Reviews for Space Jam: A New Legacy ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 3.7 / 10

Good animation but pretty lame movie.

This movie was absolutely AMAZING at being lame. Movie had good animation and that's all so I'll give it that. The acting and lines were just bad. Actually it was horrible. No joke, even the Looney Toons acting was bad. How do you screw that up? Wasn't even funny. I seriously don't think I laughed once. The first Jam was WAY better and this was nothing like it. This movie is literally probably good for kids under 5 years old who laugh at anything and wouldn't notice the horrible acting and hack job they did on the Looney Toons. Not good enough for me to watch it again that's for sure. We watched for free on HBO Max, It's definitely not worth paying theater money for.

Just a Poor Effort

The acting in this movie is so inauthentic. The whole film felt like one big money-grab. They knew the movie would do well financially because of the title and the characters. The finished product is just a huge mess.

Movie is so lame and pointless.

The acting is so bad. One of the worst movies i have seen.

Shallow so shallow

I've been waiting 20+ years to the comeback of space jam, The first movie back in 1996 was a classic movie.

And that is the most disappointing movie sequel I've ever seen. So shallow, so lame, where is the storyline?

What about acting classes? What about respect for the audience?

WB got lost with the years ????


Bow down, you are about to be brought before the KING. This movie is all about why you should love and praise LeBron. Forget about story telling, let's gather to witness the greatness that is LeBron. With a capitol G. This is a huge middle finger to the original Space Jam. Michael didn't have to shove his reputation down your throat because his reputation preceeded him. He's the best, that's it. LeBron tries to recreate that here artificially. He doesn't have the weight or presence that Michael had, so he's over compensating. Why make a second if it's not for story? Can Hollywood really profit off of such a failed story if they throw in some characters you know? Get ready for the commercial about LeBron that is space jam 2. Hollywood has become the employee that everyone hates because they hate their job and do barely enough to not get fired.

Terrible try for a sequel

Where as the Original Movie had a really cool spin to it combining the Toon World and the Real World this movie just...stinks.

First of all LeBron doesn't have any charisma or acting skills what so eversecond where as the first hat an intersting premise the premise of this is just terrible.

Furthermore this movie feels like Warner Brother just wanted to Jam every single Character they own into one movie for the sake of nostalgia.

Just: No.

Just lazy

Soulless cash-grab. There is absolutely nothing in it besides the references. Very bad.

Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen

The title says it all. A complete mess from top to bottom. Nothing saves this calamity. Horrific.

Terrible, terrible, film. Two hours of your life you won't get back.

In short, this makes the first installment, which was no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, look like The Godfather.

Everything about this movie is just wrong. It only exists to highlight the greatest hits of Warner Brothers and its subsidiaries.

Don't waste your time and/or money on Space Jam.

Shallow in every way possible

So awful. Completely a self-serving vanity project with no thought for the paying public. Sad to see my favorite Looney Tunes charcters being degraded by their association with this movie.

The story and characters are so superficial you don't care for either. LeBron could have been substituted by a piece of wood with voice-over, and it would have had more personality.

Agree that the original Space Jam wasn't some deep profound artistic achievement, but it was at least quirky and fun. This new version was so commercialized and shallow, that became intolerably annoying when it became evident why this movie was made.

It was made ONLY for grifting purposes by a bunch of grifters. So if you don't want to give your hard earned money to opportunistic billionaires, then skip this money-grabbing scam project (can't bring myself to call this a 'film').

Terrible acting

Lennon is the worst actor , not in the least bit engaging , the rest of it is ok at best .

Worse than Dragonball evolution.

LeBron James a big try hard. Should just stick to flopping in the NBA.

Look at all this stuff we own!

While not the absolute worst movie ever, Space Jam: A New Legacy is terrible regardless. It's far too long for what it does, has numerous plot holes, and has so many things within it that just make zero sense.


Lebron already said it in the movie, "it's the worst idea I've ever heard", but, you see, nobody believed him ...

I just feel sorry for the actors

WOW.... I had gone into this reading all of the reviews, saying this was a terrible movie. They were right. This was hands down the worst movie I had seen in a long time. LeBron, please promise the world this is the last movie you will ever be in. Nothing in this movie is believable. I really feel sorry for actors like Don Cheadle and Michael B. Jordan who somehow got roped into doing this snooze-fest. My guess is that they were fulfilling some clause in their contracts or just owed someone a favor, because no one in their right mind would have read this script and used it for anything other than toilet paper. I will leave you with my last thought, as I was going to rip apart all of the scenes, but I thought I would leave this as a no spoiler warning. Anyone over the age of 10 should walk, no, run away from this movie.

LeBron James is my favorite basketball player

While watching this movie I couldn't believe how bad it was. It was a 2-hour commercial advertising how great LeBron James really is. LeBron told us so over and over and over again. I used to be mad at the LeBron haters. I don't hate him but now I know what the haters mean. If you like LeBron like I do don't watch this movie it was nauseating.

LeBron ??

Nobody loves LeBron James more than LeBron James.

And it was seriously a terrible.

Should have been called Space Jam 2

2 hour long advertisement for HBO Max

2 good jokes the entire movie


This movie was made solely so WB can show you all of the properties they own and all of the great stuff you can watch on HBO Max. All of the references and "jokes" appear aimed at 90s kids who were fans of the original, taking their kids to see this movie, but all of them are dated or just purely unfunny. There's really nothing to like here other than good performances from Don Cheadle and Zendaya.

Fire Everyone Involved

This honestly, was the worst Big Budget movie I have watched in my life I kept thinking throughout the movie as they went to different Warner Bros Properties, what will they interfere with next? And then I heard the Wonder Woman theme and and I almost had to turn of the TV because I was disgusted to watch.

I disagree with people saying the movie was just a 2 hour advertisement because it wasn't. The movie was just a complete Cliché.

The plot is so generic and boring that I can not tell if the writers were trying to make it a cliché or they were just that bad. This movie is going to make a lot of serious movie fans angry. Mad Max Fury Road Cameos, Matrix Cameos. Only one good thing I can say about this movie because I wanted this review to be fair. The CGI was great. Some of the best I have seen in a while. But still not worth it. This is the kind of movie that people Boo at the credits in the theatres which I guess is good for Warner Bros Because nobody is going to see this Vile Garbage in a Movie Theatre because its free on HBO.

This "film" epitomizes everything that's wrong with the film industry today

Films today rely on quick plots, with little to no character development to draw in movie goers who'll spend their hard earned cash on some awful excuse for a picture, so that the movie studios can make their profit. They don't actually care if the story is good or not, just what will they get back for their investment.

And that's what this film is in a nutshell. Not a single person who worked on this "film" cared if it's good or bad. I can literally picture them sitting around a table at one of Warner's offices saying "how are we going to steal their cash?". There's NO saving grace. The acting is awful, and that's putting it nicely. The direction (or lack there of) is just as bad. It's a directors job to push the actors to get the most out of them. However, Malcolm D. Lee evidently didn't care, as the final product is trash. Then again, what was I expecting from the director of Scary Movie 5? Oh and don't get me started on the "comedy" (palms face).

Lets call this what it really is, a cash grab. I even took my nephews and niece (who're young) to see this and they didn't even like it. They threw Looney Tunes in there because hey it worked once, why not spoil an old films legacy like Hollywood loves to do with lame remakes.

I feel most bad for Don Cheadle. This Is a huge stain on what was a respectable acting career.

Please do better.