Reviews for The Protege ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.6 / 10

Finally a dynamic action thriller with a strong female lead character that convinces from start to finish

The Protégé is a very entertaining action thriller with stunning action scenes, excellent actresses and actors and memorable locations. This kind of movie should appeal to all those who have admired the John Wick franchise as well as the recent Nobody or films such as Atomic Blonde, Peppermint and Red Sparrow.

The movie revolves around Anna Dutton, a Vietnamese orphan who has grown up in the United Kingdom and owns a bookstore selling rarities in her professional life. In her secret life however, she is a high-profile assassin that takes out criminals to make the world a better place. Her personal life comes into play when the man who saved and raised her gets assassinated. Anna Dutton has to travel to Vietnam to revisit her gruesome past and find out who instigated the hit against her father figure.

This film convinces on multiple levels. It has breathtaking pace through almost two hours that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The action scenes involve intense shootings, quick knife fights and a selection of dynamic martial arts elements.

The acting performances are also particularly inspiring. Maggie Q plays one of the greatest roles in her career and fully convinces as intellectual, passionate and resilient heroine who is both believable as bookshop keeper and professional assassin which is quite challenging to achieve. Her father figure is incarnated by charismatic Samuel L. Jackson who plays a character with wit and grit but also a heart of gold. Michael Keaton plays a rival assassin who plays a fascinating game of cat and mouse with the protagonist. He is unpredictable as he is analytical, brutal and cold at one moment just to impress with charm, elocution and intellect in the next scene.

The locations are memorable because they walk off the beaten path. The opening sequences take place in the beautiful countryside of Romania, the movie then shifts to some elegant buildings in the United Kingdom before being transferred to the different facets of Vietnam from isolated highways over downtown buildings of steel and glass to a top-security mansion.

While the story might be somewhat predictable, this movie stands out in a genre that has recently been oversaturated thanks to its excellent execution from start to finish.

If you like dynamic action thrillers with strong female lead characters, you are certainly going to appreciate The Protégé for its stunning action scenes, excellent actresses and actors and memorable locations. Enjoy the movie on the big screen and you will realize that it's much better than its lukewarm reputation.

I liked it. felt an energy.

The movie was great . Last night i watched a movie that was good but left a dark mark in me , whole day i was upset , But after watching this great movie i am feeling better . Personally i loved it.' You work for a living but don't forget that you are a Human Being'.

Actually...pretty decent

A little surprised at some of the low ratings. There are plenty of films in this genre, but this is one of the better ones. I'm a Michael Keaton fan (I always thought he was the best Batman!) and he doesn't disappoint in this. Neither do Maggie Q or SLJ. Some of the plot twists stretch reality a bit, but hey, guess what, it's a movie!

Hopefully there'll be a sequel if it makes enough at the box office.....

She's Great

Pretty good action thriller. The two leads really do a great job and lo and behold have some great chemistry together. Samuel is Samuel, which is just fine - especially for the purposes of this movie. Great choreography in the fight scenes. The locations are great, and the cinematography captures them with aplomb. All in all, a fine, entertaining film, with great performances and action.

Pretty Protégé

This was one of those rare movies I saw the poster and knew because of: Maggie Q, Michael Keaton, Martin Campbell and Sam Jackson, I had to see this. And I was correct.

Total throwback to the 90s/early 2000s action/revenge thrillers with a badass, beautiful assassin only, they really made her vulnerable this time. Which I liked, but I was more pleased when she knew all the angles, escape paths and if she'd make it out dead or alive.

Moody rescues little Anna from Vietnam after a horrible incident and gives her a new a highly trained assassin like himself. When he's found dead after researching an old missing person, Anna will stop at nothing to find out why and eliminate the people in the path she takes.

Movie's not without its flaws - I didn't like the big reveal in the end of the 2nd act and Batman, er, Michael Keaton is supposedly the most brilliant bodyguard, but leaves the door unlocked. (I understood why, but he can't be #1 and #10 best at the same time.)

Still, I love Maggie Q for many years and she was SO MUCH fun to watch here, even when she's down. Plus, Keaton, so awesome he still looks and acts as great as his Jackie Brown days. And I especially loved the ending. Highly recommended for old spy/slow-burn action lovers.


Final Thoughts: And still...I wish she was superhuman. Boy, do I love superhuman good OR bad guys. Especially women ones.

Old actors, bad fight scenes and a horrendous plot. And no ending.

Most of the male actors are over 70 and it's been decades since any of them actually made a believable combat scene. Come on guys, surely there are other more talented actors out there to play these scenes.

Maggie is a terrible fight performer, most of her scenes are cut up so bad you'll get dizzy trying to keep track.

Lame dialogue and no clear path, just fight, shoot and keep fighting.

And then the film just ends and it's just as well.

Another female super assassin of the week

Over age stars phoning it in. Forgettable convoluted plot. Unlimited ammunition. Over choreographed fights. Lousy dialog. Wooden protagonist. Poor sound. Bad dubbing of foreign actors. This one has it all.

Whole lot of fun

Short review just to say I hadn't heard of this film, seen the actors in it & decided to give it a watch & I absolutely loved it. Great action, great story & a little bit of humour too. Didn't waste time. A really enjoyable film!

Action Well Done

The Protege is that special kind of slick action film that feels gritty and real. In simple terms it pulls you in to the characters immediately and never lets up. It may go to the edge of the top but keeps it real and gritty enough to never insult. The story may not be what one would call original, but it works well thanks to excellent direction and casting. Speaking of casting I give it high marks all around. Especially Maggie Q who is perfect as an assassin with a moral code. She makes the character of Anna smart, sympathetic and...deadly. To get to her mission of justice she has to go through several layers of bad guys one of which is played by Michael Keaton. Keaton is in excellent form here too often stealing the scenes he's featured in. Keaton gives his character, Rembrant, layers that make you actually like him as you are hoping Anna outwits him. I always enjoy seeing Robert Patrick too and he is solid as usual in his small supporting role.

This movie moves so well it passes downright fast. The ending was somewhat unexpected adding to what is an entertaining ride.

"Experts" will pick it apart..Ignore them.

Excellent action flic.. Michael Keaton at his smartass best..It's a movie so doesn't always have to make perfect sense every minute.

Great action thruout.. almost a Female John Wick in most scenes.

The naysayers are just trying to impress you with there Rodger Ebbert Impersanations. See thru it and watch the movie.. very entertaining..

Absolutely powerful!!

How not to complain about this! Entertaining from start to finish. Very good performances. Michael keaton at his age giving world kicks. Absolutely brilliant and Maggi absolutely stunnig. The actions scenes so good. The unexpected ending was a great twist. Enjoy it!

Above Average Actionner

Maggie Q' stars in The Protégé with an In-Form Micheal Keaton.

Note Maggie Q in certain scenes has a striking resemblance with Olga Kurylenko, also featuring in many Action Movies.

Overall we can't Overlook Martin Campbell Mastery of Action Scenes and Aura of Mystery, familiar in James Bond movies he directed.

Satisfying if not highly Original.

Badass Yet Terrific Revenge Film

Terrific cast, terrific performance, terrific story, fantastic action, Maggie Q was badass, Jackson was amazing, Keaton was great, The Protégé is a superb revenge movie with a badass women character that delivers everything so well, it's simply one of the best films of the year, highly recommended.

Twist with a Twist

I completely enojyed from end to (end) slick, I thogut it was one of the better since COVID. The action felt real and I was happy with the players.

It did not waste my time at all.

I loved it

I don't care what other people say this movie was badass.


Just short and simple, this movie offered nothing which we haven't seen in countless movies except some above average action sequences, stale story, boring characters. Maggie Q was good in her role but Michael Keaton bored as always and God knows what Samuel Jackson thought he was doing cause he bored too and his character was laughable, but I guess he was just collecting a pay day.

Boring!! Even my 70 year old uncle said after watching this.


If you're looking for real action - that's the one for you. I personally love it when a film takes itself seriously, no stupid jokes, everything seems serious, people take their jobs seriously - also killers and criminals, and the hero does the same. Magnificent Maggie does have 2 or 3 tiny glitches, but all in all gives an excellent performance, so does the Batman...

It does what it's supposed to do

Sure yeah the story isn't the most interesting or original, but the lead actors are great, it's paced very well and the action is good, sometimes illogical but good, far from fast and furious illogical. You won't go back to it but it's as entertaining as it is forgettable. I think it's made to entertain, not to picked apart by movie analysts, and in that regard it's a great movie. It's a John wick type of fun.

a GOOD 90's style action movie, new generations wont't like

Firs of all... the acting of both leading roles is impeccable.

There are many other popular actors out there who may learn a lot from the duo Michael Keaton and Maggie Q.

OK, there is Samuel L. Jackson who plays himself... ;)

The plot is simple and doesn't bring anything new... but... is so perfectly executed we couldn't care less. Come on is an action movie.

And there is the pacing... slow, moderate and fast when and where it should be.

So if you're looking for some young bulked up heroes, perfectly shaped beauties, flying cars, in-existent psychics, childish jokes or lame story... this is not for you.

It is just a simple, good, 90's style action movie with nice direction and good acting performances.

Well.worth your time

Great movie! We go to movies to be entertained and this one doesn't let us down.