Reviews for Snake Eyes ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.7 / 10

A failed attempt at political correctness

As an Asian guy, I found myself asking myself in the first 10 minutes of the movie why Snake Eyes is being played by an Asian guy. After the 10th minute, I turned the movie off.

Shaky Cam - meh

I stopped watching at the first shaky cam fight.

This is nauseating - not entertaining.

I won't waste my time with such dreck.

You shouldn't either.

Fan of Snake Eyes, not this movie

You get garbage when you try to rewrite origin stories.


Movie is ok nothing that great There have been far worse movies than this people are too harsh these days ,the movie should have been rated R with blood and gore cause this is set in a yakuza setting and not utilizing that was a waste , the first act of the movie is the weakest the second act picks up a little the third is the strongest , the most wasted potential was having iko uwais and not having badass fight scenes but i guess that would overshadow the main lead , my problem with storm shadow was he was trying to sound intimidating but he just sounded like batman with that raspy voice i don't know if that is his original voice or he just did it for the movie cause most of the time he speaks with that kind of voice just feels out of place and funny , the story definitely could have been better but i feel snake eyes didn't earn his costume at the end of the movie he was just handed it just like every other thing in the movie , Also he's supposed to be scary and intimidating this one just doesn't feel like it .overall the actors are fine if it wasn't for the actors and the good Cinematography and some fight scenes i would have not be able to sit through it and this movie has really good Cinematography like some shots are really good i did not expect that so Bravo for that. The actors are not the problem the screenplay and Story is the Problem.

Lost the plot.

I was genuinely so excited to see this, the trailers looked amazing. High octane for sure, but the total absence of a plot made this really tough to engage with.

If you like random fight scenes, you'll probably enjoy this, they move from one to another, to another, but at times you'll find yourself wanting to check your phone for a distraction. It was as if nobody bothered to read through a first draft of the screenplay, and just thought, it'll do.

How on Earth could such a movie be boring, but that's the story I'm afraid. The best element here for me was Andrew Koji.

I was glad to see the credits roll, and walked out of the cinema, wondering what on Earth I had just sat through.

This doesn't look like Snake eyes

What can be worst than this, was so much hyoe for this movie and it's full of rotten script.

Biggest flop of 2021

Everything they could do wrong they did. It amazes me how can a producer see the finishing cut and be satisfied with this garbage.....full of plot holes no meaning to the entire movie.

PG13 kills the movie

No blood. Movie with swords and no blood. Swords clean in every fight.

You can explode a guy with magic rock but can't show no blood. Absurd.

G.I. No

Just another reboot/remake/rehash/whatever of an old intellectual property that tries to capitalize on the diversity of it's actors, much like the Mortal Kombat reboot released earlier this year.

We get nothing about the origins of G. I. Joe, Snake Eyes' induction into the team, or Cobra's origins. Just a generic, "gritty", MCU-styled action film that doesn't respect the source material and features characters who only look good and are charisma vacuums.

The Stephen Sommers films (which were terrible) did a better job depicting Snake Eyes as the lethal, stealthy, and charismatic mute he truly is.

More of what is becoming the norm.

Great visuals ruined by terrible writing. Hollywood is a big place, where are all the good writers at? And why do people keep agreeing to go along with a film after reading a terrible screenplay? People need to start speaking up before the film is complete about the writing.

None Of This Makes Sense

First he's bad...then he's good, then no one knows if he's bad or good. But then he's...what a mess. Nothing about this movie makes sense..and you wonder why Snake Eyes doesn't talk. Or not suppose to.

Henry Goulding is terrible. Sort of a low rent Chow Yun Fat with less conviction to what he says. I mean...terrible. He's suppose to be orphan'd. The hell has he been doing since then? And when he is recruited by the Yakuza...we meet a low rent Ken WatanabeThis whole movie feels low rent. Everything is We know where feelings are suppose to land but it doesn't hit any of those spots. Don't get me started on Tommy/Storm Shadow. God is he obnoxious. Not once did I believe he had the chops to be the diabolical ninja. stated by the dim developers of this flick...they wanted to make him more "millennial" yeah...that always works. Failed on all parts. And the arrogance to setup a sequel...oof...They just don't get it. But I'm sure that was contractually obligated.

Hot mess all around. Everyone says their lines like they know it's on paper. Dull and lifeless.

Very bad stuff.

The film is not about anything.

How could you spoil the story about the cool ninja so much? Upset!

Maybe frog eyes would sound better

Lot of jumping...but nothing really interesting...well another trash movie to forget about...and god knows how many trash movies were out since 2020 came out.


Another box-ticking identity politics movie like every other movie these days. I miss the movies before the Age of Woke.

Mediocre and badly written - one great film saving performance....

So this is now essentially the third attempt to bring GI Joe to the big screen. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura returns at the helm and proves once again - he does not really care...Honestly - how this film actually came to be is beyond me - a group of professional people working in the industry collectively decided that firstly : this film should be made - then that Evan Spiliotopoulos (who has hardly written a single great film to date) should write the damn thing - then add a director, Schwentke (who has a track record of terrible blockbuster films) - and let's top it off with TV travel host/Rom-com break out - Henry Golding to play Snake eyes himself. Shocking....

SO - It definitely is not the Snake eyes that people know and love. He does bad things in this film and unfortunately, Henry isn't a skilled enough actor to make you like him. I disagree that it was purely in the writing - a great actor can make you care for the most despicable characters but Golding proves here he should stick to Rom-coms...and his own accent. His physical skills and acting feel forced and awkward and in my opinion needs a lot of work if I would ever buy him as a legitimate action star. He does have some charisma and good looks though.

It seems like the majority of the articles and social media agree that the film's saving grace is Andrew Koji's Storm Shadow. He adds nuance and depth to Tommy (even though he is dealt the rough hand with having to deliver the majority of the exposition) He commands the screen whenever he is on and delivers us the most layered Storm Shadow in almost any medium to date - just too bad he is let down by an awful script. Koji steals the show with his performance and to top it off you can tell he knows how to move - his action moments were by far the most fun to watch - although he was let down by a terrible filming style there too. I definitely want to see more of Koji. Jin Sakai for Ghost of Tsushima!

The rest of the cast are great in their limited roles - Samara, Ursula, Iko and Peter Mensah - all do great. They are well cast but under utilised. Hollywood SERIOUSLY needs to stop thinking they know best with martial arts action sequences - Iko and Kenji Tanigaki's team is absolutely wasted here.

There was a lot of potential with a GI Joe reboot. There was some potential for a good Snake eyes film - but these people clearly are not the right people to do it. Paramount needs to learn. You would have thought Lorenzo etc would have learnt something since the last films 10 years ago - but clearly not. They have not only destroyed many people's favourite character - they have simple made a bad film and wasted a lot of money and talent....


Meehhh...still better than the other G.I Joes

I love Henry Golding and was so excited to see him in an action movie. He was handsome as ever, however, I was a little disappointed with the movie as a whole. The plot was a little weak, the first half of the movie is way too slow, and the fight scenes were a bit stale. I did appreciate that they took the movie more seriously than the other two G. I. Joe movies that were as cheesy as the cartoons. It was an entertaining movie, but there were so many missed opportunities. My review is similar to Black Widow in terms of the supporting character surpassing the titular character (BW took a back seat to Yelena as Snake Eyes took a backseat to Storm Shadow in their own movies). I actually think the actors that played Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes needed to swap roles. Henry Golding lacked the grit to play a hardened criminal doing what he needs to survive on the streets. He is too much of a pretty boy and too charming which worked exceptionally well with his previous roles in "Crazy Rich Asians" "A Simple Favor" and "Last Christmas", but didn't quite work for Snake Eyes. The actor playing Storm Shadow had a more stoic and menacing presence and better fighting skills. I would have probably bought Henry Golding as a shrewed, debonair, next in line clan leader treated somewhat like a prince where others do most of the fighting for him. He did well in "The Gentleman" as a ruthless, yet suave, villain but I'm not buying the stealth and lethal ninja with a newly developed conscious. I do think the movie was better than the rating it was given, but it was not a really solid movie.

Worst of the year so far

Half of the time I don't know what is going on, there are many characters show up and don't do anything. There are very weak connections between the plots. Main character's growth is not persuasive, and it feels like he suddenly becomes great hero. I give one extra star for its Japanese elements.

Please Stop with PC Hollywood

Hollywood haven't you had enough with PC culture and wokeness.

Horribly filmed action ruined this movie

I'm a big fan of Yakuza films, so when I saw the trailer for "Snake Eyes," I was ecstatic - a gritty, grounded origin of one of G. I. Joe's most beloved characters, in the form of a Japanese mobster movie, seemed too good to be true. And lo and behold, it was! "Snake Eyes" seems to suffer from an identity crisis; there is not enough gangster politics to be a successful gangster movie - there is not enough character development to be a satisfying drama - and perhaps the worst offense: there is not enough well-filmed action for this to be a great action film.

Let's jump right into why "Snake Eyes" isn't a good film - the action. When you hire master choreographers to create beautiful action sequences, why would you then destroy them by choosing to film your action with close-up, handheld, shaky cam? This stylistic decision is infuriating and unforgivable. There was only one sequence in this movie that was well shot; other than that, literally every other single action scene was made incomprehensible due to the filmmaking.

There were so many set pieces that could've been memorable and exciting if only the cameraman would've put the camera on a tripod, prepared a wide shot, and stepped away. You have scenes of small armies engaged in katana-on-katana action, and you won't be able to see any of it because the cameraman is standing two feet away and shaking the camera like it owes him money. This filmmaking decision literally ruined the action in this film, and as a consequence, ruined the film itself - because when the action in your action movie sucks, your movie sucks.

That said, perhaps the storyline and the engaging characters can add some sort of entertainment value? You'd be half right. The story itself is pretty interesting, if not very engaging. There's enough to keep you slightly invested in what's happening and why, but again, everything is framed around terribly filmed action sequences that damper the fun. The acting was serviceable, but nothing too breathtaking. Henry Golding as Snake Eyes had a certain tenacity about him that was fun to watch, but the script seemed to try a little too hard to make him "cool." Samara Weaving was gorgeous, as always, and pretty good here - however, she barely has any screen time, and isn't introduced until about half way through the film. That said, she is a show stealer when she's on screen.

"Snake Eyes" did have some cool cinematography to bask at - if you enjoy Asian cinema, you'll certainly enjoy the look of the film. That said, if you enjoy good action, you're going to despise this movie. I'd recommend only checking this out if you're a big G. I. Joe fan - if you're not? There's a million other Yakuza action films at your disposal; don't waste your time with this.

A Great Action Movie

The story is about how the character became Snake Eyes in the first place. It's a perfectly acceptable story. The stunts are excellent. The only complaint I have is the shaky camera during the fight scenes. It was a bit hard to follow sometimes. If you are triggered by ninja magic, then you have been warned.