Reviews for Black Widow ( ) 720p

IMDB: 7.4 / 10

Ok movie

Not the worst MCU movie. This is more about Yelena than about Black Widow but who really cares? And Florence Pugh's acting is good. Scarlett Johansson has some good scenes. Some good action scenes as well. Some boring over-the-top scenes as usual with Marvel. The story isn't really interesting (the start was promising but then it fell back to a standard Marvel product).

Yet it still makes an ok entertainment even though much too long like most Marvel movies.

Marvel's Rock Bottom (I hope)

1/3 laughable "take down the world dominator" plot

1/3 awkward comedy

1/3 cringe-inducing (faux)family drama

The absolute lowest point in the lifespan of Marvel Studios and the MCU.

Disney milking a dead cow...

Milk milk milk.... Got milk?

What's the point of this movie other than to milk the franchise .

Below Average Movie

The Black Widow was never an engaging Marvel character and even with the avengers was confined to doing unnecessary cartwheels and jumping jack flashes for some reason.

So I suppose they are scraping the bottom of the franchise barrel because Disney+ needs to justify its existence so they will keep shipping these things out.

Yes, my prejudice is plain to read, but I was bored. One last thing: spycraft is fine, but this is just boring. Worse, the fast cuts that modern directors seem to love is annoying. It cuts up the film and makes me tired (and I love action films!).

Really long wait for it

I waited this film for one year because every month they postpone it.

The final result was really interesting and it's always curious to discover the past history of a character especially black widow that was a main character in MCU movies. In fact we saw she for the first time in the 2010 year in the film: "Iron man 2". It was 11 years ago.

In this film i find a lot of sentimental, action and funny scenes. All of them perfectly balanced in this amazing movie.

Enjoy it and remember to don't miss the post credit scene. Watch and read the credits don't be hasty.


A mediocre film. Good acting, excellent musical score but a weak script and weak direction, with fighting scenes damaged by too many editing cuts. The pacing is not very good, there's a 15 to 20 minutes mid section when they only talk, and the dialogs are rather boring. Also, Russian "accents" are ridiculous, they should have employed Russian actors instead of Barbour and Weisz, that family would never speak English to each other while in Russia, they were not pretending to be an American family anymore.

This is the first very average marvel movie.

Not sure what's going on but I am sure that once you see the film you will also wonder:

Is this movie boring and average OR it's everything in the mcu boring after endgame..? Or it's just me...?

I watched black widow and like many reviewers here I share the same thoughts.

This is a very average action flick that doesn't add anything important to the MCU.

It's puzzling me because I know the producers are the same like before so they wouldn't allow flaws or mediocre results.

But the CGI is weird in some shots and the story is weak.

Let alone the boring lines, the unnecessary sarcasm and the lack of pace.

I would ask, why is this film made?

I find it unnecessary, even for the most dedicated fans of the MCU.

I m kind of disappointed because it looks like Marvel's intentions are not based on quality anymore.

So, if you watch this film, remember not to expect much and you ll save yourself from disappointment.


I watched some CGI, and then, occasionally, a person showed up.

This movie demonstrates everything that's wrong with big Hollywood blockbusters.

Way too much CGI.

Mediocre writing.

Mediocre plot.

Mostly below-par acting.

Johansson spent the entire movie looking like she wanted to be somewhere else.

Harbour was as bad in this as he was in Hellboy. The dude seriously needs to expand his emotional range.

Weisz was dismal and totally unbelievable.

Winstone was woefully underused, and so was William Hurt.

Look, I don't expect Shakespearean performances from a Marvel movie. However, I do expect some level of competence.

I will say, though, Pugh was outstandingly good. She came across as committed (unlike Johansson) and like she actually wanted to be in the movie (again, unlike Johansson).

Most of the action was well done, too.

Other than that, this movie wasn't good at all.


Boring, weak scenario, week action...For me it was waste of time but for sure someone might love it. Not even close to any Marvel movie before.

The first completely dumb Marvel film

One of the reasons I like Marvel films is that they're just that bit smarter than your average 'spectacle' movie, there's always a layer or two to the story that I'm not expecting; there's plenty of meat on the bones, so they have real re-watch value. I don't know what the heck happened here, how this got past quality control, but this is a proper stinker. The plot is a heap of nothing, anyone could've dashed it off in 15 minutes. The characters are completely flat, and just exist to serve up lukewarm banter. Every Russian accent you hear is awful, to the point of being cartoon-y.

'Black Widow' is barely any better than the recent 'Wonder Woman' sequel, which is alarming. Hopefully, this is a one-off aberration, and we can forget all about it soon.

(3 stars + 1 for Marvel goodwill... but really, 3 stars)


Typical Marvel movie, lots of action and eye-candy, but the story was fairly lacklustre. The other major problem is that there are no superheroes in it - remember, Black Widow is just a person. The only one in her "family" that has any powers is her father, the Red Guardian (not a spoiler, it's in the trailer). So she's really just a Russian Jason Bourne, which is fine, but it's not a superhero movie.

Pugh for the win!

I can't believe all of the negative comments this movie is getting! It was good. Not great and definitely not bad. Pugh, who plays Yelana, was outstanding. I've always like Rachel Weiss and Johansson gives a solid performance. I had hoped that would have taken the storyline back to the earlier days but still feel like they did a good job filling the gap between Civil War and Infinity War.

It's with watching and 1,000 times better than what DC did with Wonder Woman 1984.


The problem with the latest Marvel movies is that the studios want to get their hands on directors' visions and especially on the characters themselves, destroying content with very high potential, ridiculing it with squalid and out of place jokes, with characters reduced to the bone, introduced and never deepened. A colossal flaw of the latest Marvel films, like this one, is that despite the talent of the directors and the vision they have, there is always the production to dismantle everything, in fact you can already notice it from simple things like a plethora of cross-cutting, like when there is a fight (or something big in progress) and suddenly attention is diverted to another scene, thus throwing smoke in the viewer's eyes, because this specifically cross-cutting is for this purpose and not because it's needed. Another waste of potential by Marvel Studios, despite having fun, stellar cast, great vision, cinematography and some good amazing ideas, but we must admit that already the current Marvel TV Series are clearly superior in terms of themes, exploited potential and much more. Disappointing for what could have been, acceptable for what it is.

First MCU film I've hated, and I'm shook.

There's certainly been MCU films before now that I liked more than others, but I never outright disliked any of them, much less hated one.

Black Widow is the first.

There's no heart in this movie. It's one action set piece after another, oftentimes for no reason at all. There's at least a half-dozen fights in this movie that make no sense at all, other than to pay for Heidi Moneymaker's second house. And they completely wasted Taskmaster in this. There's a twist that just....ugh. Wasted.

Natasha's role in the MCU needed to end in Avengers: Endgame. That's how she deserves to be remembered.

Great disappointment....

I think that we got saturated with Marvel movies to the point that they become unwatchable. After a great build up through promotions and ads, I only have 1 word describing this flick: BORING! I am not sure who the target audience for this movie was but there was nothing in it that would keep my interest up. With this spin off of Avengers and other iterations of thereof, I'd say that Marvel officially jumped the shark with this one.

Not the best Marvel outing, but still a great movie

Don't listen to the negativity, make up your own mind.

I was saddened to see the luke-warm to negative reviews, but then I realised - they are always there.

This movie is worthy of the MCU, do I wish it had been released years ago, maybe after Civil War? Yes, but then it wouldn't function as Black Widow's "swansong".

Seeing more on the history of this character is long overdue.

Florence Pugh is outstanding in this film, and Johanssen is as good as ever.

WW84 wishes it could be as good as this.

The sisters!

Just saw it and honestly I cried.. a lot..... NATASHA ROMANOFF DESERVED BETTER!!! Thank you Scarlett Johansson for 11 years as the BW proving that women can do anything no matter the universe! I'm going to miss her in the MCU. Also the sister relationship between Nat and Yelena is setting a whole new level for MCU 4 when Florence Pugh returns.

A film that shows the superiority of realism

An atrocious bath of CGI. This film shows why the Dark Knight Trilogy and realism are superior in every way.

Marvel can throw millions of dollars at exploding buildings and big images, but as they descend deeper away from reality, we no longer come for the story but for the spectate.

No care for craft, no care for writing, no care for reality, and it shows.


Just ok. Nothing special. Did not add much to the Marvel universe.

Go see this in the theater!......because you will fall asleep on your couch

So much much eagerness on the audiences part over the past 10 years to dig into the black widow and her storylines only to fall apart with terrible storyline and characters. Such a waste of talent and opportunity here.