Reviews for The Tomorrow War ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10


Way better than some of these reviews r giving. Sure there were some plot holes,but that is a given when time travel is involved.

Beyond expectations. Sure they were low, but still

Of course we expect good special effects. This had some. Some of the dialogue and a few of the plots twists were unexpected. So, overall, entertaining.

Well that was fun!

So it may be a bit formulaic. I don't care. It kept me very entertained throughout. Action was good. You actually saw the aliens. A few minor surprises along the way. And a whole lot more humor than I expected. Very good film.

Entertaining action movie

This is simply an entertaining action movie. Nothing to tax the brain, just settle down with the popcorn and enjoy.

What I can't believe is that Black Widow has a higher rating than this movie.

Enjoyable, if you don't mind the plot holes

Plot holes, plot holes everywhere.

So many things completely left unexplained. So many others don't make sense at all (like the plan for saving the world, or the whole future timeline plan given billions of people are dead already and the best solution would be to wipe that entire timeline instead).

But good CGI, decent acting, made it the perfect alternative to a boring Sunday afternoon.


An Amazon Prime original starring Chris Pratt is long on excitement & short on logic as we delve into a yarn where in our present day world, soldiers from 30 years in the future appear at a televised soccer event pleading for their help in a future war where humans have been decimated by creatures (from God's knows where). In quick fashion Pratt, currently a high school science teacher but w/a military past, is indoctrinated to fight (along w/other civilians who do not have any service history but fit a certain criteria to journey to the future) where they're transported to a devastated landscape where their goal is to recover vials of blue serum from a research lab. Once reaching the facility, the creatures (looking like albino cousins of the ones seen in A Quiet Place) lay in wait which when finally roused decimate the squad to single digits w/Pratt reaching a safe zone (a series of offsite drilling platforms surrounded by giant walls). Along the way, Pratt meets the older version of his daughter, played The Handmaid's Tale's Yvonne Strahovski, a commander on the base & following in her dad's footsteps, a research scientist. The goal is to synthesize a virus from the recovered serum to infect the queen (since all the males are engineered to protect her) & hopefully turn the tide of the war. Skipping over the fact the creatures are showing signs of intelligence (which goes over the characters' heads), the creatures mount a decisive attack on the base as Pratt zaps back to the past w/a successful virus setting up a last siege where a small group of soldiers, including Pratt's estranged dad, played by Oscar winner J. K. Simmons, mount an attack on the creatures' dormant lair. Taking elements from Starship Troopers, World War Z & the more successfully mounted Edge of Tomorrow, the film works as a piece of mindless spectacle (a neat butt clencher sees the future zap, which they're assured is safe, stranding falling troops in midair as they arrive in the future) w/a lot of questions (how was the time travel tech developed?) left on the floor maybe to be answered in a another installment (since a sequel has been green-lit already) w/the actors given momentary slivers to gel any character traits the audience may glom sympathies upon. Also starring Mary Lynn Rajskub (from TV's 24) as one of the recruits, Seychelle Gabriel (from The Spirit) as a future soldier & Betty Gilpin (so good in The Hunt, wasted here frankly) as Pratt's wife.

Not feasable situation but fun to watch

Although this film is based on pure Sci-Fi situation and some fantastic situation, it's fun to watch and it's full of action. The effects are great and give us a good and realistic sceneries.

Some can say that this film isn't good but I enjoyed watching.


Having just watched this film last night, I can say that it falls directly in the fun summer movie category. It was exactly as it was supposed to be; an over-the-top science fiction action movie. No, it is not an Oscar contender nor was it ever trying to be. It had its plot holes and cheesiness to it, but no more so than most other genre pieces. The story met its basic requirements, the acting was better than expected for this kind of film, and the effects were executed nicely. Cheesy dialogue? Check. Action overload? Half-check. Suspension of belief required? Oh yeah...

There are those who just love to nitpick and highlight each and every flaw they can find. The pretentiousness of some of the other user reviews leads me to believe that their entire viewing process is to find as much crap to complain about in order to allow them to feel elevated over their peers. Only a fool would go into this film expecting a technically perfect piece of cinematic history. If you review the film poorly for being exactly what it was supposed to be; YOU are the thing that is flawed, not the film you are trying to eviscerate!

Fun action

Chris Pratt is an awesome action hero! I think this is a solid action film, with a solid story, even if some of it is a bit predictable.

Silly but fun

Plot logic was silly but overall the movie was fun. The supporting cast were good, especially Sam Richardson. Lovely to see Yvonne Strahovski again. The pacing was odd in that it seemed a bit long, somehow. Maybe it could have used some editing there to keep things tighter.

"I hope aliens eat whoever made this"

Dear Hollywood. I'm deeply sorry to inform you that explosions and special effects do not, in fact, count as a plot. Not even in an action movie. Nothing that happens in this film makes the slightest bit of sense. Humanity, as portrayed here, could never have invented time travel. In fact, everyone acts so stupid I doubt they would be able to invent tools. I wound up rooting for the nonsensical devil-ex-machina aliens purely because those, while they also appear decidedly non-sentient, at least might evolve into something interesting one day. This. Is. Not. Scifi. At least no more than "Sharknado" is. This is a 200 million dollar B-movie, at best, and no, casting Chris Pratt as the main character cannot save this( no offence to said actor, this is not his fault). The special effects are somewhat impressive ( if stupid), but the story is appallingly bad even for low-end action flick and the characters are so bland it's impossible to care for them. The only novel thing about the writing ( if you could even call it that) is it's incredible stupidity. My message to whoever's responsible for this idiotic mess of a movie : I suggest that next time you have a spare 200-million dollars on your hands, you use some of that money to a) buy and read some actual proper sci fi novels.b) hire someone who can actually write a plot

-1/ 10.

No money left to hire a writer.

Looks good, shame about the rampant stupidity. There are excellent science fiction writers out there but somehow they never get hired for these movies.

An imperfect, but great bit of fun.

Reading some of the negative reviews on here, I feel like maybe the last few years have drained humanity of their ability to just enjoy something. People picking apart the time travel logic in this movie must be real fun at parties. Seriously, time travel doesn't actually make sense, that's why it's Science Fiction not a documentary. I mean, the entire of Terminators time travel story never made sense. If they succeeded in killing Sarah Conner, then John Conner never would have been born and the Terminators never would have gone back in time to stop him being born, therefore he would have been born... Yet he was only born because they went back in time so he never could have been born in the first place... The time travel in Avengers Endgame made even less sense and that's the highest grossing movie of all time, and loved probably by so many of the same people rubbishing the inconsistencies in this film. Time travel in movies, even the best ones NEVER makes sense. So why are we expecting it to now?

No doubt this movie has some silly plot holes, silly dialogue, some silly occurrences, and to be honest, loses points for feeling a little B-Grade. But what it is, is a great bit of good old fashioned action. It's entertaining. It's fun. It's epic in scale. It's even quite sweet. And if you stop taking yourself so seriously expecting a documentary from a sci-fi alien time travel movie, you will probably actually enjoy yourself.

Starship Troops for Social Media

This movie was a merger of Starship Troops, Aliens, and Chris Pratt. Keeps your attention but everything in this film you have already seen before. Its not bad that its on Amazon but 1 of those films you watch once and don't have to worry about watching again.

I guess they've spent all of their budget on VFX but forgot to spent time on the storyline.

I've seen a lot of reviews, most critics don't like it but seems like most moviegoers are loving this. For me, I think people might have dropped their standards on movies over the year as not really many good movies are made in the past 12 months or so. I can't lie to myself and I've got to say I did not enjoy the movie at all.

First of all, I have to admit the VFX and action sequences are very well-made and entertaining. Chris Pratt is great in this film and seeing J. K. Simmons on the screen again is awesome. But they are probably the only positive things I can say about this film.

Here goes my problems with this film. This film feels super cringy, storyline is a mess and it feels like few episodes of a Netfilx series being put together into a movie. Almost everything in the film doesn't make sense at all. The dialogues are super corny and cringy, there are unnecessary jokes every now and then. The story is just not convincing enough to my liking to fully get myself immersed in the movie. If you've seen all the best sci-fi action films that you could find to this day, I don't think you're gonna really enjoy this one.

Despite all the noticeable flaws I still hung on to the movie till the end and surprisingly the last half an hour was pretty fun. The first hour feels like it's dragging on for a little bit and the last act of the film feels like a totally different movie. I actually dug the last act of the film but I thought it was too late anyway because I almost turned my tv off. In short I don't think this is something I'd ever be watching again. A 5.5 - 6.0 is probably what I would give for this movie (6 is average for me) but I think this movie probably leans towards a 5 more than a 6 for me.

Nice movie worth watching

I really liked the movie. It was good. There has been some. Overall it was solid performances by all the cast. Vfx was awesome and brilliant.

Pratt delivers again...

Big fan of Chris Pratt and he rises to the occasion yet again. Being a big sci-fi fan the story was predictable at times but fun and entertaining start to finish. I'll be watching this one again!

Refreshing Storyline...

Definitely see this was a film originally meant to be seen in theaters. Not bad, some cheesy one-liners (like all movies) but overall storyline is unique and refreshing!

Better than expected, previews framed it much different

Went into this expecting a slightly different version/remake of "edge of tomorrow" from watching the previews. Very different and really an enjoyable movie. Your typical good action flick, enjoyed the characters and never upset about a happy ending!

It's not a masterpiece, but it is enjoyable.

Between the cliches and predictable plot lies a wholly enjoyable film. It's not just about an alien invasion, it's about family and love. This film does well enough to balance sci-fi and drama without leaving the viewer bored. If you want to experience something, then I would recommend this movie. It's not perfect, it's good enough.