Reviews for PAW Patrol: The Movie ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.4 / 10

Good Fun!

Paw Patrol

A full throated action movie with 5 puppies and a boy, the so called Paw Patrol, as action heroes.

Over this was a great movie with the target audience being very young children, the animation was bright and crisp and the characterisations were really quite brilliant. I loved the scoring!

However I would make two niggling observations:

The negative characters:

Litter man on tube - middle aged white man

Mayor humdinger - middle aged white man

Evil henchmen - middle aged white men

Man blocking rescue in car - middle aged white man.

Can anyone spot the pattern!

Secondly to have the central story of puppy struggling with an untreated mental health condition is all a bit touchy-feely for a very young child's movie.

I'm giving this a firm 6 outta 10 for good fun!


This is a lovely film. I don't see the problem here.

First Movie For My Toddler

My almost 4 year old daughter enjoyed this movie. It had its cute moments but I have definitely enjoyed some other animated films more. This movie is special though because it was the first film My daughter saw in the big theater. My husband and daughter really liked this film and gave it 10/10.

Cute movie!

We have paramount+ and my two year old asks to watch it every day.

Took a great show and turned it up a notch

They really kept true to the original show while brings us a brand new story. Amazing job. Watched on Paramount+ because we didn't feel comfortable in a theater with a 4-year old. Watching at home was great. Didn't even pause the movie!!! That says something.

This movie had everything .

Its paw patrol on steroids. Its like Christopher nolan and Michael Bay made it. It was amazing! I laughed and I cried. It even had election fraud in the film. Its a true masterpiece and people will be talking about it for years.

A great kids film

Took my 4 year old son for his first trip to the cinema today.

Was slightly apprehensive beforehand as my son has a severe medical condition with associated learning difficulties. As such I wasn't sure how he would cope with the noise / darkness / keeping attention etcWell this was the perfect film for his first outing.

The creators have clearly made a considerable effort to make an epic children's film and not just an extended episode.

My son experienced all the emotions of the cinema. He laughed, felt sad (at one part of the film) and was enthralled from start to finish.

Chase is his favourite character and he made me purchase him some chase Pyjamas on the way home.

First Cinema Experience for my Son

I've always loved going to the movies, and I got great joy being able to share this experience with my son for the first time who is 3. He loves Paw Patrol and he loved this movie.

I was actually surprised that the movie is very palatable as an adult. The animation is definitely upgraded from the show, and it had some good character arcs.

The movie gets an 8, but the overall experience was a 10 for me.

First movie my son saw at a movie theatre

This will always be a very special movie for our family, as we took our 4 year old son to a movie theatre for the first time in his life. He was beyond excited and enjoyed it a lot. He could not sit through entire thing though I thought it was of a perfect length so to say, but probably my son's excitement could not leave hom seated. We all loved the movie and the new character. Highly recommend to all Paw Patrol fans!

The grandkids loved it!

We took our two grandsons (2 and 4 yrs old) and they loved it. Sat through the whole movie and laughed a bunch of times. The volume of the movie in the theater was not too loud for them which was nice and the movie got right into it with the pups grabbing their attention right away. Even some funny moments for the adults. The story was actually really well done.


Perfect for our whole family, honestly we loved it. Great job!

My son loved it!

My son will be 4 next month. He's been to movies before but it's been a LONG time. He sat the whole time danced around some and was so excited to see his favorite characters on a big movie screen. Made for a perfect mommy & son date! We came home and watched it again on paramount! It's funny and exciting so as a parent it's something fun to watch.

Well, that was unexpected...

Just finished watching this with my 5 year old grand child, who loves the cartoon.

I did not expect to enjoy this animated feature as much as I did. Was it silly? Yes, of course. It's Paw Patrol! I have a bad habit of "MST3K-ing" my way through movies, and this one is no exception, but it had the GrandKid laughing riotously, and even joining in! Such FUN!

This silly flick made me cry at the end- even though the end was easily predicted.

Well done. Make some more! We will watch.

Fun time for all

If you've ever watched the TV show, you know what you're in for. The film version builds on that and adds a new layer to the burned out show. It feels fresh and also entertaining with enough adult comedy to add to the message of overcoming fears. Loved it and hope that the new city and characters are included in future shows.

Kids Loved It!

Took my kids to see this. It was both their first time at the theatre and they actually sat through the whole movie (they are 3 and 4). I even laughed out loud a couple of times!! If your kids love paw patrol, they will love this movie!!

Great for kids!

Took my 2 and 3 year old to see the movie today and they actually stayed in their seat the whole time. My husband and mother in law went also and were entertained even though it was a kid's movie. There is something for everyone in this new action-packed pup film and some scenes and jokes will have even the adults laughing. Definitely recommend if your child is a Paw Patrol fan.

Congratulations, PAW Patrol! :)

Congratulations to you, PAW Patrol! You looked really PawSome and ArfMazing! You're the great movie that I ever had! You're going to the Academy Awards 2022 next year. :) Well done, PAW Patrol! I loved it. :D Congratulations!

Best movie ever made!

Loved it I may be 14 but it is the best movie I have EVER seen... I am now an official paw patrol Fan! This is not a movie just for kids It is for ALL ages.

PS. Rocky is the best pup ever.

Perfect for PAW patrol fans

Cute movie that our nearly 4 year old son just loves. We signed up for paramount+ to watch this and I anticipate it will be requested for quite awhile.

A little disappointed to see adults rate this movie so low when it is clear they are not the target audience. This movie has a cute storyline that is simple and has a nice message. The animation and music are also pretty good quality.

Actually pretty good

I was selected as sacrafice to take my daughter to this movie. The best outcome would be a 90 minutes nap. But I must say, I actually enjoyed it. The series is a cheap kids distraction, but this movie has great visuals, a decent story, character development and some great self-aware jokes that will go over the children's heads. Did not expect that.