve? I would say the answer is yes to all of the above. Each set piece is different enough from what came before and while some of the overall beats of the story are familiar, I didn't see an easy solution to evade the danger of each room or start snickering that the way out was too easy to spot. A nice inclusion is that they have to work together to circumvent each room which makes it easier to root for the contestants. So from this element, Tournament of Champions delivers the goods.

It was good to see Taylor Russell and Logan Miller return as Zoey and Ben respectively. The original didn't feature transcendent performances but both were capable members of the cast. To my surprise, I think they have pretty good chemistry and they deliver the same kind of solid work as they did in the original but even better. With the leap they both made from 1 to 2, it would be cool to see even more growth in a 3rd entry. I was happy Deborah Ann Woll reappear as Amanda even if it was largely in flashback. She was the best performer in the original and her return was welcome. Holland Roden, Indya Moore and Thomas Cocquerel all get the job done as the new contestants in this round of the game. The movie is short on character development for everyone (more on that later) so they all have to work with what they're given and they all have their moments with their respective screen time.

I enjoyed this movie for what it was but its detractors do have the facts straight about it. This is largely the same recipe, with the same ingredients and mostly the same finished product. There's no revelatory details given or a more final reason for Minos torturing these people or having unlimited resources to toy with their victims (there is more there but to explain would give away the end). I don't want to sound like an apologist but there's no mandate that a sequel has to be wholly different or reinvent the formula. This isn't new for the genre, why do you think we got how many sequels to Friday the 13th or a Nightmare on Elm Street? So if you didn't like the original or if you need something new, there's no need to apply here.

As much as Tournament of Champions doesn't rewrite the formula or hugely expand this universe, I think this franchise has a lot of potential and its underrated. Despite Escape Room being completely outlandish, its not as mean spirited as the Saw franchise (or any less implausible) but just like Saw, its about the traps and Tournament delivers on that front. Throw in a decent ending twist and I got what I wanted out of Escape Room 2. If you enjoyed the first one and aren't expecting too much in development or progression, this is worth checking out. Here's hoping its successful enough for a third entry.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

It is obnoxiously over the top, and leaves no room for emotion or character development. If that annoys you or leaves you feeling disengaged, you aren't the target audience for this.


The first part was good, so I expected to see something better from this one and an intriguing ending to the whole story. Unfortunately it wasn't and that's why I'm writing this review. And also it was very short.

Loved it

Awesome movie! You never know what's coming all the twists and turns. Just when you think you know it all you're back to square one.

They even had hints about some of the stuff that was going to happen in the first film. I CAN NOT WAIT to see the THIRD ONE!

Solid and entertaining

Look for the clues, study the clues, master the clues...

The sequel to the 2019 Escape Room, which meant this review contains **spoilers** from the first movie. Our two survivors are back trapped in another series of games from Minos, along with other previous survivors.

The first movie was not too bad, but for me, the sequel is a major step up. I had a lot of fun with all the escape games. The premises of each game were interesting and complexed, and most of all, they were incredibly intense. As time kept running and running off, I was more on the edge of my seat. Even more, the movie had little break between each game and kept the intensity high throughout.

The acting was also solid among everyone. Our main character, played solidly by Taylor Russell, was clearly smart, as well as the villainous organization. I also liked that the director was aware of what the movie was about, so there was minimal attempt to give backgrounds to the side characters. However, they did gave some quick background anyway, and of course those didn't have much impact.

My biggest problem was probably the PG-13 rating. Similar to the 2019 movie, some gore would have made the ending of each game more intense and impactful. They moved on very quickly from each game in order to avoid the gores that they could have shown. There could have been more fun.

Overall, a solid and entertaining thriller throughout. 8/10.

Suspense, a great sequel.

Packed with continuous 'edge-of-your-seat moments'. Even though it has a large dose of 'bend the laws of physics', look past that, it has; romance, characters, comradeship, desperation, focus, problem-solving, mystery, and reward. The final few minutes are curious, it certainly 'set the stage' for a third installment!

Makes me want to be an actor.

Predictable but also exciting

I felt after watching the first one they are equally amazing when it comes to understanding and loving the characters, the intensity of the puzzles, and the ability to keep things predictable but also create twists you didn't expect. I loved Holland Roden's performance along with Taylor and Logan's performances! I personally enjoyed it and hope that with the cliffhanger there will be a third!

Bad. Just bad.

This movie was literally so bad it's crazy. The actors need more practice and the scriptwriters.......... I have no idea what they thought they were in there doing. The plot was so unrealistic and so were the rooms. How the hell would someone genuinely put those clues together? I understand wanting the audience to use their imagination but the movie makers did nothing to aid that. This is clearly a money grab and I would advise you to not waste ur time.

So many puzzles

Loved this movie! Fun puzzles and great gory-ish deaths. I had a fun time watching with friends and guessing who/what was next.

Great sequel

If you liked the first movie, you won't be disappointed. Great thrills and challenging puzzles that encompass the audience along for the ride.