Reviews for Stillwater ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.9 / 10

Horrible misleading movie

I didn't get the point of the movie. I thought this was like Taken but its drama and waste of time i hope i could sue them for the time i wasted on this movie and i am surprised how many people exist what horrible taste of movie i hope they stop breeding.

What the hell?

I've gone way past the one-third point of this movie and suddenly it's starting to seem familiar. Is this what I think it is?

Change the names.

Change the country and cities.

Change the ethnicity of the perp.

Make the two girls lesbian lovers in a relationship.

If this isn't clearly Hollywood agenda to you bastardizing a true story, then go take a cold shower and re-examine your brain.

I have some sympathy on Matt Damon for choosing this role and the script, because his character is interesting and the script is complicated, but, dude, this was a bad pick. After looking at the script, he should have been like Homer and disappeared back into the bushes. Don't touch something like this with a ten foot pole.


Pop this movie anytime of the day, I guarantee yah you will sleep better than a comaIt's like watching paint dry and you wake up to realize you have been asleep for days and the story hasn't even gotten close to the first point of the entire movie.

This is how good this movie is for insomnia, as for entertainment I think this movie should have been made a docie.

Good watch

RATED 8/10Language: English

Good drama with crime investigative background and highly flavoured with family sentiments...From the starting to end the movie flow is in same level...The length is bit long.

Good watch.

Amazing drama more than crime

Should be flashback for past events at the end, the end wasn't expected.

Very nice movie!

Excellent screenplay, castings and location!

Slow but steady. A nice entertainer.

Id rather watch a bottle of still water

Slowest film ive seen in years! Good story and well acted but 45 minutes too long.

The kind of movie they don't make anymore... adult drama.

You just don't see this kind of movie in theaters anymore. Incredible acting makes this well worth seeing. Damon plays against type as a roughneck looking to free his daughter from a Paris prison.

Not an action movie but a deliberately paced drama, this is not Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon superb performance!!!!

The only positive aspect of this movie is Matt Damon's performance. He is excellent in portraying a rough redneck from Oklahoma. This is very noticeable against the background of Marseille, France where is well known for the arts and culture. It also reinforces it when he shares the apartment/romance with an theatre actress and her daughter.

Other than that it's a typical American boring movie!

A bit slow but very natural and powerful.

Yeah so this movie can make you doze off if you don't focus, a bit slow but has some very powerful and emotional scenes. Matt Damon's performance can't be compared, he did so well making everything seem natural and flawless. This story has lot's of lessons and can bring the human in you. Highly recommend it.

It the best

Matt Damon and all supporting actors were great.

Easy watch for a Sunday afternoon.

The storyline trudges along though and there are periods of nothing happening.

Worth a watch though.

Real stories are boring but closer to truth

Yes many will call this movie boring. This is the story of a real human being. He makes mistakes and things don't add up in the end. Thats what true stories feels like. We always try to save our near and dear ones. Sometimes we are so focused on that we loose our life happening now. We. F...k things up. That is the whole plot. Its a 7.5. Gave 9 to average out bad reviews.

Just Plain Awful....

Awful. There is no other way to describe this movie. After hearing the Bill character say "Yes ma'am" after I don't know how many times, I had to do something other than finish watching this film. It's not like I was missing anything to begin with. Matt Damon is a great actor, this is a terrible movie. End of story.

Just bad.

A movie where one quickly wishes the daughter stayed in jail, guilty or not.

Matt Damon and Maya

It was a good movie, its long true but not necessarily boring this is why always watch at the theaters, not for everyone, great performance by Matt Damon AW worthy ? Maybe. Also dont forget Maya she stole the show.

Damon's most unengaging role.

We got thrown into the deep end of the story without any foreplay at all.

Matt played the role well I guess but failed to have me rooting for him at all.

Pretty one dimensional character.

The little french girl made it tolerable.


Top 10 of the worst movies ever. Boring, never takes off. The daughter needs to stay in jail. Or, maybe she just needs a punch in the face. NOTHING......HAPPENS.....IN.....THIS.....MOVIE.

Marseille and Stillwater combination

First, I really enjoyed the movie. It's probably best Matt Damon's acting class in a long time.

Second, the characters building are pretty good and solid. Matt and the little girl were my favorite.

Third, the culture shock that movie shows is something real. I'm European and lived in the US for 4 years. Texas and California. I lived several funny situations too, mostly in Texas. Great memories.

Last, the script and storyline are simply great. Some little plot holes here and there, but still an amazing work in all aspects.

To add, filming locations were great. Marseille and Stillwater were the perfect combination for filming this drama.

So, ovearall an excellent piece of cinema that includes beautiful bittersweet stories between the characters, great characters building and amazing cinematography. If you're in the mood for that, go on. If not, John Wick's saga could be a good choice if you need action. Either way, enjoy.

Solid film. Visceral.

Outstanding performance by Matt Damon, as usual.

Film explores a known trope, the American naive daughter getting sucked into the criminal underworld of Europe (this time in Marseilles, France, a known hotspot of crime in France), and her father trying to get her back. As a Frenchman, I enjoyed the fact they filmed in Marseilles and talk about a very difficult subject (Marseilles Northern Districts are basically outlaw zone where French law no longer applies).

Outside of that, it doesn't quite reach the 8-10/10 mark, such as Prisoners (2013) and others. But it's still an enjoyable ride.

Drama with stereotypes.

There's really not much to this're expecting a little action along the way....alas it's a dreary drama. Obviously they took some of the story from the Amanda Knox case....but it's not even that interesting. In fact this movie is so boring I wonder what the point of it was.....just to stereotype an oil worker from OK as some kind of non-feeling idiot? Unfortunately that backfires as well as Damon's character is the only one with common sense! Movies these days are filled with political propaganda.....I suggest it's here as well!