Reviews for The Green Knight ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.4 / 10

Barely made it to the end

I didn't know about this story much, so I wanted to know more about it through this movie and i made mistake. Movie is terrible and after reading on Google more about original story, its even worse in my eyes. Don't spend 2 hours watching this, you will regret.

incredibly pretentious bait for pretentious reviewers

The Green Knight is NOT anything that you may have read. It's not a clever deconstruction of the source material. It is NOT a mystical voyage of self-discovery.

What is is, is a collection of visuals and sounds stripped as far as possible of any relatable content, to allow pretentious people to make up any mening for them that suits their pompousness.

To normal human beings, it has zero meaning.

While this film is not completely worthless, the very arrogance of its existence forces me to warn you against watching it. You probably will not like it, but that would be the best of the two results. God forbid that you actually like this, because that is what The Green Knight wants you to do - to convince yourself that you are watching a grandiose piece full of intellectual genius, while at the same time the film ditches any responsibility it has of telling an intelligible story - along with any common filmmaking tools, such as pacing, meaningful dialogue, character development, and so forth.

My vote: do not watch/10.

If you told a clever joke to 100 people and only 1 laughed because they understood the source material, would you consider it a good joke?

Ok the cinematography was stunning, simply beautiful, for that reason alone I gave it a higher rating than it deserved, the rest of it was like a masonic handshake, unintelligible, uninteresting and completely unnecessary. I've enjoyed a great many films that got panned for clever or peculiar endings, I've enjoyed films that are slow and difficult to follow but this left me hollow and frustrated from start to finish, do not let the ratings or the pretentious reviews sway you, this film is just too painful to sit through.

Extraordinarily Dull

The Green Knight is the first movie I have ever left the theater during in my life. That's not to say it was the worst movie I have ever seen in theater but it was among the most pointless. Lowery's film was egregiously slow-paced and dull with an tone that is utterly devoid of joy. Please do not watch this movie unless you are only into dry arthouse style cinematography devoid of a cogent plot. Even Arthurian romance fans should avoid as it does a disservice to the classic genre. One of the most pointless and unpleasant films in recent memory.

We walked out of the movie theatre

This was torture. I was hoping after 1.5hrs, some adventure/fantasy/thrill would appear on screen and...nothing. So we walked out of the movie theatre. Wasted money. Can't get reimbursed if you watch more than 50% of the film. Waste of talents. Don't waste your money or your time, unless you're into movies that are only for the "art".

Little too pretentious

I came in this movie with no expectations and no knowledge, just ready for a trip like i always go into any A24 movies.

But damn this was long, way too long okay there are some nice shots and a very good work on lighting but it's very often dark, so dark that you don't see much.

Also the music is sometime too much, once you here the choir you know you can expect the next 5 mins to but just silent shots of Dev Patel walking with his horse.

I also didn't enjoy the way the film just allows itself to trick you in some situation and then removed them for no reason that to shock you.

The movie is pretty but I honestly cannot recommend it to anyone that doesn't know in details about the original story because it isn't worth it in my opinion.

Alsothe score is really annoying not the ears, mad me roll my eyes every 7or 8 time it started.

Don't Waste Your Time

Took the original story and removed morals, reason and integrity right out of this movie. Thanks, Hollywood, you've done it again.

Do you like the smell of your own farts ?

If you like the smell of your own farts you might like this movie. Sadly, this was my worst cinema experience since Tree of life and Lady in the water. No matter what how deep and meaningful some people may find this, the truth is that it's a complete pile of garbage from end to finish. I would rather pull of my toenails before I watch this movie again. A Complete mess that drags out waaay to long and keeps you hoping and praying that something special and entertaining will happen at the end, so that the last hours haven't been a complete waste of time, but the ending was perhaps the worst part of the movie. Please don't pay to watch this, and encourage the people behind it to make more movies.

I can't believe I sat through this move

This is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. The story makes absolutely no sense. Just because it is a fantasy, that doesn't give the movie a pass to be disjointed and thoroughly unbelievable Even the sound track had me covering my ears by the end of the move. The only positive - the cinematography was well executed.

I'm Just So Tired Of This

I could write a long review discussing how unappealing the Green Knight is. I could tell you how muddled, slow, uninteresting and confusing it is, but hundreds of people have already done that. Say what you want about the Green Knight, but in the end, it's just lousy storytelling.

Ultimately, I'm just so tired of the movie industry. I'm tired of the group-thinky, "Emperor's New Clothes" mentality found in the lavish Metacritic reviews. I'm tired of the incessant, fake 10-star user reviews on IMDB. And I'm tired of Hollywood's complete inability to make a good movie anymore, no matter how good the actors or the source material.

This movie is so lousy that it's even getting difficult to find it on the big screen. Even the biggest multiplexes are only offering it one or two times a day, and we had to drive 20 miles to go see this.

There's a great movie lurking somewhere in The Green Knight, but unfortunately, it never emerged.

This movie makes no sense.

First off, I'll start with the things I did like. The imagery used in this movie is fantastic. Every shot (except for a few dark scenes) is really artistic and amazing to look at and would be cool to see in more fantasy films, it was kinda like playing Shadow of the Colossus, which it looks a lot like this movie. The acting is also great. Every actor does a great job of portraying his or her character in the film. The score is also really good too, although it can be used a bit too much in places. And also there were amazing practical effects and digital effects, when there was a point I couldn't tell the difference. Now, you may be asking why I gave it a 5/10 if basically everything in the movie I liked? Well because of the one thing I haven't mentioned so far, which ruins the whole film for me. The plot. The plot in this movie makes absolutely no sense. Now I'm the type of person to like mind bending movies where you really have to think, like a Christopher Nolan film. But in this movie absolutely nothing is explained. (This part I'm about to say is a bit spoilerish, but I don't reveal too much) in the beginning there are these thieves that take all of Gawains stuff, and walk away leaving him to die. So you might think we'll see them again and Gawain will get his stuff back? Wrong. They just magically appear with other characters and the only time we ever see the thieves again is when one of the thieves is walking. And that is basically the whole movie. Throw some stuff in and don't explain any of it. And I get it, there's suppose to be symbolism behind some of the characters and objects, but when you start to put themes over plot, then that's where things go off the rails. I really wanted to like this movie, and maybe if it had explained just a few scenes and left others ambiguous then that would've been cool. But nothing can make a bad plot good, no matter how much makeup you put on it.

Odd Film Poorly Suited to the Average Viewer

This film is based on a famous 14th century poem, 'Sir Gaiwain and the Green Knight'. Unfortunately, this film is a poor adaptation of the original poem. The film is full of cinematic, but very strange scenes that provide no context and absolutely confound the theater.

Many of the key elements behind the story are not well defined (see the five virtues of a knight). There is minimal character development or plot momentum. The overall plot is quite simple yet the film exceeds two hours. I will compliment the film for a quality score and cinematography, but it appeared to have focused too heavily on these elements and became lacking in others.

I'd have given it a rating of NO stars if I could

Don't bother wasting two hours of your life you'll never get back.

If you're an English major, you might like it.

But seriously, some legends should stay that way, not made into movies.

Walked out

The movie moves INCREDIBLY slowly. No clue why it has a 7.4, doesn't make any sense.

Any resemblance to the Middle English chivalric poem is purely incidental

I re-read the poem (in the Tolkien translation) in hopes of better following the story line. This was a grave mistake. There are some points of convergence, but they are few and far between, and contribute nothing towards making this hodgepodge of incidents and images in any way an intelligible and meaningful film. I should have begun my journey home long before Gawain began his.

Metaphor and symbolism on steroids...

Featuring metaphor and symbolism on steroids, this film thinks it is desperately deep, but it fails to deliver a compelling, or even a comprehendible, narrative. Instead, we are treated to an aimless, meandering mess that asks the viewer to do all of the work. It is so vague and random that anyone could claim to read anything into the pointlessness of it all. A dreary, dismal misery.

What did I just watch?

I'll just go ahead and say it...I'm not smart enough to understand, enjoy or "get" this movie. It's not for your average schmo. It is way to esoteric and convoluted for someone that has a tiny brain, like me.

I'm sure intellectuals and hardcore movie critics will sit around the Algonquin Round Table and regale tales of how splendid and wonderful this movie is/was for years to come.

It'll probably win Best Picture at the Oscars.


I understood the concept but the trailer was misleading and a lot of characters not explained .... Worst movie I've seen by far this year.

Horse Trodding Simulator 2021

If you're the kind of person who goes to an art museum, sees feces smeared on a canvas and wonders to yourself about the meaning and interpretation then you might like this.

If you enjoy extremely long shots of staring and walking while listening to the projector machine in the theater run in the silence, you might like this.

Second worst movie I've ever seen in my life. Please save yourself the 2.5 hours. If you're thinking "it can't be that bad, maybe this guy just doesn't like what I like", you're wrong.

Don't waste your time

I'm an avid reader of classics, Historical fiction, etc., so no, I'm not an uneducated moron as some others on here claim you'd have to be to not like this film. I simply found it dull and pointless. I have only walked out of three movies in my life, this was one.