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IMDB: 7 / 10

Jungle Crud

I love jungle adventure films, and I like Dwayne Johnson, but Disney's Jungle Cruise is a perilous journey into mega-budget awfulness, director Jaume Collet-Serra unsuccessfully steering this wreck of a movie into turbulent waters with a messy script that lurches awkwardly from one CGI-drenched scene to another.

'The Rock' plays riverboat captain Frank Wolff, who is hired by well-meaning scientist Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) to take her and her brother MacGregor (Jack Whitehall) on an expedition into the most uncharted regions of the Amazon in search for the tree of life, the petals of which can cure all known ailments. This being a Raiders of the Lost Ark style adventure, the tree is also of interest to a group of nasty Germans, led by Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons), who has less altruistic reasons for finding the life-giving plant.

Lovable rogue Frank steers his CGI boat down the CGI river, while Lily marvels at the CGI animals that inhabit the region, all the while pursued by Joachim in his CGI submarine. After successfully navigating CGI raging rapids and a CGI waterfall, the adventurers discover an ancient underwater mechanism that drains an entire river bed (frightfully clever chaps, these Amazonian engineers), revealing the CGI tree to our intrepid explorers. Unfortunately, Joachim has several supernatural CGI conquistadors on his side, who cause problems for our heroes and heroine.

The terrible too-many-cooks screenplay, by no less than seven writers, makes very little sense at times: no explanation is given for how Joachim knows how to locate and reanimate the ancient Spanish conquistadors, each of whom has their own inexplicable superpower. Even more perplexing is the revivification of the tree by Lily, who mumbles some unintelligible nonsense, before snapping open her precious stone arrowhead to reveal a sachet of Miracle-Gro (or something like that-I really wasn't sure).

With its muddled plot and overuse of digital trickery, Jungle Cruise is a frustratingly lacklustre ride, but perhaps the film's biggest failure is to never genuinely excite the audience: with his Indiana Jones movies, Spielberg frequently put the hero in palpably perilous situations that kept the viewer on the edge of their seat; it's hard to feel thrilled and exhilarated when Jungle Cruise's characters are engaging in witty banter while supposedly facing mortal danger.

2.5/10, rounded down to 2 for the CGI dolphins, the CGI frogs, the CGI snakes, the CGI tarantula, the CGI toucans, and for Proxima, Frank's pet CGI jaguar.

Interesting and funny...

"Jungle Cruise" is an Adventure - Comedy movie in which we follow a small group of people on their riverboat cruise and their search of Lágrimas de Cristal Tree. They have to search for it and even face Don Aguirre who led the Spanish conquistadors to South America in 1556 for it.

I liked this movie very much because the plot was very interesting and the interpretations of the cast were simply amazing. The movie became even better with some plot twists that I did not expect and some very clever details that were presented. The interpretations of both Emily Blunt who played as Lily Houghton and Dwayne Johnson who played as Frank Wolff were very good and their combination worked very well. The direction which was made by Jaume Collet-Serra it was also very good and he succeeded on creating a bond between his main characters and the audience. Finally, I have to say that "Jungle Cruise" is an interesting movie and I strongly recommend it to everyone because I am sure it will travel you and you will have a great time watching it.

Solid, if unremarkable, Disney fayre...

A bit like Chris Pratt, I like Dwayne Johnson. He's an out and out entertainer - there is nothing complicated about his presentation, and here is no different. This is just a family adventure film that sees him taking his clients "Lily" (Emily Blunt) and her posh brother "MacGregor" (Jack Whitehall) on a search to find a tree with leaves that might have amazing recuperative powers that could eradicate illness. Along the way, they have to battle a jungle brimming with hungry beasties and with some recently revived ancient conquistadors who have an agenda all of their own. The visual effects are as you'd expect from Disney and as far as it goes this is a perfectly acceptable, lightweight piece of cinema. It's derivative, certainly - it has shades of "The Mummy" (1999) to the storyline alongside a bit of "Dead Man's Chest" (2006) with Whitehall reminding me a lot of the John Hannah character from the former, but it still moves along apace and though hardly taxing for the adults, it ought to keep the young ones entertained for what did seem a slightly over long 2hrs-odd.

A Popcorn Fun Movie

So, some Pirates of the Caribbean, some Jumanji, some Mummy, some Lara Croft, some Indiana Jones. . . . But . . . I really had fun. Dwayne was Dwayne ;) I think the casting was good. I really enjoyed. Yes I agree, it wasn't a good movie but what did you expect? This is a popcorn movie.

7 out of 10.

" AMAZEBALLS ?????????? "

A -BIG- Screen Full Length Review. Viewed Aug.09, 2021.

______________________________________________________Frank Wolff : "Hey , McGregor! . . . Had a girlfriend once, she was cross-eyed. Didn't work out. We could never see eye to eye!".

______________________________________________________1. " What A Ride ???" : This is a journey filled with Colour, Beauty, Awe, Drama, "Massive"-Spectacle, But -Most- Of All, { " HUMOUR . . . & HEART " }. Now, I like to think of myself as a person who has a ( -fairly- ) high bar when it comes to the 'funnies', so I just -have- to say, Dwayne Johnson's 'Frank Wolff' delivers -So many- ..."genuinely" Ribtickling Spur-Of-The-Moment puns... in Jungle Cruise ( 'JC', for short ) ; that I -honestly- couldn't help but get "Drawn-in", & to the fullest, at that . . . . almost 'Every-darn-time'. Not to mention all the masterfully executed -Slapstick- humour ?? { a little taste of which is in the movie's -"Official Trailer 1"- ( August '20 ) }. All in all, expect Two-hours-and-seven-minutes of Non-stop, "Lavish" . . . . Wholesome -{ Family }- Entertainment.

2. So, Does He Still Charm, Endear, & Delight ? Short answer : -{ Yes }- . . . . he can, & -Does- , still well and truly "ROCK" The Boat. -{ However }- I sincerely urge you not to expect any particularly 'Oscar-worthy' sort of performance from The Man himself, Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Meaning -things like- you're just going to get the 'Same old', run-of-the-mill American Accent from him yet again, despite him playing the role of, get this, a -Spaniard- . . . Living in -Brazil- . { To be -Entirely- fair, this was almost ( certainly ) a directorial-Call by the picture's absolutely " OUTSTANDING ?? " Director, Jaume Collet-Serra ; for reasons I -Shan't- disclose, so as to not give anything away }. So anyways, I'm just going to recommend that you go to the cinema -{ Expecting }- to see him put in a "Thorough & Dedicated Performance", with a few "impressive" surprises sprinkled into the mix, for what it's worth. And inasmuchas the sister-brother duo of Emily Blunt's 'Lily Houghton' & Jack Whitehall's 'MacGregor Houghton' are concerned, ready yourself for an incredibly -{ FUN }- journey with these two effusive, "Mega-Talented Stars" and veterans of the Film and Telivision business, ( respectively ). In the " nascently Post-Victorian ?? " setting of JC, you are likely to find these two characters to be -Nothing- less than sheerly Affable, Charming, & Indeed Just, " All Around . . . . DELIGHTFUL ".

3. "Jesse Lon Plemmons" Was The Marvellous "Shock" : of this huge, exciting movie { well for -Me- ateast, that is to say }. He portrays the Tyrannically-Monstrous German "Prince Joachim : your worst nightmare straight outta World War 1", in Jungle Cruise. So here's the thing. Not much having been a big afficionado -for the most part at least- of the whole 'Breaking Bad' craze, { arguably Jesse's first 'Really, Really' big-break ( as 'Todd Alquist', 11 Eps., 2012-13 ) }, I'd somehow managed to let his " WHOPPING ???" Sixty-three Acting Role Career, to date, somehow slip under the radar ; with the -Sole- exception being his -Relatively- "diminutive" ( yet 'tremendously' enjoyable ) part as the -genuinely- likeable "Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord" in 2012's massive blockbuster, 'Battleship'. And Now, to see him { seemingly } "come out of nowhere", take on this 'Way' larger-than-life kind of part ; & play it with Utter, Consummate -{ " CLASS " }- . . . . oh, & don't even get me -started- about his -fabulously- performed German Accent. Suffice to say that his portrayal of the aforementioned -and entirely fictitious- "Evil megalomaniacal occultist" Prince, was executed well . . . -{ " IMMACULATELY " }- .

Summation : Indeed, had it not been for -all- the pretty gross out -{ " OVERKILL " }- Mud, Slime, and the -hundreds- , literally , of Bugs & Bees -In- Said Slime, ( the aforementioned trailer -Will- , b.t.w , be able to give you a small, but 'succinct', flavour of this ) . . . I might just have given this film my { "trademark" } 12 , or -"Even 13!" - , marks out of 10, reserved "Exclusively" for films that I 'Very, Very wholeheartedly' enjoy. However, as that stuff -{ DID }- actually bother me a fair bit, ( " Sorry, but that's just -ME- " ) . . . It's going to remain a 'Solid 10 Marks Out Of 10' . So, umm, still " not too shabby , eh " . . . . . " Wouldn't 'Ya Reckon ?? ???" .

Better watch "Raiders of the Lost Ark" because this movie is NOT adventurous, nor is it funny, kinda boring to be honest

"Adventure" movie for the family.

The good: great actors, beautifully filmed, that's about it.

The bad: this movie is NOT really adventurous, I never am amazed or excited while watching it. The jokes arent really funny. So what's left? A rather mediocre story is left, that lasts half an hour too long (2 hours in total!).

Not recommended. Better watch one of the many Raiders of the Lost Ark movies with Harrison Ford, because those movies excite, those movies are really adventurous and they are also quite funny, everthing Jungle Cruise isnt.

Jungle Cruise was pretty enjoyable for what it was

Partly inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark and The African Queen as well as the Disney Parks' famous ride this movie is named after, Jungle Cruise is way too much exposition though things are kept hopping during most of its running time. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt (along with the person playing the latter's brother) take us on a mostly enjoyable ride to whatever they're looking for. My movie theatre-working friend enjoyed this much more than I did but I liked it fine for what it was. Some of the most enjoyable parts were Johnson's corny puns. So that's a partial recommendation of Jungle Cruise.

Just funny enough...just exciting enough

Look, if you're gonna let Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Giamatti run around in fun costumes and act silly for a couple hours like they're in a Brendan-Fraser's-The-Mummy adventure-comedy, I'm predisposed to enjoy it. SPOILER SIDE NOTE: Excuse me, Mr. The Rock's character...I know you've been alive for 400 years, and you're ready to die, but if Emily Blunt asks you to go to London with her, then you go to London with Emily Blunt without hesitation...I'm sorry, but that's just the law.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is an adaptation of a Disney Park ride that I can barely remember going to and I have been to both Disney parks in the USA.

It also has five writers with various screenplay credits.

Dwayne Johnson plays Frank. A down on his luck river boat captain who takes tourists for a ride in the Amazon.

He is hired by adventurer Lily (Emily Blunt) and her uptight brother MacGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) who are on the search for the Tears of the Moon. The petals of a tree of life that can cure any illness. The Spanish were in search for it about 400 years earlier.

Set in 1916, Lily finds that German Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) is also in pursuit at a time when the nations are at war. However Lily finds that Frank is a man who is hard to trust and he is full of cheesy jokes.

This comedy adventure is a mish mash of previous movies. I found it more Romancing the Stone mixed with the Brendan Fraser The Mummy movies. There is also a hint of the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise.

It harks back to two decades earlier when Disney were adapting their theme park rides rather than superhero movies or remaking their old cartoons as live action films.

Jungle Cruise is a colourful romp that lacks originality.

more shaky cam and quick cuts

I'm so sick of it. Shaky cam, quick cuts, close ups. I'm used to it in fight scenes in bad action movies. It recently sunk snake eyes for me. But this movie barely has fight scenes. It isn't martial arts. So why is it still being used? So many scenes were difficult to follow, especially the ones involving cgi.

That's my main complaint. There were some stupid moments, and i started getting bored by the end. But i had a decent time and laughed a good amount. It's fairly entertaining with a serviceable story. But with the terribly filmed action and being bored during the climax, i can't give this a positive score (1 viewing, 8/4/2021)

a fine ride

For 400 years, men have been searching the Amazon to find the Tears of the Moon, the flower petals of a legendary tree which can cures any illness or curse. It's 1916 London. Siblings Lily (Emily Blunt) and MacGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) steal an arrowhead artifact from the Royal Society. It's the key to finding the tree. They are pursued by the ruthless Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons). They hire a boat skippered by Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson). Joachim reawakens cursed Spanish conquistadors led by Aguirre (Edgar Ramírez).

As an action adventure, this is fairly good. It's trying to be The African Queen with a healthy dose of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's not as good as either. The chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt is pretty good but it's strictly platonic. They have no romantic heat. It's the fun banter of kidding best friends. Anyone watching them interact in real life would notice their natural chemistry. It's a basic chemistry test mistake. Quite honestly, I would be more than happy to have these two turn into adventure best buddies. Maybe they could find the romantic chemistry eventually in the later movies but they don't have it in this one. I like Paul Giamatti and am disappointed that he doesn't follow them up the river. Jesse Plemons is going full cartoon in his villain acting but maybe somebody else could do it better. Still, it's a fun ride while it lasted.

old-style ride updated for the 21st century

I had never heard of the Jungle Cruise ride until I heard of this movie, and that Disneyland was removing racist caricatures from the ride (well, they kinda have to at this point).

As for the movie "Jungle Cruise", it was what I expected. Lots of action reminiscent of every adventure movie of the past forty years, and no shortage of CGI. Very much a summer movie. Sure to entertain the tykes.


A darling cast and a unique storyline make Jungle Cruise a charming movie. There are a few flaws and it's definitely a bit long. But, it's visually spectacular, had a good mix of humor and action, and leading lady Emily Blunt has never been better. A wonderful movie experience.

Based on Disneyland's theme park ride...

And that should've been enough to tell you the quality in plot.

Felt Tedious !!

Trust me , I really wanted to enjoy this movie but as the movie kept going i just couldn't ... The movie had its moments , there are some solid scenes but the movie didn't feel fresh. Inspite of a solid cast and amazing visuals i personally couldn't stop yawing after a certain point. This movie is very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, if Johnny depp had acted in the place of Dwayne Johnson this movie Would have been Pirates of the Caribbean 6. To me this movie was a big disappointment.

This Amazon based Disney attraction delivers!

Dating from 1955, Jungle Cruise was one of the key attractions at Disneyland when it first opened. Full of corny spiel from the lovable boat captains, the experience is nicely evoked in the new Disney movie: a true summer blockbuster that delights.

  • Cut the movie open and it reads "summer blockbuster pleaser" through the middle. This is largely down to the charisma of its two stars, Blunt and Johnson, who prove why they are both such bankable commodities. It's clearly based on the "will they/won't they" simmering sexual chemistry between two polar-opposites, as featured in movies such as "Romancing the Stone" and "The African Queen". (Since the theme park ride was heavily influenced by the latter, this is no surprise). But there's also a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness as featured in other great B-movie homages such as "The Mummy" and (most notably) "Raiders of the Lost Ark". (A few scenes directly mimic the Indiana Jones movies.)
  • The supporting cast also have fun with their roles. Jack Whitehouse, doing almost a like-for-like copy of John Hannah's character in "The Mummy", could have been extremely annoying. But although he's the comic relief in the piece, he steers it just the right side of farcical, avoiding Jar-Jar Binks territory. ("When in Rome" he declares, swallowing a flagon of fermented spit. "God - I wish I was in Rome"!) Jesse Plemons, one of my favourite actors, who proved his comic chops in "Game Night", here delivers one of the most over-the-top Nazis since Ronald Lacey's Toht in "Raiders". Rounding things off is Paul Giamatti with a bizarrely comic performance as Nilo, a competing riverboat owner.

  • Special effects, cinematography (Flavio Martínez Labiano, of "The Shallows") and James Newton-Howard's score all add to the lush blockbuster feel of the movie. And director Jaume Collet-Serra (who did the clever shark B-movie "The Shallows") keeps the movie clipping along at a fine rate, with only a few sections of character-building dialogue to get the kids fidgety.

  • I mean, it's popcorn nonsense of course. The Amazonian 'McGuffin' is a tree that only comes to life under very specific conditions. And isn't it amazing that watery machinery (developed by who?) still works after at least 400 years, when my dishwasher gives up after ten? (But it's done with verve and style, so who cares?)
  • Although the screenplay is actually very slick for a movie of this type, it feels like a script by committee at times. A single writer might have been tempted to duck the Hollywood ending and leave things on a more thoughtful, albeit downbeat, note.

Summary Thoughts on "Jungle Cruise": This was a pleasant surprise for me. A fun and light-hearted movie that ticks all the boxes as a summer blockbuster. It nicely evokes the cheesiness of the theme park ride operator (past alumni have included Robin Williams and Kevin Costner), especially with Johnson's opening scenes. But then rounds it out as a spectacular and appealing tongue-in-cheek adventure.

And, by the way, in case you fancy sitting through the interminable end titles to watch a post-credits scene.... there isn't one.


Parental Guidance: One question might be whether, with a "12A" certificate, this summer blockbuster is one that your kids might enjoy or be freaked out by. A comparison with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is perhaps useful here. There are quite a number of "jolts" involving snakes and bees but probably not as bad as the ones you get in an uncut version of "Raiders" (think the spiked Satipo; the mummies/snakes when escaping the 'Well of Souls'; and the melting Nazi bad-guys). So if you have kids that lapped up that stuff then I don't think they would have any issues with this one.

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An Above Average Fun Action Adventure

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt headline this comedy, action, adventure thriller in what amounts to a rather entertaining summer movie. This action adventure appears to be a direct descendent of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), The Mummy (1999); Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), and National Treasure (2004). Somehow this movie version almost becomes a parody but does not and mostly succeeds in breaking a little new ground in its action sequences and storyline offering its audience more refreshing than expected experience. The animated big cat and several other special effects still have not quite established the maturity of the authenticity needed to completely win over skeptical audience members. And several places in the movie where there are an obvious attempts at live comedic staged reaction that almost fails and loses their timing and punch as well as offering up a few unbelievable staging and remarkable recovery scenes that defy reason to the point of almost breaking the movie fantasy this action adventure that has been casting its spell over the audience. Overall, Jungle Cruise is consistently enjoyable and a moderate breath of fresh air that makes a trip to the theater worthwhile.

No Pirates of the Caribbean but a fun family film regardless

A long time coming with various delays and Covid pandemic's stopping its planned 2020 release, 2021 finally sees Disney's latest theme park ride turned film Jungle Cruise make its way into the market courtesy of a hybrid cinema/Disney+ release, with this $200 million production a nice distraction if nothing more at this time and place.

A hybrid of Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone with a hearty dosage of The Mummy, that also wants desperately to give off the same vibes as the original Pirates of the Caribbean (still the gold standard when it comes to rides to film examples), director Jaume Collet-Serra takes a break from low-budget horror's and Liam Neeson thrillers to take Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on an adventure filled quest to find a magic plant deep the Amazonian jungle circa the early 1900's in a journey that should entertain the whole family across its two hour runtime that barely pauses for breath from one event to the next.

Jam-packed with questionable CGI that will make you long for the days where films were shot on location or at least real life locales rather than green screens at the back of a studio, Cruise is a colorful and energetic affair that does work far better than it had any right too thanks to its charismatic leads that generate nice moments off one another and a playful sense of adventure that is sometimes lost on modern day films taking a more po-faced approach to these type of affairs than necessary.

Perhaps darker than one would except from the Jungle Cruise brand especially for a film with more puns than a season's worth of Friends, Cruise does nicely to steer away from a film that adults would struggle too sit through and some of Collet-Serra's action scenes such as an attack on a tribal village or a finale that is enlivened by the presence of comedic scene-stealer Jesse Plemon's make the film more than just a generic family affair, even if the film lacks any type of memorable performances like a Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow or an action scene/spectacle that would've made the film greater than it is.

In some ways you wish someone or something managed to elevate the film too a higher level, there's moments in the film where opportunity seems to be arising for it too become a new Pirates level of popcorn entertainment or a very enjoyable Indiana Jones light rollicking adventure but as it stands Cruise is just an enjoyable and unassuming family film that is better than it should've been, but also not as good as it could've been.

Final Say -

A pleasant diversion for the whole family, Jungle Cruise provides a fun two hours in the Amazon (CGI) jungle with some likeable leads but it never does anything to make one think they will be remembering the film down the river at any time in the future.

3 submarines out of 5.


I had a good time watching Jungle Cruise because the thrills just keep on coming. As someone who likes adventures on reel, Jungle Cruise met all my lofty expectations: mythology and legend, a smart-aleck skipper, an Englishwoman and her sweet-faced brother, and the Amazon rainforest. Give it a go even if you are not familiar with the Disney link.

I loved it so much!

I have been waiting for this since last year when they released the trailers and I'm so glad to say, it was worth the wait. It truly is the 'adventure of a lifetime'. The jungle was beautiful and well done, but the best part was the chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Emily blunt (who was amazing). Proxima the jaguar was the cutest though... Some of the monsters CGI was kinda ugly but that doesn't matter when you have a great movie all around. It can't reach the heights of the first Pirates movie but nevertheless better than all 4 sequels and overall amazing movie. Thank you Disney ????