Reviews for Gunpowder Milkshake ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.4 / 10

Two men try to write a female-empowerment popcorn flick

I really don't have a problem with the all-female cast, but how do women not find this patronizing? About thirty minutes in I said to myself, "This feels like it was written by men." Then I looked up the writer and director, and sure enough, two dudes. The dialog and little female-literary-giant name-drops gave it away. It was the dialog that really ruined it for me, though. There's a point in the film where all the badass female assassins begin censoring themselves by saying things like, "Fudge that!" I don't know if the film was trying to be funny by pointing out the absurdity of them trying to shield a little girl from vulgar language while they're killing people in front of her, or if it was truly operating on a stereotype that all women are inherent nurturers and protectors that would naturally try to shield an impressionable child from naughty language. Then there's a terribly expositional moment where they're name-dropping all these female authors where a character actually blurts out, "Very progressive, a feminist." I guess they couldn't risk the audience not being familiar with the referenced author's works, but it was so clunky and unnatural that it made the actress saying it seem like this was her first role. The final coup de grace was the subtle-as-a-foghorn metaphor of the film's antagonists representing the patriarchy and its protagonists' triumph being some symbolic victory for all women. For people saying this was just supposed to be a popcorn flick, that was a really hamfisted attempt at social commentary.

But it doesn't even have much going for it as a popcorn flick either. First of all, the noir genre is liked by many, but it was hard not to laugh when they made Gillan's character look like a liveaction Carmen Sandiego, and I'm still not sure if it was supposed to be funny or not. Then there was the nebulous assassin's-society world-building a la John Wick. Which is one thing to do if you're going to do it well, but the whole thing felt like a vague afterthought in this movie. I'm still uncertain if they were trying to make a satirical parody of that type of idea or if it was just poorly executed, but I didn't like that aspect in John Wick either. Where John Wick made up for it was in superb choreography and fight scenes, that while not exactly realistic, were good enough to make you suspend disbelief and made you feel like there was some seriousness to it. Gunpowder Milkshake's fight scenes, while not lacking in creativity for sure, had all the believeablity and seriousness of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The one character with unquestionably badass fight scenes was Michelle Yeoh's, but unfortunately you only get to see her fight two different times.

If the action had been better, I think it might have distracted me from the clunky, expositional feminist-pandering by the two male writers. As it is, I had to force myself to finish the film, and did not feel rewarded for staying it through. Do yourself a favor and watch The Old Guard or Kill Bill if you want to watch decent action scripts with female leads. If you just want to watch a Wickian popcorn flick, go checkout Nobody, or maybe just watch John Wick again. As a fan of all those movies mentioned, this movie left a lot to be desired.

Bad version of John Wick

Action scenes are ok but movie is slow and uninteresting in between. Boring dialogue and characters. It tries to be like John Wick or Terminal or Sin City but it is nowhere as well done as those movies.

I was entertained

This is a fun action movie. I agree with the female John Wick references. Great cast of actresses and actors. Cool fight scenes and sets. Has a cool, quirky, modern vibe. As long as you take it for what it is, you will be entertained. This is one of those times where I felt watching the movie was worth my time.

Netflix's version of John Wick

Gotta be honest right away, this movie is highly inspired by John Wick. There is even a location in the movie that remind us a lot of the Continental. So if you want something original, this is not it. That said tough the movie is a blast...

Personally im cool with these "turn your brain off" action movies where you just enjoy a high octane ride and i think Gunpowder Milkshake is pretty much this. Like its absurde but funny title, the movie has its fair share of "wtf" moments but if you do not overthink it, its very easy to have fun with it. Karen Gillian is very good in action roles and she has the right charisma to carry us trough what is a pretty standard run of the mill story seen a million times before, exept this time put in a heavily inspired by John Wick assassin's world and setting.

Its overall well acted, well directed, have good production value, personally its just what i enjoy from action movies and i totally recommand it.


Great action good enough story. Moved right along I enjoyed this film.


I don't get the negative reviews. I am pretty sure this is one of the best movies of the year. Artistically filmed, incredible fight scenes with tons of gore. Little winks to John Wick and Kill Bill. Wildly entertaining! Watch it and judge for yourself.

Its just fun

Don't go into this movie expecting it to be some kind of cinematic masterpiece. Its a pure action movie with a strung-together plot, a certain amount of camp, and a surprising amount of whimsy.

Don't overthink it, just enjoy.

Bloody fun

This movie was fun, filled with awesome female killers! You have to watch it knowing that it isn't a serious film, but a fun take on the male-lead assassin movies. Don't go looking for a serious story and you'll enjoy it!

An interesting idea?

Okay this movie is suppose to be a bit silly. The title is "Gunpowder Milkshake" for Pete shake. Yes it's an all woman ripoff of John Wick. Is done perfectly, no. Problem is the actresses in the movie don't actually know how to shot a gun in real life most likely. If you expect the level of detail that Keanu provided in John Wick you need to look elsewhere. That being said it is good at what it provides, a mindless sugar pop woman killing movie that really shows off Gillian's action chops. But this movie was suppose to be sort of poppy and gruesome and not really totally serious. It sort of gives that away in the title. If you expect a serious movie like John Wick I think you will be pleasantly disappointed. Just enjoy it as it is meant to be and not try to compare it to the obvious comparable movie. It lacks a lot of backstory and character development, but if you think about it so did John Wick. Just saying.

Not progressive enough

So the "good guys" are an ethnically diverse cast of women and the "bad guys" are white men, literally just white men? That makes A LOT of sense from a diversity standpoint... let's take jobs away from male minorities!


+ poor writing.

Beautiful Cinematography, Art, Cast..

The fight choreography, dialogue, basic plot.. couldn't save itself if it needed to.

Wetpowder Blandshake

I know why this movie is bad. This is how I imagine the director writing this film with his friend Bobo the chimp:

Director: Bobo, I wanna do an action movie, all female badass characters, no twists or engaging plots, what should we do?

Bobo: Hoo hoo, oo oo, uuk

Director: Oh! That's sounds like a good idea. You mean we should mashup John Wick, Kill Bill and Birds of Prey? Sounds good!

Bobo: Oo Oo, Hoo Hoo Hoo

Director: What's that? You are right, we'll spice it up with humor from Home Alone and dialog from Sharknado. You my hairy friend have a gift!

Bobo: Hoo hoo hoo, oo oo eek eek

Director: Why would you want to give ridiculous, clumsy action sequences and nonsensical one-liners to amazing actresses. I guess you're right. ...Of course I trust your genius mind Bobo.

Jokes aside, I can't understand how could they mess this up. I was patiently waiting to watch my favorite actresses on a badass action film, but no! This is really not good, it's ridiculously absurd, boring at times, packed with idiotic humor and forgettable plot. And this is not even a movie for kids this is supposed to be in the same genre as John Wick and Kill Bill.

Epic Fail!


The film dragged on and on. The plot line was ridiculous, the characters equally ridiculous. The action sequences were high intensity and well choreographed, but not enough to save this train wreck. They managed to completely waste Giamatti's incredible acting talent with an awful character who stood at a desk and talked to a phone in multiple scenes.

HollyWoke Strikes Again!

The Good: Nothing? It's awful... . . .

The Bad: I had time to waste to try and I watched it.

The Ugly: So tired of terrible movies being made to push stupid ideological messages. Women "GOOD" Men "BAD" Little preteen Girls can magically do anything.

Comments: Let's make sure we fill Inclusion Quota of diversity, then decide to make a movie, and pat each other on the back for sending our message! The only way this garbage is going to stop is by not giving our time and money to support it.

Takes a major talent

To ruin a film with such a strong cast, but this proves that a really bad script and clueless direction can do it.

Karen Gillan is hot. This movie is not.

No story. No dialogue. No sense. Wasted cast. I don't understand how movies like these get made. I do understand why they go to Netflix and not a theater though.

Sooo baaaad

This movie was Duet Caffeine-free Kill Bill. Every dude was a bad guy, every chick a good guy (it was therefore predicatable after 3 minutes). I've seen better B movies.

All style, zero substance

I really liked the cast, though I disliked how the director had Karen Gillan tying to be too deadpan and badass in the first act. It made her seem like a poor actress, but I've seen too much of her so I know it wasn't her fault.

The movie has a neat aesthetic, but it really borrowed far too much from previous movies in a similar genre. There was some John Wick, Shoot 'Em Up, Desperado, The Professional, Kill Bill, and more. The three Librarians even reminded me of the ladies from A Wrinkle In Time.

The hodgepodge story also meant that the tone varied. Far too many scenes that would have been fine in an actual comedy, but then the movie would whiplash back to the borderline drama-action.

I don't totally hate it, but there were some lines at the end that just stuck in my craw as unnecessary. Like some producer somewhere said "Oh yeah, we need to make sure people understand this is about smashing the patriarchy." Didn't actually lower the score, but it rankled after the somewhat mess of a movie had concluded.

Worth a watch once so long as you go in knowing that it will remind you of all the other movies like this.


Made it to 45mins and gave up. Maybe if you're drunk or stoned you may make it through but this was plain stupid and awful.

Drug induced movie making

What is going on? The movies lately have just been so bad. Was someone on drugs when they wrote this? All the wonderful actors couldn't save it, so save yourself and don't watch it. I surfed the internet to shop while I watched this.