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IMDB: 4.1 / 10

Sleazy, loathsome and entirely entertaining...

Very bizarre horror obscurity remembered quite well from its Wizard Video big-box artwork (depicting an eyeball apparently slithering like a slug across the pavement after having been dislodged from its female victim). Albeit repetitive and limited, would love to have the musical score from the film on CD (check it out, you'll know what I'm saying). This is a very campy, low-budget, ultra-sleazy Euro-horror cult classic that Andy Warhol would have absolutely loved. My favorite line from the movie: "I'm a know, a street walker...couldn't you tell? Shit, no wonder I couldn't score tonight!" (the woman says just before her newfound-maniac-friend who she just invited to her nasty apartment decides to wig out, accusing her off being a "pros-ti-tute" and gouging her eyes out).

Given all the obscure horror film oddities that have been released onto disc in really nice widescreen releases by Blue Underground and Severin over the past few years, I find it quite odd that this entertaining little oddity has remained on the back burner.

So many eyeballs, so little time...

"The Headless Eyes" is one of those ridiculous, micro-budget, nutty obscurities that will appeal to B horror enthusiasts who love unearthing little known curios. Swedish actor Bo Brundin ("Raise the Titanic") plays Arthur Malcolm, a starving artist who resorts to thievery. Discovered in the act by a victim, he struggles with her, and she manages to gouge out his left eyeball with a spoon. Now utterly insane, he stalks the streets of NYC, stopping long enough to kill unfortunate citizens and remove their orbs. These he turns into dubious objets d'art.

This film is, overall, too slowly paced, and it doesn't have enough of the laugh out loud moments that would make for a very enjoyable bad movie experience. However, this flaky exercise in horror / exploitation / surrealism / art by writer & director Kent Bateman isn't totally without its amusements. Imagine the gore from a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick, except even MORE tacky. The acting is extremely amateurish from just about everybody involved, although it must be said that Brundin gives an appropriately certifiable performance. At one point, it looks as if he might have a stable influence in his life, a female art student who actually likes his work and wants him to mentor her. But soon, he's going right back to doing what he did before. The decision to stage a later stalking scene in a slaughterhouse is an admittedly novel idea.

This is the kind of thing you watch if you're a completist and want to be able to say that you've seen it. It's not exactly a good film at all, but it has a certain gritty quality going for it.

Other than this flick, Batemans' big claim to fame is having sired acting offspring: Jason ('Arrested Development') and Justine ('Family Ties') Bateman.

Five out of 10.

Watched h the whole thing

Watched the whole thing....Which says a lot I'm writing this review in the year 2017 there's 1 million things to watch my attention span is very short With so many other things to watch. I have Full Moon, Shudder, You Tube, Amazon prime and Netflix HBO Cinemax football very rarely do I go from beginning to end end and not change the movie... that's worth seven stars right there ...... i'm very partial to 1970s movies though if it was from the 90s I probably would have changed it for some, biased subliminal reason..

Intrepid, minimalist exploitation flick

"The Headless Eyes" follows a struggling New York artist who loses his eye in a botched robbery attempt; consequently, he develops a bizarre obsession with eyeballs, and goes on a brutal murder spree, killing women and tearing out their eyes with spoons.

Written and directed Kent Bateman, "The Headless Eyes" is a gritty and gruesome exploitation flick that was an ostensible inspiration on later New York-based films like "The Driller Killer" and "Maniac"; it's two parts grindhouse filth and one part art-house horror. The film features an over-the-top performance by Swedish actor Bo Brundin, who leads a very small cast through a scuzzy New York City just after the dawn of the 1970s. It's an interesting film merely as a time capsule, and also functions as a dark meditation on poverty and hopelessness.

The film boasts a handful of surprisingly savage murder scenes and expected eye gougings; in spite of some hammy special effects, the scenes retain a disturbing grit to them that is unexpectedly palpable and disturbing. The narrative is relatively aimless and frenetic; there is little in the way of plot, and the film does feel something like a stitched-together patchwork of gore and half-baked ideas; that said, the messiness gives the film a somewhat disconcerting, schizophrenic energy, and the relative lack of dialogue is another unusual feature. The ending is abrupt and uneven, but it's difficult to expect anything else.

Overall, "The Headless Eyes" is a fairly gruesome but aimless exploitation effort. The skeletal plot and hammy performances don't necessarily work in its favor, but it does retain a bizarre and disturbed energy that makes it worth a watch for die-hard grindhouse horror fans. It's certainly not a good film, but it is tonally scuzzy and forbidding. It's the kind of film that triggers the urge to take a hot bath after viewing, which, depending on your proclivities, will either elicit interest or turn you away. 6/10.

A hallucinatory urban nightmare bad trip man

This film doesn't have much dialogue, but instead is driven by the awesome soundtrack and sound design. All ambient dissonance, with background traffic noise, car horns, fractured conversations and sinister laughter. Although sometimes a bit dreary, once the music gets rolling it really does create a mesmerising menacing tone. This is filtered through a backdrop of a deliciously scuzzy cityscape, where everything is covered in a layer of grime and sleaze, accompanied by choppy visuals. This creates an atmosphere far exceeding its limited means and makes for an arty grindhouse affair. I'm sure there are plenty of haters who dismiss it as boring garbage, but I am a fan, and consider it a masterclass in how much sound can add to a film.

Terrible, but great!

This is the perfect example of "So bad its good". The Headless Eyes is a strange movie that at times feels like an art film mixed with Hershell Gordon Lewis. The movie is about an artist who tries to steal money from a random woman, she wakes up and stabs him in the eye with a spoon, after that the thief becomes a psycho who has a strange fixation with eyes, he starts killing women and gauging their eyes out, he then proceeds to make art with them. Truly one of the most bizarre film I have ever seen. The character is sexually excited by eyes and that makes for some of the funniest scenes ever.

If you want a bad movie to watch with your friends drunk, this is perfect.

Scuzzy exploitation grind-house effort

A thieving artist has his eye gouged out by a spoon when trying to rob a woman's apartment. This nutter then goes round New York killing women whose eyeballs he removes, which he uses to create a new bit of artwork back in his studio.

The Headless Eyes is pretty much an example of grind-house exploitation fodder. It's a very rough and ready flick with minimal production values. But then I guess you would expect that for a grade Z movie. However, it does at least make some attempt at being dare I say it, artistic. There are occasional interesting shots, while the music fits with the feel quite well. It has a pretty scuzzy atmosphere overall and is another that utilises the very mean streets of 70's New York to decent effect. It's a clear precursor to Abel Ferrara's very similar movie The Driller Killer which came out a few years later. Unlike that one, The Headless Eyes never did make the video nasty list, which in some ways is surprising seeing as it was available in a striking video cover on home video in early 80's Britain and it also has considerably more mean spirited violence than many films that made up that list. That said it's not exactly impressive. Quite a lot of the time it's pretty terrible in fact, especially that opening looped use of the line 'My eye! My eye!' But the griminess and rough approach do sort of work in its favour some of the time, giving it a sleazy feel that's in keeping with its overall concept.

They call him one eye.

Call me crazy,but I liked "The Headless Eyes".A poor artist has an eyeball gouged out during an unsuccessful robbery attempt.He snaps and becomes a serial killer,who preys on his victims looking for their eyeballs."The Headless Eyes" is a pure grindhouse exploitation classic with very seedy atmosphere and amateurish gore.It's like the journey into the darkest slums of exploitation genre.The film looks extremely cheap and is set in the seediest corners of New York.It's quite similar in tone to Abel Ferrara's "The Driller Killer".The 16mm cinematography is grainy,the film is grubby and dimly lit and Bo Brundin is great as a psycho obsessed with eyeballs.A must-see for fans of cult cinema.8 out of 10.

My eye! My eye!..

Here's another not-for-everyone movie! I don't think Headless Eyes was ever conceived for a large audience (a lot of films were kinda "experimental" in those years, though) and its shortcomings turn into merits for a true horror fan. I absolutely love the opening titles scene, when Bo Brundin gets injured, with those strange sounds and the looped starring's voice repeating: "My Eye!" over and over again. Characters that suddenly appear in the film, just to disappear a few minutes later, in my opinion, add estrangement to the plot (I liked and reviewed Bruce Toscano's "The Jar" too, that's full of similar or worse oddities). The scene with the "dirty cop" (he calls himself someway like that when he catches in act the murderer) reminded me of Herschell Gordon Lewis' films (ehr... I don't really why) The music score is good (maybe a little repetitive at times) and the grainy quality of the picture helps creating a creepy atmosphere. The old lady in the street saying: "I know who did it" is pure genius!(At least, it'll make you laugh, if you LAUGH AT this film and the "MY EYE!" sequence hadn't amused you yet.) Rent or buy Headless Eyes!


Whoa! This low-budget experiment in horror was directed by me, Kent Bateman, and with few funds, we did the best we could. Obviously, it wasn't fitted with enough blood and gore for the distributor, so the producer, Ron Sullivan, added some scenes. I only wish to make a comment on the assertion of a reviewer who erroneously referred to me, Kent Bateman, as aka Henri Pachard. Mr. Ron Sullivan, the producer of the film, aka Henri Pachard, producer of over 300 porno films, took my director's cut and added footage I never wrote or directed. This is just to set the record straight. Kent Bateman is not HENRI PACHARD. Please refer to my own IMDb listing. If you go to Henri Pachard's IMDb listing, you will see that he doesn't even list Headless Eyes as one of his films.

MY EYE! AHHHAHHH my eyeeeee.....

Hahahaha! This film is great. If you are looking for low-budget crap from the early 70's, check this grade Z film out. No budget, horrible editing, some atrocious acting, and eyeballs.

The plot is so simple, even a 10 year old could have thought of it. A struggling artist decides to rob a woman's apartment in the middle of the night so he can afford to keep his shop open. In the process of the robbery, the woman wakes up and scoops his eyeball out with a spoon. He gets away, only after screaming "MY EYE! AHHHAHHH my eyeeeee....." over and over again. This whole event changes his life and he decides to start killing woman, remove their eyeballs and use them to further his art career.

This movie is so bad, but I really enjoyed it. The beginning of the movie is possibly one of the funniest moments I have ever seen in a movie. When he gets his eye removed and starts screaming about it, the sound editors decided to loop his scream over and over again, looping it about 6 or 7 times. You just have to see it to really understand.

The gore in the film is hilarious. There isn't a whole lot of it, but there are a few scenes noteworthy. If anything, it is far more bloody then it is gory. Don't expect HG Lewis here, though.

If you like this stuff, it is worth a watch. I thought it was great, but that is just my opinion. 7/10

eye yi yi... bottom of the barrel; avert your eyes, please

I'm afraid this was a very, very bad movie. It reminded me a lot of another very bad movie, The Driller Killer (1979). Both are pretty low-budget, shabby-looking films featuring a mentally ill artist wandering streets finding people to kill in a gruesome manner to incorporate into their art. Best to approach with a "so-bad-it's-good" attitude, though personally I couldn't enjoy it on that level.

The Headless Eyes at times seems to be trying to be arty. Sounds sometimes repeat themselves in loops. There's some voice-over that seems to be trying to be poetic or profound. There was a trippy freak-out sequence early in it involving a close-up of an eye with blood dripping down it and various non-sequitur shots that seemed to promise something odd. However, most of the movie is made up of really time-consuming unedited shots of nothing. People waiting for an elevator. The lights indicating the floor the elevator is on. Walking. A cab following (not chasing) a car. I'm surprised there weren't shots of the actor sleeping. Maybe there were; my eyes glazed over watching this. The forward scan button will be your friend.

The lead actor really mumbles, and he has an accent, and together with the age of the videotape I watched the movie on, he could be very hard to understand at times. If there's ever a DVD, it would benefit from closed captions for the hearing impaired and/or English subtitles. The soundtrack wasn't too bad, but not much music was composed, and so it repeats itself frequently, to the point you just have to laugh.

There are relatively few scenes with gore, and they do not last long, and it wasn't done particularly well. I did sort of like the eye art, though, like the eye mobile, and the eyes encased in clear solid plastic cubes.

I'm astonished that the director went on to direct episodes of Family Ties and Valerie! Granted, his children (Justine and Jason, respectively) appeared on those shows, but they were wholesome family entertainment, and Headless Eyes is not that... I wonder if the producers had seen it?

A much better eye-obsessed offbeat horror movie is Angustia (1987) AKA Anguish. Check that one out; skip this one!

Hell Yes

I randomly came across this movie when I was perusing the horror selection of a local video store. I was expecting a splatteriffic gore-fest based on the box's description, but instead I got a quirky mind-f**k with sadistic pleasures.

This movie is definitely cult and easy to despise; the acting is sub-par and some of the sound editing is questionable, but if you're into cult horror then you probably don't mind such shortcomings.

I could really feel the killer's desperation, remorse, and especially his confusion when he befriends a potential victim. It's worth watching just for the opening sequence, and the ending is nice and ironic (it actually made me laugh).

Stupid Garbage

This is one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen. The plot is good - man loses eye & goes crazy & starts killing people & gouges out their eyes. But that's all that's good about this movie. It's not even watchable. The lead is awful, there aren't enough gore scenes & the gore scenes that are there are horrible. You won't be cringing when you see the eyes get carved out, as a matter fact, you won't see anything. The killers hand almost always covers the victims face when there is an eye scene, the effects are pathetic. There are long boring scenes where the killer talks, or stands around or whatever. The characters are stupid. It is such a waste, it's not even worth fast forwarding through. See the movie Eyeball instead.

Low budget masterpiece

This movie i watched for about 8 years ago. If a movie still is very memorable after that time, it just have to be a masterpiece. It starred swedish actor Bo Brundin, who made one of his best performances ever, the scene when he waits for the elevator, about 12 feets beside the elevator is just fantastic, also the scene when he carves out one of his victims eyes and a police officer shows up, is just cinematic perfection. I believe this one is very hard to find in video shops, but if you do, just lean back and enjoy.

I gave it 10 out 10

Insane artist kills and places victims eyes in his macabre sculptures.

Long ago(the mid eighties, before it became chic to diss bad movies and glorify their ineptitude), I caught this freaky flick the way nature intended, on a late-night horror show on an independent TV station. Even then, before the advent of our culture of irony, I knew I'd seen something so unrelentingly bad that it was remarkable. This movie concerns an artist who, while attempting to rob a sleeping woman to get rent money, has one eye put out by his victim. Driven insane, he goes about the unnamed city where he lives(New York), encountering various people, killing them, then attaching their eyeballs to mobiles and suspending them in blocks of acrylic. The victims include a boozy, bickering middle aged couple, a prostitute, and a middle-aged receptionist in an office building. The film has very little in the way of a narrative structure; our mad artist basically drifts around in a stupor, encountering people and killing them. This may be part of the director's masterplan; this mess apparently was some attempt to make a statement about the isolation of urban living. Viewers are treated to a bizarre dream sequence in which the artist staggers deliriously down canyon-like city streets barefoot and ragged, stopping to bang his fists against what appear to be the tall wooden doors of a church. Holy Fellini on Ripple! There's also a documentary-like sequence in which the landlady of one of the killer's victims is interviewed by a reporter and spouts bland, insincere compliments about a young woman she probably never spoke to("She was a nice girl, never any trouble," etc.)The entire film has a hollow, detached feel to it, something that can't entirely be blamed on the filmmakers' incompetence. Or maybe I'm just an optimist. Make no mistake, it is bad--crummy sound and cinematography, stilted dialogue(when available), superflous characters(the artist's wealthy former girlfriend, a young art student who wants to take lessons)who must have been inserted to give friends of the director parts, and artsy sequences that were intended to show the filmmaker's vision but only showcase his lack of ability. And this flick was on video at one point, but is undoubtably out of print now. If you have any independently owned video shops in your area and don't mind slumming(you know, the kind that have a back stock of wretchedly bad old videos), look for this one. Rent it, get some of your hipper-than-thou friends together, and inact your own episode of Mystery Science Theatre!

My Eyes, My eyes, my eyes!!!!!

Call my crazy if you wish but I LOVE HEADLESS EYES!!! Sure it is poorly edited and not technically sound, but the film is pretty good. I love the sound track. I thought the killer was interesting and did a good job with the part he was playing. The movie has some very surrealistic moments and it is never boring. I liked the understated cheap-o ending as well. There is also a couple of decent gore sequences which become creepy thanks to the performance of Bo Brundin who is very convincing as a psychopath. I loved the way he talks to the eyes that he ripped out of his victim's head! Lighten up folks, this is a great little creepy horror movie from the early 70's. The director also happens to be one of the better known porno film makers in the industry.

He's out there... out of sight, and out of his mind!

The Headless Eyes seems to be one of the worst motion pictures of all time. It was so gory that they couldn't even put it on the silver screen! My video store has the video and on the cover it says that it was too gory to put on the silver screen. Isn't it terrible? How did it come for this to be such a bad movie? Even I can't rent the movie anymore it freaks me out to see a serial killer poking people's eyes out. That is why I rate this movie on a scale from 1 to 10 as a 1. It is just too bad the movie had to turn out like this! Fortunately, now the movie is out of print so everyone is safe from it. Just take it from me if you ever happen to pass it in some video store DO NOT RENT IT!