Reviews for The Forever Purge ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.8 / 10

How Hollywood Views America, Probably.

If you're a raging liberal, you'll probably find this movie to be a powerful social commentary, and if you're a raging conservative, you'll probably find the subliminal messaging in this movie to be nauseating.

Personally, I seek to be entertained by the thoughtfulness and originality of movies, but this is the fifth try at the same premise and it's truly worn out. I wish I could Purge it from my memory. Gave it a two because the last hour or so is non-stop action, but that can't redeem an otherwise senseless film.

Pure Political Bias

This movie does not even try to hind it. Conservatives are White Supremacists and evil, Non-Whites are good. I watch movies to escape the political BS, not make it worse.

Good entertainment ??

Despite what other's say, personally I enjoyed this movie. I think this is the perfect end of the purge movie series in which the founders of the purge have to abandon it by themselves.

Forget about the message and other stuff. It is just an entertainment and just enjoy it for one an half hour and forget it. That's it !

3rd best Purge movie...don't listen to the MAGA reviews...

Big fan of the Purge movies as they've always had a dystopian political message to them. I thought this one was 3rd best (after Purge 1 & 2). However, Purge 1 is best in the series by far.

I did want to take a moment to address other reviews saying this was too political and 'woke'. First, every single Purge film has been political and this one is no different. Second, as for 'woke' what does that even mean?!? Because it doesn't have all white male leads and has a diverse cast that fits the storyline? I'm sick and tired of seeing MAGA fans review movies on here and literally bash any movie that has a female or minority lead in it.

As for the film itself, the story was believable especially how the 'Ever After Purge' group closely resembles the MAGA / Insurrectionists crowd. So from a political standpoint, I think it hit too close to home for a certain subset of this country that doesn't like to see a mirror held up to their views,

Acting was good and it was great to see Josh Lucas back in a starring role. Will Patton was also good albeit in a small role. Ana de la Reguera is very good in every role she has and this is no different.

Directing and pacing was fine...and very suspenseful in the first 2 acts. The third act drags a bit though and is predictable.

TL;DR - Ignore the comments on 'wokeness' and enjoy the film for what it is. The third best entry in the Purge series.


By no means the strongest purge movie but it sure does hold up well and is a good addition to the franchise. The cast did really well and I like the idea of people going against the idea of the purge only being one night a year as it adds suspension and makes you wonder if their will be another purge movie .

Better than I thought

I liked how they weren't hiding the whole entire time. Action back to back. Started off a bit slow and dragged a bit but I enjoyed it.

Hell yea more woke trash

Lol just when you think they would learn, they don't and create this pile of stool. This movie is awful and preachy. I mean you already knew it would be.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen in a Theater

Look, I'm a big fan of The Purge movies. I came into this installment with very low expectations. But wow, it was truly terrible in every way. Writing, acting, camera work... all bad. I literally got up and left the theater about an hour into it. Whoever wrote this ridiculous joke of a movie should be Purged...


First off! I go to the movies too escape reality!

So here is a movie that jumped right into the heart of the leftist ideology of blaming patriotic conservatives WHITE Americans as the anarchist that hate Mexicans and immigration! This movie portrays BLM AND ANTIFA FROM 2020!

THIS MOVIE IS A PATHETIC WASTE OF MONEY! The actors should be ashamed of themselves!

Purge fan disappointed

I hate horror movies but love the Purge, so that says a lot. I was honestly very disappointed at how this turned out. It was by far, the worst of the series. The story line was pretty interesting but had way more potential. None of the characters really had the chance to grow on me and everything just felt rushed. My boy friend slept half way. F9 was better than this... and that says a lot too lol.

Too political. Suppose to be a movie of gore.

I honestly loved all the purges up to this one, purge forever. I went to theaters to watch it and never even bothered to look at the trailer. Upon watching the movie you get to watch as rich white ranchers in Texas are "enslaving" Mexican workers, despite them actually working on the ranch. They try and push that whites are oppressing the workers. Put aside the political aspect of the movie and you can see that the acting was subpar. The animations of the blood, killing, and explosions look like they were done by a high school student. The plot itself could have been so much better, there wasn't a real story line to this movie. Go watch the other purges, don't waste your time on this one.

Clearly Propaganda

I walked out on this one. It was terrible. I couldn't stomach one more second of this politically motivated movie. To anyone who says all the Purge movies were political, I do not know if you recall the very first purge movie wasn't political, it was a story that was set in a dystopian society that lived in chaos for one night, to live the rest of the year in peace. It didn't need any political message (although they added some being Hollywood) and more over it was about the family unit, the nature of communities, and overall human nature. It was only the further down the Purge series it went more political each movie following - that political message translated all the way to eliminate all entertainment and become an overt political propaganda film.

Wokefest garbage

Some occassional decent action scenes and that is about all that was anywhere near ok. The entire film was a lecture on evil white men and bad america at every turn. Save your money and don't waste your time on this one. Hollywood does it again.

Waste of time and money.

Very boring. No plot. Just killing throughout the entire movie.

Why Bother.

Left half way through. The script is so blatantly political and bias that it make the film unwatchable.

Horrible anti American movie!

Apparently the makers of this movie HATE AMERICA. Americans are portrayed as all haters that want to kill non whites. Total waste of money.


This movie was like white male mass genocide. Low budget, way too political, can't believe that money was even spent making this disgrace of a movie. 10/10 do NOT recommend. It took everything in me not to get up and walk out of the theatre, as other people were doing. Guess we can't even watch movies anymore without liberal brainwashing. If I could give this movie 0 stars I would.

Sledgehammer of Wokeness

Everything that I enjoy about the Purge films was completely overshadowed in this film. There was no subtlety in the message, it's an entire film where you'll be smashed in the face with relentless political messages and "wokeness". I'm sad the franchise ended with this travesty of a Purge film, at the same time I wouldn't want more films like this.

Forever Trash

When I saw the poster on an social app I thought it was a joke... wow milk trash more pls... Jesus hollywood is dead rip.


The worst that either franchise has to offer; mindless, poorly conceptualized, and lacking the pivotal component that makes up for either: entertainment.