Reviews for A Quiet Place Part II ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.7 / 10

I do not recommend

Extremely boring and meaningless. I don't understand how so many people gave an eight to this already-many movie. The first part still had a certain originality, but this second part didn't add anything good.

Cashing in on the success of the 1st film and a bit...predictable.

So... that's part 2 and it looks like it's going to be a part 3.

I have to admit that although the film is not bad, it does look like an attempt to make some more $$$ by milking the first film.

Most of the problems lie within the story. And here is the main difference with the first film:

In the first film, there was a clear storyline, minor plot holes, novelty and the right amount of tension.

But in this film, you kind of know exactly what is about to happen and that can be be very annoying for this film genre.

For example, the tropes used in this film, are all the classics.

They were used in the 1st film too, but at least then they were timed and deployed much better, so a sense of unpredictability was evident and that was the fun part.

Further, the motives of the protagonists are many times unjustified and are there only just to push the story forward.

So the story ends up with many flaws, which rather disappoint mostly because of the predictability and the cliches that we all hoped to avoid in this 2nd installment.

I would want to mention a few which I m sure everyone noticed but better not to spoil it. You will know once you see...'s not as quiet as the first film. Sound editing is great also in this one, but maybe there were more speech moments than needed.

Overall, the good parts: tension is there, cinematography is beautiful once again and we get to see some good acting.

For the ones that liked the first film, yes you should watch this one too but don't expect something amazing.

I do hope that there's a part 3 and I hope they improve the story.



A Quiet Place Part II imposes itself as a successful sequel from the very first bars of the film, having style and rhythm identical to the first chapter, without losing the tone of the first and acting as a direct thread, almost as if there had not been an interruption between the two films. Spectacular from every point of view, both from the actors' point of view, both from the photographic point of view, and the precise and set direction of John Krasinski. A Quiet Place is singular and one of a kind because it brings to life the concept of terror and survival like no film has done so far and at every frame it enchants and puts suspense, a film that ends with the kite in your mouth, so much so that you ask for another big bite.

Solid Summer Blockbuster

The Good: After a year of bad Netflix movies in the living room, this movie's cinematic, epic feel was noteworthy. It's such a tightly made film with fantastic set pieces. I actually think a lot of the performances were excellent, especially from the child actors. The world is expanded upon, but it never loses sight of its claustrophobic thriller personality.

The Bad: I think it's fair to describe this movie as such: I wouldn't really want to watch it again, but if it was on TV, I'd probably watch it. It's solid, if unspectacular. Not rocking the boat much, but perfectly fine. I do wish they spent a little more time with the family, pre blind monster invasion.

The Ugly: I think this movie, with less of the deafness gimmick to work with, loses a bit of what made the original special as well.

Why all the bad reviews?

I do not understand all the bad reviews.. I see a lot of reviews saying this one was the same as the first one, I don't see it that way. It was an extension of the first one. I also see people saying that the first one was bad and that this one is even worse. Why did you want to see this one if you didn't even like the first one? Than you probably didn't even give it a chance. I thought the movie was very thrilling. The first movie was different, this one had far more action in it. But I liked both of them equally. I saw it in theaters and was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. The acting was good, there were some nice details and it was very exciting. And yes, some characters did some stupid things, but those were things that fit the characters. If you have any empathy, you can imagine how the characters would feel and why they acted the way they did. I also really liked it that they gave an insight on how it had all begun.

Excellent Continuation

Thriler manages to rescue all the tension of the first one, good audio insights and has a great tempo, the script follows with a lot of suspense and great performances (highlight for Millicent Simmonds). In this one we have different elements, putting the viscerality of the human being in question, with new characters and tying some points that were loose in the first one, the ending left an excellent hook for an upcoming movie... Emily Blunt continues very well and Cillian Murphy fits in as a glove. Thriler manages to rescue all the tension of the first one, good audio insights and has a great tempo, the script follows with a lot of suspense and great performances (highlight for Millicent Simmonds). In this one we have different elements, putting the viscerality of the human being in question, with new characters and tying some points that were loose in the first one, the ending left an excellent hook for an upcoming movie... Emily Blunt continues very well and Cillian Murphy fits in as a glove. Excellent continuation !!!

Not good

Really? The high rating on IMBD cannot be serious? This movie is flat as a pancake and twice as dull,the same movie give or take as the first rehashed and put out again. Well enough acted but just goes to no place. Why did they bother making it? And the 9 and 10 ratings it is getting are laughable.

"Lets just chill on this dumb island"

Alright. I enjoyed the premise of the first installment of this series. As the premise stayed the same in PART II, now the characters acted dumber, the actors acted dumber and the jump scares got dumber. Ah yes, and there was a story somewhere - but dumber.

The first thing you need in an apocalypse is toilet paper. Yeah, we all know. The second thing is of course comfy shoes, because you will be injured without shoes. And if your feet are injured, you can't move. And if you can't move, you will die soonish. So let the characters stroll in dangerous, unknown territory bare feet. I had to spell it out, because it is so dumb.

Next thing you would need to kill things is, I don't know, GUNS and distractions for the monsters!? I know cheap China children's toys, like dancing noisy teddy bears, which you can load with a spring, are hard to come by, because of all the apocalypse thing, but stupid AR15's? Cmon, every American with a T level above zero has like 3 of them.

I won't say anything about the island, because that would spoil the fun. But be assured, everything about it and the people on it is dumb.

So kick of your shoes, hold on to your AR15 and laugh at this flick.

Competently made, but ultimately empty and stupid

If plot, suspense, thrills and drama would be translated into noise, this film indeed is an awfully quiet place.

The cinematography, acting, production design and technical aspects are on a very high level, but with a lacking script and unispired direction the film becomes the epitomy of "style over substance".

Put in a lot of astonishing stupidity, mix it with an already flawed premise and take yourself way too seriously - and you'll be in the same league as "A Quiet Place Part II".

Even with the beautiful cinematography, this is a real chore to watch. Overhyped, self-indulgent, pointless and at times offensively stupid. You have been warned.

Massive pile of elephant dung.

I remember a time when the reviews on this website were not all bogus; now it is just FILLED to the brim with propaganda.

The first AQP was a 6 at best, but this one really scorches the cake.

Whoever thinks this is decent film was probably hit in the head with a brick.

Its literally the same movie except the kids are unbelievably more dumb

Nothing new was learned. Nothing new happened. The ending was almost identical. What an absolute waste of time.

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Characters...and so on

Watch it just to realise how disappointing a sequel can be. First part did establish the bar to some extent but this kind of sequel is an insult for actors like Cillian Murphy aka Thomas Shelby. No story, no logic, total waste of time and the topmost disappointing factor is the character of Regan Abbott played by Millicent Simmonds.

Load of rubbish

I was so disappointed by this film. Actions of characters didn't make any sense whatsoever. Really enjoyed the first part. Second part just had no logic in it. Felt like creators didn't bother.

it's overrated!

The first 3/4 of the film was trashthe last 1/4 was copied from the last partwhat the hell actually.

Two thumbs down

Don't waste your time. This movie was just as bad if not worse then the first one. I hope they don't make a part 3. This movie does not explain anything. A good question people should ask about this movie. Are the monster things only in American? And if so, why not just go to another country, instead of waiting around to get slaughtered. And these kids in the movie....! Omg!!! They couldn't get any more stupid!!! Picture this... You find yourself in imminent danger. You see one of these things coming in on you. Why not throw a rock or a bottle in some other direction to make a safe getaway. And if these monster are attracted by sound and have no eyes. How is it that they just always seem to find a way through doors, windows, incinerators...etc? Also, are they only attracted to people sounds, because they're have been a few close calls with birds and no monsters around to attack them. IDK. I would have better used my time in taking my daily nap then watching this.

I saw this movie already the first time

Rather than grow the story, they just went in a straight line and rehashed the same story on a slightly bigger scale. The film makers ignore the fact that the aliens are intelligent and organized enough for interstellar travel, but appear to have no organization, no agenda, and very little intelligence now that they have reached earth. They just seem to be wandering killing machines. I'm not even sure if they feed on people. I didn't see that in this film and I can't remember if they did in the first. So do they just walk around and listen for things to kill? What are they going to do once everyone is dead? Also, they can't swim, but chose to land on a planet that is 75% water? Maybe they should have prepared better.

Makes me think they are soldiers for a superior race of beings that we have not seen yet. Maybe in the next film. I'm not holding my breath.


No story line, I was still waiting for something to happen and it just ended.


I have no idea what movie everyone else was watching but this is not a good movie. Insanely boring and the characters.. my god these people are idiots. There is no way any of them would survive a few days let alone years. Barely anything happens. Boring as hell.

Watch on the big screen, absolutely made for this !

I went to see this in an advanced screening, so I had not read any reviews , and I think that is the best way to see it, by not reading reviews so it does not spoil anything. Having seen the first one I was eagerly awaiting part 2, and it's absolutely worth the wait. It was thrilling and tense non stop from start to finish, the pacing is brilliant with great acting. Krasinski as writer and director has absolutely nailed it. I just wish there were more movies of this calibre. I'm not going to spoil anything here, don't read any reviews and just go see this thrilling movie at the cinema on the big screen, as it was made for will not be disappointed.

Krasinski knows how to act, make us laugh, and direct

IN A NUTSHELL:Wow. This is the very first movie I've seen in an actual theater for over a year! A Quiet Place II was one of the first movies to delay its theater release when the pandemic first started. This morning, I was invited to a press screening in a local theater with just 9 other film critics. The movie picks up right where A Quiet Place left off. Following the horrific events at home, the Abbott family now faces the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path...

This dramatic thriller was written and directed by John Krasinski. He wrote the first film with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, but this one is very much all Krasinski. I loved his "Some Good News" YouTube videos John Krasinski shared when the pandemic first started. He really does seem like such a nice guy and it's a delightful reveal that he absolutely knows how to write and direct awesome movies. This is a rare sequel that is as good as A Quiet Place. Another film critic I watched the movie with this morning described his review in these few words, "A great sequel to a movie that didn't need a sequel." Everyone is saying this film was definitely worth the wait. This is just the movie that might get people going back to the theaters again.

THINGS I LIKED:Who doesn't love John Krasinski and Emily Blunt together? They both look fantastic in this movie. Despite John Krasinski's character's demise in the first movie, we get to see him again in a few scenes that feature Day 1 of the alien invasion. He and Emily admitted they had not considered doing a sequel. John explains that he was "Jedi-mind tricked into doing it."The talented cast also includes Djimon Hounsou and Cillian Murphy.

Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan Abbott, is actually deaf in real life. This is her third film, after the original movie and Wonderstruck. She is a very good young actress. Noah Jupe plays her brother and together, they provide the hope the adults so desperately need in the story.

There is so much suspense and tension, with plenty of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie has all of the jumps and scares you hope it would.

The opening sequence was riveting. One of the things I said in my review of the original movie was that I wished we could have seen what happened on Day 1. Well, here you go!

The aliens are intriguing but the characters are truly the center and heart of the movie. You get to see the aliens up close and personal and often. We also learn why they are so sensitive to sound.

Speaking of sound, the sound effects are impressive.

There are several camera shots that reminded me of the incredible destruction seen in Tom Cruise's WAR OF THE WORLDS.

John Krasinski really pays attention to details. For example, we see his character grabbing a few items in the local store. As he walks by some shelves, we see that toy rocket ship that was featured in the first movie.

I loved seeing the small-town community in the first scene. A lot of people have a romantic notion of living in such a town where everyone knows and trusts each other. I thought the pandemic had made us realize what's important in life, but lately, almost everyone I interact with "out there" seems super rude and impatient.

You WILL get goosebumps while watching this!

One of the things I really love about this movie and its original is that a great horror movie doesn't have to be bloody and gory and disgusting.

It definitely helps if you have seen the first movie, but you can still enjoy the sequel on its own. If you haven't seen the part 1 of A Quiet Place , what are you waiting for?

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE:I can't think of a single thing. I really enjoyed it.

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